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mercury rant #4

okay so can I just say I have one worst fucking parents? like, my mom went off to iraq so she can have fun with her family and leave me behind cleaning up after the whole fucking house, which by the way no one would help me with because they’re all too “busy,” while trying to maintain all a’s on grades. it’s literally finals week soon and I haven’t studied one bit I’m freaking out so much. I have errands I need to run but I can’t have a car because apparently I’m too young to have one which frustrates me so much because there are 3 people available to give me rides but they choose not to just when I need it. I can’t ride my bike to the places I need to go to because everything is like at least 2 miles away from here.

I Love You

There’s a lot of hate in the world right now. There always has been, but it seems to be running rampant right now, and I can’t tell if that’s because more people are paying attention to the news and more things are being reported or if it’s just a really terrible time for a lot of people right now. But either way, there are a lot of people that have to live with and are affected by this hate, and to you I want to say that I’m sorry and I love you.

Sorry’s don’t help, I know. “Keeping you in my thoughts” won’t help you deal with the loss of a loved one or the fear of being targeted because of your appearance. I’m not the easiest person to talk to, and I doubt there’s anything I’d be able to say to make you feel better if you did try to talk to me, but I’m here for you if you need me.

You’re strong. You’re beautiful/handsome/amazing. You matter. You can’t stop terrible people from doing terrible things, you may fear for your life based on decisions your government makes, and you may even have to fear celebrating with friends/family/your country because one person could decide to ruin it. But you can’t let that fear control you; you deserve all the happiness in the world and you shouldn’t let anyone keep you from achieving that. But please, stay safe, protect the people you love, and don’t let anyone tell you that you aren’t worthy of the things you deserve, whether that be happiness, compassion, love, or respect.

I love you all~

Long post about ADD/ADHD ahead

There’s a lot of criticism about ADD/ADHD because a lot of people suffer from it in small increments that can easily be controlled by “just getting up and doing it”. But what these people (and most of society in general) don’t realize is that for some people this disorder can be really hard for them. I know for me personally I literally have mood swings because I cannot focus on one thing to be happy/sad/angry about. I tell myself over and over that I need to get up and do something that’s due or is just important to me but I literally CAN’T. If I try and do it anyway concentrating is extremely frustrating or almost impossible. I can barely stay focused in a social setting without thinking about a million other things and literally disassociating myself from where I am because of the stress of worrying/thinking about so many things.
Lately my mind has been racing about things I don’t even want to think about so much that I literally feel anxious and stressed for what would be deemed as “no reason” and I feel like I should get up and do something about it all but I can’t. So I just sit here and bite my nails and change the channel a million times because I can’t even focus on that.

I’m sorry that I’m rambling, but my point is: for some people, this disorder is serious and they cannot function without medication forcing them to focus. The fact that when I tell my family I take medication for ADD (I’m actually pretty lazy so there’s no “H” for me, it’s mostly all thoughts in my head) and they laugh and half heartedly say “I have it too, so what. Maybe I should complain about it and get medication too” LIKE IT’S A JOKE, IS SUCH A PROBLEM. It literally makes me feel like what I have is a joke, because that’s what people deem it to be. I’m scared to even go to the DMV (where you get your permit/license) and tell them I have ADD and request more time for my test because I don’t want them to laugh and not believe me. So many people who don’t have it that badly or self-diagnosed themselves use it as an excuse just to get medicince/extra time when they DON’T NEED IT.
Fun fact: if you don’t actually have this disorder, taking the medication will have the opposite effect on you that it’s supposed to have. So that’s why people feel wired/hyper on it. If you actually suffer from it, you’ll feel the opposite, you should feel motivated, calm etc. When I’m on medication I feel motivated, like I want to actually get up and do productive things, and I CAN. I even literally get waves of random happiness and can actually FEEL happy for people when usually I feel nothing most of the time??

Long story short: if you don’t suffer from a condition someone says they have, don’t judge and make assumptions. You have no idea what they’re going through. And even if you do have some form of this (or any) disorder and you think someone else is “over exaggerating”, you’re wrong. Of course there will be some people who exaggerate for attention and such BUT, there’s a spectrum to every disorder and illness and not everyone feels it/deals with it the same as everyone else. Be kind and listen to when others tell you/confide in you about stuff like this, because I know from experience it’s not an easy thing to do.

This is gonna be pretty long but honestly no words will ever be able to describe perfectly how much each member of Bts means to me and seeing all these posts going around about certain members being asked to leave or being underappreciated just made me think a lot.

Appreciate Seokjin for how much he’s improved in dancing and singing although he had neved done them before and although he got into big hit for his looks. He works twice as much as the others just to keep up, his voice is so beautiful and he’s so talented when it comes to acting?? He cooks for his members and even drives Jungkook to schoo, that just feels like the purest form of love to me man it breaks my heart to see how underappreciated Jin is, he’s the sweetest.

Appreciate Yoongi for his songs, his passion, his beautiful lyrics. Yoongi who puts his whole self into the music he creates, Yoongi who keeps working on his mixtape although Bts’s draining promotions and comebacks and schedules keep piling up, Yoongi who keeps apologizing for making fans wait, Yoongi who went to Kobe instead of resting because he felt sorry to the point of crying for disappointing fans and not being able to go on stage with Bangtan for something that wasn’t his fault.

Don’t even get me started on Namjoon. Appreciate him because he didn’t deserve even a third of the shit he’s been through. From the very beginning until now people have never once stopped blaming him for every single little thing. He’s so so smart and his thoughts are so beautiful, his lyrics are so sincere that it’s heartbreaking and he has apologized for so many things that he wasn’t to blame for. Telling him to leave Bangtan is really too much, seen how he’s the one who lead them to where they are now, making them succeed with the songs he produced. He choose Bts over a solo career without thinking twice about it, he’s working so hard trying to promote outside of Korea and always tries to reach out to international fans but that’s somehow always overlooked.

Appreciate Hoseok who’s made of pureness and kindness, who was asked to leave the group several times but still had to put a smile on his face and pretend like he was okay because of his name. He can rap, sing and dance and does all of them amazingly good. Appreciate his loudness, his brightness, the way he helps everyone with the coreographies and the way he tries to cheer up his members when they’re at their worst.

Appreciate Jimin with and without the abs he worked so hard to achieve, to the point of skipping meals and sleeping three hours a day. Even when he fainted on stage he got blamed for ‘doing it to gain attention’ and 'trying to get his group’s name known’. Who do the members go to when there’s something on their mind? Jimin. Who does Jimin go to when there’s something on his mind? No one. He’s insecure about his voice, his appearence, his accent and his height and fails to realize how amazing he is, both as and artist and as a person, and simply how important he is for Bts.

Apreciate Taehyung, he’s the kindest soul alive and literally got blamed for the silliest stuff ever, like singing Big Bang’s song and posting a work of a photographer he liked. He even got blamed for receiving a role in a drama instead of being supported, while the hard work he’s putting into training for it seems to be unseen. He loves his family and Bangtan more than anything else and I can only imagine how many times he’s helped Jimin through highschool, not to mention the rest of bangtan.

Appreciate Jungkook he’s so so talented and so so precious. He can sing, dance and rap all while continuing his studies and working hard on promoting his band. I can’t even imagine the amount of hard work and determination necessary to do that. He’s only a kid and didn’t even get to do the stupid things teenagers do cause he had to bear responsibilities bigger than he could handle.

Please appreciate them and don’t compare them to each other, each of them is talented and unique in their own way and make Bangtan the way it is, nothing less than perfect.
There’s a not a single member that hasn’t worked hard, not a single one that deserves being looked down on or being told to leave the group. They support each other so much and deserve nothing but to be happy and loved.

An important message for ALL parents.

I’m gonna start off by saying that i am not a good writer. I know some people of here that can just rant all day and their point is still obvious but i am not that person. Even so what i’m writing about today is something that i feel everyone needs to hear, so despite how bad my grammar may be, I’m simply asking you to read until the end because I cannot believe the lesson i’m about to share with you to needs to even be taught. Anyway, where do I begin. How about yesterday. You see my parents had friends over. Doesn’t seem like much of a problem but in this case it is. Unfortunately, nowadays it seems that sharing even a small amount of time with friends becomes the perfect opportunity to embarrass or tease your kids which is exactly where all of this really starts. It started off as a simple dinner, no problem. But as I grabbed my plate and head outside alone ( I was the last person to get food, because I am the youngest), I heard my parents telling their friends about an extremely personal topic that involved an extremely embarrassing situation that I’m not particularly proud of as well as something that I had trusted my parents enough to tell them without thinking that they would share that information.( as I said, for personal reasons I wont be sharing the topic of the conversation) I immediately became furious. I stormed over to my parents and confronted them, yelling about how they had no right to share something that secretive and personal. The only responses I received were said in voices of disgust and authority (And I quote) “I am the adult and I have every right to share your personal life with whoever the hell I feel like. You are the child, and you have no right to privacy in this house. If your going to act like a brat and get embarrassed about something so ridiculous then you can eat dinner alone.” I was astonished. I could barely hold in my tears at the betrayal and anger I felt. I dropped my plate and quickly began walking inside again when I heard my one of my parents laugh it off and say “why do we even have kids?” in which everyone else laughed along. I couldn’t take it anymore. As I got to my room I found myself sobbing into my pillow, angry, betrayed, and embarrassed. I cried for a good hour before one of my parents came into my room and proceeded to scold me for crying over something “So ridiculous”. During that ‘lecture’ many things were said including “ I am so disappointed in you” and “I cannot believe you’re throwing a tantrum over this.” as well as “what a spoiled brat you are.” When they had finally left I continued to cry. I had never in my life felt so betrayed and stepped on and I could not believe how easily they had broken the trust I had put in them, or how easily they put me down with a few simple phrases. Even a day later i’m still having trouble understanding just how deep those words cut into me, and to be honest, I haven’t felt that kind of sadness in a LONG time. So, Whats the moral of the story? Well, i’ll tell you. If your child trusts you enough to tell you about something personal or important to them, DO NOT SHARE IT WITHOUT THEIR PERMISSION.  YOU are the PARENT, and believe it or not ( I cannot stress this enough) YOUR WORDS HAVE MEANING BEHIND THEM. Sharing something your child has trusted you with is the perfect way to break that trust, and i can guarantee that it will add tension to the relationship. Not only does breaking their trust affect your child but the words you say to them have influence in their lives. Words can be helpful or hurtful, and you might not realize it but children and teenagers alike FEED OFF OF THOSE WORDS. You might share something your child once trusted you with as a funny story or say hurtful words as a joke and think nothing of them but i can say this first hand, THEY REALLY DO HURT. I understand it might seem like I am crying for attention by sharing this but this is something that I found important and something that needs to be shared. so PLEASE, if you are a parent, THINK BEFORE YOU SPEAK. Are the words you say to your child something that they could go to school with and repeat and you would be proud of them or are they words that have a negative affect on EVERYONE? Please, even when your child is ‘acting up’, PLEASE, PLEASE think about what you say. Instead of becoming angry with them maybe take some time out of you day to actually ask them what’s wrong. ANd in the same way don’t break your child’s trust. It’s something that you only truly get once and destroying it wont help you at all in the future. Sorry for the rant. Thanks for reading til the end.

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I don't understand why people have to be so mean and harmful. Why do they constantly need to shit on other people. Like if youre an athiest and hate religion great but why rant about it all the damn time? Thats just an example but I mean .......why?

Did you actually read any of the posts I reblogged and understand the logical bases they are founded on? It is because religion is lack of thought and acceptance of 2000 year old ideas that we are still battling our own demons.

Ask yourself this, If the bible said:

-Treat women fairly.

-Don’t own slaves.

Do you think it would have had to take nearly +2,000 fucking years to end slavery and for women to have equal rights? What kind of God would rather you not work on Sunday than treat people with respect? Religion is the bases of misogyny, the excuse used for slavery, and the surrender of the mind in exchange for outdated ideas.

That is why I am against religion. I post about it because I want people to see the logic of what’s wrong with blankly believing the ideas of outdated books that have been used to manipulate people for millenniums. 

Elounor/Larry rant
  • You can stop reading or whatever. I don't care. Someone needs to say this. I'm sick and tired of people bashing Eleanor just because she wasn't "one of the first people posted on Instagram" or "there are no pictures of her and harry together". Please fucking stop. That's disrespectful. Obviously she's something to the FAMILY OF THE TOMLINSONS if she's a fucking bridesmaid. No one. And I mean no one would have told jay to make el a bridesmaid. And I know jay would not have taken someone telling her what to do or who to include on her WEDDING DAY. Now can we please go back to being a family in this fandom and not care about who's gay or not gay. Or what relationships are real or not real. Or even if someone is not your favorite. Obviously if they are involved with one direction they are closer to them than you are and I'm sorry but of your hating on those people that just makes you look jealous and annoying. Please stop being a bitch and focus on how happy louis and his family are today.
  • Also zayn is in Bradford with his dad today. For people who were wondering.
  • Okay that's it.
Ramblings on sexuality
  1. Ladies: just because I like girls, does not mean I find every girl I see attractive/have a crush on them. Do straight girls have a crush on every guy they see? Do straight guys have a crush on every girl they see? No. Don’t flatter yourself. I’m most likely not interested. 
  2. The fact that I haven’t slept with/dated a girl does not mean I can’t know that I like girls. That’s like saying a virgin or someone who’s never dated anyone can’t know that they’re straight or even have a sexuality. “You can’t know until you’ve tried it” is the dumbest argument for sexuality I’ve ever heard. 
  3. If I’m hanging out with another girl who likes girls, that doesn’t mean we’re dating or that we’ve hooked up. You can’t automatically assume that we’re together just because we both like girls. You don’t accuse a straight person of dating every single person of the opposite gender that they’ve ever hung out with. 
  4. Sexuality is not a fixed point or something concrete. If I start dating a guy, that doesn’t mean that I was lying about my sexuality or “went straight” again. I still probably like girls. I just don’t base my romantic partners off of their genitals. 
  5. In line with the last point, sexuality is not a choice. You don’t “turn gay” or “turn straight.” I don’t choose to like girls. I just do. (How can you not though? Like damn) Nobody actively says, “Ah yes, today I will be a homosexual. What I really want in life is for people to judge me, mock me, and not take my life choices seriously.”
  6. And lastly, I didn’t turn you down because I’m “too gay” and “can’t handle your manliness.” I turned you down because you’re an asshole. 

These are just some of things that have come up lately since I’ve started coming out to people, so I needed to vent about it a little bit. If you read this the whole way through, thanks for listening.

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I don't know if you're still reading these. But I really just need to get it out somewhere. I just moved from America so I'm not scared for myself but scared for my girlfriend and friends who live in America. My parents think I'm overeating and they both voted for Trump. I strongly disagree with them, but they hate me for being a lesbian. And I'm so afraid. I have been crying in my room for three hours and called my girlfriend. I'm just really scared. Sorry about my rant. I just needed it out.

Anon, you are so brave for sending this. Please, try and keep yourself as safe as you can, Talk to your friends and girlfriend, try to support each other as much as you can. We need our communities in times like this. Hang on in there, as much as things suck right now, we can look after each other.

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Ok I just need to rant to someone and you don't have to read this BUT I FUCKING HATE BEING MISGENDERED??? LIKE WHAT IS SO HARD ABOUT GENDER NEUTRAL PRONOUNS? Like my parents act like my pronouns are ancient runes that they can't fucking understand and my friends completely ignore my being queer and the fact that I'm not the gender they think I am. It's bullshit. And it's gives me such bad anxiety and dysphoria it SUCKS. Ugh ugh ugh. Ok bye. Have a good night sweetie.

misgendering is hard. Really you got to find ways to fix it. I would lick this one kid every time he got my pronoun wrong. and i would just yell “WHAT???” until my mom got it. hang in there sweetie i promise it gets better

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Bro, I finally found the time to start reading your webcomic today and holy crap, it's so freaking amazing! It seriously broke my heart when I had to stop reading it so I could go to work! The characters are so endearing and I can't help but love Ren to death!!! Haha sorry for the fangirl rant... Anyways, I'm planning on making a little comic of my own in the future and was wondering if you had any advice? No biggie if you don't. I just mainly wanted to thank you for being spectacular! Thanks!

Thanks so much! :D 

Well, comics need a lot of preparation before you actually start with it. For every scene, you’ll have to consider if it builds up or contradicts the other scenes. The reactions of the characters to those scenes, do they fit their personalities? How do the things happening around them change the characters’ point of view? All those stuff. There’s a lot more to think about but those are some of the important things. :)