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Mood: wants to support the groups but doesn’t want to support companies that take advantage of young children and teenagers who would do anything to achieve their dreams and who get overworked, underpaid and abused 24/7

i don’t fully buy the ‘you don’t really understand your field of study if you can’t explain it to someone with zero science background’ thing that gets quoted like scripture in scicomm circles, because there are fields that are just too abstract to reduce in any meaningful way, but also, anyone who claims that their science is too complex for someone who grasp without even trying to explain it in an accessible way is an asshole, so there’s that

Male protectiveness is not synonymous with male chauvinism. It should be encouraged and admired as the wonderful (and yes, at least in part specifically male) virtue that it is, not scoffed at or eradicated in the name of equality.

Now with IPA pronunciation! (Please notify me of any errors)

Abjure (v.) - æbˈdʒʊr (US); əbˈʤʊə (UK)  - to reject (something) formally

Churlish (adj.) - ˈʧɜrlɪʃ (US); ˈʧɜːlɪʃ (UK) - not polite

Facetious  (adj.) - fəˈsiʃəs - used to describe speech that is meant to be funny but that is usually regarded as annoying, silly, or not proper*

Jejune (adj.) - ʤɪˈʤuːn - not interesting; too simple

Orthography (n.) - ɔrˈθɑgrəfi (US); ɔːˈθɒgrəfi (UK) - the way in which the words of a language are spelled

Supercilious  (adj.) - ˌsupərˈsɪliəs (US);ˌsjuːpəˈsɪlɪəs (UK) - having or showing the proud and unpleasant attitude of people who think that they are better or more important than other people

Foible  (n.) - ˈfoibəl (US); ˈfɔɪbəl (UK) -a minor fault in someone’s character or behavior

Truculent  (adj.) - ˈtrʌkjələnt (US); ˈtrʌkjʊl(ə)nt (UK) - easily annoyed or angered and likely to argue

Brazen  (adj.) - ˈbreɪzən - acting or done in a very open and shocking way without shame or embarrassment

Fraught  (adj.) - frɔt - full of or accompanied by something specified —used with with;  causing or characterized by emotional distress or tension

Opulent  (adj.) - ˈɑpjələnt (US); ˈɒpjʊlənt (UK) - very comfortable and expensive; very wealthy

Spurious  (adj.) - ˈspjʊriəs (US); ˈspjʊərɪəs (UK) - not genuine, sincere, or authentic; based on false ideas or bad reasoning

*This is how it’s used rather than what it means.

The definitions were taken from Merriam-Webster; I chose those I felt most relevant. I decided it’s time for a second advanced English vocabulary list, so here it is. Enjoy! :)

Media: there are no good superhero villains!!!!!11!!!1!

DCEU: *Suicide Squad exists*


DCEU: *Gotham City Sirens, the Deadshot Spinoff, Suicide Squad 2 and Black Adam are in the works*

Media: UUUUGH?? WE DIDN’T ASK FOR THESE!!!?!? WE WANT A-LIST VILLIANS LIKE STARRO AND (insert batman villain here, fan cast to be portrayed by a pasty white boy)!!11!

M/arvel: *repeats the same generic villain and his motivation for every movie*


reversing whitewashed edits

it’s actually really easy to edit back in an idol’s original skin tone (or at least undo some of the damage of whitewashing). this also works if you’re starting with an unedited photo/video and realize after you’ve edited it all that the skin tone is a lot whiter

  • lower the curves and brightness
  • add a warming photo filter
  • edit the colour balance to include more reds and yellows
  • choose selective colour and make whites more black, yellow, and magenta
  • adding saturation sometimes helps
  • messing with the levels also sometimes helps

how to tell if it’s whitewashed

  • their skin is literally white
  • the overall tone of the edit is quite cold and blue
  • it hurts your eyes to look at
  • the whites in the photo (sky, buildings, clothes) are extremely white and almost glowing
  • their skin tone is the same colour as the background (wall, sky, etc.)
  • the other coloured objects in the photo are very light or pastel-like (usually becomes pretty obvious if you look at things like the ground or cars, things that you see on a regular basis that are usually dull and darker coloured)
  • their features are hard to make out (usually the outline of the nose’s bridge and nostrils becomes hard to see)
  • you can compare the original photoshoot/video/etc and see that the skin tone has lost pinks and yellows and is noticeably lighter
  • think about humans you actually see irl and think abt what realistic skin tones look like
  • if you’ve never seen a real human irl look at foundations on sephora or smth

ie. there is no reason to whitewash just because you want to brighten a photo. even once it’s brightened, you can play with the photo filter/colour balance/selective colour options to restore someone’s skin tone while retaining brightness in gifs. it’s easy to tell when things are whitewashed when u use tips like these and get the hang of it.


It’s really easy to tell how each of them would approach the other for their first kiss [x, x, x]

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How would BTS react to finding out their girlfriend liked hardcore/metal bands if you don't mind?(I could come up with examples if you maybe need them?)

Namjoon- *tries dancing to it* Yas this is my jam~! 

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Jin- *dresses up in a hardcore style to impress you*

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Yoongi - *tries composing a rock song* Aish all I know is hiphop 

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Jimin- *tries to roar but hurts his voice* 

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Hoseok- * lip syncs along to it* 

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Taehyung- How are your ears not broken?

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Jungkook- *gets excited and names all his favourite rock bands* 

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Ay well I’m giving away two pieces of art if anyone still knows what that about looks like, 1 full/half-body drawing & 1 bust/headshot of your player character or NPC of choice. Reblog to enter, only one entry per person yada yada

Winners will be picked June 17th at random, inability to respond within a couple of days will result in a redraw.

Thanks for following my boring blog y’all are great B)

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Hello! I'm 25, soon to be 26... Am I too old to get into art school? Some folks told me that I should skip the "school" part and just study it on my own... But I don't really think that painting, drawing, and so on, can compare with photography, for example, where you don't necessarily need an academic training. What do you think?

Bro!! There are people in their fifties and sixties in my year! It is never too late. Be aware of the fact that there will be a heavy concentration of teenagers and you will have to navigate that with maturity and tact and patience. But overall, a great place for learning and growing! U will love. I love.

in terms of personal and artistic growth, you will change more than you ever thought possible

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How do you combat the argument that "1st world women" don't need feminism?

With examples and facts about misogyny that apply to women world wide such as pointing out that sexual violence happens to all women everywhere.

- Diana

text message — august 28
  • G: as much as i love you i think probably you should know that just bc you and your gf are ancient doesn't mean you have to watch ancient movies!! for example, ancient disney movies
  • G: you guys don't need to watch those............. pls 😩