you don't know what true happiness looks like

  • What I Say: I hate kids - well, that's not completely true. I don't want kids. I lack maternal instinct, and even their happy noises grate on my nerves. I am easily irritated by them, and I am not afraid to shoot their parents death glares if they expect me to look after them even though they know my feelings on the matter. But for the sake of brevity, I say 'I hate kids'.
  • What People Seem to Hear: I am a soulless bitch who wants your children to suffer endlessly. If you bring them near me, I will hurt them. On purpose. Because it brings me joy. In addition to this, I like to call you things like 'breeder' and 'slut' behind your back because you have baby-producing intercourse. DEATH TO THE HUMAN RACE; LONG LIVE STERILE SEX.

Lane Boy? I think you meant smiley bean puts on the floral thing

Belle - Dean Winchester x Reader (Beauty and The Beast AU) - Part 8

Title: Belle

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: None I can think of :)

Word Count:1,393

A/N: This took forever but I think it’s okay. Feedback is always welcome and thank you for sticking with me while I take my time to write this XD There’s about 5 parts left, unless you want longer chapters and then there will be fewer parts -  let me know!

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“What if he doesn’t like it?”

“Oh honey, of course he will, in all my years I’ve never seen a dress as breathtaking as this,” Ellen smiled.

You knew she was right. It was nothing like you’d ever seen before, simple yet stunning. The yellow shone like the sun burning brightly on a hot summers day. The fabric fell flawlessly over your body, it was perfect.

As Ellen sent Charlie to tell Dean you were almost ready you slid on a bracelet, added a few finishing touches to your make-up and then began to make your way to the staircase.

It felt like something out of a movie. Tucking a loose strand of hair behind your ear you made your descent. Each step felt just right and when you saw Dean standing there it was almost as if everything was falling into place. Dean didn’t say much as you joined him at the bottom of the stairs, he just stood mouth hanging open slightly. Pushing his jaw up you joked,

“Careful Winchester, you’ll catch flies.” 

Abruptly fixing his posture and linking his arm with yours you began to walk to the front door.

“Shall we?” He asked.

“We shall.” With a final turn of the door knob and a cool breeze of air your were on your way. 

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anonymous asked:

Me and my friend are talking and she said 'Kris don't deserve EXO I'm happy that he's gone' what do u think? I love OT12 but that's true Kris didn't talk much or smile but idkkk

He didn’t talk much?

He didn’t smile??

Well, anon, I think that’s god damn bullshit. Saying you love OT12 but then agreeing with your friend with this “Kris doesn’t deserve EXO” kinda shows maybe you have’t been paying attention to OT12 at all??

Fun fact, I used to think Kris was an asshole. You know why? He has that look. He’s one of those poor soul’s who’s neutral expression makes him look like he wants to kill everything and everyone.

Another fun fact, Kris is nothing like that. Kris is very caring, he was a fantastic fucking leader for EXO and I don’t blame him at all for leaving. I blame the company, and you know why? There were reports of him in hospitals, of him looking almost dead on stage and reports of Kris getting sick a lot. I blame SM because they did not look after him, just like they didn’t look after Tao or Luhan and now they’re not looking after Lay but Lay is holding on because he said he had a goal in mind when going to Korea and he plans to achieve it. He also loves all the EXO members dearly and his affection for them is something he can’t let go of. SM is racist, overworking, selfish company. Sure, they are good at what they do, they are good at promoting, but they are not good at looking after their idols. Especially if those idols come from China, aka not Korea, and they just simply turn a blind eye to them.

EXO M never got the recognition they deserved and they probably worked twice as bloody hard flying from Korea to China and back multiple times to perform multiple shows and through all that time Kris was their leader, Kris tried to look after them, but he couldn’t really look after himself.

Anon, have you seen his interactions with EXO? Especially with EXO M and Suho? I say Suho because Suho was also a leader, and while Suho looked out for Kris a lot (because the guy tended to make a fool out of himself) the same happened back. Kris looked out for Suho, probably more than any of them, Suho himself said Kris is a fanstic leader and he’s so glad to be working beside him. Kris cared for EXO, anon, but the company didn’t care for him. I don’t blame him for leaving and I’m sure EXO don’t either, I’m sure behind the scenes the members were sad but supported him because Kris was literally fucking dying from over exhausting himself and now that’s happening to Lay and it’s heartbreaking. That’s why it boils my blood when people call Kris a traitor, because he’s anything but. Those words like traitor and fiend come from the company, they come from SM, and SM have too big a stick up their ass to admit the way they treated him was wrong and are instead acting like five year olds yelling shit about Kris and the others who left.

I don’t blame Kris for leaving, I don’t blame Luhan for leaving, I don’t blame Tao for leaving, and if Lay leaves (which he hasn’t said he will by the way) I won’t blame him either. I won’t blame them because I don’t hear the current EXO members talking trash about them, and I’m positive they don’t want us to hate them.

Kris doesn’t deserve EXO? No, SM doesn’t deserve Kris, SM doesn’t deserve Luhan or Tao or Lay or any EXO members because they are all such wonderful boys and by god they better start treating them right or EXO will keep losing members one by one, and not just by lawsuits but also by health issues, and I’m sure none of us want to see that.