you don't know what they may be going through outside of the internet

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hi, I was told that not wanting a cure for autism is ridiculous because why wouldn't we want to "be in our right mind"? I couldn't respond because I didn't know how to, they see curing autism as being a good thing for autistic people. I'm stumped because I don't want to be cured and don't want a cure but they see cure as a positive. I don't know how to respond because I just.. I'm worried they'll try to cure me first chance they get. I don't know what to do, I'm scared. I like being autistic :(

hi, sorry this took me a while to answer (i was at pride yesterday and crashed as soon as i got home)

im sorry you’ve had to deal with someone like that. unfortunately, thats not a rare occurance; most of us will have to argue against cure culture at least once. 

it’s great you like being autistic! autism is a wonderful thing! and that’s what cure culture fails to acknowledge - that autism isn’t inherently awful or bad. we don’t want a cure, and so allistics assume that means we don’t possess the mental faculties to make our best decisions (see also: taking away autonomy from disabled people). this way they effectively silence us, and simultianiously push a harmful rhetoric that makes no viable sense.

here are some useful counters to cure culture arguments:

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How good is my Si? well I'm not really friends with details and I often hear "you need to be more coherent and rigorous but I've been raised by a Si dom mom so I have a certain routine reallyflexible but still there, I was thinking about customs and I just go with the one I like or understand but don't care about the others. About Ne, is overanlyzing everything to the point of obsessing more a Ne dom or Ne aux thing? Someone talked to me about the aux "overkilling" comapred to the dom

Ne-doms suffer from two major problems aux-Ne’s don’t:

The tendency to skim read and then assume.

Ne-doms don’t take the time to carefully read and comprehend information; rather, they skim as they look for information that pertains to them, or what they are interested in, which means unless they really buckle down and decide to learn something completely (Si), their knowledge of said subject will be based entirely in speculation, without grounded awareness of facts, principles, or deeper understanding, which would come from detailed studying.

You see this a lot in the MBTI community, with high Ne’s that have not slowed down to learn about the functions, how they interact with one another, how to tell them apart, and so on – they go on to either mistype dramatically on a frequent basis (because they don’t know MBTI, but their Ne makes them think they do; a broad understanding is not a thorough understanding), or they make up their own system (Ne) and claim it is MBTI, when it’s not, which leads to:

Grand generalizations without specifics.

Again, this is evidence of a lack of Si details and knowledge base. Because a Ne can make it sound like they know what they’re talking about even if they don’t, they tend to generalize to an enormous extreme, and their details will be way off, because of hyperbolic tendencies. Details are hard for them to remember but grand generalizations work, because they are totally vague, semi-open to interpretation and above all, melodramatic (which Ne likes).

You see this with me sometimes in typing characters; even if I’m sure this is their type, it’s hard for me to give specific examples of a thought process or behavior that indicates cognition, so I resort to vague generalities like, “He sees lots of possibilities,” or “All her choices are to get her somewhere,” instead of “When the oil tanker blows up, he immediately switches his original plan from X to Z based on the new information,” or “She uses the internet to target the people she doesn’t like on a hate-list, which she then spreads among the student body, as part of her plan to eviscerate her enemies and become class president.”

See, even that is a bit vague and generalizing. =P

My INFP friend is not like this. She is meticulous when life demands she use Si and remembers details, specifics, etc., much better than I do; she is not nearly as prone to melodramatic hyperbole for effect, except when it directly ties into her Fi-feelings (and then it is MELODRAMA), whereas I exaggerate all the time. She can often be shockingly specific, whereas I’m delighted if I remember to use the word “mastiff” in a novel instead of the vague generalization of “dog.” (Look, reader! I managed to add a specific sensory detail! And it was hard, so be super impressed right now, okay??) Meanwhile, she would go on to tell me, if she cared, what year the breed was created, where it came from, etc. Details.

Define over-analyzing; because I consider that Ti in my understanding of it, but others consider it “intuitive in general.” If by over-analyzing you mean you’re obsessing over what type you are, that’s just human behavior. If by over-analyzing you mean you can’t let anything go without making an intuitive inference about it (she said this, but she meant that, and this is probably what’s going on in her life which made her think that way) that’s intuition in general.

The best way to tell a Ne-dom from an aux is – does the Ne stop there?

Permit me to explain.

INFP and I hold the same moral views. Both of us stand on those principles. She would not under any circumstance violate them, nor can she imagine a situation in which she might. This is Fi directing Ne: this is out of bounds, says Fi, and it stops here.

Ne and Fi are a whole other ball of wax. I routinely assert my views, then start an alternate argument in my head. I may or may not believe that, on a daily basis. When push comes to shove, I will probably stand upon that Fi morality, but Ne isn’t blocked by Fi; Ne is still considering possibilities, challenging my views (are you sure about that?), and going down rabbit trails, unhindered by that pesky moral viewpoint. After all, everything exists in the abstract, so why not consider whether or not your morals would stand or not?

For Ne-doms, nothing is blocking the flow of information (both what is there, and what’s happening behind the scenes; they are perceiving it all, continually) – there is no introverted function “bias” coming into it, so they will be the most open-minded and most inclined to change their mind rapidly when given new information, without needing to stop and access their Fi/Ti. Since Ne is so nebulous and unfixed, nothing is ever “set” in a Ne-dom’s mind; this makes it very easy to change their mind, their views, their opinions, their focus, their approach, etc., without needing any time to re-calibrate their processing. Since Ne is dominant, it’s instinctive and immediate in a way that doesn’t happen for Ne-auxes.

This both makes them able to be extremely perceptive and accurate (IF they can accumulate a detailed knowledge base from which to operate to go with their Ne) AND prone to detachment from reality in some instances – but in a way, since they are so attentive to the outside world’s visible and unseen patterns and picking up on people’s intuitive tells, they can be more grounded than the INXPs in terms of “what is actually happening,” because the INXP has to work through a self-based perspective first (Ti/Fi).

This is what makes people see Ne-doms as “scattered,” or “inconsistent,” but in reality it is a strength that can be channeled in positive directions, if the Ne-dom is willing to do the research, study, and self-educating required to discipline themselves into being good at what they do. This will go against their nature; it seems too slow, the information too tedious, with too much to remember, but much like the NJ types, if they do not slow down and learn, if they do not, for example, really stop and study the functions in depth, they will be poor typists, for themselves and others.

- ENFP Mod

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I apologize because I don't know where else to ask this, even though it is not so much a question about hacking as it is about the internet in general. I'm trying to build a post-apocalypse world where the internet no longer exists, but tablets are still widely used. In my mind, the world ends about 50 years in our future, so internet is completely wireless and landline phones have been completely replaced by cellphones. Does a simple explanation like "we lost contact with satellites" work?

No apologies, Anon, here will do just fine! Not my exact area, but I’ll do my best. And remember, if anyone knows more about this, feel free to add on or correct me (I’m talking to you, ISP people). Alright, let’s get rolling.

The internet, in it’s simplest and honestly accurate terms, is just computers talking to each other. Granted, it’s millions upon millions of them, but boil it down to it’s basics and it’s one computer asking another computer for information. The internet works because as a species we’ve stuck a bunch of computers with ridiculous amounts of information on the same wire and figured out a way to have any one of them talk to any other one.

In the future you describe (~2067), wireless tech has superseded wired in every capacity. This is a possible direction for the world to go, it’s plausible, however I would imagine that there would always be holdouts who refuse to switch completely to wireless. Furthermore, unless some ridiculous breakthrough happens (we’re talking laws of physics or supermaterial, though it’s 50 years, so anything can happen. Really this is up to you as an author), wired will always be more efficient and faster than wireless. Simply by virtue of the fact that it’s easier to make electrons move and dance around if they are confined to a wire and shielded from outside noise than if they are being thrown around through the air.

That said, researchers at the University of Surrey have recently achieved 5G wireless speeds. That’s 1Tb (Terabit) wirelessly, which would allow you do download 10 movies in less than a second. It’s very likely that this would be either the norm or even slightly outdated in your future world.

Originally posted by htmlbyjoe

Remember that this is 50 years in the future, so almost everything I’m about to say can be explained away by 50 years of technological advancement.

Now, to your actual question. If “we lost contact with satellites” then your tablet-wielding survivors wouldn’t be able to access any information from other countries without going there (unless wireless connectivity has stupid range). So that cuts off a good portion of the internet right there. However, with the way the internet works currently, they’d still be able to access a good portion of the internet that was hosted in their home landmass (at least as far as the fiber stretches).

But you want there to be no internet. That’s relatively easy, blow up all the ISPs (Internet Service Providers). No that wasn’t an instruction, put that dynamite away.

The ISP companies are what keep the internet going, keep it easily accessible, and ruin everything when they buy websites and forbid competitor email addresses from accessing them (looking at you, Verizon). They provide the service of connecting your device to the internet at a speed that you pay for. If the ISPs go down and become unable to sustain their vast infrastructure, the internet becomes more and more inaccessible. Now this depends on how the world ended, but if it doesn’t involve tons of people dying and stuff exploding, then on Day 0 most of the internet would be fine. When the satellites die/become useless because of solar flares or whatever, communication over bodies of water, GPS, long distance communication, and all that is lost. When society breaks down and people stop going to work and the looting starts, ISPs go down, and the internet either starts to deteriorate, or completely vanishes.

After enough time, your internet is gone.

However, a point I should mention, with the wireless communication your world has any community with tablets and someone who can make them talk would be able to have their own internet (technically known as an intranet, thanks mamapluto). It wouldn’t have Pornhub Tumblr on it, or any of that stuff, but they’d still be able to communicate with any other of their communities devices that were connected to this internet, share files, allow people to see their now jealously guarded kitten videos, etc.

Sarah pulled Joe aside as the foraging party returned sporting massive grins and baskets of produce to match. Gesturing to the small bucket of wild strawberries he carried, they smirked at him. “You did a good job today, if that haul is to be believed. Here, I’ll trade you a code to see that one cat flexing their paws if you give me half of those.“ Waving their tablet under his nose, they brought the e-key onto the screen to taunt him ever so slightly. ”The code should be good for a whole thirty minutes. c’mon, I know you want to.“

Originally posted by world-of-cats

I’d make that trade, lookit that lil’ fluff.

Anyway, yes, “we lost contact with satellites” will work for the most part. You may want to include little tidbits about how society’s collapse caused more and more of the internet to go down, as that will help your case.

And I’d love to know how the world ends ;)

Good luck with your writing, I hope I was helpful!



Chill Pill - Avengers x Reader

A/N: Okay, so this was so annoying because I was feeling it with Vision and then it was like “oh my god what about Pietro that would just be hilarious” ‘cause trying to get him to sit still to look at the clouds? But guess what? You’ll have to read this to find out what I wound up doing!

Request: “After you do the song challenge, would you consider doing something litte and cute with teaching Vision how to chill out? Like binge watching netflix or just staring at the clouds? If you aren’t feeling Vision it would be cute with Pietro or Bruce too. Whatever you write I’ll read.” This courtesy of @travelwithwords.

Taglist: @courtneychicken, @travelwithwords​.

Summary: After a long mission upon which you may or may not have said something regrettable, who doesn’t want to relax? Unfortunately, it seems that some people don’t know how, and you take it upon yourself to show them.

Warnings: I think there’s no swearing! If there is I’ll just have to update this.

Other Notes: Gender neutral reader, of course. I hope you like it!

“Get off my back!”

You scowled at Vision while turned away, walking quickly.

“No, I won’t. You need to-”

“Take a chill pill.”

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My parents treat my depression and anxiety like some weird alien disease and I don't know what to do. My grades are falling because I can't even go to school with my depression. I visited a psychiatrist and I'm currently on medication but I don't think it's helping. It's getting worse day by day. Please, please help me. Thank you.

I hear your pain and your suffering, and I really wish I could do something solid to help you out, but I’m no professional. I’m literally just a kid sitting behind his computer screen, trying to make the world a more positive place and help people out by giving occasional advice.

the only thing i can do is give you some tips from my own experience with this, and hope to someone holy that they help you, too:

1. go outside, in your backyard, in the sun. soak it up. bring your phone with you and take photos of anything, everything, but preferably close-up things. it’ll help get you out of your head and hopefully into the world around you, if only for a little bit. if it’s night, still go out, but look up at the stars - lie down and try to come up with names for each of the constellations. if there are no visible stars, just lie down and close your eyes and breathe in the night air and focus on the different noises around you. do one of these things, do all of them - it doesn’t matter, as long as you’re doing

2. talk to someone. anyone. preferably a close friend but if you think you don’t have anyone, rant to the internet. tell them about your life. let someone give you advice and try to follow it, or just let someone listen to you. be open to other humans. if you don’t feel comfortable doing that, write to yourself, or even film yourself talking if that’s what you prefer. just get everything off your chest

3. at the end of each day, before you go to bed, write down at least three things you’re grateful for that day. it can be anything, it doesn’t have to make sense or be significant to anyone else, but as long as it works for you then that’s what matters

4. let yourself feel every emotion that comes up, and don’t act on any rash ideas or thoughts. just accept whatever passes through you (even if it’s nothing).

5. if your meds don’t work, there are other brands and other types that could, so don’t be afraid to talk to your psychiatrist about maybe switching. if you were told that you may have to wait a while before they would start working, then find something you can do to occupy yourself in the mean time

6. as far as misunderstanding parents go, I really don’t know how to overcome that other than by being patient with them. it really depends on your relationship with them, and there are so many factors involved in it that I can’t really list them here

all in all, I wish you luck, and I just want you to know that you’re not alone. I support you, I’ve got your back. there are probably people in your life who do as well

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I don't know if you don't take these questions but if you do, here: I am having little problems with writing stories because I have been trying to not be do boring or cliche. Can you give me advice of writing a good story?

I’m answering all the questions I receive, yours included, and I’m always trying to be as helpful as possible!

First of all, the fact that something is cliché doesn’t mean that it has to be bad. This is something I learned through ages of writing and eventually I realized that it all depends on your writing style - you can write about the most trivial thing, the one everybody read about already but you can make it absolutely great piece of art if you manage to write it well. You can create a story about shy girl falling in love with a vampire/demon/angel/any supernatural being you can think of and it can still be awesome but you have to think about interesting plot, how the story should go so it could actually surprise the reader.

Personally, I’m a huge fan of such parings, no matter how many stories and books of this topic I’ve read and I can bet I’m not the only one.

I think that it’s really important to be passionate about the thing you want to write about. The topic you chose must be something you find interesting, you want to learn about while doing research and you simply want to write about. It can be noticeable to see when the author isn’t really into his own story and does it ‘just because’, not out of passion or interest - as Stephen King says, writing is a form of telepathy and whatever you feel while performing such, can be received on the other side.

Long story short, enjoy and put your heart in what you do!

Do your best, take your time, don’t hurry yourself if you don’t feel like it (but if you need a little push to start working then do it, of course, everyone is different here), DO RESEARCH. Speaking about the last point, not only it makes the story look more professional, shows that you’ve actually spent some time in preparing it and therefore are devoted to it but also makes your story reliable and interesting. I may be speaking on my own example only, but personally I really like to learn something new from the stories I read, even if there aren’t any useful informations, the most significant is that it’s somehow taken from real life. If you’re writing about real places on Earth, try to look at maps and find places you want to include in situations, if not, look through the eventual maps of the universe it’s taking place in or if it’s your own world, create a map yourself - believe me, it can be fun and more observant readers will appreciate it.

To summarize what I mentioned above, let me tell you what is one of the most annoying things you can find in fanfiction ever: when the author themselves doesn’t know how to properly write a character’s name or surname. It makes me leave the story immediately, not even bothering to read further because it gives me a feeling that I surely won’t find anything interesting there if the author can’t even write the name properly.

Probably one of the things mostly considered as boring are too long descriptions. BUT consider the fact that the lack of them isn’t good neither. It’s safe to assume that you have to learn how to write descriptions so they would portray the background, situation and characters clearly but not in a too detailed manner so the reader would stop paying attention to it. Descriptions are nice, it’s the only way you can paint the image of what you have in mind, inside other person’s mind. Whenever I was training how to write reliable descriptions of the landscape or background, I was trying to do so while being somewhere outside. No matter where you are, try to focus on few things that surround you and to describe them shortly in your head. Focus on all five senses if possible. Say what do you see? Where are you? Do you smell anything particular? Can you feel anything on your skin (wind, sun, rain etc.)? Are you cold or hot in there? What do you hear? The first few things that you can mention are usually enough for a nice and concise descpription of a place because they are something that you, a human, notices naturally. Well, of course, you can elaborate and tell about the colours of the cars and how the weather was changing in those minutes and how the oil stain is on the street but if it’s not important to the plot I wouldn’t recommed doing it.

Give your story a little bit of mystery, nobody likes stories where everything is obvious from the beginning. It doesn’t have to be a huge plot twist, details count, too and what is important here is to remember to surprise a reader from time to time. Make an unexpected change of events, let your characters say something surprising, make some of them look unusual. Variety is welcomed but mystery is even better - hide some facts from the reader only to reveal them later, probably in an unexpected moment, make the reader think and wonder, invite they into the story and let them live withing in.

And of course, try to write the best you can. Avoid mistakes, read your own work at least twice before publishing, use paragraphs, check if you’re not certain about something and read. Read books, not only stories from the Internet because books are way more reliable source of information and believe me or not, you can always remember something interesting about the author’s style or anything which can positively affect your own writing. By reading, you remember the visual aspect of the story, that’s why it’s important to focus rather on those well written than full of mistakes since your brain will remember it nevertheless.

I hope it helped you a little but if not, feel free to ask me more. I’m always willing to give an advice! ^^

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I don't know if the previous question reached you, because the internet was suck at that time. So my question was, how an ISTP (Ti dom) sorts through feelings from logical standpoint? Also can you give me an example?

(Gif: Jack Bauer, 24. ISTP.)

Feelers see the world in terms of emotional dynamics – their own and other people’s, so they have a natural ability to understand their own feelings and those of other people, based on natural instinct. Thinkers can struggle with emotions and Ti/Fe types often find feelings “unnecessary” or “problematic,” since they interfere with pure logic. Feelings are those pesky things that keep you from being totally detached, efficient, or logical.

Since high Ti sees the world as a framework or system of logic, rather like a computer with various software loaded on it, a high Ti can see feelings as a program and try to understand it from a rational standpoint, to analyze their emotions rather than simply feeling them. IXTP types often either ignore their feelings altogether (which manifests in inferior Fe tantrums / freak outs / insecurities / etc) or become obsessed with understanding emotion as a system itself. But while there IS logic in Fe (group logic, people logic, dynamics logic), Fe itself is not always logical.

The IXTP may therefore run into the risk of failing to treat their intense emotions as emotions themselves and take a too-detached, analytical approach: in a sense, divorcing themselves from the very emotions they are experiencing, and treating them as something under observation rather than accepting the intensity of their own feelings. And, inferior Fe can be INTENSE. I watched my grandfather battle with it for years. He was very much a rational man, an inventor and a free spirit, but could not articulate his feelings well, so he would bottle up his feelings and explode into violence (Se/Fe).

In order to accept your emotions as a low Fe and find greater balance with them, you must embrace the fact that emotional dynamics and understanding enhance your thinking, instead of detract from it. Fe is what will make you a warmer, more gracious individual, inclined to respect others’ feelings and aware of how to better communicate with them. Fe is a useful tool when explaining logic to others and in forming lasting, meaningful relationships. It is fine to want to analyze your feelings – but when in the experience of having intense emotions, it is better to allow yourself to feel. To accept that these feelings are normal, that they are fine, and that it does not make you less logical, but human.

As a Fe, you need to get your feelings outside yourself, to express what you are going through; so choose one or two trusted people who love you, and can talk you through understanding your emotions from an EMOTIONAL SENSE, rather than a rational one (choose feelers! they will neither judge you for having these feelings nor be baffled as to what these feelings mean, and can often articulate emotion in understandable ways so if you are not sure what you are feeling, they can point you in potential directions).

If you would rather not seek help in that way, you can research emotional dynamics through psychology books, in order to gain a better understanding of what drives people’s decisions based in their emotions – which will make your Ti happy and also be useful for yourself and others.

I should also add that female TPs are often instinctively better at this than male TPs, in part because society encourages emotional understanding in women more than men. Females are exposed to other females from a very young age, and even though thinker females are markedly different from feeler females, they have enough social orientation / desire to learn and emulate skills that enable them to fit in better with their peers. Society, on the other hand, up until recently has encouraged little boys to be markedly “masculine,” and thus places less emphasis on development of emotional strengths. Because IXTPs naturally push away from their own feelings, this environment fosters detachment.

Hope that helps,

- ENFP Mod

Elven Fashion

So in my time away from the internet I began reflecting upon elven fashion. I’ve already said that city elven and Dalish fashion as it’s been seen in Origins and DA:II is far too similar.

They’d have a shared culture during the time while the kingdom of the Dales still stood (I’m calling that old Dalish from now on), but after being defeated and splitting into city elves and Dalish clans they’d start developing differently. Traits they seem to share are as follows:
- Covered necks.
- Lots of layers
- Possibly that little geometric leaf-like pattern they have on their belts.
- Embroidery practices. Elven needlework is noted for being fine and delicate, yet durable.
- Long bits of cloth tied around the waist. Easier made than belts.
- A sash a little like the japanese obi in appearance, a thick piece of cloth or leather that wraps around the waist. Another belt is worn over it.

(Case in point)

Now then.

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Don’t Trust the B— in Apt. 23 starter sentences

season 1, part 1 of 2
episodes 1 through 4
70 starters
feel free to change gender pronouns
content warning: alcohol mention, cussing, drug mention, sexual themes

  • “Living in [city name] has taught me that life is full of surprises.”
  • “I knew this was going to happen.”
  • “I have to take a picture. I have to show my parents. They’re not gonna believe this.”
  • “I made a giraffe out of pipe cleaners.”
  • “It’s like you’re inside my mind.”
  • “A little advice—adopt a looting mentality.”
  • “You’re never gonna use that, _____!”
  • “I have a plan, too, and it does not involve me going home and telling my family that I’m a failure.”
  • “I mean, this bad luck cannot last forever.”
  • “We may or may not become lovers. That’s… up to you.”
  • “We weren’t really compatible genitally. Imagine trying to fit a cucumber into a coin purse.”
  • “Come here, I’m trying to help you! This is important information!”
  • “Don’t trust the bitch in apartment 23.”
  • “Woah! Woah, hey! I can see your no-nos!”
  • “I was gonna help you, but then I didn’t want to.”
  • “She sort of warned me not to… trust you.”
  • “Ugh, get off me. Go to sleep.”
  • “Uh… I’d kind of like to be alone.”
  • “I have a long-standing sexual history with that tub.”
  • “So… you’re saying that you stole from me?”
  • “And you really don’t feel bad at all?”
  • “You’ve surprised me, and I’m rarely surprised.”
  • “How’s it feel being on the short end of the stick?”
  • “You want a spanking, _____?”
  • “I can’t believe you! Just—just stay the hell out of my life!”
  • “Anyone wanna get weird and play Mario Kart?”
  • “Hey, you know what’s fun? Alcohol.”
  • “That is the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me.”
  • “I think that genuine emotion just sometimes makes me feel uncomfortable.”
  • “I believe there are two ways to look at any situation. You can focus on the bad, or choose to see the good.”
  • “_____, you can’t plan your life. You have to leave room for new experiences.”
  • “You know, if you wanna meet a guy, I can hook you up. I know someone who would be perfect for you.”
  • “Yeah, I—I—I don’t… trust you with anything… ever.”
  • “Not everything has to be a competition, _____.”
  • “Hi! We’re having a party for no reason.”
  • “This guy is hot, but boring. It’s like, dude, stop telling me about your eBay feedback score.”
  • “I can listen to you talk forever.”
  • “You are such a good listener. That is so hot.”
  • “I’m tired of people trying to pigeonhole me.”
  • “Oh, hey, a stuffed animal from a much older man. Nothing weird about that.”
  • “This might sound cheesy, but I think you might be my soulmate.”
  • “Don’t fall for it. It’s an act. She’s a total drama queen.”
  • “I think I’ve ruined everything!”
  • “You never think things through, _____.”
  • “Just because this isn’t in your life plan doesn’t mean this isn’t exactly where you’re supposed to be.”
  • “Do you not see a pattern here? You see something that you want, and then you abandon it because you get bored or because you’re too selfish to care about anyone else!”
  • “Okay, _____, this is insane. This is beyond irresponsible.”
  • “You need to commit to this. You are either in or you are out, _____.”
  • “Your breath smells when you yell.”
  • “Wow. For once, you cleaned up your own mess.”
  • “Eating your lunch for tomorrow. I love that you’re not afraid of cheese.”
  • “I’m not weak. You’re weak.”
  • “Oh, don’t bother. I already ate all the pills from underneath the couch.”
  • “I can’t believe how stupid I was.”
  • “These shoes are, like, the best thing going on in my life right now.”
  • “It’s not what you do, it’s how you do it.”
  • “_____, I’m gonna take you out and teach you how to be badass.”
  • “If you have the right attitude, you can do anything and go anywhere.”
  • “Morning. I’d offer you breakfast, but you didn’t make any.”
  • “I thought it was just gonna be us tonight. Bringing somebody else in—it messes up our dynamic.”
  • “I’m so sorry. I tried to shut down the internet, but it’s bigger than me.”
  • “How dare you talk about me like I’m not here!”
  • “That’s great. You’re actually kind of a normal person outside of your apartment.”
  • “I’m layered, _____, like an onion. A sexy, sexy onion.”
  • “I said I could, I didn’t say I would. Semantics.”
  • “So, you’re okay with me being here? You’re not gonna freak out?”
  • “Um… Does this mean we can be friends?”
  • “He called you boring? Dude, that’s, like, the worst thing you can say to someone.”
  • “This party’s beat. Let’s bounce.”
  • “Nope. No. No! Find another way to express that.”

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Um, hey, Kylie, you okay? You seem really worked up, and it feels like you are focused more on hating on jasper or the people who stick up for her rather than on actually critiquing stuff or holding a dialogue. I know internetting about such sensitive topics can be tough, I certainly don't have the courage to do it. So I appreciate what you do here, but please take it easy on yourself, yeah? I haven't seen you this negative or salty even on your GOT blog. Take care, dude. - Love, a follower.

Okay, off the bat, I know that this is kindly meant and I really do appreciate the message of self-care. However, to be perfectly honest, this kind of made me doubt my own reality for a little because…no? I’ve barely posted about this (especially compared to like, any sort of conversation I took part in surrounding GoT, be it “Hold the Door,” Sansa’s revenge arc, Yara the rapist and abuser, etc.).

I summed up my thoughts on the episode, I got a message from a survivor that I found compelling in response so I posted that, then that led to another message that to me read as apology, so I answered that, and Gretchen elaborated on my response with a cogent reply. This is very standard for like, normal dialogue the night an episode airs. Then I woke up to some really disturbing messages and a dash full of “they’re both abusers and both survivors” posts with TONS of notes, so I explained why I didn’t like that at all.

And I think what bothers me the most is that this is not me being viciously aggressive (or “salty”, but I don’t think that’s how you meant it), this is literally me being upset about very literal abuse apologism. Like seriously, the narrative of “you’re just as bad to fight back,” or “you’re the real monster” (which oh hey, Jasper outright said) is a tactic of abusers. Then there’s the element of “well we know Lapis is actually stronger”; um, once again this is apologism, this idea that to be a victim you have to be completely lacking in any recourse against your abuser.

Add to this the fact that Lapis fusing with Jasper was framed as her protecting everyone?? It’s very much like the trope of a parent  who stays with an abusive partner to protect their kids. I’m sorry, but there is really no ambiguity in what the narrative was going for when you have Jasper swinging Lapis around like a ragdoll, Jasper saying “just say yes,” the way Jasper promised to change, her cold eyes and terrifying smile… This held NO punches in how it realistically explored that dynamic, which is why the utter perversion of the message that I’m seeing is so upsetting. This is shit people live. The “I’m bad too” anxiety is one that many many survivors internalize and need to combat.

Like, fuck, I’m all for positive butch representation, and not just for smol characters like Ruby (which based on previews we may or may not be getting it in a different character? Kinda too early to tell), but I’m seeing literal posts of Jasper’s biceps with “fuck me up” as the caption…that is SO disturbing! This is seriously glorifying a very clear abuser. I haven’t seen the likes of this anywhere outside of 50 Shades of Grey.

So this idea that I’m lost and committed to negativity, like…no! What is everyone on? I’m not trying to say Lapis’s actions are 100% free of problem and justified, or that Jasper herself didn’t have a horribly abusive upbringing (Homeworld creating secondary abusers for millennia, yo), but the narrative outright recognizes how damaging perpetuating the abuse cycle is, and how though lashing out at her abuser may have been cathartic for Lapis on some level, she lost something of herself in the process and that’s not easy to come back from. She is *haunted* by what happened, and she fiercely rejects continuing on that path so that she can allow for self-healing. This episode was all about Lapis breaking the cycle of abuse and asserting her agency in a safe way; realizing what she had been doing and how it made her feel, and choosing to stop it. It was her gaining recourse not through violence, but through healing. And the mental gymnastics people are doing to create a false equivalency here is incredibly concerning to me.

At most you could say that there was an unintended narrative (a “reverse honeypot” as I call it) that Lapis is truly the perpetrator of violence since we don’t *see* her being thrown in the cell or what that experience was, and how goddamn powerful she is when she chooses to use her powers (so I guess she doesn’t “look” like someone who could be coerced into fusion?). But given the crystal clear way their dynamic is framed and the way Jasper’s coded (I’m not talking “butch” here; I’m talking her eyes and smile, and entire mannerisms/speech), I think it’s really reaching to suggest that it’s somehow irresponsible to not run with that implication. And that’s the dialogue I’m seeing. And that’s why I’m upset. This is not blind hatred towards Jasper; this is me trying to engage in a dialogue that I see harming a lot of people.

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do you have some more information on why freelee and her boyfriend are bad people? i am actually curious - i only heared them speak up about veganism (which i consider to be a good thing) and bring this subject to a wider audience. like if she started to donate (how do we know she doesn't?), it would 'only be for her image'. is there even a chance for her to do it right at this point? don't get me wrong, i'm not a fan of freelee's. i am honestly curious and would like to know more. :)

Please firstly, do not watch her videos, it is how she makes money. 
where do I begin with what is wrong with these two?

This is some screencaps from Durian riders instagram, he was in China and taking VIDEOS of fat people in public so he could mock them about their weight. 

And it is NOT just him doing it, Freelee makes videos about other youtubers weight gain, about how they need to lose weight. She says that EVERYONE can and should have a thigh gap.

Now we know she makes these  video titles controversial to gain views, but that is not where the problem lies, I have watched most of these videos before realizing she made money from me watching it. She trys to disguise her fat-phoboia in “concern for health” but it is all fucking bullshit. She pushes veganism as a diet, she makes money from people viewing it as a diet. She promises weight loss, and she knows that’s why the people are coming to it…. Because she titles her videos “how to lose 100 lbs”.

See how many of those screencaps are about eating disorders? It is not okay for an unprofessional woman to give people advise about their eating disorders. It is not okay to publicly shame someone in a video online about their weight to get fucking money. Do you want to know why I don’t want to see them in person? because i don’t want them to make a video about me. It literally terrifies me. 
I have been vegan for over 3 years, and in that time I have gained weight, and I’ve lost weight but it is none of anyones business. The truth is you don’t know what someone has been through, so you have no right to judge their weight, or reduce their entire worth to their weight.

Her partner posted a video not to long ago saying that depression is just someone being “undercarbed” and that people “choose” to be depressed. And her video claimed that everyone can have a thigh gap, when it has been proven that biologically some people just can’t.
Do you know how harmful these ideas and opinions are?

Studies have been done that PROVE fat shaming does not cause weight loss, in fact it causes weight gain.

Essentially freelee’s videos are made to prey on those who are insecure, just the same as advertising to market weight-loss products. You look at freelee’s most viewed video and it’s about weight-loss.. And if she is promoting an ethical lifestyle it is a seconadary point, not the main event (like veganism should be)

And of course they could redeem themselves, if they actually apologized for their harmful behaviours. But this won’t happen, they have been called out many times and always act arrogant about it.
Saying you care about someones health and not actually caring that there are more reasons to someones weight problems is not actually caring at all.
Caring about weight over mental health, is not caring at all.

All the cares about is the outside, she hides her fatphobia in “concern” for health, but That’s all it is.. fake concern for health. 

She said she hasn’t had her period in years, yet she is shaming everybody who doesn’t look like her.. she spews health health health yet
Based on current information, a woman must have a minimum percent body fat of 13-17% for regular menstruation. If a woman’s percent body fat is too low, her periods may stop and she may experience infertility. Her menstrual irregularities may also compromise the health of her bones, normal hormonal function is necessary for bone health.” (x)

Why ultra low body fat is unhealthy 
She doesn’t even meet the standards for health, she is just a fatphobic, body shaming POS. (I realize I am shaming her here, but I’m not the one going “ew overweight is so healthy, we need to stop the overweight people” when i’m underweight, unhealthy and a hypocrite)
For the record a healthy body fat % for females is 21-32%
Freelee may feel good at whatever low body fat % she has, but I can guarantee that not everyone can (or wants to) achieve that, for someone so concerned with “health” she sure is promoting/doing lots of unhealthy things and she is not a very nice person.

Now about her hatred for obese models, I’m sorry but seeing how clothes would look on a body type similar to yours is not promoting obesity. In fact it would promote self confidence instead of self hatred.

9 FACTS that shatter the stereotypes about fat people

And as for the “how do you know she doesn’t donate” because she would talk about it…. she would say “hey guys I just donated to freedom hill, you should all head on over there and do it too”
And then her thousands of followers would donate, fuck I do that and I only have 4,300 followers. It’s what you do for things you care about.
But the truth is she DOESN’T CARE ABOUT THEM, because it doesn’t make her any money. It also takes nothing to volunteer, she lives in the hills, not far from freedom hill and I’ve not once seen her there (i go to every volunteer day) 
She could actually do good for the people and animals at Freedom hill, but chooses not to? just her posting photos of it, would raise awareness and generate donations, but she does NOTHING.

Fuck I get less in a year than she makes in a month and i have a mental illness, and i still go and donate and volunteer. A few months ago i raised over $1,000 to donate to Fairview lodge and Freedom hill and I am not famous like her. Imagine if she did that?

I currently sponsor 8 animals at freedom hill, that’s $400 a year, that I.. a poor as fuck unemployed mentally ill person, donates. But her, a wealthy internet famous person, who earns $13,000 a month, does nothing.
I remember in one of her videos she said she spends $350 a week on food… and then she has the nerve to go bragging about how she makes that money? by harming other people. She is trash. Nothing could change my mind apart from her changing and aplogizing. And actually living by the values she claims to hold.

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Hi! My question is more in relation to character help. You see one of my characters for my story has ADHD, I've been doing research and got the gist of how it works, but my thing is I don't want to offend people when I'm writing for this particular character exactly. I know ways in which I can portray him, but I'm still weighing in the fact of things I might miss that could give my audience the wrong impression. Any advice?

Character With ADHD 

I think the first step to conquering this is admitting to yourself that you may offend someone, and you have to be willing to take that risk. No matter how much preparation you make, there’s a chance that a detail you include could inadvertently be taken badly. That doesn’t mean you’re excused from making those necessary preparations, but allowing yourself to make mistakes will take some of the pressure off. You learn from those mistakes, especially when you consult someone who has experience with ADHD and can advise you better than I can.

First, I think it’s important that you know more than just the gist. It’s good that you’ve done research, and it’s good that you’re thinking about the most authentic way to portray him, but exploring disorder is about understanding it inside and out. This is why it’s often recommended that you don’t attempt it unless you know someone (or are someone) that has experienced it first hand. As someone in that position, you already know what concerns you need to be sensitive of, and you have a unique experience, as opposed to “average cases” or lists of symptoms, or an estimated prognosis. You know what to expect because you’ve seen it, and you know the challenges that those outside of it aren’t aware of.

However, I never discourage writers from attempting something, so if you believe that this character’s ADHD is important in telling your story (don’t use it as a plot device or character quirk), then I encourage you to do some searches on myths, misconceptions, and stigmas of ADHD. Avoid the stereotypes by first knowing what they are. Research medication. Writers often neglect this important piece of the puzzle, forgetting the struggle that those afflicted with any disorder go through when trying to find the right treatment.

Don’t stop at just random internet searches either. Read memoirs from people with direct experience (whether themselves or a family member), or read self help books meant to guide someone battling it. Imagine someone you know was diagnosed with ADHD. What types of things would you read to learn more about it so you can be there for them? You didn’t mention if this was adult onset or not, but either way, find reading material that is relevant to your character. I promise, reading books like this is enlightening, far more so than just reading medical definitions and encyclopedia entries. Understand the disorder from the perspective of someone that’s actually experienced it. 

And followers, if anyone here is willing to answer questions for @touma-kamijou-koh, maybe send them a message and see if they’re interested in your help!


Strawberry Kisses

So I have written this fic for billyiscoolerthanyou because she won my little contest from a while ago!

Her prompt was: Dan feels depressed and has an eating disorder and Phil finds out. (Ending will be cute) ———————————— One… two… three… four… Dan was counting the little leaves he plucked off the strawberries, one by one. It was a hypnotizing occupation, actually. The smell seemed more amazing than ever before. Five… six… seven… ‘Dan?’ Phil’s voice went through his whole body and full of shock he dropped the strawberry on the ground. Quickly he picked it upagain, but didn’t eat it. He hadn’t even heard Phil coming in. 'Phil, what’s up?’ 'Why have you been sitting here for twenty minutes, looking at that strawberry?’ 'Excuse me!? I have eaten them, too, weirdo.’ That was a lie, and he felt Phil knew.  'Then why are there no less strawberries on the plate?’ Phil spoke, pointing at the plate on their living room table. 'I bought more this morning and just put them on the plate, too. It looks so ugly when the plate’s only half full, that’s the reason.’ 'Oh, okay.’ Phil sighed. 'I’m unexpectedly going to eat in town with Louise now, do you feel like coming with us?’ 'Nah, sorry man, already got plans.’ 'With who?’ It was quiet for a moment. 'The internet, very romantic,’ Dan tried to joke it off. 'That’s stupid. You haven’t seen friends like Louise for so long! Well, anyway, if you feel like coming, we’re at the Cat Café.’ Phil went to leave but just before the door he stopped and turned around. 'Dan, please eat that freaking strawberry, you’ve been holding that for minutes now.’ And with that, he left. Dan didn’t eat the strawberry. —– Fuck, he’d lost count. Where was he? Eighty-five? He’d probably been doing this too long. He picked up the strawberries with their plucked leaves and wrapped them in some toilet paper and threw them in the garbage bin. The toilet paper was necessary, as otherwise Phil would find out he hadn’t eaten them but thrown them away. This is what he had done with most of his food for the last four months.  Now it was time to weigh himself. Phil was in town again with Louise, so he didn’t have to be too secretive. It was three days ago when they went to th Cat Café and Dan couldn’t help but feel a little put aside, even though it was mostly his own fault. He walked to the bathroom and opened the little cupboard in which the scale was placed. There was a toothbrush on it, which Dan shove aside. He then took out the scale, stepped on it and closed his eyes, waiting for it to show him how heavy he was. —– One hundred twenty. One fucking hundred twenty pounds. He hadn’t even lost that much weight. Disappointing, to say the least. He placed the scale back in the cupboard and went to his room. Just then he realized how much he hated other things counting him, measuring him, telling him what he was. He shove his curtains aside and starting looking outside. London. The weather represented quite well how he felt. Cloudy, grey, the sun trying to shine through but not succeeding. Sometimes thoughts of simply jumping out of the window wandered through his head. It wasn’t that he wanted to die, but he just didn’t see the joy in living anymore. Everything was fucked up. He looked awful these days. Fat, tired and sick. Often he felt guilty for not finding the motivation to upload more videos. And then there was Phil, who made things so much better and so much worse at the same time.  Hopelessly in love. That was all there really was to say. Phil was the first and last thing he’d think about everyday and the fact that Phil would often rather go out with friends than stay at home with Dan was hurting him. It was absolutely normal and realistic for Phil to do that, but still Dan often felt forgotten and less loved by Phil than before. The definition of that 'love’ was unclear to Dan. They were best friends, but sometimes Dan thought there was more. Their cuddles just lasted a little too long. But then again it may just be wishful thinking. —– Fifty-seven, fifty-eight, fifty-nine… twelve o'clock. Phil had said he’d be home by twelve. Dan couldn’t help but always wait for Phil to come home when he’d gone out. Not that he’d let Phil know, he’d do it secretely by simply staying awake in bed until he’d hear Phil enter their apartment. He just had to be sure Phil got home safely. Probably because Phil was the only thing in his life that could sometimes make him smile and actually feel good and he just had to be sure that his only source of gladness was sage. Pathetic, he thought of himself. Phil’s an adult, not a kid. Stop treating him like a baby. He isn’t a baby. He isn’t your baby. He isn’t yours. Just as he got lost in his own self-destructing thoughts again, as he’d do every night, he heard a door click. Then something fell on the floor. Now he was sure it was Phil, as Phil would always drop something on the floor when he came home. Some kind of undiscovered and useless talent. But Phil was home, and now he could sleep. —– Three knocks. Dan groaned. What the fuck? He had finally fallen asleep. Was this death to tell him his life was finally over? 'Dan?’ Suddenly Dan was completely awake. He looked at the clock and saw it was only one o'clock. 'Phil, what’s wrong?’ Dan sat up straight in his bed. 'You’re asking me!?’ He sounded angry. 'What the fuck? Phil, I haven’t done anything and it’s midnight! If you won’t explain then go away please.’ 'If only you gave me the time to explain!’ 'Can’t it wait till the fucking morning?’ 'No!’ Dan didn’t feel like yelling back again. Not at Phil. Phil was never angry, especially not with Dan, so this kinda scared him. 'Let’s talk in the living room, Phil.’ 'No, let’s do it here. Dan….’ Phil sighed. 'Why are you destructing yourself?’ Silence. Dan could count the seconds, but didn’t. More important things were happening. 'What are you even talking about!?’ 'Dan, I’ve seen for months you’re not well. But since this week it’s going downhill so fast…’ 'Excuse me!?’ Dan so didn’t feel like having this conversation. Phil shouldn’t and wouldn’t know. 'Dan… I- I’ve seen it. The scale. I mean, that you are trying to lose weight.’ 'That’s fucking bullshit!’ 'You moved the toothbrush. That I placed on it. So you have weighed yourself. A lot, actually. Don’t lie, I know.’ Dan was shocked. Stunned. Numb.  'Dan, I only want to-’ 'WHY do you interfere with my life!? Just keep your head out of my business Phil!! I can’t believe you!’ 'You’re skinny. I don’t want you to kill yourself.’ 'Please get out of my room. How dare you!’ 'Dan, please-’ 'I said get OUT. You clearly don’t give a fuck about my privacy or me-’ And that’s when Phil walked, almost ran from the door towards Dan and forced his lips on Dan’s. Rough, yet full of love. Angry, but so soft. Their lips slided against each other and the feeling warmed Dan up inside. Phil grabbed Dan’s neck and automatically Dan’s hand went to Phil’s back. They bit each other’s lips and grabbed each other harder to be closer. It was very wet and full of all the emotions they had both recently felt. Suddenly Dan felt tears rolling over his cheeks. Phil probably tasted the salt in their kisses, as he looked up to see Dan crying. 'Phil… I’m so confused.'  Phil hugged Dan, who placed his head in the crook of Phil’s shoulder. 'I understand, Dan. Fuck, why do you destroy yourself? You’re so precious. So amazing, so full of love and kindness.’ 'I don’t know, Phil, I don’t know.'  'You have weighed yourself more than fifty times. I counted.’ 'Please don’t count everything I do. Ever. Not anymore.’ 'I can’t promise that if you’re still doing that yourself.’ 'What do you mean?’ 'Dan, can’t you see? You are the only one measuring yourself, hating you. That’s because you measure everthing about you. Not because other people or other things do that.’ 'I can’t stop counting, Phil.’ 'Maybe not. But you can stop counting that. You should start counting other things.’ 'Like?’ Phil kissed him. 'Like how many kisses I will give you from now on each day.'  Dan smiled. 'Or how many times… I make you laugh!’ And with that Phil started tickling Dan’s tummy. 'PHIL! PHI- STOP!!’ Dan laughed and Phil stopped. 'Or… how many times I will tell you I love you?’ Phil spoke, with slight hesitation. 'Why was there a question mark?’ 'Because I wasn’t sure how you’d react…’ 'I love you, Phil.’ 'I love you too, Dan.’ They both smiled. —– 'Phil?’ 'Yeah?’ It was twenty minutes later. They’d just been sitting on Dan’s bed, talking calmly and sometimes share little kisses. 'Will you stay here with me? Tonight? Just to- sleep?’ 'Yes, under one condition…’ 'Which is?’ 'Wait here.’ Phil stood up from the bed and walked out of the bedroom. A minute later he came back with a strawberry.  'Eat this and then I’ll stay here for the night.’ Dan hesitated. 'For me?’ Phil added. Dan smiled. 'Okay…’ Phil handed him the strawberry, which he ate, while still smiling. 'Tastes good.’ Phil snuck in the bed besides Dan and pulled the blankets over the both of them. 'We’ll get through this, Dan, together. I love you.’ 'Seven.’ 'What?’ 'You said you loved me seven times today. I counted’

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I've seen a lot of pressure on tumblr for writers to include colored people in their works. But I find it a burden, because I have no idea how to write them! I also don't see anywhere they could fit in, my books are about sophisticated people, usually rich, intellects and royalty. And I don't think it would market very well because readers don't care about the ghetto life :/

Is…is this a joke?

I’ve answered a question similar to this before, but I’m going to break down your message and go all out because people still aren’t getting it:

“include colored people”

It’s 2014. Why are people still using “colored”? If you’re not black, do not use this word. It has a negative and derogatory history. The preferred and inclusive term is POC, which stands for “person of color”. Common related terms are WOC: woman of color, MOC: man of color, QPOC/QWOC: queer person/woman of color, and COC: character of color.

“But I find it a burden, because I have no idea how to write them!”

Writing a character with a skin tone other than yours is not some big mystery or a chore. You are writing a character. Just like any other character, they should have a personality, a background, likes, dislikes, development, faults, and a part in the story. However, you still need to research characters of color in fiction for various reasons. Go through the “characters of color” tag on my tags page to educate yourself and do some of your own research.

my books are about sophisticated people, usually rich, intellects and royalty.

A person’s intelligence is not defined by race. However, in a racist society, a person’s race or culture may affect their access to education and it may affect how educators see them or treat them. The Ann Arbor decision is an example.

Sophisticated people are knowledgeable and experienced. What makes a person sophisticated varies by culture. They are often stylish, refined, organized, confident, and have manners. Anyone can be sophisticated.

People can acquire wealth in many ways. It could come from luck (the lottery, oil on their property, etc.), their career or business, or inheritance. While race can, unfortunately, affect a person’s chances of getting a job and their pay, wealth is not exclusive to white people. I don’t know where you would get an idea like that.

Royalty is worldwide. There have been kings, queens, princes, princesses, noble people, emperors and empresses, and other rulers found everywhere. If you’re thinking about European royalty in the past, POC have married into European royal and noble families.

And I don’t think it would market very well because readers don’t care about the ghetto life :/

I really don’t have anything to say other than the obvious “not all black people live in a US ghetto” when it comes to that assumption.

There is an audience for stories that talk about life among communities that would be considered a “ghetto”, but you are not the person to write it. That much is obvious from your message. People come from different backgrounds and that background can be anything in fiction, especially in fantasy and sci-fi.

Readers want to read good stories and good characters,but they also want to see people like themselves in stories because representation matters:

This doesn’t end with race. Maybe if I had seen a male bisexual or gay character who was not portrayed as being murdered or hurt because of his sexuality, who was not used as a punchline, who was not a stereotype that I felt I had to live up to, and who was not subject to other forms of homophobia, biphobia, and bi erasure, then maybe I wouldn’t have spent five years freaking out about being bisexual and maybe I wouldn’t (to this day) be afraid of bringing up the subjects of bisexuality and representation (outside of the internet) due to not knowing how other people around me might react. I can’t even talk about it with my parents or any straight people I know.

Straight people are either afraid of writing queer people because they don’t want to mess up or they don’t want to write queer people out of spite, hatred, or ignorance. Queer people are afraid of writing about their experiences because of the discrimination they face and because they haven’t seen themselves in mainstream media and therefore believe that it is not “marketable”. This cycle continues until someone steps up and challenges this system. The same thing happens with race. When this cycle is broken, the people who are receiving this media can be inspired, can have higher self esteem, and can be more confident in who they are. This doesn’t mean this cycle is completely broken. It’s far from being completely broken.

Now, when you say:

I’ve seen a lot of pressure on tumblr for writers to include colored people in their works. But I find it a burden, because I have no idea how to write them! I also don’t see anywhere they could fit in, my books are about sophisticated people, usually rich, intellects and royalty. And I don’t think it would market very well because readers don’t care about the ghetto life :/

you are saying:

“I see these people as inferior, whiny, and not worthy of representation because they have not proven their humanity to me, because they are so different that I cannot possibly relate to them, and because their feelings of anger, fear, and other negative emotions as a result of bad representation, or lack thereof, make me feel guilty.”

*I’d like to add more to this previous post of mine because you mentioned the same thing as the anon in that post and because I forgot to add this bad analogy to the other post:

Let’s say you’re in math class and you just cannot understand what is going on. You get frustrated, you give up, and you fail. But, let’s say you go in for extra help and your teacher helps you see it a different way. Your teacher may be angry about this, maybe because they’ve explained it so many times and students aren’t getting it or maybe because they’re tired, but you can go elsewhere for help too. You can go to a previous teacher, you can look it up online, you can look in your book, you can ask a friend, or you can see a tutor.

Suddenly you understand it. You may be excited to do it because you now know what to do, where you went wrong before, and what not to do. Then you see your classmate having trouble as well and you decide to help them. They end up understanding it and the great pressure to pass the class will be lifted because you understand what you are doing. And even if you make a few mistakes at first, there will be overall improvement and your teacher will be more willing to help you fix those tiny mistakes. Later, when half the class fails the test and your teacher sits down in disappointment, you know that your teacher is not mad at you specifically because you passed the test. Maybe after that you’ll start a study group to help other people, which will raise your grades while also relieving your teacher of frustration and making the class more enjoyable for everyone.

The same effect applies to writing misrepresented and underrepresented groups. If you understand the problematic portrayals, the stereotypes, the effects of bad representation, and what not to do, you will know how to write these characters and you will want to write these characters. You will show other people that they can do the same. You won’t be under this pressure because you took the steps to lift it.

[Facebook] Empathy Rant and Sending Out Feelers on Tumblr Re: Empathy

I’ve had several decidedly unpleasant encounters with people claiming to be empaths on Facebook, particularly one person who consistently spams her Youtube channel in pretty much every group I’m in (well, those that haven’t removed her, that is). I can’t quite remember how the exchange started, but I believe it went something like this. She was trying to hard-sell her channel talking about how tough life is for empaths because they feel drained around sick people, get angry when people around them are angry, etc. I replied with a single sentence, which was something to the tune of, “It’s called being human.”

I chose those words because, frankly, all the traits and experiences she was listing as the purview of empaths seemed to be the sort of thing that every compassionate human being goes through. Nothing she said seemed to indicate paranormal powers or anything of that sort, and really nothing occult, either. Just aspects of the basic human condition. Now, I probably would have loved her work if it weren’t for the fact that she was claiming that only designated empaths or whatever experience this. Oh, and it gets better.

In response to that two-sentence reply, I got back a mouthful about how I just don’t understand, and, don’t you see?! The pain of an empath is so horrible! Any pain you, as a mere baseline human being might feel would be so weak that it would only require aspirin whereas the pain of an empath would require morphine!

That tore it, and I honestly wanted to just leave the group entirely, but that didn’t seem prudent given that the group in question had been rather lively and fun. I also felt it necessary to at least say my peace. Now, I’m sure you can guess why this business about morphine and aspirin bothered me (and yes, that exact analogy was used in the reply). 

First off, regardless of how “empathic” they may claim to be, no stranger on the Internet is going to know from a two-sentence skeptical reply just what kind of pain I’ve experienced, let alone how bad it was. Furthermore, if this person was really an empath and her abilities stemmed from being a caring healer (I’m not entirely sure, but I think that was her plan), why was she belittling the life experiences of someone she knew nothing about?

And, uh, naturally, we went back and forth for a while. I explained to her how the situation looked from my perspective, and how I thought she was being a bit unreasonable and dismissive of me following my two-sentence reply. She responded that she felt I was being dismissive of her. I still can’t figure out what that could honestly mean. So, because I say something to the tune of, “You’re human and experiencing human things, just like me, just like everyone,” I’m being dismissive? 

This particular part of the conversation was touchy for me, because I’m not really sure why she felt that way. I guess it could be said that I was being dismissive of the concept of empathy (as she was describing it; not in general), but I’m not sure if this equates to my being dismissive of her. I just got a little, yes, I’ll admit it, flappy after that morphine versus aspirin comment.

Some other Facebook empaths appeared in the thread to talk about how horrible it is to be an empath and one lady remarked that it’s awful because she feels it when other people get sick. I responded (and a little tartly) that if she feels so bad from just being around a sick person, she might want to consider how the sick person themselves feels. She responded with something like, “Well, maybe you should do the same.” This happened two weeks ago (I am only just now getting my notes on the concept typed up), and I still can’t figure out what was meant by that; any ideas, anyone?

To sum up the situation, thus far, I’ve mostly encountered these empath folks on Facebook, and frankly, I’m not terribly convinced of their abilities, given how self-absorbed and downright rude they can be. A few days after the exchange, someone else started a thread on a different group to the tune of “Why are the empaths acting so rude?” I skimmed it, but not enough to really consolidate it here. I think there was some whining about how they have to be rude because they’re in so much horrible pain or something. 

The thing is, though, that’s Facebook. Not a good place to form an opinion of something, really.

Experience has taught me that people act quite different elsewhere online, so I thought I’d put it to Tumblr. If you call yourself an empath, why? What kinds of experiences do you have? Where do you believe the phenomenon originates? Is it endemic to humanity? Is it a gift from the Divine? A quirk? What are your thoughts? 

I personally have been reading a few websites that are making a little more sense than the Facebook postings, and I am honestly thinking it may relate to somnambulism and other trance states, but more on that later, because I still have yet to type up my notes on trance states in the occult at all!

Apologies if my exchange on Facebook offended anyone here who considers themselves an empath, but try to see it from my perspective. I want people to realize, too, that I’m not throwing the whole concept out or rejecting it as baseless just because of what could be a few bad apples. I just want to know how people outside of the kooky side of the web (Facebook and similar sites) approach the idea. I’d even like to hear from people who don’t consider themselves empaths but have opinions on the matter.

Note: If these Facebook posts bore you, I’ll be tagging them all from now on with “Facebook,” and/or “Drama,” so, uh, there’s that.

anonymous asked:

So I've got a question, I hope it isn't too personal. How do you and Stiffler work so well together? I suppose being 18 years old and never being in a relationship *cough* and never having sex *cough*, I don't understand much. But how do you and Stiffler work together so well? How do live together, work together and even discuss such personal topics with strangers on the internet? You two are just so at peace and kind and casual.


Figure Your Shit Out: Not everyone wants the same things in life/relationships, and that’s okay. Honestly, I went through a lot of relationships, semi-relationships and random hook-ups before I found Stiffler – whereas Stiffler went through very few kinda-not-really relationships. Sometimes it takes time. Sometimes it takes many different people passing through your sphere. And I think other times it takes figuring out what you want/need/love and especially who you are as a person. Mostly it takes luck. Not everything has to be perfect, but a general idea of what sorts of things you want/don’t want can make a world of difference. 

Friends Are Benefits: I met Stiffler at a young age and we developed a friendship first. Some of the best relationships are founded on a strong base of friendship, and I think that’s one of the reasons ours is so successful. It was also full of twists and turns. We lived (sometimes thousands of) miles apart, we had very different family dynamics, we were caustic and sometimes downright spiteful to each other… But we were friends. I don’t believe in “friendzones” and especially not putting in enough friend coins until you get to sex, but I do believe in getting to know a person, their quirks and how you interact with them before launching into a long-term commitment. Otherwise, you run the risk of something popping up later that was obvious, but neither of you discussed.

Never Expect Perfect: A perfect relationship is not perfect because there will always be fights, disagreements, or upheavals (outside of the relationship, even). Knowing that these things happen – and actively trying to work through them – is what makes a good relationship. If you’re relationship is more bad than good, then sure, bail! But if you always run at the first sign of trouble you’ll never have anything long-term. It’s just a fact of life that any people living in close quarters with one another for any amount of time are going to have shitty situations arise. It’s how you deal with those situations that defines you and your relationships.

Don’t Be A Unique Snowflake: So many relationships come off the back of a book or a Disney movie. That is to say: people fill them with idealism and censorship of themselves, which leads to an inevitable lack of comfort around your S.O.(s). If you want someone to truly love you – every part of you – then you have to be yourself and let them be themselves. There are times to be romantic, to be “ideal” to your S.O.(s), and then there are other times – times to just hang out, to order shitty food, to talk about what’s bothering you, to burp, to scratch your crotch, to laugh, to sigh, to cry, to rap about Hamlet, to goofy-dance and just generally be… comfortable. It’s okay to be comfortable around each other, and it’s also okay to be idealistic and hopelessly romantic. Just know that you’re not perfect – so don’t expect it from anyone else, either.

Communicate: Probably the most given piece of relationship advice, but also the most overlooked. Seriously, if you want to be in a relationship you have to talk to each other. Constantly. Even about little things. And especially about intimate details of your relationship. Otherwise you wind up confused and angry.

How will you know how to approach sex if you never discuss it? How will you know what their favorite food is if you never ask? How will you know how they’re feeling that day if you’re too caught up in yourself? You need to talk. A relationship is about people leaning on each other, helping each other, and recognizing that each other matter – it’s not about one above another. Each day, Stiffler and I ask each other the same questions in the morning: How did you sleep? Did you have any dreams? How do you feel? What do you want to eat? What should we plan to do for today? And we continue to ask those kinds of questions non-stop, because we really care about each other. There’s no end to our communication because there’s no end to our interest in the other person’s comfort and happiness.

It’s Okay to Disagree: Really! But in a non-shitty way. Stiffler and I disagree on little things AND fundamental things, even (children, money, religion, pets… ..lots of things) but we don’t make it a big deal. If we’re really unhappy, we’ll come to a compromise on certain issues. Otherwise, we just accept each other as-is. Things may or may not change, but in the long run, we truly love and respect each other as whole people – and that means that we won’t be 100% on everything the other one believes in. What matters is that we respect those choices and ideas and don’t belittle them – at least not in a real way. It’s okay to be a hilarious jerk to blow off steam about some things, too.

Just be sure to always have each others’ backs on important subjects – especially ones involving people outside of your relationship (even family). If you don’t, then the other person might feel isolated or ganged-up on. It’s okay to disagree, but it’s not okay to throw your S.O.(s) under the bus for trivial reasons. Be there for each other, even if it means saying “fuck you” to some people. We don’t speak to Stiffler’s “mother” anymore, because she didn’t agree with our relationship – and that was one of the best choices we ever made. Cutting out toxic people is okay, showing them that you’re strong together is fucking awesome.

Do Stuff Together: Another oft-overlooked relationship hack. If you don’t have anything in common, you won’t have anything to relate to. We do comics together – and even though our comic taste differs drastically, we still love discussing and creating them with each other. For some people it might be cooking or watching sports or discussing poetry or playing guitar. Whatever it is, try to take time out to spend time together doing something you both enjoy. It really helps you bond on a deeper level and it helps to know your feelings of a mutual enjoyment.

Shit Happens, Deal: Things will change. You might change. They might change. And you just need to accept it now. In the time I’ve been in a relationship with Stiffler, we’ve been through a fucking lot – none of it has been easy. But you know what? Every. Single. Bit. Has brought us closer together. When we met, I thought Stiffler was a biological male – then years later, they came out as a biological female. We started dating, went through family issues, cross-country moves, dealing with my mental problems, cats (they’re stressful, okay?), Stiffler coming out as agendered, getting an apartment together, etc., etc. – it all changes. It’s okay for things to change and it’s okay for relationships to change, it’s okay to get really upset or just emotional about it. In the time we’ve been together we’ve gone from being insanely jealous to openly oggling women together. Just remember to take time out to reflect on how it’s effecting the other person, too. 

Know That Everything Is Temporary: Whenever we have a big fight (and we do), I remind myself that everything is temporary. Is this really how I want to spend five minutes, yelling about something insubstantial? Prioritize your feelings based on your life, not on who wins or who loses. You’re not in a race, you’re not on opposing teams – you’re in this together. And when I get pissed about something trivial, I remember that someday I’ll look back on the moment and think “Am I really upset, or am I just fighting to win? Can we come to a compromise? If I look back on my entire life, will I wish this moment was spent kissing your lips and holding you close?” It’s all temporary, so choose what counts, and make it count.

In the end, finding a happy relationship isn’t some statistical impossibility, it’s just a matter of putting in the work and finding someone who will put in just as much work for you. You might meet when you’re 17 (like I did when I met Stiffler) or you might meet when you’re 83. Some of my best friends I’ve met in the last few years. Some of my worst enemies have been with me my whole life. It’s all just a matter growing, changing and being open to experiences.

The world is vast and there are plenty of characters in it. All of them shape who you are and what you’ll be and you can never be sure of how the tides will change. The only thing you can be sure of is that it will have hard times, fun times, sad times, sweet times and weird times. And the only thing you can do if you want a relationship is look for someone who will share those moments with you, for better or worse, because they care about you. Whether they’re friends or lovers, spouse(s) or family, it’s all a matter of perspective and caring for each other.

After all, Stiffler and I met very strangely, and live very strangely, but I can’t say that I’ll ever find another person so perfectly matched to me as they are… And that’s really what makes me happy in the end.

robobelle  asked:

(shuffles in) so like. i only know stuff about twrp mainly through you and such, and their collab with nsp and all, and i still don't know much (i've only heard 'makin a move' which is neat), but i like the cone guy. he has a good smile. he is very cute. i like cone guy. he gives me warm fuzzies.


you’re never late to the tupperware remix party, cause the tupperware remix party don’t stop!

the best place to start, of course since they are a music band, is with their music. so, how many albums do they have now, what order are they in, just like whats the deal right?

their “first” album marks their reinvention of sorts. where the band began to take a fresher and more refined path from their teenage party-boy years. though there have been prior releases, they are regarded as essentially extinct and removed from the internet, so the beginning is marked in the year 2012.

the device ep, which is available at a name-your-price rate here, is where things begin to take off for them. with such catchy jams as no pants dance and computer wife, and strong instrumental tracks like interstellar strut, it’s a definitive starting point for a reason. it really drops you right into their wonderful weirdness and humor, but not as immersive as their previous records.

in 2015, 2nite (here) dropped onto the scene with a more practiced sound. though short, 2nite features enough moxie to more than make up for it. from lessons learned through computer wife came ICQ which is a really fun-packed tune. through the device and interstellar strut comes their as of yet strongest instrumental piece, japanquest. the hit brings in danny, as well as the cheesy and fun 80s flavored lyrics they’ve become known for as of yet. prismatic core is their first real branch into something more serious, in my opinion, and brought in some great lessons for a breakout in their next album… which is…!

believe in your dreams, 2015. (here) following the cheesy 80s lyric trope again came crushin’ on u and baby nyc (feat. NSP!). from the seeds of their studies with more serious sounds came time crystal, and most importantly, pale blue dot. i could never say enough good things about pale blue dot. believe in your dreams shines in its entirety, and when stacked up against their listed influences such as daft punk and starcadian, you can’t help but feel an immense pride for the production quality and love poured into these five fantastic songs.

their collaborative projects outside the band, ninja sex party’s under the covers and aa wallace’s in alpha zones (this one’s more of a .5. a lot of them are on a lot of the album, but not consistently, and not really all together.), are absolutely worth checking out whether you’re looking to track their progress as i have, or simply love listening to great music. which i’m sure ya do.

which leads us to guardians of the zone 2016 (here). though it’s not out yet, and you’ve heard the only available sample insofar, i’ll be sliding it under my microscope for you anyway. makin’ a move feels like the culmination of all the lessons learned over the past few years! a combination of the strong beats, the cheesy and fun lyrics, an underlying sensual tone, and the inclusion of some funk adopted through under the covers… damn. makin’ a move is just honestly so goddamn good. this bodes extremely well for the rest of the album! it’s only going to get better from here as twrp continue to learn more and more through practice. i’m digging this disco-revival bullshit so hard, and its pretty reminiscent of my favourite track from my favourite retired album of theirs’.

should you want to buy or stream any of these albums, i’ve complied a page with a lot of handy dandy links over at @groove-crusaders! you can find that over here. 

now, excuse the obligatory plug, but let me take a sec to say that @groove-crusaders is the shit. we’re always answering questions, posting news and info, and sharing around the fruits of the fandom’s labour as well as photographs of the band. it’s real neat. check it out.

now, bullet point number two would logically be, who the fuck are these asshats?

the cone guy giving you those warm and fuzzies, his name is doctor sung. he plays keys and operates the talkbox you’ll hear over the majority of their arrangements. his character is pretty much a lovable dunce. he’s a big dork, but a big smart dork. just unaccustomed in earth customs.

his right hand man is the big kitty guy, who is the bassist, commander meouch. he was picked up as a space pirate a la han solo, who smuggled funk across the galaxies during i guess… some sort of interplanetary disco prohibition? he’s described himself as a slutty space kitty, and he loves earth women.

a name you may recognize is havve hogan, probably from my URL. he’s the drummer of the band, and known for not just his boiling temper, but apathy for all else. unhappily murder free for a good stretch of time, he especially hates phil collins. he looks like a big old robot.

lastly but certainly not least is a slient star man by the name of lord phobos, who wails on guitar like nobody’s business. he’s got the red and gold motif and the cool ass helmet.

thirdly and lastly, twrp have made a habit of uploading sketch comedy to their social media, giving us more of an idea of their characters and their ridiculous whims. the most well known of the sketch comedy bits are definitely the high kick videos, but you’ll find more spread across their twitter and instagram accounts, linked in the links page from @groove-crusaders above, or on our videos tag. they also tend to pepper their sense of humour throughout their live performances, as demonstrated in their MAGfest set with NSP. (epilepsy warning!!! their shows have a lot of flashing lights.)

and, that’s just about all the info i can offer to ease you in, belle! i hope this helps!  ❤ ❤ ❤

gonna throw this in the tags, just in case someone wants to get a friend into twrp but don’t know where to start!


ruinedhands said:

Hi Auntie MJ! I am a person who is being raised a girl (although I’m not). I’m also a person who has been raised to believe I’m not allowed to hold any opinions of my own. Typically it is my father who’s opinion must dictate my own. Occasionally it is my mother, teacher, or whoever it is who is more “senior” than myself. Needless to say, this leads to me being unable to have a productive debate/argument/discussion with multiple viewpoints. Do you have some advice for me to learn to do that?

Dear Ruinedhands,

You may not be surprised to know I stopped on the first sentence of your question. That right there is problem enough for anyone. I made it the title of this post because it is the first thing you told me. Since the second part of your question is actually pretty easy to answer, I’ll start there and then we’ll return to the top.

The parents not letting you have/not listening to your opinions is actually a pretty common complaint among teenagers. (I’m assuming you’re a teen/young adult—if you are not, I have more questions.) We have known about this throughout all of recorded history, even as far back as 1988, when Will Smith (then the Fresh Prince) released the seminal treatise on the topic: Parents Just Don’t Understand.

One of the earliest recorded works on the subject.

In all but the most extreme cases (truly extremist situations, dictatorships, etc.) parents are certainly aware that their children must have their own opinions, and that those opinions may vary from theirs. We all fundamentally know we can’t crawl into another person’s brain and nest there. We can grumble about it or try to exert influence, but most of us know that other people exist and have their own brains. 

I think what happens is more that parents often do not feel that their children possess sufficient experience to form opinions and therefore try to impose their own until some future, supposed date in which their children have learned enough, whatever enough is. This usually happens for the best of reasons, namely, worry that something will happen to you if you make a mistake. This isn’t always the reason, but it’s often so. 

There’s no timestamp on this. Parents can go on believing forever that their children don’t know enough. I think sometimes people fail to make the leap of imagination when it concerns other people’s knowledge and experience—if people don’t know what they know, what they have experienced, how can they know anything? Of course, the fallacy in this is that they themselves have not experienced everything. We’re all missing information. We all form our opinions based on what we’ve experienced and processed, and what we see and experience is, by the very nature of experience itself, VERY LIMITED.

I’m saying that we’re all just figuring it out.

It’s actually true that when you are young, your database may not be quite as full simply because you’re young and have just started filling it. Sometimes parents make a fair call and protect us from the really bad mistakes. BUT! Our individual capacity to take in and process information varies considerably from person to person. Also, we need to make mistakes. That’s how we learn.

I’m saying that just because you’re young doesn’t mean you can’t know things. You’re just going to know more as you go on. And for sure you will screw up and change your mind about things. All sorts of things will happen. This is life. There will always be pressure and influence. Most of our current consumer/political/24 hours news coverage culture is entirely based on trying to influence us to want stuff or fear stuff. Throughout it all, your mind is your own. But it does help to be able to see when and how we are being influenced.

First bit of advice: read, read, read, read, read, read, read, read. Talk to people. This is how you become informed and learn different points of view.

Now, as to how to learn how to discuss opinions once you form them AND how to see what tricks are being used to influence else—TO THE INTERNET! Obviously, never read the comments. However, you can use the internet to learn RHETORIC, the art and science of argumentation. There are loads of sites and books about this. And this is a handy chart of rhetorical fallacies to help you take a discussion or text apart and see if it stands up to reason.   You can talk online, in class, with friends. Use every outlet you have. (Also, THE LIBRARY. You can get a BOOK on rhetoric. It will be your friend.)

Seriously. Rhetoric. An old-timey sounding thing, but the most critical when you’re trying to navigate the waters of influence.

HOWEVER, and this however is big, being young does not mean you are wrong about yourself. Our selves can be pretty nebulous concepts. While we change over time, some things we know from early on. You happen to know you’re not a girl.

I don’t know if you’ve talked to your parents about not being a girl. Since you started with that, I feel like maybe you are asking about how to express this to your parents? Maybe? I can’t give you specific advice on how to handle your situation, because I don’t know how safe and secure you feel. I don’t know if you have talked to your parents. Anything could be going on with your family. I will make no assumptions. But if you need outside support, The Trevor Project is always a good place to start. And there are loads of online resources I am sure you (or hope you) have seen.

Here is the important thing, though, just in case this is the real question and just in case you need to hear this from someone: Auntie MJ knows you’re not a girl because you told me so. That is all the information that is required. That you’re not a girl is not an opinion—it’s a fact. You can debate politics or whatever all day long, but this is not a debate. You don’t need to justify it to anyone.

Good luck out there.


Auntie MJ

Ask Auntie MJ is a thing Maureen Johnson does once a week, usually between Wednesday and Friday, whether anyone wants her to or not. You can submit questions using the ask button.

A Very Serious Post You Should Probably Read To Stay In The Loop

I’m at a point in my life where I am about to lose all of my money. I’ve paid a small portion of my first semester’s tuition (after paying for a college that literally poisoned me), I have to buy groceries and a whole lot of material for school, and I’ve taken out a good chunk of money in loans for school. I’m talking multiple thousands, and multiple loans. The amounts I need to pay are only going to multiply. I am not going to be able to pay those loans, let alone pay for groceries, unless I have a source of income outside of the job I might (might) get at the school I am attending.

I have a little over $1,000 in my bank account. That will not last long. The estimated price for food alone is about $50 per week.

I’ve been asking for commissions for a very long time, and for a brief period, things were working out. I completed twelve pieces of commissioned writing, and it felt really fulfilling and relieving to be able to put this platform to use. However, I haven’t received a commission since September of last year. I’ve dropped prices and promoted, I’ve watched the sale prices go from $15 to $10 to $5 for two hours worth of writing, and all the while I’ve been watching the numbers climb for the amount of people reading my free writing.

With a total of 15,959 people following on this blog, whispersofwinchesters, and a total of 1,719 following on my second, whispersofwerewolves, it becomes more and more disheartening to continue to ask for help and watch people like the post or comment things like “guys, commission from this writer!” Nothing ever happens. Not a single penny.

I understand a lot of you are not in a position to be able to pay for writing. I get it. A good chunk of you are teenagers, others are in your twenties and dealing with financial situations of your own, some of you have children to support and medical bills and low-paying jobs and I understand. There are a lot of you who could help. And I’ve come to believe, after more than a year of asking for financial help, that people won’t pay if there’s free writing circulating. Because I write the imagines for free. I pour hours of my life, I put off my sleep, food, and a lot of the time academics, to write for you guys. I do it because I love it and I do it because it makes people happy. But I can’t afford to do it anymore.

I’m not quitting forever. I just don’t have the time to spend on something that doesn’t make money at this point. I’m about to start shoveling what little I have left into school and loans and food and all of those lovely things. I’ve been putting off buying face wash for, what, five days now, because I am afraid to spend my money. I’ve cut containers in half and scooped the remains out of corners to avoid spending my money because I am so aware of how little I have. 

I need commissions if I’m going to continue working here.

This is not some swan song to get money. I’m not trying to guilt-trip you into paying me. I know a lot of you can’t. I’m not shaming you for not paying. I know some of you have more important things to pay for than a writer on the internet. I wouldn’t pay for my work, but only because I can’t afford to.

All I’m asking is that you please commission if you can. If you are not financially stable, do not commission. I just need to be able to make money off of this platform of 17,678 people if I’m going to continue here. I can’t afford not to. I know it sounds selfish, and believe me, I don’t want to stop writing for free (and I won’t), but the free writing has to come paired with paid work.

Commission prices are going back to their original. All information can be found on the “Commissions” page. You will find instructions, prices, and examples of original work listed and linked on said page. If you’d like to commission, which would be an act greatly appreciated, please contact me through my ask box. Commissions are a first come, first serve service. Please be prepared to submit payment through PayPal if interested.

I understand this may receive some backlash. Please be considerate and kind in your responses.

Once commissions return, the next installment of the “At First Sight” series will be posted and writing will return as usual. I just need to be looking out for myself as financial issues loom on the horizon. Over and out.