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if you don’t know VIXX & you’re reading this.. let me help you out a little bit.

  • Super Hero 
  • Rock Ur Body
  • On&On
  • Hyde
  • G.R.8.U
  • Girls, Why? ft.Okdal
  • Only U
  • VIXX TV Ep.75 (most recent)

 You should really take the time to just watch at least one of these videos. Me & all the other starlights can basically guarantee you will fall in love at some point. 

Drift Compatible

(A Les Mis/Pacific Rim fic)

Characters: Courfeyrac, Marius, Enjolras, Grantaire, Eponine, Cosette, Feuilly, Bahorel, Jehan. No real pairings.

**possible tw for mention of alcoholism/withdrawal, not in-depth but just in case!**


“Now, in response to your outrageous, unfounded, and flat out libelous accusation,” Courfeyrac began, brandishing a potato he’d speared with his fork, “Romeo would be cleaning up the ocean floor with Brawler had my former co-pilot not so carelessly let himself be chewed upon by a Kaiju last week.”

“Your sensitivity is truly inspiring,” Cosette informed him.

“He’s going to be fine!” Courfeyrac said indignantly. “Don’t try to make me the villain here, Cosette, I’m not the one who tried to eat his arm off.”

“Okay, so, that explains why you suck now,” Eponine interjected. “Why did you suck before?”

“Has everyone met Marius?” Courfeyrac asked loudly.

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black widow baby? NO. i will NOT support iggy’s spider agenda because SPIDERS SUCK!
yes, i vlogged myself killing a spider.

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  • The Book of Life fandom:lol why is Chakals daughter so hot tho shouldn't she be like, ugly or something?
  • The Book of Life fandom:I know! Let's just automatically jump to shipping her with Joaquin despite our better judgement and word of Jorge so they can have lots of ugly little incest babies together! :D
  • The Book of Life fandom:Never mind that we could just ship her with Sartana (Of the Dead; La Muerte and Xibalba's daughter) and have /her/ be the one who broke Sartana's heart, turned her evil and got her banished, until further conformation, because that would just make for a much more interesting,complex twist of a tired trope that we didn't even really need to begin with and also make for a much less hetro-normative sub-plot.
  • Me:oh wait, that last ones me.
  • Me:This may or may not be influenced a little by mondragon-joaquin naming her Julieta, maybe her middle name could be some variation of Rosalind? Rosalinda?


having to redo everything all over again is kinda fun for me iDKK. it’s like a fresh start and i don’t really get a lot of those in life. everything is boring yo

By the way, if any of my followers are invested in the dress post: Rods in your retina control how well you see in the dark. The way the lighting on the image is, it allows people who have poor-functioning rods to see white and gold, and high-functioning rods to see blue and black.

Additionally, the black/blue-white/gold are coloured opponents, so if you stare at one of them for long enough, you may end up having it change to the other — A natural process.

About Me

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Name: Sabina
Time and date of current moment: 10:12 pm Friday, February 13th, 2015 
Average hours of sleep: about 8 
Last thing I googled: 30 days abs challenge… i’m skinny, okay?
Nicknames: my 3 year old cousin calls me sabini, but idk
Gender: female Sexual Orientation: straight, everyone’s a bit gay though
Height: 1m75 / 5’9 Favorite color: rainbow, haha. darker colors on my clothes, preferably.
One place that makes me happy: my grandpa’s summer house. not even home is better than that.
Favorite movie: don’t really have a favourite, but a good one is ‘the lucky one’, zac efron’s in it *wiggles eyebrows*
What are you wearing rn: a black knitted sweater and some grey sweatpants
Last book you read: here i am laying and bleeding (translated from my language)

Sorry, this is really bad. I hope you can still read it, hahaha.


With one sympathetic nod he was turning to glance at her feet, trying to see if they looked larger than average. If she had gigantic toes it would explain it. Shoes for gigantic toes had to be hard to find but if not, how could shoes be hard for her? They were just there to protect your feet. Not like they were a serious fashion statement like a bowtie. Now that would be a travesty to lose.

"You should be lucky it’s not you that’s melting. Come on. Standing around wasting time and watching them melt is boring. The longer we stand here the more acidic this place is going to get so unless you want to join your precious shoes, we need to move. The city is just a bit further. Maybe they have shops! We’ll get you new ones eh? Nice new un-melt-able shoes!”

Umbrage at the loss of her shoes still simmered beneath the surface — much like the crusted-over acid pools littered around the landscape — but, after one last, sad look at the lumpy, shiny puddle of blue and white that had once been her footwear, she shuffled cautiously round to follow the Doctor away. “I suppose we will have to.” She was saying, haltingly, as she tenderly picked a path over the less-than-smooth ground, practically every step poking something into the bottom of one foot or the other. “These humanoid feet are so frustratingly delicate! Absolutely nothing compared to the exterior of my capsule, certainly.”

As they passed it, one of the half-hidden puddles of gathered shoe-eating-goop developed a bubble, which popped with a markedly unpleasant schplop! She favored it with a piercing sidelong glare, before remarking: “There ought to be signs. Warnings — If one values their shoes, STAY AWAY.” Giving a little huff of breath from her lips, she shot him a look. “Would that be so very much to ask?”

you know what has been irking me lately? 

white girls with mildly curly hair getting big time articles about their struggle to embrace their natural hair. 

like i’m just… 


you don’t get to have that. 

why aren’t there articles on the today show about black women relaxing and weaving their curly/kinky hair in order to seem “more professional?”

or how we’re seen as “wild” when we wear our hair natural? (dehumanising much?) 

or being ridiculed for doing things to our hair so we seem more white?

y’know the general racism and misogyny we face for existing. 

i don’t wanna step too out of place because i’m mixed and my hair is somewhat different (idk mixed hair is an enigma to me). but lord knows i’ve straightened my hair in the past to seem more white passing. 

i’m just really not here for white people trying to take this from us. like yeah, y’alls’ hair is cute curly, but i’m not here for white people preaching about natural hair because they were afraid they looked dorky or unfashionable…


There’s a dream like quality to the other’s voice - Seren hears it as though it came from far, far away. She can’t focus on it, not with the puppy enthusiastically bouncing around on her knees. He seems in better condition now then he was when she had found him - shivering under the tall tree Seren often used as a hide-out. She had been unable to see him through the thick, ever-green branches, but the incessant whimpering had caught her attention, and, since the puppy didn’t run away at her approach, she’d proceeded to trying to warm him up.

Magic would have been the easy way to go - it always was, but there were too many people around, and she didn’t dare risk it; she didn’t need any more unwanted attention. She got off easy a lot of the time, even when people did catch her in the act. They didn’t believe, they couldn’t, and their ignorance was blissful, because it allowed her to evade the discomfort of their questions.

Instead, she’d used her already too thin jacket to wrap around the pup - no matter that it left her shivering. Dressing for the weather had never quite been her forte. Thedas was warm, as long as you stayed away from the mountains. It was the puppy who forced her to pay attention to immediate reality - the presence behind Seren made him bark once, then again, and the elf peeked over her shoulder, just in time to catch the other woman’s compliment.

Her blush was bright, violent, almost as a background for the vallaslin tattooed on her cheeks, and Seren felt the urge to hide, to run away. Not because she didn’t appreciate it, but because she had no idea how to take compliments from humans. Not even now, after all this time spent among them. "O-only if puppies are involved!" She retorted, attempting to brush it off - although the stutter gave her nervousness away all too clearly."But…ma serannas. Thank you.”

What Daeun meant was sincere from the heart. She had never met another with a pure heart as her, though she could counterfeit that decision since she has made oppositions one wouldn’t deem suitable for a pure heart. Being a ‘good’ person was a bit of a downer since she was always the “she would never do that type of thing” type but in reality if it was needed, she wouldn’t hesitate to do so. But still, she couldn’t help but admire the latter’s warm heart as she bent down towards the puppy’s level and smiled at it. The puppy was cute and adorable to not pet it’s head in a caress like way. 

She didn’t know how the other could have found the puppy since all she heard was the whimper’s of its vocal chords as she shrugged. It was none of her business but a business she was curious since she couldn’t see the puppy at all, even for it’s small structure. 

The weather was a bit colder than normal since she wore her jacket and gloves to appropriate the cold wind that would whisk on by. It didn’t take much for her to take her jacket off since she wore a sweat shirt underneath and put it over the woman’s shoulders as a demeanor of care. If she was taking care of another, this was the least she could do to help her help the puppy itself. 

The drifter couldn’t help but laugh lightly as she saw the other’s cheek turn bright at her compliment. It was true and meaningful as she shook her head, “Even if puppies aren’t involved, I’m sure you’re just as lovely.” Daeun meant what she said and if she didn’t mean it, she wouldn’t have said it in the first place. At the response of her thank you, she shook her head and looked at the puppy, “So what are you going to do now?” 

I'm sorry.

I don’t know when you’ll see this: for that matter, I don’t know if you’ll ever see it at all. I’m kind of betting that you won’t see it, but I hope one day you will. It’s okay, though, even if you don’t. You can ignore it, too: it’s fair of you and you have every right to. 

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