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Honestly - some of you are reblogging from one of the WORST tinhat nasty Larrie excuses for human beings. They are not interested in being charitable - this has been proven time and time and TIME AGAIN. Contribute directly to charities that you believe in, ones that make a difference. Don’t validate this group of vile disgusting people so that they can continue to crow about how important and relevant they are. Come on - have we learned nothing?

Something to Remember Me By - Drake x MC (A Royal Romance Fanfic)

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Prompt: “That was fun, let’s do it again sometime!”

Book: The Royal Romance

Pairing: Drake x MC

Rating: T 

Hosted by @zigisbisexual this week.

[A little note: I don’t know why all I want to write lately is TRR fanfics. Here’s another rather long one for Drake and MC. It began as Drake’s perspective but then whizzed off into MC’s. Hope it’s enjoyable! ]

[Summary: Drake’s unwillingness to let her go has nothing to do with honest intentions or loyalty. Will he find a way to convince MC to stay? My summary descriptions are still awful.]

“If words fail, let my eyes and my heart be my language.”

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Maybe that was the problem with wanting someone too much. You started to forget other things, the little things that should matter. You looked for excuses, anything just to see them again and ultimately make that last mistake. The final straw that doesn’t make it easy to go back. Back to the way things were before they became complicated.

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I’ve been reading a bunch of Yondu X Reader fics. I don’t normally do that, because in my experience, once you’ve read one you’ve read them all. Don’t get me wrong; they’re fine for what they are. But they aren’t what I want to read. I got a big enough bug up my ass this time to actually start this, but I don’t know if it’s worth shitall. If I finish this, would you read it?

There is no Terra under your feet to spin its sun up and down; only riveted steel that clicks and groans as it settles. No nights and days, not out here among planetless suns. There are only cycles of sleeping and waking, regulated by an automatic switch somewhere in the Ravager ship’s deep and humming guts. And for this cycle, your waking seems to be everyone else’s sleeping.

You don’t mind, as long as sleeplessness doesn’t become a habit. The ship is dim and quiet, two things it very seldom is.  You’ve grown to love, in your own way, the Ravager crew of which you’ve been a part for the past few months. But the concepts of “calm” and “peace” are, bluntly put, alien to the crew of joyously violent outlaws.

You chuckle at your own pun and step barefoot into the dimly lit galley, the corrugated steel walkways nipping the soles of your feet. You’re not sure why there is no sleep in you. You’re not worried about anything, you muse to yourself as you open the fridge and harsh bluewhite light blasts your face like the visual equivalent of an airhorn. A pungent reek hits your nose. You bend at the waist, hands on your bare knees, and inspect the dubious chaos in front of you.

You’re not the only Terran or the only woman on board, but you’re only one of two in each case. Such as it is, the fridge is remarkably democratic: majority– alien, and male– rules. You curl your lip at both the sight and the smell and gingerly shut the door. “Suddenly I’ve lost my appetite,” you murmur to yourself.

“Oh, I haven’t.”

The raspy voice behind you shoots an arrow of electricity up your spine and dumps an invisible bucket of ice water over you. You bolt upright and whip around, unable to stifle a quiet yelp of surprise.

Yondu stands in the doorway, hip cocked against one side and hand braced against the other, grinning his sharp, multihued grin.

You freeze with breath caught and eyes wide, very much aware that your sleeping shirt, well-loved and long-used, has slipped off your left shoulder. You put a hand over your chest, ostensibly to indicate your pounding heart. And to keep your left tit from falling the hell out of your shirt in front of your grinning captain.

“Christ, you scared me.”

By way of apology, he chuckles. His tongue rides the ragged crest of his teeth, snakelike and darting. He regards you with eyes that, right now, glow a deep, visceral pink. You feel nailed to the fridge behind you, and you can’t help the heat that creeps up your neck into your cheeks. Like a lone hyena pacing just outside the swipe of a lioness’ paw, Yondu has been circling you for weeks. It was funny at first. Then it annoyed you. But for the past few days the blue bastard has never been far from your thoughts, especially in the soft darkness of your bed. It doesn’t make sense, how quickly he’d been able to find and flip the switch in you from hell no to well, yes. It doesn’t make sense, his rusty-raspy voice, the way he twitches and shifts under his coat as if he’s just itching to get out of it, to get at you. 

It doesn’t make fucking sense, how much you want to feel those teeth at your neck and that tongue between your legs.


Your favorite gay boyfriends🌹 (Yoongi’s smiling because I’m his pretty boy 💘😥)

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When my sisters were in air cadets, one of them asked me to buy a ticket and come to this cadet fundraising dance.  It was in the middle of nowhere and I was working the night shift at the time but I bought one and said I would come even though it was really inconvenient for me.  I asked her not to ditch me when I got there because I didn’t know anyone there.

Both my sisters ignored me the entire night. 

I invited my other sister to the staff Christmas party at work a couple times before I knew quite when it was and she said yes both times.  When I was able to give her the date I asked again if she was coming and she ignored all my texts. 

Sometimes your family will ask you to do something for you, and you’ll do it, but when you ask them for something all you’ll get is nothing.  Don’t feel obligated to keep giving to them because they are never going to give back.  They are just going to keep asking and they are going to conveniently forget all the times you did as they asked while they ignored you.

Submission from Stardust425

Hi! I’ve been lurking in your blog since Rogue One destroyed my life last year. 6 months later, I’m still in this hell hole (I’m not complaining) and partly thanks you and your quality blog and also the talented fic writers and fanartists.

 I recently finished Rebel Rising, and honestly, i liked it! I loved every moment of Jyn and all of Jyn’s thoughts. It’s an read easy read. Can I share with you some of my favorite moments? (I’m sorry, this is just a jumble of thoughts, mostly about Jyn Erso, who i like a normal amount)

- Being on the run and in hiding, Jyn sometimes tries to help the people around her in clever and wonderful ways (there is one incident in particular i want to cite, but i don’t want to spoil you). 

- I get the impression that Jyn’s really smart, when she’s in a pinch, she can think very logically, she gets this from Galen, and she’s aware of this

- She wants to be brave like her mother. She thinks very highly of Lyra and while in Wobani, that crystal was the only thing keeping her from giving up and just taking her own life. Just like many of the prisoners.

- She considers herself Saw’s daughter, even called herself “Jyn Gerrera” at some point and Saw openly calls her his daughter. Which makes Jyn’s “come with us!” to Saw in the movie hurt 1000000% more painful. Because even after all these years, after being betrayed by him and convincing herself she hates Saw, deep down, she still loves him. Jyn’s as much Galen and Lyra’s daughter as she is Saw’s. I think even the Rogue one novel acknowledges this also

- This entire paragraph made me laugh out loud:

That night, Jyn started cooking. “This slop is disgusting, ” she said. “I don’t know much, but I can do better than this. For starters, let me introduce you to salt.”

Captain laughed, pleased with the variety, and the boys in general eased up around Jyn.

- Jyn’s knows how to cook! and She’s hella sassy as well!

Sorry for dumping this on you. I hope you get to read Rebel Rising. It’s a wonderful book, it’s not perfect, but it’s basically a look into Jyn’s mind, so I loved it since I love Jyn Erso :D

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  • a - age: 17 
  • b - birthplace: fountain valley, ca
  • c - current time: 10:02 am
  • d - drink you had last: water
  • e - easiest person to talk to: my former-decathlete friends, i love gossiping and being nerds with them around
  • f - favorite song: as of rn, i like salt // bad suns and there’s nothing holdin me back // shawn mendes (who is arguably the squishiest, softest boy i’ve ever seen. what a cutie)
  • g - grossest memory: cleaning a toilet overflow… that had shit in it. let’s not talk abt that
  • h - horror yes or no: NOOOO BAHAHA i managed to only get through the vvitch bc my decathlete bbys were shrieking and holding each other’s hands, and through get out bc lbr, that was a hella good movie
  • i - in love? nahhhh i got shit to do
  • j - jealous of people? always
  • k - killed someone? tbh in order to torture someone the most they have to be alive, so nah
  • l - love at first sight or should i walk past again? walk past
  • m - middle name: thi (^:
  • n - number of siblings: 1 lil brother, a Certified Brat 
  • o - one wish: to win county competition with my decathlon team
  • p - person i called last: mommers
  • q - question you’re always asked: are you still in decathlon? (LMAO
  • r - reason to smile: babies… and dogs… and cats… and true friends….
  • s - song you last sang: heaven // troye sivan
  • t - time you woke up: 6 am bc my body still insists on going to 0 period even though it’s SUMMER
  • u - underwear color: white 
  • v - vacation: scotlaaaand or paris
  • w - worst habit: being a lazy bby
  • x - xrays: only for teeth 
  • y - your favorite food: sushi
  • z - zodiac sign: taurus!!

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anonymous asked:

Okay so this's kinda urgent but don't go out of your way to answer this. I was just wondering what y'all's opinion on 'transtrenders' is? I've heard many different opinion and one of them I heard was that there's no such thing as that and I was curious as to the explanation to that. I'm genuinely curious, not trying to be rude or anything. Thanks!

Tobias says:

Now this is just my opinion, so don’t take it for the whole blog. We are a diverse group of people and we respect differing opinions. 

Personally, I do think that some transtrenders, or people pretending to be trans because it’s “trendy” exist. For example, somebody who comes out as trans or non binary, but experiences no disconnect between gender and body, and has no desire to transition socially or medically, and is pretending, on purpose, for pity points. HOWEVER, I think this is a much, much smaller percentage of trans and non binary folk than most people who talk about “transtrenders” think there is.

All that said, I do NOT think non-binary people are “transtrenders”. I believe in agender, genderqueer, bigender, all the genders that relate in some way to male or female, whether that is because they feel like a mix of male and female, or a little of both, or neither. All that makes sense to me, because if a person can be transgender male to female or female to male, why couldn’t their brain get stuck somewhere in the middle, and make them be both or neither or whatever?

I don’t think genders like “spacegender” or “plantgender” and the like are real, because that’s simply not what gender is. Gender relates to what you want your body to look like (kinda, but that’s a post for another time), and you can’t exactly want your body to look like space or a plant. 

However, I do not think we should just jump to assuming that someone who identifies as galaxygender or whatever is a transtrender trying to harm the community. If you actually look at the blogs of people who identify like this, they’re usually young teenagers, 14 or 15, not yet old enough or educated enough to understand why genders like those are genuinely not possible. They may be confused trans men or women who are hesitant to identify as the opposite binary gender, or they might be non binary people who conflate “voidgender” with agender or something like that. Or they might be cis people who got caught up in thinking that aesthetics are a gender and simply got confused. 

But I genuinely don’t think that any of these people are true “transtrenders”. I think they’re just people trying to figure out some things in life and getting confused. I don’t think people should use someone’s gender identity, however outlandish, and no matter whether you believe in it or not, to harass them or make fun of them. Giving them resources about trans things are one thing, but attacking someone because you don’t think their gender is real is something else. And it makes you many times worse than the harm you claim the “transtrenders” are doing. 

TL;DR, I think that transtrenders ARE real, but that they are willfully appropriating a medical condition, and reason can’t really appeal to them. I think young non binary and binary trans people can sometimes call themselves by an outlandish label that has nothing to do with gender, but I don’t think they should be called transtrenders or ridiculed for what is probably just an innocent and unintentional period of confusion in their life. To sum it up, I’d say that whether or not you believe in genders that don’t relate to male or female, and whatever your ideas about dysphoria and transitioning, just let people live. Sometimes they’re young, sometimes they’re uninformed, sometimes they may even be intentionally pretending for pity points. But ultimately, it’s not up to you to decide. If they’re genuinely confused, they’ll figure it out someday. And if they’re pretending, they’ll realize what a jerk move it was and grow up someday as well. Until then, just keep living your own life and try to make it the best you can. 

Jaz says:

I agree with what Tobias has to say. 

Max says: 

I agree with Toby, but I think that sometimes transphobic people will pretend to be trans to make a mockery of transgender people and shed a negative light on the community. I think this a thing that can happen. It’s not so much people wanting to be trans because it’s “cool”, but people pretending to be trans to make us seem ridiculous. 

Luke says:

I also agree with Tobias, but I think that the otherkin community is a more accurate place for people who identify with plants and galaxies and things, rather than the trans community, because of what he said about trans tending to be more body related. If it’s more about how you feel spiritually, it might be an otherkin thing. 

Hope this post helps, but remember it’s up to you to figure out your opinion on things; you don’t have to agree with us to follow us or to be a good person!

If you’re gonna sit here and talk shit about Candice Patton but yet you don’t want anybody to voice an opinion different then yours…please just shut the fuck up. No one has time for this childish bullshit.

5 things tag

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Five things you’ll find in my bag:

  • Pens
  • mp3 player because my phone is broken
  • wallet
  • phone
  • old recites and random notes

Five things you’ll find in my bedroom:

  • my laptop
  • my headphones
  • me
  • bottles im too lazy to put away
  • a zelda shield i made out of a door

Five things I’ve always wanted to do:

  • Be happy at a party like in the movies
  • Win a prize
  • Make a german cake called “Schwarwälder Kirsch Torte”
  • Get a cool job
  • Make my friends and family happy

Five things that make me happy:

  • BTS
  • my best friend
  • walking though a city 
  • being better at stuff than other people
  • chocolate

Five things I’m currently into:

  • american hiphop
  • going out with friends
  • sense8
  • oreo ice cream (because its really hot here) 
  • wearing short cloths

Five things on my to do list:

  • Go to a bts concert
  • Graduate university
  • travel outside europe
  • doing something kind for someone
  • work in another city or country

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Hey @happycloude-91!! I made a silly little thing based off of that Spy AU you created. I drew it as a way of saying thanks for your support and lovely messages, so I hope you like it!! ^^

Have I mentioned how much I enjoy the thought of Harry and Draco back at Hogwarts years after they leave? If not, let me take a few moments of your time to elucidate:

  • Banter
  • Inter-house rivalry at the head table
    • inter-house rivalry between classes
  • Knowing (memorizing) each other’s schedule and casually bringing it up in conversation–with or outside of each other
  • Seeming like a married couple to everyone else but not realizing it themselves
  • Intense quidditch debates in the staff room
    • students like to hang around outside because they’re always loud and always hilarious (and sometimes often result in creative new insults to add to their repertoire)
  • Grading together in one of their quarters and snarking over ridiculous student answers
  • Quibbling over teaching methods to the point of pedantry just to be annoying to the other
  • Trying the “I’ve never been more shocked by student behaviour in my life” approach on students who misbehave, none of whom believe it because they’ve heard stories of Harry and Draco’s time at Hogwarts (usually by the other in classes, ex. Draco climbing a tree because he wanted Harry’s attention)
  • Patrolling the hallways over Christmas hols
    • “Here. This is the statue Flitwick said he’s caught kids fooling around behind. Go check it out.”
    • “Why do I have to go?”
    • “What are you, scared?”
    • “… Fine, you absolute tosser. …Woah, Malfoy, come check this out.”
    • “What? What is it?”
    • “Just get back here and you’ll see.”
    • “I’m not going to fall for your tricks, Potter. I’m not going back there.”
    • “Malfoy….”
    • Fine.”
      • They end up necking behind the statue like students
      • It becomes a repeat occurrence
If you saw this you’ve been cursed by the Dapper Man himself. You have to pay him or he’ll take your soul, and throw it right into Villainous trashcan fandom, where you’ll never enjoy fresh air or rl friends.

A quick Clexa AU fic list as requested by anon

This is rather chaotic as I’ve put it together real quick and I’ve plenty favorites - I might add more as I remember or as I go through my reading (some are finished, some are on-going). For now though …

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