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if you don’t know VIXX & you’re reading this.. let me help you out a little bit.

  • Super Hero 
  • Rock Ur Body
  • On&On
  • Hyde
  • G.R.8.U
  • Girls, Why? ft.Okdal
  • Only U
  • VIXX TV Ep.75 (most recent)

 You should really take the time to just watch at least one of these videos. Me & all the other starlights can basically guarantee you will fall in love at some point. 

Hi, Orphan Black fandom! I have no idea if the relevant individuals are seeing this, or if you would even care if you are, but I’m still going to make a post about this because – hey, I have a lot of followers, may as well use that for something.

If you don’t know, cosima-geekmonkey-niehaus has been getting an absolute BUTTLOAD of spoilers for Episode 2 during the last week or so, despite repeated requests to stop and changing her askbox title to a big, honkin’, all-caps message asking people to stop. I have gotten spoilers for Episode 2 sent to me anonymously even though I have very clearly been spoiler-free for months and my askbox title says “NO SPOILERS” in all-caps. I don’t know if this is just some extraordinarily poor reading comprehension or if the people sending this are being intentionally malicious, but either way: S T O P .

If it was an accident: thanks for not intentionally sending spoilers to those who wish to remain spoiler-free! In the future, please be more careful – sniffing around someone’s blog for a minute or two (or checking…their askbox title…) can tell you whether or not someone is spoiler-free. If they are spoiler-free: don’t send spoilers! If you can’t tell whether or not they’re spoiler-free: don’t send spoilers! If they are rolling in spoilers just as much as you are: go for it, party time, y’all can break down the episode minute-by-minute, I don’t care. But please don’t let your excitement for the show ruin it for other people – because that’s a total bummer for everyone involved. No one wants anyone’s excitement to be spoiled.

If it wasn’t an accident: seriously, you need to stop. It’s not funny. It’s not clever. It’s being blatantly disrespectful of someone’s desire to enjoy a television show that is on for ten weeks of the year. You’re effectively saying “look, I know you want to enjoy OB your way, but I don’t care. I saw this, and now you’re going to see it just because I can show it to you.” You don’t even get anything out of this! Congrats, you’ve irritated a Tumblr user and maybe led them to make a post about it. That should in no way be a justification for behaving like a six-year-old who’s sharing someone’s secrets on the playground. Seriously. You’re behaving like a six-year-old, and no one is benefitting.

This is in no way a critique of those of you who have already seen the episode – yeah, in an ideal world, we’d all wait for the show to air live. It’s your life, though, and you can watch it if you want to. But please, please be respectful of those of us who have chosen to let the show unfold in real time, one hour a week. This fandom gets so little time to actually be immersed in the show. Don’t ruin it for people. Sharko out. 

bugging me though

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right, so apparently google adsense doesn’t work with tumblr anymore (probs bc its owned by yahoo) and I have no idea what else I could use for ads? Like tbh I could use the extra money, mum’s back in hospital again because she had another episode. So if anyone knows any ways to make some quick money online? Or any good ads to put up?

If you want to donate to help out my paypal is (yeah I know shut up I made it when I was like 10 and going through my random phase) even just a dollar would make a difference, we’re literally that low on cash right now.

If you want to talk about maybe paying something for a fic, or possibly a drawing, maybe even a video, send me an ask, I’d be happy to do any for literally just a dollar! 

I know a lot of you are pretty poor yourselves, so I’ll still be taking prompts for free, but right now I need to look for a job, and help out around the house, so I might not get around to them (I’ve had some for literally months now, so if you want a rush order, all it would cost is 1$)

I know paying for a fic or a drawing seems a bit obnoxious for me to ask of you guys, but I really do need the money, and as I said, I will still be doing everything for free, but it won’t be my priority!!

[hello, everyone!  I hope you’re all having a great day so far!  I just wanted to pop in a remind everyone that I would really prefer it if you didn’t reblog my RP threads!  You can hit that like button to your heart’s content, it actually makes me smile when i see other people are enjoying my writing as well as my partner!  And i don’t mind at all if you reblog my answered asks either.  I sometimes answer them in a silly manner in the hopes that they’ll be reblogged and bring a smile to other people’s faces.

The point is, RP threads are private.  I don’t mind if my followers read them or like them, of course, but please do not reblog them.  I’m very self-conscious about my writing at times, and if I wanted a certain idea to have a wider readership, I would skip the RP process altogether and post it as a fanfic on AO3.

So if you have reblogged any of my RP threads recently, I would very much appreciate it if you would delete them from your blog.  I know sometimes people are new to tumblr or new to following RP blogs and they don’t know that this can be considered rude.  I’m not angry or anything, please don’t think that!  I just wanted to get my feelings on the subject out in the open.  If it continues, though, I will be angry, but I’m hoping that it does not come to that.

All that being said, I want to apologize.  I would normally address this subject privately, in the inbox of this one person in particular, instead of making a post on my blog.  I can’t do that as I would like to, however, but I have to get the message across somehow.

Thank you!]

5 things that make you happy

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When you get this ask reply with 5 things that make you happy and tag the last ten people that reblogged from you.

1.  Disneyland

2.  My room (pretty much done and finally clean)

3.  Star Wars (though I haven’t become a rabid fan I still really like that world)

4.  Food (mostly salty but sometimes chocolate)

5.  Jinpachi Yushima (gonna go cry now)

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…… my side blog has hate?
And it’s really lame hate??
I want to be excited but really I’m just dissapointed and confused like dear you are just a wee angry troll blog (I’m assuming because I clearly read homestuck sending me a badly photoshopped picture of mashed up conversations I’ve read just makes you look MORE pretentious than telling me who to ship already is) go home. Have some tea. Consider not being a cunt who barges in onto my cute little 8 follower corner of shame and debauchery (there are also like forehead smooches and pale fic it is cute and I like it there and I feel you judging but consider: shoosh) and telling me what to do. I’ve reblogged 2 pics of that ship and only one was ACTUALLY that ship ffs one had Sollux literally smooshed between them like the honey nerd filling in an ot3 nerdwich.
You’re drunk hate blog go home

Do you ever get the feeling when you’re friends with someone for the next several weeks then they think wrong of you for the last few weeks they have with you even though the have been ignoring you while you are ignoring them as well, but you’re the one who’s mostly feeling worst than ever just to find out in the end that they no longer want you because they think it’s a complicated process….