you don't need anyone else haha

signs as 5sos quotes
  • Aries: "let's play titanic, you be the iceberg and i'll go down" -michael
  • Taurus: "what fruit has amnesia? Pineapple bc it's not pine at all" -calum
  • Gemini: "real bands save fans, real fans save bands" -michael
  • Cancer: "NO I'M NOT FUCKIN OKAY" -ashton
  • Leo: "some people are sass monsters on twitter, like honey you need to chill" -ashton
  • Virgo: "i'm not here to touch your penis, i'm here to touch your heart" -calum
  • Scorpio: "5sos are trash !"- luke
  • Sagittarius: "one day i'll be cool :( haha" -luke
  • Capricorn: "here's a cup of calm the fuck down" -michael
  • Aquarius: "why are you up in my grill i don't barbecue bitches" -calum
  • Pisces: "find something that makes you happy and don't let anyone take it away from you :-)" -luke

anonymous asked:

do you know why mari wears a green vest?and another question , do you think she takes advantage of her director position? xD

haha no clue, could be Director privilege? I don’t see anyone else wearing a vest or anything extra as part of their uniform. That or Mari is gay af for Kanan and needs to show the world she’s orca’s by wearing orca’s rep color??? iono their eye colors are each other’s rep colors too

And yes, I definitely believe she takes advantage of her Director position, sometimes on a whim to go with her flow or shiny ideas, and sometimes to actually help out Aqours and the school. I do want to see in S2 where they show how hard/stressful it is to actually be a Director. I know S1 presented the role humorously because it’s shiny onee-san and it’s joke, but no I really, really want to see the realistic side of such position. Alas, I doubt the anime would ever showcase something so somber/stressful, so I’m resting my hopes on SID.

I’ve read a Mari-centric doujin (bless this doujinshi omfg so good, still very salty the Kanan one sold out just before I could place my order) that showed Mari working very hard to study and acquire all the requirements to be qualified for this position of Director.

Yes, bad photos cuz I didn’t want to bend this precious lil doujin ;;w;;

I do believe that the Oharas’ wealth must have helped because how the heck would a 17 yo obtain such position? But, Mari must have the required qualifications to keep this position. That brief scene in the anime showing Dia and Mari working on their work/documents doesn’t do their respective roles justice.

Naoki Urasawa, MONSTER, and the whole Dark ≠ Interesting thing

Ugh I was feeling all gross learning about what’s going up with Hydra Cap and all as well as the general attitude in media that inherently “good” characters are “Boring” and the fact that so many people feel the need to add darkness or violence or cruelty to make things “interesting” and that got me thinking about the work of manga artist Naoki Urasawa, specifically his most famous series, Monster.

For those who don’t know about Monster, it’s an extremely suspenseful and well-written crime/drama/thriller manga series (as well as an anime which is a pretty faithful adaption, but I haven’t watched it) , and the whole plot centers around not just one, but several serial killers, as well as addressing child abuse, racism/neo-nazism, as well as corruption in the government, medical industry, and other various institutions. Knowing all of that, it’s easy to see how Monster could easily become an extremely grimdark, cynical, violent narrative regurgitating the popular “edgy” theme of how “life sucks and then you die,” as so many modern narratives seem to have bought into.

But it’s not like that, not at all. The thing about Monster, as well as the rest of Naoki Urasawa’s work, is that while it does not shy away from the reality of cruelty in the world, it also addresses the opposite. Throughout Monster, we see people act with incredible kindness and gentleness, even in the midst of extreme situations. There’s an appreciation for the beauty in the world, for the little, often overlooked details of life that make it worth carrying on. There’s the strange, makeshift familial relationships that people form to help each other through loss and grief. And people are not static; people can change, for the worse, of course, but also for the better, people work to redeem themselves and others, and the inherent worth of every person, despite the overwhelming sense of guilt and past wrongs, is emphasized over and over and over again. The narrative does not justify wrongdoings, not in the least, but does a very good job of showing that while humans are capable of horrific things, they are also capable of extreme love, encouragement, and transformation.

And get this: It has ALL of the above, and is STILL an INCREDIBLY gripping, suspenseful, eXTREMELY fascinating story with high stakes and great twists and tons of character development without resorting to cheap, sensationalized voyeuristic deaths or glorifying violence in the “good guys” name. And of course when I say the characters are good, I don’t mean they’re perfect–they make mistakes, they’re flawed as heck, they’re limited by their personalities and experiences, but they are HUMAN, and they are also GOOD.

And the way the world is, I think we need more characters and stories like that out there.

(Haha all these panel ‘caps are all pretty boring but thats because literally everything else is spoileriffic so if anyone WANTS to read it, I’d rather you go in fresh!! If anyone needs like, trigger warnings or anything for it just hmu and I’ll try to letyou know)

  • person giving me a job to do: okay you got all that?
  • me: haha yeah i'm a fast learner
  • me, internally: not only am i not a fast learner, but the second you leave i will forget every instruction given to me. i'm already losing grasp of the task at hand. i heard none of what you said, not because i do not care, but instead because i am incompetent. matters of importance go in one ear and out the other because my brain has slow reflexes and cannot catch things that don't involve cartoons or dogs. without someone constantly by my side giving me a play-by-play of what needs to be done and when, i will do everything incorrectly with no exceptions. not a single thing you asked for will be how you imagined, and in fact they will be worse than you could ever imagine. by leaving me alone with any task you doom us both, i will never hold down a job and please don't leave.
  • person: haha okay bye
  • me: haha bye