you don't need money


have it as proof that i’m still alive

"What do you want for Christmas?"

Me: “Money.”

“Nooooo that’s not a thoughtful gift! Choose an actual THING 😊”

Me: “M-O-N-E-Y”

Money for a new tattoo.
Money for new clothes.
Money for some new weave.
Money for a new PS4 game.
Money for some Converses.
Money for some gas and an oil change.
Money for that one pop-up bill every month.
Money for some jewelry.
Money for some Chinese food.


[insert generic but nonetheless true message about how life is expensive]

Didn’t feel like doing a big complicated price chart, so I figured I would just do an example of average prices for the full body (most common option) - all of these are pretty changeable, considering all informations cited above !

Let’s talk about it ! ( ♥

I'm trying to be cool, I swear

Mod Star here, I’m sorry that some of you were upset by Mod Viena’s response however that doesn’t change the fact that I can’t give you guys links if I myself don’t know where to watch other than CrunchyRoll. 

 We always tell people to watch it free on CrunchyRoll because it supports the official release. In another two weeks, the full show will be free to watch on there. So, we aren’t telling people to spend money if they don’t have it. 

We never said you could only watch on CrunchyRoll. We have always said that people should just try to rewatch the show on CR when possible, because we would like people to watch and support the show. We do not know what other sites have it. 

I don’t want to be mean but some of you have really upset me. Honest to queen Kubo-Sensei herself, I know what it is like to go without. Hell, I have to split my CR account with my BF. 

I grew up in the projects so I know what it’s like to not know when your next meal is going to be. I have lived in less than $5 a week. Don’t you dare try to talk to me like I have shit when I’m just like every other other broke college student with the minor exception that I started uni late because I served my country. Without my service ed award, I wouldn’t even be in college right now. So, unless you’re also the child of a single parent with cancer, you don’t get to accuse me of having jack shit just because I spend $2.50 a month on anime, one of the few things I enjoy. 

I’m done. I am going home for break and taking a couple days to cool off. If the queue runs out, then I’m sorry but you guys really should think before you hit “send as anon” because we are real people too.

I truly hope you all have a wonderful holiday because I love all you little buggers, but I think I need a break from this site. 

 Mod Star 
(Can someone pass me a tissue?)

EDIT: Okay, I am big enough to admit I overreacted. I can usually laugh off trolls but this was a little too close to home. I’m really sorry, I swear I’ll be over it tomorrow. The queue should hold up so no worries, we will continue producing content. We got some really nice words of support and I’m truly thankful for this fandom.

We can’t let trolls get us down! That would just take away from the message of this beautiful show we’ve all united over: Love Wins.

I’ll delete this trash pile later and we can all go on with our lives. Once again, happy holidays! I hope that Santa!Yakov brings you all lots of Katsudon!

I went to Box Lunch today and had to resist the urge to buy every Star Wars related baby and child item. I want that Death Star planetarium though! Instead, I comprised. I got a bomb ass baby Star Wars jacket (I want one in my size tbh), a NASA onesie, a Marvel onesie (to match the theme of their room), and a replica of Jyn Erso’s jacket that has a built in scarf/hood. So much money, so worth it. Their fandom merch is SO ON POINT. Let me live in that store honestly.




contact info:

Please read the following:

  • I am open for slots from tv series/films and ship art
  • I will not start the commission untill I have recieved full payment
  • I will not draw NSFW, but comments hinting is fine
  • If you want me to draw an extra character, I will add ¾ of the original price to the piece. I draw more charcters, it takes more time and effort.
  • If you wish to commission me then please send me  a direct message or an ask here on tumblr or send me an email.
  • When talking to me about the details you would like for your commission please send me a reference sheet of the character(s) I am drawing. It is your responsibility to provide me with any necessary information for your commission.
  • If you commission lineart, I won’t allow recolouring. Please respect that.
  • When I finish a commission I can email it to you, but if you repost it, you should credit me as the artist of the piece.
  • If you have a character that’s really complex or you have any specific big requests for the commission then I will raise the price a bit, because it costs extra effort for me.
  • Please don’t complain about my prices, I need a living too.

Questions? Send me an ask or a private message! 

Note that not all these drawings are recent, they are an indication of what you can expect if you commission me. For my most recent art check my ART TAG.

So I was just playing Cerberus’ first main story, ya know, like ya do, when I came across this little gem! I mean seriously hoLY CRAP CYPRIN WHAT THE HELL!!!!!!! WHY HASN’T THIS BEEN IN MY LIFE TILL NOW?! THEY LOOK GLORIOUS I MEAN GODS DAMN! HOLY CRAP ON A FRIGGIN CRACKER!!!!!! What I’m trying to say is that after this, I’m in desperate need of a CYPRIN route!

I don’t need your money or a fancy car, or makeup by the gross, or luxurious livings. I just want your time and love. That’s all. I don’t need that material shit.
—  Unknown

THAT’S KIND OF GOOD TO KNOW (kind of??!?! CALLING IT “GOOD” SOUNDS HORRIBLE) AT LEAST, at least I have like one Adult Point™ I guess :(
Also yikes, I’m sorry friend ;-; all that car shit sounds draining as fuck.

When the department reminds me I still have forms to fill out

Secret Garden


Inspired by @theangelandtherighteousman ‘s prompt to @destieldrabblesdaily