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You do know yang can do something cause she loves them right like did you actually listen to armed and ready it's said in the lyrics there's nothing she won't do for her? If that doesn't say something to you I don't know what will. Or is it cause it wasn't sun or yang wasn't a male so she's just some emotions less robot? Like even the official rt twitter said the love between them in a time of pain was cute. Stop downplaying her connection to Blake it's disgusting.

Wondered if I’d get a question like this.

Alright, listen. Point blank? If you’re going to take Armed And Ready literally, seriously, you should be worried that Yang’s going to lose herself in rage now. That particular set of lyrics you’re referring to happened, yeah, but hoohoo boy is that inconsequential to her after the fact. 

Hell, Yang’s entire story arc in V4 was about recognizing what she did was rash and that she can’t keep acting the way she had. About regaining control of her life, getting her priorities in order, and focusing on what matters so she can push forward with a level head. And when it all boils down, the options she considers are searching for Ruby, or her own mother.

Blake does not appear in Yang’s rehabilitation or trauma, save as a trigger. A reminder of her defeat, and failure. If it wasn’t Blake she’d fought for and Adam she’d lost to, it’d be Ruby she fought for and Cinder she’d lost to, or anything other pairing you could think of. She was going to run into something she couldn’t beat eventually, and this happened to be it. V3 was reality smacking Yang upside the head with a reminder she is not invincible, and her strength not only could get her in trouble when it worked (like with Mercury,) but it wouldn’t always be enough (with Adam.)

So congrats, anon. You’ve decided that Yang’s irrational, nearly suicidal tendency to jump into danger for any reason, a fact the show spent two volumes straight deconstructing, is nothing more than proof of your ship.

Lemme be clear. I did not like Yang prior to V3. Partially out of spite to a fandom that had decided her a flawless goddess, but partially because she seemed to defy the nature of the show’s world. Everyone else clearly had limits, but Yang never seemed to. And that’s on top of having the least developed personality out of the main 4. V3 broke that notion in two and V4 rebuilt it better.

V3 spent the entire volume building up Yang’s strength even higher, enforcing that she not only approached every problem by trying to hit it harder (Flynt, for instance) but that she had the strength to back it up, thus enforcing the belief that she was correct to act the way she did. Then, Mercury and Adam happened back to back.

Yang then spent the entirety of V4, over six months, trying to get her head around the massive change in perspective she needed to maintain, on top of dealing with legitimate trauma she’d suffered. This was, in my opinion, the most realistic and effective character arc RWBY has thus far portrayed. (And you people still say Jaune gets more characterization. Tch.)

So yeah. When you tell me that Yang was motivated by a pure love for Blake? Forgive my eyeroll.

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The ut,uf,us,sf brothers react to melanie martinez,plus what's their favorite song from her?(look her up if you don't know who she is. She is a great singer.)

(I love her) I won’t be doing fav songs because I suck at matching songs with characters.~ Mod God


UT Sans: He likes her music. It’s good to play in the background as he drifts off into sleep.

UT Papyrus: He likes the music, but the lyrics of most of her songs concern him.

UF Sans: He relates to a lot of the songs which is concerning. Imagine him listening to Cry Baby, laughing, and saying same.

UF Papyrus: He will never admit to liking her music, but she is one of his favorite artists.

US Sans: Same as UT Pap

US Papyrus: He finds her music very catchy. He’ll hum along to certain songs when there on.

SF Sans: He knows all of her songs by heart. He will gladly play any of her songs.

SF Papyrus: He doesn’t mind her music he just wishes his brother would stop playing them all the time.

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Daddy do you even love me I wish you'd show it caz I would know it what kind of dad eats his daughters fries and don't look her in the eyes

i feel like these are the lyrics to some song i don’t know… or some kind of meme i just don’t know about…

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I recently remembered the song "I Don't Know My Name" by Grace VanderWaal and I re-listened to it and it seems like it'd be a good trans song? Like, she talks about how she cuts her hair and changed herself completely and doesn't know her name but does by the end and it's just a good bop in general. She probably didn't write it to be about it trans people but I really relate to the lyrics? I don't know, what do you think

I like. I have a trans playlist so tbh I’m gonna add it rn


It's clever really.

She says I don’t trust nobody. We’re interpreting that as it is commonly used - to mean I don’t trust anyone. But it’s actually kinda a double negative. I do not trust nobody. Actually might mean I trust somebody. And she does. She trusts us. She’s still here on tumblr and she’s still giving us music. She knows we have her back. And dude she knows she can literally trust us with her secrets. Like those of you who went to secret sessions and never told us.

‘Cause you don’t know her like I do
You’ll never understand
You don’t know we’ve been through
That girl’s my best friend
And there’s no way you’re gonna help me
She’s the only one who can
No, you don’t know how much I’ve got to lose
You don’t know her like I do
—  — Brantley Gilbert - You Don’t Know Her Like I Do

i don’t know how many bi people also experience this but liking girls feels very different to liking guys. not ultimately, love is love, but falling for girls is just so warm and intimate. often the build up is slow but it feels so natural that it just catches me one day like ‘o shit i really like her how did this happen’. not to wax lyrical, but the feeling of being so close to a girl that you want to date her and sleep with her creeps up on you a bit like when you’re sat outside the the sunlight slowly gets closer and the warmth moves up your skin

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OK, but is 'The Long and Winding Road' for John? I don't know any story about the song, I only have lyrics that brings me a lot of mcln-feelings and tears. It was 1969 so I think lyrics match perfectly. It sounds for me like 'You broke my heart on Abbey road, you left me for her, I tried so hard to return to you and I don't know what to do now 'cuz I still love you'. Don't you tell me you've never cried over this song!

I’ll tell you a story about this song. I never actually loved it, it was never my favourite beatles song. When I went to Paul’s concert 4 years ago it was the song that hit me the most, I cried like a baby, it was so emotional. 

All the songs in the Let it Be and Abbey Road album written by Paul are about loss, separation and broken hearts. Paul was engaged with Linda in 1969 and seemed quite happy too, so WHY WOULD HE WRITE SUCH A SAD COMPILATION OF SONGS?

Because he was breaking up with John, he was losing him, and tried his best to have him back. He knew it was over and he could do nothing but sing his desperation away. ‘let it be’ is about dreaming his mother telling him that that’s life, that he had to let it happen, no matter if it hurted. ‘Oh!darling’ was a desperate scream of love. ‘The long and winding road’ is his resignation, he gave up, singing how much he tried to come back to him, to put the pieces together and start again.

Many times I’ve been alone
And many times I’ve cried
Any way you’ll never know
The many ways I’ve tried

He’s completely lost and desperate, still begging forgiveness from John, waiting for him to come back 

Don’t leave me standing here
Lead me to your door

We all know that it will never happen. 

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I saw you in Pittsburgh and asked you to write "Stay Alive" for me, and I've been thinking about using the writing itself in my first tattoo. I wanted to ask if you would be okay with that? I don't want to do it if it would feel too weird for you.

I’m ok with it of course, it’s your body, do as you like with it – when people ask me to write out a lyric it’s sometimes for this purpose. And I’m totally honored. But I’d really suggest that you find a tattoo artist whose thing is lettering and ask him or her to render the phrase in the raddest lettering they know, maybe if it’s somebody who’s open to listening to one of those two songs on TY they might have an idea about making the letters out of, I don’t know, Stay Alive sliders or something. Rifles and hay-straws. Trains.

I suggest this latter because of a view I try to encourage people to join me in adopting: the opinion that I am not special. When people want it in my handwriting, I feel like there’s a sort of elevating-me-as-an-individual aspect to it, and I seek to discourage this. Because it’s not about me. I do a thing and I hope it’s good, I work very hard at it, and I’m super excited and proud and grateful when it connects with people, and if it connects at a super-deep level and is more than helpful and reaches that level of connection that only music really ever makes in its own incredible way, then that is the raddest. It makes me feel so good. But it still doesn’t mean I am in any way special as a person. It means that my work is good. It makes me much, much prouder to think “I’ve done good work” than it would to think “I must be something, to have made this good music.” You know? So, again, do exactly what you want, it’s your body, but because neither I nor my handwriting are anything really special, I would go with some bad-ass tattoo lettering that elevates the sentiment. Let the tattoo artist work, is my philosophy on tattoos, asking “do this exactly” of one cheats you out of the opportunity to let an artist really shine. 

But if your opinion of my handwriting is “that looks completely awesome, nothing could be better” then go for it of course. 

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I believe you're missing the point. Taylor didn't mind when a small group were shipping their friendship. But then it became some conspiracy.. Her family, friends were liars. She's fake, her lyrics were fake. She dated girls since HS. You think she didn't see it? And most likely didn't like it. Don't compare how Selena handled a situation to Taylor. Bc Selena didn't have blogs created about she/ Cara in some secret lesbian affair.

While I do understand the point I think you’re trying to make, here’s where I stand on the whole thing.

1. I’m sure Taylor has seen Kaylor blogs, I know she has, she’s liked things from them, and even follows them. Now, considering Taylor has a certain number of blogs she can follow, why would she choose to follow blogs that post solely, or at least mostly, about something she dislikes, or that makes her uncomfortable?

2. Taylor could have literally cleared up the rumors (like Selena did with Cara) by simply saying, “Oh wow, I’m flattered, but no..”

As far as Taylor being fake, and her lyrics being fake, I don’t feel that way at all. Music is subjective, Taylor has said herself that she doesn’t have to be in a relationship to write a song about someone, that she can just as easily write lyrics about someone she has fairly minimal interaction with, and quite frankly, that’s one of the reasons I believe she’s such an amazing songwriter. 

This isn’t the illuminati, I would hardly classify Kaylor as a “conspiracy theory.” I have my opinions, you have yours, and like I said in a previous ask, if Taylor (or Karlie) were to ever either explicitly say “I am straight” or do something that made it obvious they weren’t together (get married, have kids, etc) then I could let it go.

What frustrates me about asks like this isn’t that you don’t believe in Kaylor, because we all have our opinions. What is frustrating is that to believe that Taylor could ever have/have had a relationship with a woman must mean I think she’s faked her entire career/personal life, when in reality, that isn’t the case at all. Like I said, I am not pressed in the slightest that you don’t think Kaylor is real, or that Taylor possibly being less than 100% hetero is something you see as a conspiracy. What does make me sad is that if she is indeed in a closeted relationship (or has been), people that would say “she’s faked her entire career! I thought I knew her!” are probably the biggest reason she still is.