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Snape Appreciation Month Day 14: Favorite Relationship

Snape and McGonagall

I know I know, I’m now going backwards, but it occurred to me today that there’s nothing stopping me from making my own gifs so I thought I’d give it a try. Anyway, my favorite platonic (or not…) relationship is Snape and McGonagall’s friendship. I mean, look at these two. Best friends don’t judge each other, best friends judge other people together, amirite. 


Ah yes, the three most powerful remotes in the cartoon multiverse: The one that freezes time, the one that manipulates space, and the one that melts gold.

Told you. Not giving any explanation. Tweeting as if nothing was and it’s not even him tweeting about Scandal (that came from Media Studio which is what those who tweet for him use, among other apps).
Acting as if nothing was. Now naturally imbeciles are gonna keep insisting and a too-little-too-late prefabricated excuse will be used to answer. And anyone believing any public answer at this point is too dumb to be helped.