you don't know me

Spoiler warning!

‘I’m sorry…’ As the terrible realization dawned on Plagg, Adrien’s fist relaxed and his fingers loosened. A silver ring slipped through them, clattering on the ground and rolling across the floor into a dark corner of the room, unseen. 

 But the worst of it, what caused Plagg’s stomach to bottom out and for a cold chill to overtake him, was the shirll alarm that began to blare from one of the machines and Adrien’s eyes slowly slipping closed… 

 They didn’t open again.

sigh Just rip my heart out why don’t yah! Just kill me along with him please! I CAN’T! I lost my shit reading the last few paragraphs of chapter 13! And yes. HE IS CRYING AND I STARTED CRYING!!! I JUST!!…. :~; FERI IS THE ANGST LORD OF EVERYTHING!!! I really hope the next chapter is a very happy chapter! Better get a lot of sin and fluff from all this soul crushing!

You Don’t Know Me: The angst lord @ferisae

Art: me

I am still crying! help! I didn’t forget the burns don’t you worry! I thought about recording this actually, but I didn’t :(

Voi fumare una cicca? Non puoi, fa male.
Vuoi farti una canna? Non puoi, è illegale.
Vuoi scopare come non ci fosse un domani? Non puoi, è immorale.
Vuoi strafogarti di nutella, pizza ed ogni genere di cibo fritto? Non puoi, ingrassano.
Vuoi riempirti di tatuaggi e piercing? Non puoi, è da criminali.
Vuoi farti i capelli rossi, verdi, blu o viola? Non puoi, è da pazzi.
Vuoi amare una persona del tuo stesso sesso? Non puoi, è contro natura.
—  Notanotherstupidprincess

Oh, look,, t’s my first real Miraculous Ladybug fanart and it’s about the fic that’s making everyone cry. @ferisae’s brutal but awesome “You don’t know me” and the scene that made me bawl the most in her latest chapter.

save my son