you don't know how much sleep i'm losing

  • <p> <b>Him:</b> Was it me?<p/><b>Her:</b> It was "Us".<p/><b>Him:</b> It was "us" that you wasted. "Us" is the future that you abandoned. "Us" is the forever you posponed. "Us" is the love you chose to gave up. Why did you just gave up on us? Wasn't it enough? That US is you and me. You left me. Now, that "us" will just be another chapter on your book. Just another past you will learn from. That "us" mean so much to me. "Us" is all I have. But you made "us" a memory. Nothing now. Just a memory. That was "us". That was me.<p/><b>Her:</b> That was you? No. It was me. It was all me. It was "us" until you stopped working this out for me. You knew that I love you so much and get so comfortable with it. It was me who waited for how many times. It was me who accepted unreasonable excuses. It was me who have to sleep alone while you're living your life. It was me, who made my world revolve around you because you say so. Did I ever complain? Uh, yes I did. But you stopped listening to me. I'm so drained. I'm so consumed. I woke up one day and I can't feel my heart anymore. Is it still beating? Am I still alive? I don't know anymore. I lose myself upon loving you. And I realize, I should be someone too. I should be loving myself too.<p/><b>Him:</b> Please don't leave me. If you're tired, I will work it out for the both of us. But stay with me. Please, stay. I'm scared to wake up one morning and realize that I don't have you anymore. You're everything. You are my everything.<p/><b>Her:</b> You left me first. You've been leaving me constantly everyday. And you don't even notice it. And I've been here all along waiting for you to comeback. When the world shuts you down. When your day is over. And I'm like a post. Just standing. Waiting for you. I feel trapped. Your love trapped me.<p/><b>Him:</b> I love you. I will make a castle built with dreams with you. You don't even have to move. I will be tired for you. I will move for you. I will provide all that you need. Just live in the castle with me. Just stay as my Queen. You don't have to be drained this time. I will fill you up. Anything. It could be anything. Just— stay.<p/><b>Her:</b> I used to be that girl. The girl you will sweep off your feet and take into the castle with you in a white horse. But I don't want to be a princess anymore. I realize that being princess only works for kids. When you're weak and plays a damsel in distress. But I grew. I got tired waiting in the castle. I don't want to be a damsel in distress anymore. I want to be out there. In the wild. Fighting with mosters. Collecting achievements and awards. It's not about pretty crystal glass shoes anymore. Not about ball gowns. I want to be my own soldier now. Because I realize, life is too far from fairytale. We like different things now. You want to live a fairytale. I want real life. That's why we have to part ways.<p/><b>Him:</b> Is it that easy for you? To give up the happily ever after we worked on for so long?<p/><b>Her:</b> We were happy. But it didn't last an ever after.<p/><b>Him:</b> It was me.<p/><b>Her:</b> No. It was "us".<p/></p>