you don't know how he copes

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I dated a guy for 8 years before we decided to get married. He dumbed in the alter where I waited for two hours without him or one of the bridesmaid whom he apparently eloped with. We had sex the night before so it shocked me to the core and I only knew what he did because of a snap he took in Las Vegas about it. What would RFA + V + saeran react to that when the have crush one me. Sorry it's too personal but I'm hurt and I don't know how to cope. I know it's full of typos please ignore them.

*cracks neck* A few of these characters may beat up the fictional equivalent of that douchebag for you. I’m so sorry this happened to you. I don’t know if I can properly convey to you the sadness and anger I feel at your story. So I’m just going make sure that our MysMe friends take care of him.

Also, I make an exception about pronouns for you. It’s all you/yours for this HC.

I’m actually surprised this one flowed out so naturally… enjoy!


  • When he hears what happened, he’s like a deer in the headlights
  • How is supposed to respond to that?!
  • You’re crying, and it breaks his heart to see you cry, but he’s also angry that that douchebag hurt you so badly
  • And underneath it all, even though he tries to squash the evil little voice, a part of him is singing “Ode to Joy” because you’re now single
  • But not ready to mingle, so he keeps his distance in that way
  • He’s there for you, holds you, does his best to cheer you up


  • if she ever sees him again, she’s going to Judo kick him so hard in the head, his skull will fracture
  • When she finds out, she gets you out of the church as fast as possible, helps you change, and takes you somewhere safe from prying eyes, private, and takes your phone away
  • She calls the RFA (still at the wedding) tells them what happened, and asks everyone to clear out the guests
  • Zen’s so angry on your behalf that you even hear him yelling through the phone, swearing up and down that if he ever gets his hands on DB, he will kill him
  • She will bring you anything you need, tea, coffee, pastries, ice cream
  • Jaehee has warm blankets (fresh from the dryer), dvds, and time, so she stays with you until you need time and space, then leaves, and comes back when you call
  • You need to work your way through this? She understands if you need to take a quick cry break in the back
  • seriously, though, if she ever sees him again, she will probably Judo kick him into the sun


  • He.
  • Is.
  • Ready.
  • To.
  • Kill.
  • Zen’s never exactly been shy about flirting or expressing his feelings for you, even if it was one-sided, not taken seriously, and he never intended to seduce you away from your beau
  • But Zen is a hopeless romantic, so someone spitting on the name of love like that, regardless of you, pisses him off
  • He doesn’t play around with women’s emotions (not on purpose, anyways)
  • When he hears the two of you even had sex the night before, he’s so angry he wants to hit everything
  • But he’s here for you, and so he drags you out of the church, takes you either to a bar or his apartment (that way you don’t have to look at the place you shared with him and be reminded)
  • Zen ignores the looks two get while riding his motorcycle
  • Once your safely hidden away in his apartment, he isn’t afraid to hold you, give you anything he has- 
  • -in his fridge! That’s totally… what… um… h-he meant…
  • He has a ton of beer, and is more than willing to knock a few back with you and play games or watch TV
  • In the end, you play drinking games and watch bad TV
  • Years and years later, your in a happy relationship, married to Zen, you’re walking down street and see the guy the left you at the altar, and Zen bull rushes him and throws a few punches
  • Dude holds a grudge


  • We all know Jumin Han and how quick he is to jump into relationships
  • He wanted a relationship with before he found out you were engaged, and was only okay with letting you go because you seemed happy
  • So, with everyone waiting in the pews at the church for over an hour, he knows something is wrong and goes looking for you
  • When he finds you crying, he asks what’s wrong, and you show him the snap of DB in Vegas, eloping, he’s furious
  • Jumin immediately tells you deserve so much better, and if you’d like, he’d be more than willing to step in as the groom for this wedding
  • If you say no, he will accept your answer, but will be there, supporting you and hoping someday you’ll say yes to a spontaneous marriage proposal
  • However, if you say yes, he walks you out there, head held high, heart soaring, a small smile on his face
  • No matter what you say, he’ll probably send a security team after him to beat him up


  • Will do anything and everything to make you smile after hearing that terrible news
  • Saeyoung will try to distract you, protect you from prying wedding guests, and hack your now ex’s life simultaneously
  • He’ll even drag Saeran into the fun! or just hand off the hacking so that he can focus on distracting you more
  • Saeyoung will try his best to protect you from the pain
  • He hacks DB’s social medias and edits  any picture of him so he has devil horns, a tail, and a hitler ‘stache
  • So when you inevitably check, possibly out of habit, you see a small part of what he did
  • Also, btw, Saeyoung hacked int DB’s credit scores, managed to drop the whole thing to zero and lock it there, and he also got the IRS to look into him, just to fuck with him 😈


  • When he hears what happened, he just asks what you want to do now
  • Is there anything he can do for you? To help you?
  • If you say, “Take me home” he will escort you home
  • If you say, “hold me” he will hold you and hopes never to let go
  • He take care of you anyway you ask him to
  • The only time V says no, is when you ask for something that’s bad for you (like your phone, because you keep staring at that picture of DB in Vegas for some reason, like you can’t believe your eyes)
  • V is just very compassionate and giving, and eventually helps you through things, even if it’s only piece by piece
  • might ask Jumin to get a security team to track down DB and do something about him


  • Oh, this guy is so dead
  • He took a snap chat? Well, guess what, Saeran is a hacker and can not only trace his location, but fuck with everything around him
  • This DB is going to pay for making you cry
  • Saeran takes all the guys money, uses it on things for you to make you feel better afterwards
  • Seriously, on DB’s dime, Saeran arranges an entire day at a nice, fancy spa with a massage, a facial, mani-pedi, haircut, the works, all for you
  • Of course he doesn’t tell you any of this because you wouldn’t approve
  • He also pays a few guys off (again, on DB’s time) to go “rough up” DB
  • He watches the whole thing from a distance, recording it all with his phone

sometimes i think about andrew and the way people abused him, used him, took him for granted, didn’t bother to understand him at all or even maliciously misunderstood him and his behavioral patterns, and I get choked up, but then I remember that he has neil now - neil who is protective of people he loves and who respects andrew and his boundaries and who takes time to get under his protective layer and to understand how andrew’s mind works, neil who lets him cope with his trauma in the way he needs to. and actually you know what? when i remember how good neil is for andrew, i get choked up even more. 

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I'm in love with this boy but he doesn't feel the same and it hurts so fucking much and I don't know how to cope

u don’t need him to love u when you can love yourself with 10x more passion

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I'm not sure what to do, my relationship of 6 years just ended...I don't know how to cope. He tells me to just busy myself and "forget" the last six years. How? That's a long time to have a special person, ups and downs, firsts and lasts, all my stories are filled with him. How would you suggest I cope? I fake my smile and my mood daily since it happened, but when night comes, I break. I know, Time. It heals all wounds. But that is kind of crappy right now.

You can’t just forget. That’s for sure. How do you forget everything that gave you so much to feel? And the thing is, when you lose someone, you lose them as many times as you are reminded of them. You may feel terrible right now, and you won’t heal immediately, love. It really does take time, and when it happens, you just learn to accept everything as how it is. It just suddenly stops hurting to wake up. People have different ways of killing their pain and sadness, so I can’t suggest anything. Just love yourself. Always love yourself. You can do it, I have faith in you.

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Sometime I wonder if Harry noticed the gradual loss of Louis' personality on stage and how subdued and isolated he became when performing but then I remember he literally wrote "for when you're lonely and forget who you are" and i just- fuck- iicf is such a sad song. I don't know how to cope aside from crying.

Oh, he absolutely noticed. How could you not? And you’re right, that’s an incredibly painful line in an already heartbreaking song. No wonder Liam said he cried when he first heard it. 💔

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I have alot of suicidal friends who don't know Christ and are sad for no apparent reason(deppression) what can I tell them to stop them from having suicidal toughts or atleast help them cope with it.

Share the Gospel with them. Jesus is the healer of all pain.

Maybe you could say something like this. 

No matter how bad things are in your life, there is a God of love who is waiting for you to let Him guide you through your tunnel of despair and out into His marvelous light. He is your sure hope. His name is Jesus.  Come to Jesus, and let Him restore your joy and usefulness as you trust Him to begin a new work in your life. He promises to restore the joy you have lost and give you a new spirit to sustain you. Your broken heart is precious to Him: He cares for you.. 

I would also tell a parent that way the parent can help and hopefully prevent something from happening.

Some Bible Verse you can share with them.. 

  • Isaiah 61:1-3,“The LORD has anointed me to preach good news to the poor. He has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim freedom for the captives and release from darkness for the prisoners, to proclaim the year of the Lord’s favor…to comfort all who mourn, and provide for those who grieve…to bestow on them a crown of beauty instead of ashes, the oil of gladness instead of mourning, and a garment of praise instead of a spirit of despair.”
  • Psalm 34:17-20 When the righteous cry for help, the Lord hears and delivers them out of all their troubles. The Lord is near to the brokenhearted and saves the crushed in spirit. Many are the afflictions of the righteous, but the Lord delivers him out of them all. He keeps all his bones; not one of them is broken.
  • 2 Corinthians 12:9 But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly of my weaknesses, so that the power of Christ may rest upon me.
  • Exodus 14;14  The Lord will fight for you, and you have only to be silent.”
  • Isaiah 41:10 Fear not, for I am with you; be not dismayed, for I am your God; I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.     

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ooh what's the Harry in a record store one? I don't know if I could cope!!!!!!

Let me preface by saying that this is a manip. A really, really good manip. A beautiful manip. The kind of manip that makes you grateful to the soul who invented Adobe Photoshop to make such a manip possible, but a manip nonetheless. So no need to panic, right!??!?!



xoxo cassie, if you need me i’ll be inhaling the smell of my old records and weeping quietly

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Look, Peter Parker is not a Trans. I respect the fact that you are a transmale. But like one of the anons said, you can't really say that he's trans, and what does tying a knot have to do with males? I'm 18 and still don't know how to tie stuff. To be honest just people like you make me feel ashame of the LGBT+ Commuity. Because everything has to be gay and rainboes when is not. I could do this on anon but I'm not a coward like most of them.

dude. what the fuck. “people like you make me feel ashame of the LGBT+ Commuity.” don’t blame me for your internalized self-hatred. 

i made the trans peter post because I wanted to cope with dysphoria and relate to a fictional character, not because I want to make everything “gay and rainboes”. i respect you for not using anon, but please learn to stay in your lane and let other people have harmless fun.

(and here’s smth about the tie issue)

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My parents don't want me to change my name, get a binder, or go on T until I am 18. My dysphoria is really bad and I don't think I could go 2 years without a binder, at least. I am really worried because they think that I am not ready, yet. I don't know what to do. It took my dad 5 months before he even allowed me to cut my hair short. How do I handle this? I don't have a credit/ debit card to buy the binder and I need my parents permission for T or changing my name.

Lee says:

Our newly updated dysphoria page has info on coping with dysphoria! 

This post gives some suggestions for asking parents for a binder. When you have a conversation with them, make sure to emphasize how you feel about your dysphoria, how bad it makes your mental health, and how it’s not a permanent and irreversible change.

This link tells you how to get a binder without parents knowing if they can’t be persuaded. 

You can change your name unofficially/socially with the friends you interact with without legally changing it, and we have info on our coming out page on how to send an email to your teachers asking them to use your prefered name for when you get your classes for school.

I was once your age with unaccepting parents (I was a mod on the blog then too, I wonder if I ever mentioned it?) and I didn’t think I’d be able to make it to 18 either, and yet here I am, still standing at 18. Take things a day at a time, and do whatever you can to make yourself feel better (refer to the dysphoria page I mentioned!) You can make it, I believe in you. If things get bad, look at our Mental Health/Crisis Resources and reach out for help.

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Gom's S/o is a famous basketball player and she just cama back from six months training in the us. They don't know she's back, and she decides to surprise them (bonus points if someone from their team is a fanboy of hers)

Akashi: he’s very tempted to go over to America with you, because he’s not too sure how he’ll cope without seeing you for so long. In the end, you persuade him that it won’t be that bad (you lied - it was terrible for both of you). He wants to know all the details of your arrival, so it’s a bit annoying when you won’t tell him anything. When he goes in for practice the next day, it’s utter chaos; Hayama is jumping up and down, Nebuya is shouting about meat and even Reo is blabbering on about something Akashi can’t quite catch. He should’ve known you were behind it all, but he’s over the moon. All he sees is you, and he wants to make up for lost time.

Aomine: he fills the days you aren’t around with basketball, and you’re surprised to hear he’s actually been going to every practice and then some. You’re too busy to talk regularly, but he makes sure that he gets to hear your your voice at least once a week, and sends a lot of texts, too. One day he’s late for practice and can already hear Wakamatsu moaning in his ear, but turns out it’s Sakurai apologising for god knows what. Aomine turns the corner and sees you telling Sakurai, yes, you’ve missed him too, now please stop with the apologising? Aomine sweeps you up and you laugh - it’s not the surprise you’d planned but it’s good enough.

Kise: it was pretty common for you both to be away, with various schedules and such, but six months was a damn long time. Kise would tell anyone and everyone about how much he missed you, and would always make sure to call you at night. When you burst in on practice one day, he has to rub his eyes to make sure it’s actually you, and earns a basketball to the head due to his awe. He’ll immediately go and hug you, and may even shed a tear (or five).

Kuroko: no one would have known, but your absence had really affected him. He would think about you a lot, especially when he sees something that he thinks you’d particularly like. When he walks into the gym and sees you shouting at his teammates to train harder (they were super happy to see you so didn’t mind so much), he smiles so much - you’re home.

Midorima: he definitely does not miss you, not at all. He doesn’t text you your ranking on Oha Asa every day (because you won’t check otherwise) or buy your lucky item when he’s getting his own. The rest of the team have noticed how weird Midorima’s acting, even for him. So they decide to plan a little thing with you for him upon your arrival. Takao and Miyaji persuade Midorima into going to Maji Burger with them, and guess what? You’re sitting there, ever so casually, sipping on a milkshake. Ootsubo and Kimura are there too, and you manage to pull a party popper. Midorima’s shocked that a) you’re here, and b) his team would do such a thing, no matter how small it seemed. 

Murasakibara: he’s gotten so used to your presence that it just feels weird when you’re not around, but as long as you come back soon, it’s okay, right? Well, that’s what he tells himself at least. One time he catches Himuro speaking to you over Skype, and he gets a bit jealous because why weren’t you talking to him? It’s only when you come back with half a suitcase full of American sweets does he understand, and kisses you instantly, because “(name)-chin tastes much better than any sweet~”

(Over the Garden Wall spoilers):

I think one of the things that makes this show so haunting is that we never get to see how Wirt reacts to his time in the Unknown after the fact. Even the ongoing comic series that takes place after the show somehow manages to avoid this one. So because the question isn’t answered in an easy way, we’re stuck with it. We’re the ones who have to try to grapple with what we’ve been through here, not Wirt.

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how are you doing with the fact that niall wore a born in the usa shirt yesterday? 👀

@harrybasquiat asked: i hope every person who follows you has sent you a message about niall wearing a bruce t shirt last night!


Did you see his latest insta story? Do I spy a Springsteen shirt???


ARE YOU OK? Nialls shirt!!!!!!!!

you’re going to wake up dead…. just remember to breathe…!!!!!!! CUZ NIALL SPRINGSTEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

an accurate depiction of me waking up this morning: 

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I Don't Dream At All. Chapter 3.

Chapter 1
Chapter 2

Stepping out of his tent into the early morning sun after a restless night, Tennessee’s eyes immediately gravitate toward Dani’s tent. Still zipped up, he notes, lifting his hat to run his hand down his face, and stifling a yawn. He’s not really sure what he was expecting… after what happened last night? Fuck, If he was being real honest with himself, in Dani’s position, he’d rather have the planet open up and swallow him down whole than have to face either of them.

He’s pretty sure he knows what Daniels will need to fix Walter’s hand. He might as well spare her the trip there since he’s up so early. Hard to fall back asleep after seeing someone go through something like that.

The Covenant is parked not too far from camp. They needed to make sure wherever they sat up would be close enough that they could slowly awaken the colonists in waves, what was left of them anyway, and get them acclimated to the area in a way that made them feel safe. Also, if they needed to hurry back in case of an emergency.

They had woken maybe 50 of the other remaining colonists so far–the first wave they planned to wake up, according to the Company, were other scientists and engineers, along with some seasoned woodsmen and hunters, to aid in terraforming, food production, cataloguing local wildlife and what have you, but then again, that plan didn’t account for David…

Tennessee let his mind wander while his feet took him past other colonists’ tents, each now filled with a grab-bag mix of citizens and survivors of any profession, and toward the Covenant.

Man, how long have we been here for now? Two months?–still not completely sure how time passes here…Walter would know.

Very first thing he remembers is gasping awake, lurching out of his stasis pod, wretching over the side…

“Well, looks like someone woke up a little earlier than expected.” Squinting up at where the voice was coming from, Tennessee wasn’t quite sure what he was seeing. It looked like a Walter, their Walter, but an uppity sounding English voice, completely foreign to his ears was coming out of its body, What the fuck? Must be some wires crossed in my brain, he justifies, hypersleep sickness, and wretches again.

Reaching out for the offered emesis basin to be sick in, Tennessee takes a minute to gather his bearings, so much was happening all at once; he’s dizzy as hell, an emergency alarm was blaring from his pod, there was some classical music playing loudly, Walter was acting strange, talking funny and looked a mess–there was something dark smudged over the android’s hand and shirt.

“Give me a minute, Walter–MOTHER, can you turn that music down? I feel like my brain’s on fire.”

Looking up at Walter, signalling to him that he had his attention now, the android just paused and smiled. Tennessee didn’t much care for the Company’s synthetics, truth be told, they all sat in the uncanny valley for him–didn’t hate ‘em, just wasn’t ever really comfortable around ‘em. Couldn’t see past the fact that they were robots quite the same way Jake or Dani could. Now seeing this particular smile reminded him of his distaste very quickly. It made the hairs stand up on the back of his neck. He remembered seeing Walter try and smile once before; an awkward upper-teeth-only attempt after getting away with a pretty bad joke. It was weird, and hilarious, but not the least bit threatening. This was. not. that. smile.

This smile, was predatory. Tennessee had heard about some previous Weyland makes and models getting a little spazzy in space before and needing to be decommissioned ahead of schedule because of it. Worried that Walter may be malfunctioning, Tennessee decided to play it cool, ask it some questions, get a baseline or whatever.

“How long have I been out? Are we to our destination?”, Tennessee asks, noting the changes to the room since he saw it last and, taking in what he could, he started to get the feeling that not all was right with this world.

It looked slightly more lived in than before, items that could be from the med bay were here strewn about on various tables and a… cot had been pulled up next to Daniels’ stasis pod?

Still no answer from the android, Tennessee looks up and makes eye contact with it and repeats himself firmly, “Walter. How long was I asleep.”

“3 years, 3 months and 16 days. You shouldn’t be awake, obviously, but it would appear your pharmaceutical delivery system seems to have stopped–”

Tennessee interrupts, “Last time I was awake you sounded American. What gives?”

“I could change my dialectical subroutines back, but I’d really rather not.” Came the android’s cheeky response, “I quite like the way I sound now, don’t you?” The wolfish grin back in place.

Removing his stasis cap and shucking the top portion of the overalls, Tennessee moves over to Daniels’ pod, wanting to just double check she was alright. Looking through the glass, he notices some smudges that don’t appear to be on the outside, like the kind we’d get inside the car when we’d press our grubby little kid hands to the windows. Reaching out to activate the stasis history of the pod, his hand is immediately stopped by another.

“Sorry, I can’t let you do that.” The grip on Tennessee’s wrist is like iron, and he can feel his heart rate spike from the adrenaline of the moment, “Wouldn’t want the both of you running around, now would we?”

There are some strange things afoot at the Circle K, glancing down at the hand gripping his wrist, he notices a dark brownish substance under the synthetic’s fingernails. Blood turns brown as it oxidizes. on edge, but not wanting to jump to conclusions, since he knew Walter also maintained the hydroponics bay, he chooses to ask straightforwardly, “Walter, what have you been doing while we’ve been asleep?”

“Ah, I am pleased you asked. I’ll show them to you–my projects–if you’d like to see them.“ A pretty psychotic gleam in Walter’s eye appears as he answers, “I’ve got big plans for when we land.”

Tennessee has no clue what the fuck is going on, but is growing more and more certain that he’s gonna have to decommission Walter…

Only about a mile’s walk away from camp, and pulling himself back from his reverie, Tennessee finds himself staring at the ship. Emotions immediately start to rise to the surface as he gets closer. This happens every time.

Tennessee and Daniels avoid coming back to the Covenant when at all possible. Lots of bad memories. Almost anything on that ship will inevitably remind them of something that unfolded between first waking up from that neutrino burst event and now. It always feels like Russian Roulette too, each time not knowing how severe their responses will be to the reminders. Everyday it’s getting better and easier to cope, but some days are still worse than others. Knowing this, Walter and a few other colonists would usually be the ones to make treks back for parts and supplies or whatever, but not this morning.

Tennessee takes a deep breath, pulling his coat tighter around himself at the collars, and walks into the bay doors of the Covenant, Memories can get fucked. This is my ship.




Watanuki is a golden child of shining goodness and I will hear nothing otherwise.

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What if you had a really bad break-up with a guy and you still have a thousand words untold—are you going to tell him (don't care if hes going to be mad at you) or you're just gonna left them unsaid just to keep him as a 'friend'? (In my case, he doesn't seem interested for being friend with me). Please help! Thankyou, xx :)

Through bad breakups it’s hard to know how to cope, you have to think about yourself in this one. You may get hurt if he doesn’t react the way you would want him too. Also some things are better left unsaid. As you said he isn’t interested in being your friend then you have to respect him and his wishes. But if it’s things you feel like you need to get off your chest then I say ask him if you can have a chat or write down all the things you wish to tell him and give him the letter, it’ll give him the choice to read it or not. 
But then again respect his choice and he might not react the way you imgaine he would. 

Hopefully it helped and I wish you good luck! 

- R

  • (A NaLu Fanfiction, also my present to my 200 followers! Thank you all for following my black ass into craziness. Small Gruvia, Gajevy, Jerza and Elfgreen)
  • Many years have passed, people grew up and new people showed up. There were many small little changes but Fairy Tail has never changed, except maybe one little thing.
  • Lucy: NATSU!
  • As the pink haired dragon slayer turns around he sees a blonde, beautiful girl running at him. Before he can react she jumps at him with a hug. They look at each other, both of them smiling.
  • Lucy: You're back! How did the quest go?
  • Natsu: It was a piece of cake like always!
  • Lucy: How many houses did you destroy...?
  • Natsu: Eh?! N-None...
  • Lucy: You sure...?
  • Natsu: *Nods rapidly*
  • Lucy: So the newspaper about a pink haired boy destroying more than half the village wasn't you.
  • Natsu: ...Uhhhhhhh.
  • Lucy: It's okay you big klutz, did you miss me?
  • Natsu: M-maybe I did, maybe I didn't!
  • Happy: Oh he missed you, he was like "I am going to spring back to my Lucy".
  • Natsu: HAPPY!
  • Lucy giggles as she gives him a kiss on the cheek. They hold hands as they enter the guild. It is loud as ever, and it only increased as Natsu entered.
  • Gray: Good job firebrain! Another village that needs fixing! Natsu:Shut it stripper on ice! It wasn't my fault!
  • Gray: Suuuuure it wasn't!
  • Juvia: Aww Gray-sama, you're so cute when you're angry~
  • Gray: J-Juvia not now...
  • Juvia: Hai Hai, Juvia will wait here for your loving embrace when you're done.
  • Gray: Shhhhh...not here.
  • Natsu: What is that Gray? Not man enough to hug your woman?
  • Gray: What did you say?
  • Levy: *sighs* Can you two just be peaceful for one day, look at my Gajeel. He knows how be mature.
  • Gajeel: OI SALAMANDER! Where is the song you promised huh?!
  • Natsu: That was years ago!
  • Gajeel: Yeah and? Write it now or else I make you eat some first rate metal!
  • Natsu: Bring it!
  • Lucy and Juvia: You were saying?
  • Levy: ...Nevermind.
  • Throughout the years, many new couples have been formed. To nobody’s surprise Elfman and Evergreen got together, followed by Erza and Jellal as they finally cleared up his name and joined the guild. Jellal doesn't get away that easily though as he is being teased about lieing to Erza. Then followed by Gajeel and Levy and in the same day Gray and Juvia. Natsu and Lucy took the longest. They were both unsure if the other had felt anything for each other. They tried giving each other signs but those were completely misunderstood. One day they just yelled their love at each other simultaneously and were both surprised and happy. Everybody is happy for them as well, Mirajane the most as she predicted this would happen. That was 2 years ago, they are still together happily. Jellal walks in with a pink box in his hands.
  • Jellal: Well well, fighting like always I see.
  • Erza: Of course *she walks to him* if they didn't then you could say that something would be wrong in this guild.
  • Jellal opens the box with a smile that just says "You like what you see".
  • Erza: J-Jellal! That..That is...You shouldn't have!
  • Jellal: Yes it indeed is your favorite cake, Strawberry.
  • Erza's eyes sparkle and before you know it she is already at a table with the cake and enjoying it. Jellal sits next to her and puts an arm around her as he watches the other quarrel...with magic of course. Jellal blocks any debris that is flying towards them so Erza can have a peaceful eating time.
  • Juvia: Go Go Gray-sama!~ heart emoticon You are making Juvia heart melt with your bare chest and...Gray-sama your pants are missing.
  • Natsu: To think that we thought you had gotten over that habit.
  • Gray: Shut up ash breath...Juvia, you don't need to strip too.
  • Juvia: Aww, but Juvia wants to.
  • Gajeel: Shooby Doo Bop!
  • Gajeel smashes his guitar into Natsu face. His head is on fire filled with rage.
  • The day goes on like that, the girls are smiling as their boyfriends try to beat each other. Erza enjoyed her meal and finished the fighting but that didn't last long as she joined in herself. The guild, once again was a complete mess at the end. Everybody said their good byes and walked home. Natsu and Lucy are walking towards their home. Happy said he will go to Carla and try his luck once again since he felt left out of the couple circle. As they reach Lucy's apartment there was a shield of the Landlady being gone for the weekend. They enter her room.
  • Natsu: Ahhh back to a comfortable and knowing place.
  • Lucy: Were the houses you guys stayed at not good?
  • Natsu: It was filled with bed bugs, I showered by a nearby waterfall.
  • Lucy: How very man like~
  • Natsu: What is that supposed to mean?
  • Lucy: Oh nothing~
  • Natsu: You're weird Luce, you know that.
  • Lucy: You know you love my weirdness.
  • Natsu mumbles as he blushes, Lucy giggles. The sun outside is slowly setting. The room fills with a beautiful orange color. Natsu puts his bags down and stretches, when he looks at Lucy he sees what he always loved to see. A smile, it was the best for him, he never wants that to be gone for any reason.
  • Lucy: I am going to take a shower and change okay? NO PEEKING!
  • Natsu: I won't! How did you come to that idea!
  • Lucy: Just a feeling...
  • Natsu: Eh?
  • She walks into the bathroom and winks at him before closing the door. Natsu sits down on the floor, placed his hands behind his back and stares at the door. He did see her a couple times naked so its not so surprising that she would get suspicious that he would try it again.
  • Natsu: Some of them were accidents though... Oh well, can't blame her.
  • A couple minutes pass and the shower is quiet now. There is the sound of a hair dryer and the door slowly creaks open. Lucy looks out with one eye.
  • Natsu: Is something wrong Lucy?
  • Lucy: N-NO! Can you...please close your eyes?
  • Natsu: Why?...
  • Lucy: JUST DO IT!
  • Natsu closes his eyes quickly, he hears the door of the bathroom closes and she is stepping forward. He smells something sweet coming from her.
  • Lucy: Y-you can open your eyes now...
  • He does and boy is he surprised what he saw. Lucy is wearing very revealing and seducing underwear on. Black stockings, black rose bra and a black panties. She has red lipstick on and she shuffles around very nervously.
  • Natsu: L-L-L-LUCY?!
  • Lucy: SHHH DON'T YELL!
  • Natsu stands up, staring at her with a bright red face, her face turns red as well and she places a closed hand in front of her mouth and looks down at the ground.
  • Natsu: But but but
  • Lucy: I KNOW!...I know but you were gone for so long...and I really want this weekend to be special...
  • Natsu: Special? don't mean...
  • Before he can finish his sentence, Lucy leaped at him, making him fall on the bed. They stay there for a minute when Lucy sits up on his lap. She looks down at him, rubbing his chest. She wiggles her hips around and Natsu gets flustered.
  • Lucy: Oh...Looks like even you can be in moods like this.
  • Natsu: I-I don't know w-what you mean!
  • Lucy: Don't worry, I show you...
  • Lucy takes off her bra, takes Natsu hands and places it on her breast. First Natsu hesitates but then he slowly gets into it. Most likely because Lucy let out a small moan when he moved his hands.
  • Natsu: Did I hurt you?!
  • Lucy: N-no feels good.
  • Natsu: Is that so...what if I...
  • He wrestles Lucy down and places his mouth on of her breast, the more she moans the more he gets into it. He seems to understand what to do and she is definitely enjoying what he does.(Since this is 200 followers special fanfic I won't go into great detail on what they did unless ya request that from me one day xD Too bad, too sad). The night has passed, both of them are sleeping naked, cuddling close to each other. They wake up, give each other one long kiss and smile.
  • As weeks passed Lucy seems to be very nervous about something. Natsu realizes she often leaves the house to go 'have a girls night' but when she comes back she smells like she came back from a hospital. Natsu's curiosity gets the best of him and he grabs her from behind and places her on his lap.
  • Natsu: What's wrong Luce? You seem to be hiding something.
  • Lucy: Oh ehm...I don't know how to tell you this Natsu but...god...I am kinda surprised myself and... I don't know how well you will cope with it.
  • Natsu: Well tell me and we will see.
  • Lucy: Let me just say that whatever I am about to tell you, I am very happy about it and I hope you will be too.
  • Natsu: Okay so its nothing bad.
  • Lucy shakes her head, she stands up. Turns a couple times in her room before facing Natsu while taking a deep breath. She looks him in the eyes, blushes and she says 3 words that made Natsu wide eyed.
  • Lucy: I am pregnant.
  • Silence. Natsu just stares at her, he looks like he just saw a ghost and is trying to understand what he saw. His
  • mouth just closes and shuts.
  • Lucy: Don't leave me in the dark like this! Say something!
  • Suddenly Natsu starts to sweat and smiles nervously. He is grabbing Lucy's tea cup and tries to take a sip but his hands shake so much that it just splatters all over him. He slaps his cheeks and looks at Lucy.
  • Natsu: That...that...THAT IS AWESOME!
  • Even when saying that he is shivering, shaking and sweating.
  • Lucy: You sure? You seem awfully nervous...
  • The cup he is holding catches on fire. He throws it out of the window.
  • Natsu: I w-w-will get you a n-n-new cup.
  • Lucy: Natsu...what is wrong? You're not happy for us having a child.
  • Natsu finally manages to pull himself together.
  • Natsu: No Lucy it's not that. Its that I can't imagine that we will have a child. I will be a father, you'll be a mother. Maybe some guild members will be the uncles and aunts. I want to be a good father, I need to be a good father. A good man too. I don't want to mess this up but I guess through that I-
  • He keeps on rambling and rambling in a quick manner. He counts on his fingers on things that he wants to do. Lucy first was surprised but she starts to smile and giggle.
  • Lucy: Is the big, strong Dragonslayer scared of taking care of his own child?
  • Natsu: W-who is scared?! M-Me? Noooooooo.
  • Lucy: You are adorable when you are confused and nervous.
  • She gives him a kiss on the cheek, they look at each other and smile together. They spend the day together in her room. Happy flies in and hears about the big news and flies off to tell everybody else. The next day the guild organized a big party for Lucy and the upcoming baby.
  • Gray: Well well well, looks like ash breath managed to add a family member without anybody teaching him.
  • Natsu: You want to go, ice cream boy? So far I know you Juvia is still waiting for a child.
  • Gray: Oi oi, keep your nose out of our relationship.
  • Juvia: Juvia can wait for Gray-sama until he is comfortable with doing it...although Juvia don't mind seducing Gray-sama.
  • Gray: J-juvia! Shhhhhh.
  • Gray blushes strong and puts a finger on her lips. In the mean time Natsu went to Levy and whispered something in her ear. She nods and leads him to the library, she gives him multiple thick books. He goes and hides in a corner and starts reading them.
  • Lucy does not know that Natsu is in the library and this routine goes on for a couple days. Lucy wonders where he keeps on going and why Natsu is so tired all of the time. She secretly followed him. After a couple minutes he fell asleep by the books and she sneaks by to steal a quick glance. They are all books about how to raise a baby, how to be a good father and how to prepare for birth.
  • Lucy: You adorable little idiot~
  • 8 Months pass, Lucy stomach have grown and Natsu has become less nervous about the baby. He does all the shopping so Lucy doesn't need to overwork herself. He sends Happy to look for good baby stores and then goes there to buy all the necessary equipment. Diapers, pacifier, baby milk, a small little bath tub etc. etc.
  • Lucy: Natsu, you should rest a little too, you are overworking yourself.
  • Natsu: I am still full of energy and I will do everything to make you and our child happy.
  • Lucy: That is very sweet of you~ We still need to find a name first.
  • Natsu: Oh god that is difficult...
  • Happy: I think Nashi would work for a girl.
  • Natsu: Nashi?
  • Happy: You know it almost sounds like your name and Lucy's name in one.
  • Lucy: Why not! What if it is a boy.
  • Natsu: Luigi.
  • Lucy: No!
  • Natsu: Aw come on!
  • Lucy: We are not calling our child Luigi and thats...OH!
  • Lucy leans down, holding her stomach. Natsu runs towards her and holds her by her shoulders. She breaths heavy and holds her stomach. Natsu knows from the books he read that the baby is kicking and might be even ready to come out. He uses a communication Lacrima to call a doctor to come to the house and help Lucy. 10 minutes later the doctor is at the door, he walks in with 3 nurses, they prepare the entire room to be ready for Lucy to give birth. Natsu starts sweating again like he did 8 months ago.
  • Doctor: Now sir, your wife will be fine and you don't need to be nervous.
  • Natsu: N-Nervous? W-Who is n-nervous?
  • Doctor: Sir...the couch is on fire...
  • Natsu: O-oh that? I like my couches warm
  • He immediately throws the couch piece by piece out of the window
  • Natsu: I w-will get a new one...
  • Nurse: Do you want to be by your wife side or rather outside.
  • Natsu: I won't leave Lucy!
  • He walks over to Lucy and holds her hand. She presses it very tightly. He is staying strong for her and she is being strong for him. Seconds pass that feel like minutes and minutes pass that feel like hours. Lucy groans and bites her lips so she won't scream. Natsu keeps her hand clamped in both of his, keeps on looking back and forth.
  • Finally, Lucy breathes heavily she doesn't seem to be in pain anymore. There is a cry of a child.
  • Doctor: Congrats Sir. Its a healthy baby girl.
  • Natsu walks over, the baby has been cleaned. She has a little pink fluff on her head, her eyes are like Lucy's. Natsu carefully holds his child in his arms, he smiles softly. He starts crying and walks over to Lucy.
  • Natsu: Lucy look...our child.
  • Lucy: She a...cute one.
  • Natsu: Lucy why am I crying? I am not sad.
  • Lucy: Dummy...those are...happy tears.
  • They both start crying in happiness.
  • The baby crying with them. Happy snapped a photo and he also gets a little teary.
  • As time flew by, Natsu has shown excellent work at being a father. Almost beating Lucy in her love as a mother. He plays with her, changes her diaper (although at the beginning he had difficulties with that), feeds her and puts her to bed. He thought he was already the happiest man, having a beautiful woman by his side, a cute daughter and friends that he will see everyday. Though one thing has not prepared him for what happened next.
  • Lucy is holding Nashi in her arms as Natsu walks into the room, he has returned from a short quest.
  • Lucy: Welcome home honey~ How did the quest go.
  • Natsu: Let me just say it’s boring without you. Can't we just take Nashi with us?
  • Lucy: And put her into danger? Never.
  • Natsu: ...I protect her?
  • Lucy: A no is a no.
  • Natsu: Okay I understand Miss boring.
  • Lucy: You are such a child!
  • She giggles and Nashi opens her eyes, Natsu comes closer to Lucy and gives Nashi a quick kiss on the forehead.
  • Natsu: Daddy is back Nashi.
  • Nashi: ...
  • Natsu: Have you been a good girl and made mama happy?
  • Nashi: ...
  • Natsu: Did you not grab Happy tail too strong this time?
  • Nashi: ...
  • Natsu: Should I stop asking questions because you won't answer yet?
  • Nashi: Da...Daddy.
  • Natsu: Thats what I thought! So...Wait...
  • Lucy: Did Nashi just...
  • Natsu: NAH! We must have misheard!
  • Nashi: Daddy!
  • Natsu: Nice job Happy! However you are doing this!...Happy is not he?
  • Lucy shakes her head, she puts Nashi down and she walks slowly but steady to Natsu, she trips but grabs hold to his pants. She looks up with a smile. Small little fangs showing just like her father.
  • Nashi: Daddy!
  • Natsu: Its actually you...YOU ARE CALLING ME DADDY!
  • Lucy: Meh! I am jealous~
  • Natsu holds Nashi up and gives her a soft hug as he laughs. The sun shines bright into the room, Lucy smiles at both of them. A happy family.
Who should you fight: UHA edition
  • Hades: you're so dead that it's not even funny.
  • Charon: WHY. WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT? He is our socially ackward child. Wanna fight him? You monster. Anyway, he is a Death God and his magic is powerful so you will lose. Also: his husband is the God Killer.
  • Cerberus: You must have a dead wish. He will rip you intenstines and use them for decoration. But yes, fight him if you want. He could use some distraction from parental duties.
  • Zelios: fight him. He is the Guardian of Tartarus, but why not?
  • Cain: dead. You're dead. He is psycothic.
  • Abel: </b> You should totally fight him, you might have a chance of wining. But finish before Cain appears. Because he WILL appear.
  • Malachi: fight him.
  • Theo: another psycothic child. He will rip your spinal cord for fun.
  • Ambrosius: fight him. You will probably lose, but you won't die. I hope.
  • Nikias: the youngest one, but don't let that distract you. He was created to fight.
  • Persephone: she might look sweet and innocent, but she will transform you into a poisionous tree.
  • Alexion: God Killer. Really. Do I need to say anything else?
  • Blaine: you could fight him, it's not as if he could defend himself. You, coward.
  • Leon: His name means Lion. Like, really. It will be fun to see you try.
  • Ayo: Fight him, please. The kid totally needs it. He will beat you ass, but at least he will have fun.
  • Holly and Keros: </b> THEY ARE BABIES, YOU MONSTER.<p/><b>
  • Noe: </b> why would you do something like that?
  • Kat: </b> she is the only female second-in-command. Made inmortal ny Hades after fighting in a war. She is able to cope with Cain's temper tantrums. Badass is her second name. Do you really want to try?
  • Demetrius: </b> you might think you have a chance because one of his arms is artificial. Well, in his own words "I don't know how to teleport but yes how to fry your innards". Also, Nikias and Hades will be pissed. Nikias for fighting his hubby and Hades for breaking the arm.
  • Adrian: </b> he will send you flying to the other side of the room with a power blast. He will then feel really bad about that and will ask for forgiveness.<p/><b>
  • Sept: fight him. He will be too busy keeping up with Theo's demands to actually harm you</b> <p/></p>
  • Lucifer: </b> Hello? Lucifer? Lord of Hell? Traitor to Heaven? Do you even have a brain in that head of yours?
  • Thorn: </b> Do you really want to try?<p/><b>Jaques:</b> fight him, but he will probably take away your guns and give you a speech about how irresponsible you are.
  • Akin: </b> fight him and Hannibal will use your head as decoration.
  • Hannibal: </b> You are SO DEAD. Anyway, if you harm him Akin will hunt you down.
  • Lea: </b> Godess of curses and battle strategy. She will kick you ass so hard that you won't even have time to cry.
  • Raven: </b> he is one of Lucifer's generals. He even fought Michael. But if you want, why not? Fight him. Go big or go home.
  • Dania: </b> yeah, why not. Fight her. You will probably lose anyway.
  • Bali & Wednesday: </b> they are the guardians of Gehenna. But if you want to try... anything for an andrenaline junk.
  • Alaric: </b> Hoe, don't.
  • Stanton: </b> bye, dear reader. It's been good you know ya.<p/>
  • Deveraux: </b> You will be too horny to try anything.<p/></p>
  • Xenon: </b> Bitch, please. He is an Atlantean God. One of the most powerful panteons to ever exist.
  • <p/> <b>Dorean:</b> yeah, fight him. He is not a warrior, it's not like he will he able to harm you. But Xenon will go for your ass.<p/></p>

🚀💺 - HEADCANON.  Jim Kirk is a grown man.  He is a grown man who has endured a lot.  He’s suffered trauma and abuse, adopted questionable coping mechanisms, but Jim Kirk is a grown ass, functional man.  He knows how to survive. He can take care of himself even if he sometimes needs a little TLC ( or tough love if you’re Bones… or if he’s just more obstinate than usual. ).

Jim Kirk does not need to be chased through the halls of the Enterprise every time he’s due for a physical.  Jim Kirk does not avoid physicals / medical treatment / medbay at all costs.  It’s true that medbay isn’t his favorite place, and it’s true that he probably doesn’t stock his bathroom’s medicine cabinet with anything other than a basic painkiller, but Jim Kirk does show up to his physicals just like every other member of the crew.  Jim Kirk does often neglect medical treatment until after the more pressing injuries have been taken care of, not only because he puts his job ( the fact there are 400 people relying on him to keep them safe ) before himself, but also because he has a high pain tolerance and usually doesn’t realize how serious his own injuries and ailments are.  Jim Kirk isn’t a huge fan of hospitals or doctors – mainly ones he’s unfamiliar with – but Jim Kirk does not lose his mind if a doctor other than Bones examines him.  Jim Kirk may be stubborn and independent, and admittedly, not always the best at taking care of himself, but he is a grown man who is well aware of the fact that his job demands him to be ( more or less ) the picture of perfect health and he takes that seriously because it’s the responsible thing to do. Jim Kirk is far more aware of his own mortality and physical fallibility than he’s given credit for. 

Jim Kirk does not skirt his duties.  Jim Kirk does not pawn his paperwork off on Spock and / or Rand because he’s bored or doesn’t feel like doing it or thinks it’s beneath him.  Jim Kirk will occasionally pass something off to Spock and / or Rand – and, yes, that may be something he deems ‘unimportant,’ but only because he has to prioritize.  Jim Kirk will often ask Spock and / or Rand to read through his completed paperwork ( if they’ve got the time ) because of his ADHD and dyslexia. But mostly, Jim Kirk will slave away at paperwork.  When he’s on a roll, Jim Kirk can and does speed through hours of paperwork in no time at all. Sometimes, paperwork is tedious and the amount of it is really overwhelming. Sometimes, paperwork is an immense frustration due to his ADHD and dyslexia, but Jim Kirk paces himself, he prioritizes, and pushes through it just like every other member of the crew, because no one really likes paper work, but they’ve all got to do it anyways. Jim Kirk isn’t an exception.

Jim Kirk also is not a picky eater.  Jim Kirk doesn’t make a habit of skipping meals.  Sure, Jim Kirk may munch and snack unhealthily, but he doesn’t consistently eat junk.  Everyone handles Tarsus differently, but here Jim Kirk has no food aversions because of it – save for the havoc it reaped on his immune system and the food allergies that caused.  That being said, Jim Kirk doesn’t waste food.  He won’t take more helpings than he think he can eat.  Jim Kirk has a big appetite and can consume just as many or more calories than an olympic swimmer ( one of my favorite fic. lines mentions how Bones often has just as much trouble keeping weight ON Jim as he does keeping it off. ) and a fast metabolism. Jim Kirk eats regularly – usually three square meals a day.  Jim Kirk will pick food off his friends’ plates if they’ve left anything  – but only if they’re done eating. Jim Kirk eats a fairly balanced diet ( he has a sweet tooth and enjoys snacking.  nobody’s perfect. ) and enjoys a wide variety of cuisines.  Jim Kirk eats plenty.  He eats often.  He eats because he knows he needs food to survive.

Jim Kirk is a grown man who knows how to take care of himself.  He knows how to take care of others – or he at least gives it his damnedest try – and if the idea that bubbles in his head isn’t a great idea, it’s usually because all the ideas that are good aren’t going to work.  Jim Kirk may be independent, he may be stubborn, and he may not always take the best care of himself, but he isn’t helpless.  He fully shoulders responsibility for his health, wellbeing, his job. And to do his job effectively, he needs to be able to take care of himself; if he couldn’t do that, if he needed a constant babysitter he wouldn’t have made it through Starfleet.

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  • I wanted to tell you about one of your biggest fans. My son Jaxon Horne. He's 5 years old and can't get enough of your videos.
  • I'm not too much of a fan and no mother in her right mind would let their 5 year old watch such .. I don't want to be harsh but it's annoying useless info for me. BUT there's a story behind my message to you. Jaxon fell deathly ill and couldn't get around much so the phone occupied him. One day shortly after he fell ill he found your YouTube channel. I tried in every way to get him to watch anything else but he'd scream and cry until I let him have your channel back. I tried deleting, lying and saying you were gone. The site was deleted. NOTHING WORKED. He had to have your YouTube channel tucked in his phone and watching it continuously. He was so sick, I just gave in after a couple fights. He'd sit for hours softly giggling at your screams and cussing. Numerous times I heard him laughing and repeating all your vulgar rants. But at all times he watched you, he was happy. He had cat scratch fever and his lymph nodes had swollen under his arm to the size of a golf ball. The nodes retained so much infection they liquified poisoning his whole body. He was deathly ill. But you were always there. You took the pain away and made him forget he was only 34 lbs of aching bones. He was really beyond extremely sick. Even at his worst I could hear him cussing and laughing. Repeating your actions. After the cat scratch fever and surgery to remove the liquified nodes his immune system was severely weakened and he got sick again. He asperated in his lungs and caught pneumonia. He couldn't walk because the pains in his back where the pneumonia set in shot pains down his legs. He was completely immobilized. But still he could work his little fingers to pull you up on YouTube to gaze at your videos. I'd see faint smiles and brief times when he didn't have streams of tears rolling down his cheeks just watching you. You mesmerized him into make believe and again took away the pain from a deathly ill child. I can't thank you enough for your infectious characteristics that polluted a little boy with joy and happiness. If I hadn't had you there I don't know how Jaxon would have coped with all the days of pain. So you are my angel in a weird way. The joy you brought him was truly amazing. Again I thank you for the happiness you spread into my sons life. No one else could have so vulgarly, oddly, totally unorthodoxed, with the crap content you convey, brighten up a room the way seem to have a total knack of doing. Jaxon Horne really IS one of your biggest fans. He's better now. Still skinny but his appetite is coming back. It's been months now with no sickness but he has gotten neumerous ass wippings for cussing the neighbor kids. But on the bright side you taught him to use the words correctly. He's learned not to cuss as much but I still hear him hiding around the house repeating you word for word. Totally rewinding and saying the worst parts over 2-3 times. I don't say a word. You are keeping him occupied and laughing. Sorry this message is so long but I really wanted you to know Jaxon loves you and thinks you hung the moon. Oddly you were a blessing in our time of need and I'll never be able to show you the graditude you deserve for being a complete troll on a silly YouTube page. Maybe you can make sense of it all. I really can't but I'm not going to try to ever take you away from him again. Earlier i told you that you were my angel. I think you're Jaxons as well. Im going to place this post a couple places in hopes that you actually read it and know how much 1 little boy adores you. I'm sure you get tons of messages but every mom thinks their son is special and this has been weighing heavy on my heart to tell you your impact over a whole family in a very dark time in our life.