you don't know what true happiness looks like

You know when you watch something that is related to our boys or has them in it and you are generally happy about them and hearing their voice and what they have to say you don’t think much of anything else involving that content about BTS, but then you read what people say and then you look back at it like.. “oh yeah that’s true.. well yeah that was annoying, hahaha oh that’s a good joke i guess” and then by the end of it you let every opinion from others influence the way you felt at first while watching that content? I’d like to think It’s not a bad thing, not always anyways. But something deep in me just tells me to keep re-watching & form my own damn opinion on it instead of basing my opinion on others opinions.. but then it’s too late bc you already know what other people said, so you just agree with what you think it’s right, funny and be silent about those you don’t. Do you know what i’m saying?