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We’ve Come So Far, My Dear

I’m not sure if this is the result of me trying to cope with yesterday’s news or taking advantage of the fact that I’m done with school for now and actually have time to write…either way, have some excessively cheesy CS morning fluff. Unedited, so please don’t hate me for mistakes.

Rated T | Word count: 816

She wakes up to the smell of coffee brewing and the sound of some sea shanty that’s vaguely familiar coming from the kitchen downstairs. Their bedroom door is closed, but he’s singing loud enough that he might as well be in the room with her. It’s a regular habit of his in the morning that she often wakes up early because of, but she loves him too much to complain about it.

Sitting up in bed, she stretches her arms out over her head and glances at the clock on the nightstand. It’s just after seven; she’s surprised that Killian just now seems to be up and getting ready for the day. Despite it being Saturday, he was a true sailor, and this morning routine of his should have started at least an hour ago.

As tempting as it is to lie back down and pull the sheets up over her head, she gets up and pulls on a thin black robe over the T-shirt she’d slept in. (Both Killian’s; he’d made the joke once that he didn’t realize getting married would also equal giving her free reign of his wardrobe.)

Married. The word lingers in her mind as she leaves the room and heads downstairs to see just what he’s up to. Their wedding was just over a month ago, and Emma still has trouble some days believing that this is her life now, that she has a home, a family, a husband that she falls a bit more in love with every day.

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Once: A Lucaya Fanfic
  • Lucas: Once I called your mamma short and she freaked out, she was so mad and I was kinda scare of her. In fact I was so scare of her when I met her, I didn't believed she would actually like me. I even went out with your aunt Riley for a little while. I'm gladd your mamma gave me a chance. I like her a lot you know.
  • Maya: lucas, stop talking to my belly. She doesn't stop kicking and I'm sleepy.
  • Lucas: But I like it when she kicks back!
  • Maya: is because she wants you to shut up too. We're sleepy.
  • Lucas: ok... (Wispering) once I pushed your mamma to a lake and I didn't know she wasn't a swimmer and she almost drowns, so I had to jump in and take her out and she was fine but still I gave her mouth to mouth because I wanted to kiss her. She was so mad at me.
  • Maya: I can still hear you Huckleberry. And now I'm hungry.
  • Lucas: What you want?
  • Maya: m... Sweet and sour.
  • Lucas: pancackes and fruit?
  • Maya: perfect!
  • Lucas: be right back!
  • Maya: once I called your daddy a fourtune cookie. Because He always says the things you need to hear. He told me once I was a great artist, so that I wouldn't stop painting. He even taught me how to pray so I didn't loose hope. He's such a good guy. You'll like him.
  • Lucas: want hot cocoa? Or orange juice?
  • Maya: I want hot cocoa. With-
  • Lucas: with little marshmellows I know baby. Be right back...
  • Maya: see what I mean... He's great. Now, be nice and don't kick him when he talks, I know he's a huckleberry, but be nice.
  • Lucas: here's your food ma-am.
  • Maya: thank you Huckleberry.
  • Lucas: you're wellcome shortstack. How's my little pancake?
  • Maya: she's hungry.
  • Lucas: on our first date I took your mamma to a date in a cafe and she poured all our drinks over my head.
  • Maya: Stop saying this things to her. She'll think I'm the bad parent and you're the good one.
  • Lucas: Well that's nor true baby girl. Mamma is a very nice loving angel. And the most beautiful you'll ever see. And I love her so much, and you will too.
  • Maya: Lucas?
  • Lucas: yeah?
  • Maya: (smiles) I love you too Huckleberry.
  • Lucas: I know shortstack.
  • Maya: Thank you for my 3am snack. We apreciate it a lot.
  • Lucas: Anything for my girls.
telanu replied to your post: frankie (to grace): i don’t want to lose jacob - i…

OH GOD I KNOW & ALSO?? it’s so different from what she says to jacob about not wanting to leave. she says she can’t leave because grace needs her, because she can’t tell him how much *she* needs *grace*, just fuck me up ok

YEPPPPPP.  because that doesn’t fit the free-spirited frankie image she cultivates - not that she hasn’t needed jacob at points, to talk things out with, but on her own initiative.  she doesn’t have a narrative for why and how she needs grace.

also i’m not saying there’s a direct line from ‘tell me you love me’ / ‘you’re fired’ to ‘just say something a normal human being would feel’ (or whatever the exact line is), but boy, frankie’s problematic jealous antics sure are immediate responses to grace not communicating about emotions!

A Christmas thank Thingamajig

(Note: I got lazy to typing a lot more so sorry if you’re not on here but know I highly appreciate you and wish you a Merry Christmas as well!)

Hello everyone, just wanted to say a huge thank you all for this year, and I am proud to be followed by 2,606 of you lovely people! You’re all great, and I highly appreciate it for staying tuned!

I just wanted to wish you all a merry christmas, and say how thankful I am for my lovely boyfriend @chiffonbrownie who is the greatest person I’ve ever met and I love him so much you’re v special to me lmao  ❤️‍ ❤️‍

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