you don't need to be fixed to be better

You are in control of the situation. Breathe. Don’t cry. Things will be okay. You can do this, you can fix whatever you’re worried about, you can pay that bill, you can talk to your significant other and communicate, you can get over them, you can do better in school, you can manage your time, and you will be able to do what is it you need to. Take your time. Think.

I’ll be waiting for you when you’re ready to love me again,
I’ll put my hands up,
I’ll do everything different,
I’ll be better to you.
—  Adele ‘I’ll be waiting’

Needing heavy rewrites during the editing stage doesn’t make you a bad writer.

It makes you a writer who is learning new skills and growing in your craft.
It makes you a writer who cares about your story.
It makes you a writer with enough faith in your work to put effort into it.

It makes you a better writer then the writer you were yesterday.

So don’t give up on your work just because it needs multiple rewrites. Every time your scene, chapter, or book gets better, so do your writing skills.  

hummingbird heartbeat - pt23

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On July second, Bitty stood on his tiptoes, eyeing the arriving passengers for any sign of Kent. The flight was on time, according to the arrivals board. He hadn’t gotten a text message from Kent yet, but they had to have landed. Fidgeting with his phone, Bitty looked up at the boards again. Maybe he could find Kent by the baggage claim?

He’d managed to convince his parents – mostly his Mama – that it would be fine for him to go pick Kent up by himself. It wasn’t an awful drive from the Atlanta airport back to Madison, and, in all honesty, Bitty wanted Kent all to himself. He wanted to hold hands on the drive back from the airport, to kiss Kent when he saw him. He wanted to make sure Kent wasn’t freaking out too much about meeting his parents. Bitty checked the boards again, looking for baggage claim information.

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injuries - auston matthews

requested: sort of

warning: like two swears

word count: 1378 (i just kept writing omg it’s so long)

a/n: i based this off of the tor/tbl game where auston got hit and his cute mama wanted a call (his injury will be exaggerated)

*lowercase intended*

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it all happened way too fast.

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  • sasuke: what i'm after... is revolution
  • naruto: well have you planned out what to do after revolution
  • sasuke: what
  • sakura: yeah, after all, it'd be reckless to believe that just knocking down the existing structures would fix everything
  • sasuke: what
  • kakashi: that's right. the economic/political structures through the various villages right now are pretty hard-wired, and to change them for the better, certainly, the first step is doing away with the old, but if you don't have any steps afterwards, you're likely looking at the same old kind of powers rising up and taking control.
  • sasuke: what
  • naruto: so if we're going to go ahead with this revolution we also need to make sure that, beyond just killing the five kages, we tear down other capitalist structures underneath their reign and replace them with a system that uses resources and abilities - of which we seem to have almost no limit to, considering our own sizable skill with jutsus that allows us to move mountains themselves, our generate massive amounts of electrical power, for just a few examples - and put them to work making sure everyone is fed, sheltered, and has what they need.
  • sasuke: what
  • sakura: which isn't to say we can just stop there. there are other oppressive structures at work, not limited to just capital and how it is used and who it is put in the hands of, but multiple axes of power in general, as brought on by how history has been structured and the narratives given to us by both those in power and society as a whole, and working to remove those should also be part of our goal.
  • sasuke: what
  • kakashi: correct. now, if you'll look at this scroll here, i've started writing some theories on how, after revolution, we can use our jutsus, both as individuals and as a collective, to keep food production intact and distribute it to absolutely everyone
  • sasuke: i just
  • sasuke: i was just thinking i'd kill the five kages
  • naruto: well that seems very short sighted of you


it’s like you fell asleep after a really long day and found yourself surrounded by smoke, the house is on fire and you’re screaming and choking from a lack of oxygen and your skin is burning, but you just showered before bed. nobody hears you. it’s just you and the burning house. no ashes, just everything that you can’t tell people. it’s like telling people about your dream, but nothing makes sense, not even to you. it’s like you woke up and it’s still the same. nothing has changed. it’s been a few months, but you still know. you haven’t told anyone. just yourself a million fucking times over, you can’t shake the idea of getting better because it’s been bad for this long, but you do want to feel better, don’t you? dreams, nightmares, just fragments from our daily routines. had a few habits, turned them into coping mechanisms. had a long night, so you had a few drinks to make it longer. had a bad night, so you’re trying not to be sober. they say that when you’re under the influence, you’re more forgetful, you remember everything. every little detail. i’m cutting this poem short and i’ll be a stranger turned friend for you. i don’t know you. i don’t know how much it hurts. i don’t know what happened. i don’t know why it happened or why it had to happen to you. i don’t know if it was someone you knew or a stranger. i don’t know if you wake up to swallow a whole bottle of pills just to get through another day of hell. i don’t know if you drink yourself to bed. i don’t know if you’ll ever get that clean feeling even after a boiling hot water shower ever again. i don’t know if you’ll ever be able to forget. i don’t know how you’re doing. i don’t know if i’m too late to write this. i don’t know if you’re dead or alive. i don’t know if you’re high or sober. i don’t know a lot of things. i don’t. one thing that i do know. one fact. one truth. i am a stranger to you. a stranger who believes in you. who’s proud of you for making it this far. who’s going to write until you feel better. human to human, you’re precious. and i love you. maybe you just needed to hear those words. i can’t guarantee that you’ll feel better some day, but i’m 100 percent sure that if you choose to live through all of this, some day, you might.

eariosrandomness  asked:

I completely agree with you on the school issue. I mean, I graduated from High School recently so I don't have to go there anymore (aside from college, which has been a hell of a lot better so far), anyway yeah students should not be afraid to go to school and we need to fix this system that oppresses creativity.

I want a school revolution and I’ll friggin lead it if I have to it’s completely unacceptable.

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what makes you dslike vrisrezi? i know you don't like vriska, but aside from that what do you think makes it unappealing. i need your opinion.. for science

1. Vri///ska is an abuser

2. She turned Tere///zi into a fucking DOORMAT. Would act 5 Te//rezi have accepted “shut up and agree with me in front of other people because we’re dating and you’ll ruin my image”? No she would not have! 

3. Ter//ezi entered the relationship because she believes she can “fix” Vri//ska, keep her in line, MAKE her be a better person. But what happens in fixer-upper relationships is that the person who does not want to be fixed only ever hurts the one expending massive amounts of emotional labor. Vri//ska is, without any shadow of a doubt, using Te//rezi’s affection for her and exploiting it for her own purposes

4. Vri//ska is a liar who is incapable of forming actual emotional attachments because she believes herself to be in a league of her own. She looks down on and regularly insults Tere//zi all through the comic- just not as BADLY as she insults other people we see her interact with (Tavros, Jake). She knows this, and uses the fact that she’s “not that bad” to Tere//zi to make Ter//ezi THINK she’s formed an emotional attachment to her, when really Tere//zi is just the most interesting/entertaining/useful to her. Vri//ska’s “affection” for Te//rezi is grounded in how interesting and useful Tere//zi is, plus a misplaced sense of ownership (”She’s MY friend/moirail/whatever”). This possessiveness and interest is mistaken as a genuine emotional connection, which Vri//ska, again, is incapable of making because she does not actually open up to Ter//ezi, or anyone at all really.

5. Ter//ezi has gone through SO much shit. She’s been treated like an object to be won by Dave//Rezi and Kar//Ezi shippers, and to a lesser extent by Karkat and Dave themselves. Dave I feel would’ve been a lot less of an asshole if Kar/kat hadn’t been setting the mood, and Ka/rkat, as much as I love him, did a BIG fuckup in regards to Tere//zi and how he treated her. She got literally abused by Possessed!Gamzee. That led to an estrangement from her friend group and really Tere//zi’s life during/after the Game just sucked ass, and her romantic life sucked ass, but more than that Ter//ezi became DEPENDENT on her romantic life as a way of identifying and defining herself. This is not any fault of Ter//ezi’s, as most adolescents do this to a certain extent, but in Tere//zi’s case her defining herself by her relationships is much more severe and worrisome than in the cases of people who grow out of it. To act like Vrisk//a- VRI//SKA- is endgame for Ter//ezi? The GOOD thing to happen to Ter//ezi after all that shit she got shoved through? No. She didn’t need “him” (Dave, Kark/at, or Gam/zee), true, but she sure as hell didn’t need Vris//ka either. Let Ter//ezi be happy OUTSIDE of her romantic relationships, and find worth in her own damn self instead of the people she affiliates romantically with.

6. Vris//ka literally tried to kill her. She only succeeded in blinding her, but pupae who go out in the Alternian sun rarely make it back inside alive. It speaks of Tere//zi’s tenacity that she DIDN’T die. And okay, say I’m overreacting, say Vris///Rezi is a perfectly viable ship because oh no, Haro, Vri//ska wasn’t trying to KILL Tere//zi, she was only trying to BLIND her! Clearly this is the PERFECT foundation for a healthy romantic relationship!

7. This Vri//ska is an Abuser who Never got taught a lesson. She got a slap on the wrist (or a punch in the face, as it may be) and a “Don’t do it again.” Yeah hi, wanna know how bullies react to a slap on the wrist and a don’t do it again? They bully more secretively, and find ways to make sure other people don’t notice. Wanna know how abusers, who have gotten away with fucking everything by that point, react to a punch in the face and a don’t do it again? They get more crafty with their manipulation, and abuse, and hide it from others until they can lock a living person in a fridge, in plain sight, and only one person half-questions them about it because hey! Vri//ska is in charge and knows what she’s doing and no one wants to argue with her because she has cemented her position in Control of everyone around her, especially her girlfriend.

8. Ter//ezi going back to the black hole does not strike me as the quest of someone going after the person she loves. It reads as someone suffering from severe stockholm syndrome clawing desperately for the person who hurt her because that person led her to believe that she was worthless without her, that Te//rezi has no identity or purpose outside of Vri//ska- which acts as a neat little failsafe for Vris//ka doesn’t it? Something happen? Ter//ezi will come bail her out! Ter//ezi is her perfect little lapdog, shutting up and sitting down whenever she tells her to with just a few wheedling words and going into a BLACK HOLE looking for her because if Vri//ska can’t be alive well then she’ll take down everyone with her

9. Seriously Tere//zi is So Fucked Up after three years with Vris//ka it was physically painful to read that dialogue between the two of them :(

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jeez you're so skilled at energy work. it's fine if you're uncomfortable answering these, but how long did that take, and (I don't need specifics) how did you get there? thanks for your time <3

It took around two weeks of constant, deliberate practice. 

Deliberate practice:

  • Is when you consciously improve at something. 
  • Constantly challenges you; you make it a point to always be better than last time
  • Has consistent reviews from others, so you know where you went wrong, and how to fix it. 
  • Is not easy. You must consistently monitor yourself to make sure you’re growing at the right rate, and not stagnating. It’s very easy to do 200 tarot readings and not be any better than when you started, if you’re not actively monitoring your improvement. 
  • Is usually very tiring. I wanted to get to be able to do 3-4 readings in a row, but often I couldn’t finish just one in one sitting once they really started to get long. I can do that now, but I definitely did not get to this point by going “hmmm…im tired. better stop.” every single time. 
  • Focuses on fixing weak points.
  • Breaks down your Thing into parts, which you can all improve. Relevant example, I can break a reading into: Sensing the energy, vocabulary, describing it accurately, differentiating the person from their environment’s energy, and speed. I was further able to split it into different parts of the reading; for example, the energy and protection readings. What was once just another two or three sentences is now often a page long. 
  • Is how regular people get to superstar status. Like regular sports players versus professional sports players; who do you think practiced deliberately?
  • Can be applied to nearly anything you want to get better at. 

Deliberate practice is an inherently mundane concept; it takes no magic to do. It’s a psychological/self-improvement concept; I mix psychology/self-improvement with my magic very often, as having much of your magic methods grounded in psychological methods that are proven true works wonders, and gives the most results for the least magical effort. For spells concerning the self and goals, mainly. 

If you want to read more about this, So Good They Can’t Ignore You by Cal Newport and Talent is Overrated by Geoff Colvin are the best books on the subject, as far as I have read. 

Psychology and magic in general make a great combo, especially since spiritual things aren’t automatically dismissed and are actually considered unlike in “hard” sciences. (Don’t get me wrong tho, i’m a science nerd). 

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I know exactly how you feel blue. You admitting all that hit home for me. I am the exact same way. And don't worry if it doesn't make ya feel better at the moment blue, the first step to fixing any problem is to address it. It doesn't always have to give you instant gradifacation when you state it, but it can help latter on down the road. So don't worry. Just take baby steps and go as fast as you need to. Trust me. Go at your own pace. A little progress is still progress.

“…Yeah. Yeah, exactly. Baby steps! I’ve- I’ve kinda improved on my own. I haven’t passed out during training in months! So! That’s… pretty good!”

“I’m fine dealing with this on my own, at my own pace.”

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Hey, I've really really been struggling tonight. I just keep getting like sadder and sadder and just cant stop thinking about just everything. I really just like don't think anything can fix it right now. I'm not one to hurt myself or anything I never have, but the mental pain feels way worse than any physical damage I could ever give myself. I don't know if there's anything you know that could help but I really need something right now

Honey it’s okay to feel sad and down sometimes take the time for yourself. Give yourself time and peace, life gets hard sometimes and that’s okay. Just know that things are going to get better someone will always love you and care about you. But you need to be kind to yourself and let yourself relax and accept that feeling that you have right now. Understand your feelings and respect them for what they are because you cannot control your feelings.

  • Any student EVER: How can I improve my grade in this, your class about writing essays?
  • Me, the frustrated teacher: WRITE BETTER ESSAYS!!1!

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OK but I saw a post about you needed better colors to show burn scars with and I don't know what the context was but: 1st degree: Sores, just a bit of redness. 2nd degree: Burns, swelling and pale. (i had one once... ou) 3rd degree: Scars. If fixed, probably pink and light red, but if not, then black with cracks. It burns the nerves.

Oh wow !! Thank you for this I’m still not very happy with how I draw Rich with burn marks so this is super helpful !


I have no idea what I was doing the entire evening, but it was worth it, I guess.

advice for the signs based on people i know
  • aries: when under heavy fire, deflecting the bullets into allies isn't always the best idea.
  • taurus: not all your problems can be laughed off or bottled up. the smile is bound to crack, and the jar is bound to overflow. why are you so scared to open up?
  • gemini: don't play games with people. stop sending so many hints and start telling people what you really want.
  • cancer: be more daring. stand up for yourself. try new things. don't be afraid to go after what you really want.
  • leo: at times you can just be a porcupine looking for a hug. learn to let people go if they don't have enough padding, and find people who are more suited to the job.
  • virgo: not everything is a puzzle. even if it were, figuring yourself out is a better place to start than everything else.
  • libra: what you're looking for isn't always far away. take a closer look at what's around you and you might be surprised by the chances that are already laying at your feet.
  • scorpio: nothing is permanent. when you're caught in a storm with no turning back, adjust your rain boots, zip up your coat, and just push forward.
  • sagittarius: your problems will not fix themselves. don't complain about how they aren't getting better if you refuse to work on them yourself.
  • capricorn: find the balance. don't throw yourself into only one thing at a time and neglect all the other things around you during it. sometimes you need to take breaks.
  • aquarius: numbness can't kill, but when you can't feel a severed arm, it can be a problem. start thinking about your feelings, and start thinking about the feelings of others around you. keep the good intentions, ditch the blindfold.
  • pisces: coping mechanisms can kill. stop running away from everything that troubles you. being a hypocrite hurts others more than it does yourself. take a deep breath. some things take time.

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I saw the resent post about Obi Wan and I need to ask since I'm a SW fan, I know you said you don't like power unbalance pairings, but what about ObiAni? (after Ani stops being a padawan of course and in an AU were he's not with Padme, because I don't like cheating, some will read it but not me) and even better what about ObiAniDala (the best of both worlds to me)? The later being a balanced romantic relationship between the 3 of them, not just Obi and Padmewith Anakin and them just friends.

ObiAniDala is probably my biggest SW OT3 - they have such fix-it potential, and I adore the dynamics of Obi-Wan and Padme giving Anakin a hard time but also making him better? And then Padme and Anakin giving Obi-Wan headaches because recklessness and Force Padme I thought you were thE SENSIBLE ONE STOP THAT. And then, of course, all three of them saving the universe through the sheer power of badassness. 

One of my mains blocked me and I’m still devastated when I see their name cross my dash. I had thought they were a friend and I miss them so much. I want to fix things. But I know they blocked me and I should respect that… I just wish they would have told me if they had a problem with me first. Especially because I asked if I was bothering them.

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never trust a man who treats you like you're a project, a fixer upper, an incomplete person needing his guidance and instruction. that's not love, that's possession, and you don't belong to him.


It’s fine to see yourself as a working project towards an ultimate goal (self-actualization of just being a better person), but its never okay to be seen this way by your partner. Nobody is perfect, so of course there will be things that your partner may not like that could be improved, but if that is all they see about you, just something to fix, then they don’t care about who you really are. I wouldn’t bother with a relationship like that.