you don't know much this made her happy


So my sister was wearing this top to school today and felt happy wearing it, because it made her feel confident about herself and her body. Unfortunately the teachers at her school weren’t as happy with it and one of them decided to write us a note in her diary saying the following:

Stefanie was wearing clothes that showed too much skin at school today. Understandable with the beautiful weather, but maybe it is better for her to cover her stomach a bit more. She had lots of boys staring at her today.
Greetings, Judith”

Yes ladies and gentlemen, this teacher is shaming her for wearing something that “distracted boys”. Making her feel embarrassed about wearing something that showed 2 maybe 3 cm (!!!) of her stomach. In my opinion this situation shouldn’t be awkward for my sister but for ones judging her. It is NOT my sister’s nor any women’s job to let boys be able to control their urges. My sister went to school today to follow her education in order to have a nice future. And if those boys who were distracted were really focused on achieving the same, they wouldn’t be distracted by a girl wearing a top every girl her age likes to wear when it’s hot outside. End of rant.


So Taylor today was such a cool day….
•I got 2 A+ and one A as my english feedback
•When i was waiting my friends to get their feedbacks my old teacher gave me this photo of you (first picture) that she used on her class bc she knew how much i love you
•Me and my friends tried to draw you on the board (second and third pictures). I know this draw is a shit but this made me so happy
•I was your video talking with sheeps and LOL THAT’S SO COOL!
•And i have 50% of chace of you to lurk me tonight and that makes me glow of happiness

She Is Made Of Stars And Summer Nights

She is the orange
in the sunset, no more
purple skies from people
who only have purple
intentions. She makes
me feel like I’m falling
and flying at the
same time. I have never
apreciated the sky as
much as I do now. I’ve
missed the feeling of
champagne bubbles made
of happiness filling my
stomach. I’m hooked on
her sunsets and I don’t
think I will ever lose
her shade of orange.