you don't know how much i love you

I hope everyone knows how grateful I am for them and I’m sorry if I ever come across as anything other than being truly amazed and humbled by all of you. I wish I was better at showing my gratitude. You all deserve so much more than I can give you. Thank you for being a part of my life. 

Listen I’m bi as Heck and as much as I love girls, I also love boys? Boys are amazing and pure and liking boys is a wonderful feeling? I never see a lot of posts talking about cute boys so

Some Boy Aesthetics™ I’m in love with include:

Their tired grins? Have you seen a cute boy grin when he’s tired? Life Changing

Sleeves rolled up to forearms is all good and Well but also when they have Sweater Paws in their hoodies or jumpers? Makes the tallest of them seem so smol? I’m lov?

When they run their hand through their hair and it sticks up in places and it looks So Good

Collar Bones

Soft pudgy stomachs they absolutely make me melt

When ya boy gets flustered A++ Bonus points if he giggles Boys giggling is Everything


i taetae you bb  
for @bwipsul, happy birthday my sweet hajar 

  • Cheryl: Every girl wants a prince who treats her like a princess
  • Betty: Why would I want to be a princess when I have I king who treats me like the queen I am?
  • Bughead: *high fives*
  • Archie: Why can't we be like that?
  • Veronica: Because you're a peasant



happy birthday to our sweet namjoon!
thank you for being our galaxy 

Simple one because I’m busy but I have no self control

Please come home  _(:3」∠)_


Happy Minnie Day!! | Brighter than the Sun~


I really, really appreciated Jared’s thoughtful answer to this question (SDCC 2017) (for @semirahrose, who I know feels the same)

I’ve never loved anyone else but you, yet I know I never would be able to love anyone else as much as I love you.
—  Poets Love Her

So I’ve always been obsessed with @modmad ‘s art style and her comics, and to sorta congratulate her on her awesome kickstarter for TPOH, I wanted to draw her a little MagicStone! (Also I just wanted an excuse to draw Gladstone’s hair but woah woops it turned into this, great)

I want you to be mine forever.
—  Poets Love Her

kdrama women’s week, day 8: age of youth lovefest
↳ favourite couple: yoon jin myung x kang yi na