you don't say campaign


I just saw that Duke University has a campaign just like my school’s! Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania launched the “Don’t Say” Initiative this past week and I fell in love with my school even more because of it. Go D2 Athletics!

anonymous asked:

What do you think of campaigns like the "You Don't Say? Campaign" on facebook? I personally like them, but things like that can slip up because if you look at their cover picture one of them says "I don't say "that's so gay" because the words gay and stupid are not interchangeable." Which is great for combatting people who use gay as an insult, but it's implying that people should use "stupid" in replacement of "gay" instead.

I’m not aware of that specific campaign, but I think substituting one form of oppressive language for another form of oppressive language is far from ideal and ultimately unhelpful. Throwing another oppressed group under the bus is pretty gross.