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Listen. You can accept Noctis loves Luna and cares about her and still have your m/m ships. Like the game should’ve handled their relationship much better than it did and I’ll stand by that forever. But that doesn’t change the fact they do have one and it’s an important part of the plot.

I’m just so tired of seeing the same arguments and fan wars over and over.

@fineillsignup replied to your postSo like does Minato Namikaze have a weakness?”

I would help you but writing Minato as the villain is doing the devil’s work.

Well, I was called Satan once…I’m just living up to the name lmao. 

But really, Minato is the stuff of nightmares if you lived anywhere but Konoha. Can you imagine having Minato Namikaze as your enemy during the 3rd war? Imagine knowing the guy was in your area or actively tracking your team. Imagine having something he wants. Does that not sound like a horror story?

He may be the hero in our story but that doesn’t stop him from being the devil in someone else’s.

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1. How old are you?

2. What’s your current job?
NEET (Kind of. I volunteer at an animal shelter on Tuesdays, but I don’t actually do any work)

3. What are you talented at?
Writing, Videogames (?)

4. What is a big goal you are working toward (or have already achieved)?
Finding a job that doesn’t require me to interact with people face to face

5. What’s your aesthetic?
I don’t even know how to answer that

6. Do you collect anything?

7. What’s a topic you always talk about?
Fandom stuff mostly

8. What’s a pet peeve of yours?
People who bash characters for dumb reasons

9. Good advice to give?
Don’t be a lazy ass like me 

10. What are three songs you’d recommend?

Even though I like to listen to music alot I can’t think of anything off the top of my head. XD;

hhhHHHhhhhhhh i am so tired

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Just dating Noctis Lucis Caelum things:

  • Hoooooooly shit do you have a good looking boyfriend. The worst thing is he knows it. Noct is so vain. Prince Pretty Boy loves it when he catches you looking at him. He shoots you a smug little smirk and there’s that super annoying cheeky glimmer in his eyes. He doesn’t do it with anyone else. Lots of people look at Noct all the time, either in envy or awe, but he doesn’t care. He only takes notice when you look. Noctis only cares when its your eyes on him.

  • Noctis gets a little bit reckless when you’re around. The guys notice and of course you notice too. It’s sweet in a way because he’s totally trying to show off to you, but it’s so scary! If you witness a fight, there’s some pretty expert warp strikes going on. Sometimes the boys will help Noctis entertain you and the banter makes you laugh and not think about the immediate danger.

  • Since Prompto is Noctis childhood friend, you should probably try to get along with him. That being said, it’s not like it’s hard. The blond is sweet and totally invested in helping you and Noct preserve your relationship and keep you connected. It’s Prompto who sends you random pics and messages when they’re on the road and you have to stay home.
    Thought you might like this photo. Noct looks pretty good in this light, don’t you think? ;)
    He misses you a lot! Not sure if he’s told you, but I can tell.
    We’ll be home soon. Noct needs hugs and kisses asap!

  • It’s not like you don’t get plenty of messages from Noctis himself though.
    Getting up at dawn isn’t fun if you’re not with me.
    Specs cooked your favourite. Here’s a pic so you can be hungry and jealous.
    Missing you. I’ll be home soon.

  • While Noctis can be cool and suave, he has a casual and carefree side that makes for a very sweet contrast. It’s actually very charming and comes with cute side effects like his inability to function when you flirt with him. He just doesn’t know how to take it on the spot. Should he be cool? Because he’s really hard to play it cool when you are being very forward and flirtatious and his thoughts are just slipping away because holy shit you’re flirting with him and his heart is beating really fast what the fuck kind of magic are you using because this isn’t normal??????? ????????? ???????? The guys internally scream when they see this phenomenon one day; he can’t possibly be this hopeless when it comes to romance?!

  • Noctis makes the best nap buddy, hands down. There might have been a few times before the two of you date where you end up napping together from sheer exhaustion and it’s great. There are some times during that period where it was a bit stressful because the both of you were mutually pining for each other. When you guys are dating, naps are wonderfully lazy, indulgent and relaxing. Sometimes you’ll fall asleep with your head on Noct’s chest and he’ll have an arm around you, sometimes Noct will cuddle up to you and bury his face in your shoulder. He’s such a big lazy cat. Nap with your boyfriend lots and lots! 


Made it to Lestallum. Tired, but okay. See? The guys say hi. Call later, but I need a nap right now. Missing you.’


a small time-travel!AU story

Super Sappy Lines Prompt List

Because sometimes you just want to write the sappiest shit you can handle.

  1. “I’m in love with you.”
  2. “Please don’t leave me.”
  3. “It’s always been you.”
  4. “Shut up and kiss me.”
  5. “I’ve wanted this for so long.”
  6. “I can’t wait any longer.”
  7. “Can I kiss you?”
  8. “Can I touch you?”
  9.  “I missed you so much.”
  10. “Stay with me forever.”
  11. “I thought you didn’t want me.”
  12. “I want you. Only you.”
  13. “The way I feel when I’m with you…”
  14. “I’ll always love you.”
  15. “Please marry me.”
  16. “Why haven’t you kissed me yet?”
  17. “Because I love you!”
  18. “You’re the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.”
  19. “I can’t stay away from you.”
  20. “I’ve been waiting all my life for you.”
  21. “I’m better when I’m with you.”
  22. “You make me so happy.”

PS if you write anything from this list, will you tag with #sappyprompts so I can see it? <3


Valor and Love will lead the way
To clear the debt the lost god must pay
And the severed family line will began the Great War
When Wise Girl’s blood is spilled once more


- Osamu Dazai, The Setting Sun

Happy 5 year anniversary, Tokyo Ghoul! I’ve never been invested in a manga as much as this one, and I thank Ishida-sensei’s brilliant writing, art, and his undeserved dedication to fans of his work. His remake of chapter one is the main inspiration behind this piece. I hope to evolve in my abilities as much as he has over the course of these few years!


Summary: You have a fever and Shawn takes care of you. Tons of cute, caring, kind Shawn. 



You wake up feeling cold, so cold that you’re almost shivering. Your head hurts and despite the fact that you slept all night, you feel like you haven’t slept in days. You look over to your boyfriend to see that he’s still fast asleep. Lifting his arm, you scoot closer to him, hoping to steal some of his warmth, but it doesn’t help. You still feel cold.

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holy hell, never ask me to draw ezra or design an outfit. i’m sorry u two.

ANYWAY i was thinking: you see a lot of ezra-corrupted-by-maul stuff (WHICH I LOVE) BUT rarely the other way around? ezra’s a good egg and i want more aus where he drags maul kicking and screaming into the light (or somewhere in-between the dark and light b/c lbr, maul is p. much surviving on pure dark side spite these days).

Dex is a Computer Engineering major, and takes programming because some of the courses are mandatory, and he had briefly considered trying to double major, but decided he didn’t have the money or the time. He does like programming, but he just isn’t good with stuff on a screen or on paper. What he’s really good at though is building computers. He loves working with his hands, and it’s the best way for him to earn money in his spare time. It’s a good chunk of money too, as he builds up a name for himself online. People will often pay nearly twice the price of parts (under 500 if you’re smart about it, as much as 5,000 if you’re crazy) for someone to prebuild a custom pc for them. However, he doesn’t have a really nice computer for himself, just a school issued laptop since he has a scholarship. He sends all the money he possibly can back home to his parents, a little extra help towards rent, things that need replacing, toys every now and then for his siblings. He saves the rest to help his siblings pay for college once they need it, and doesn’t tell anyone quite how much he’s been saving.

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maybe it would know better if we stitched it eyes

Summary: When you and your best friend have been attached to the hip practically since birth, you’re not going to let some scrap of cloth separate you. In which Oikawa redefines the meaning of a hatstall, and Headmistress McGonagall probably isn’t paid enough. Hogwarts AU!

Credit to @agapantoblu for the premise of Oikawa fighting the Sorting Hat forever to be in the same house as Iwaizumi (taken from this post). It’s just such a great idea that immediately sparked my dead writer brain.

Pairing: Iwaoi (You can take it either as queerplatonic or romantic)
Word Count: 1470
Rating: G or K or basically as hair-raising as a stuffed teddy bear

They stopped calling it a hatstall twenty minutes ago.

It was unprecedented, to say the least. The Sorting Hat’s record for the longest time to sort a student was seven minutes and 23 seconds - something that Professor Flitwick felt the need to say repeatedly as his gaze flickered between his watch and the boy on the stool, back and forth as though he was afraid he might miss something.

Headmistress McGonagall failed to see exactly what he could miss. Certainly, just past the five minute mark, the hall could hardly contain the frenetic waves of anticipation, everyone excited at the sheer privilege of seeing a hatstall. Even McGonagall - with an impressive sixty years at Hogwarts under her belt - had only seen enough hatstalls to count on one hand.

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caitlin: “for a hero you sure let a lot of people die”

snowbarry shippers:

caitlin: *calls barry out for fucking up all the time*

snowbarry shippers:

caitlin: *kisses barry in order to freeze him*

snowbarry shippers: 

caitlin: *stabs barry in the leg in order to stop him following her*

snowbarry shippers:


Yikes, hope I’m still in time for this - these are for @meganwhalenturner ‘s ARC Thick as Thieves contest!! Pretty much I grew up on these books and these characters have been with me since middle school. Megan, thank you so much for your awesome writing and for creating this like. absolutely formative part of my childhood. These books are beautiful.

Most of these are for The Thief, but I had to slip one King of Attolia in there.

ok i know this is totally a big reach but 

see how even’s “savner deg”/i miss you is kind of squeezed at the end of the text? like all the other letters are bigger, they all have the same size, they have more space between them, but that “savner deg” is written differently. thinner letters. there’s pretty much no space between them (especially “deg”). i’m thinking maybe even didn’t intend on writing that at first? like that wasn’t his plan? he wrote his reply and answered isak’s question, and you know when you write something down, you’re aware of how much space you have and how much space is left. so he wrote his initial response and told isak when he gave him the drawing according to that space. but then, later (an hour later? the next day? we don’t actually know when he drew this), he wrote it. savner deg

The problem with drinking? You have a thirst you can’t quench, one you can’t satisfy no matter how much you take down. It’ll numb you kid, but only for a little bit. Just enough to trick yourself into thinking you’re not in pain, so that you can sleep just for a night.
—  Shade

daughter of Hades|punk|feminist|Slytherin aesthetic

She was the kind of girl who
could make you think your life was
not complete unless she was in it.
— Adi Alsaid 

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Snow Day

Peridot stretched, raising her arms above her head, pushing her toes down as far as they would go. She heard Amethyst deep breathing beside her, could feel the difference in the mattress having another person on it. She peaked one eye open, looking over. Amethyst was curled slightly, her hand resting on an empty spot that Peridot assumed she had been in before waking and stretching. Her hair was covering the lower portion of her face, moving every time she breathed. Peridot opened both eyes, turning over to look at her properly. It was nice to have such an early start to the day, so she

So she

Peridot blinked, sitting up. She could see perfectly fine in her room through the soft sunlight streaming through her yellow curtains. She tensed, gabbing her phone and looking at the time.

“Oh no,” she said, one hand already starting to shake Amethyst awake. “Oh, we overslept. Come on, Amethyst.”

Amethyst groaned and opened her eyes for a second before shutting them again. She swatted ineffectively at Peridot. “Lemme sleep.”

“No, Amethyst, we’re late. Come on!” Peridot got out of bed, running to her closet to find something to wear. The bed creaked as Amethyst sat up. Peridot turned, already panicking. She pulled out a shirt and some pants, rushing to the bathroom.

Amethyst chuckled as she watched. “Actually, Peri—“

But then she was gone, the bedroom door shut and the bathroom slammed quickly after. Amethyst shrugged to herself, getting out of bed and padding through the house. She knocked on the door to the bathroom. “It’s unlocked,” came Peridot’s muffled voice. When Amethyst opened the door, Peridot had a comb in one hand and a toothbrush in the other. Her shirt was only half on and her pajama pants were around her ankles.

Amethyst laughed, nearly doubling over. “Peri, listen,” she said between chuckles as she attempted to recover. “There isn’t school today. No one has classes.”

Peridot stopped everything, staring at her. “But it’s Tuesday.”

“And there’s a foot of snow on the ground. The college is closed for the day, okay. We have a snow day.”

Peridot sighed, turning back and lazily brushing her teeth. It didn’t take long for her to finish and turn to Amethyst. “Then what should we do today?”

“We could go back to bed. “Amethyst stifled a yawn behind her hand. “I’m still exhausted.”

Peridot nodded. “Okay, sounds good.” She quickly finished in the bathroom, replacing her pajama top, and allowed Amethyst to take her hand and lead her back to the bedroom.