you don't have to date just to give someone a gift

The Signs as Lovers
  • *use moon or venus*
  • Aries: The one who's always down for an adventure. Knows how to separate work and play. Fiesty and needs to keep some independence in the relationship.
  • Taurus: The one who prefers a movie night at home. Super cuddlers who just wanna love you. Sensual, loves the feeling of skin on skin, the sweet aroma of baked goods and the sound of your heart beating when they rest on your chest.
  • Gemini: The one who knows it all. They frustrate you with their endless debating but in the end, never fail to amaze you with how much knowledge they hold. They love an intellectual challenge and need to be kept on their toes. Lose the intellectual stimulation and lose them too.
  • Cancer: The one who sticks with you. Theyre there for better or for worse, if you promise them the same. If they're low on food or sleep, expect the crab to show it's claws. They love intimacy with a little spark and a lot of passion. They need lots of love and attention but you're promised the same in return.
  • Leo: The one who shows you off. They never fail to post your pictures and aren't ashamed to have you on their arm. They need their ego tended to because despite their attempts at hiding it, they're incredibly insecure. They're high maintenance and need loads of attention without being smothered. They show love through gifts and compliments and expect the same.
  • Virgo: The one whos introspective yet assuring. They're often over critical and anxious but theyre always willing to help you in a crisis. They're incredibly dependable and secure without being clingy. You don't need to question if they love you, because you already know.
  • Libra: The one who can't make up their mind. They can't seem to pick, whether it's a partner or a place to eat or a new phone, the Libra finds a way to get caught between the choices. They fall in love quickly and often fall out of love at the same pace until they find someone who they truly care for. They're very loving and you can rely on them for a confidence boost.
  • Scorpio: The one full of raw passion. While a Scorpio may seem harsh and distant at first, you recognize there's a depth and complexity to them nobody can every truly put together. There's always a piece of themselves hidden and it keeps the mystery alive. A high sex drive and lots of passion accompany this sign.
  • Sagittarius: The one who's always changing. They're adaptive and have fluctuating attitudes and personality traits. They stand by their beliefs but are incredibly open minded. They'll always listen to what you have to say and take your experiences and opinions into account. This sign has an inner free spirit who needs to be nurtured.
  • Capricorn: The one who plays dirty. They work hard but play harder. They hold a harsh type of romance and aren't very clingy. While they may seem detached in romantic aspects, they never fail to show their passions in the bedroom. They surround themselves with luxury and prefer comfortable and expensive living.
  • Aquarius: The one who thinks for themselves. They have strong views that are normally unwavered. They want what's best for humanity and the world, they need a partner who acknowledges this side of them. They seem disconnected but always find a way to still show they love you. They like thinking up new, original date ideas and ways to show you how much they truly care.
  • Pisces: The one who needs you. They love the idea of love. They're escapists at heart and often use sex or other pleasures to mute reality. They become attached easily and once they love you, they're willing to stay through anything. These are the types of lovers who need constant reassurance. They need to know they're needed and wanted and loved. If you show them that, they'll give you the world.
I hate these ship ask games bc they're basic so I'm just gonna make my own (don't reblog for straight ships)
  • 1. Who's the one who's reckless and always getting into trouble while the other gotta pull em out
  • 2. Who's the one to send the other "I love my gf/bf" memes
  • 3. Who's the one who listens to a music genre the other doesn't like and how does the other react
  • 4. Which one spoils the other more and do they ever get competitive to show the other more love
  • 5. How many years did it take to get married or was it just not for them
  • 6. What was their wedding like
  • 7. Is their friends/family supportive
  • 8. How does one comfort the other when the other is in distress/having a panic attack/crying
  • 9. Which one dissociates
  • 10. Which one stares at the other's booty like "damn" and how does the other react when catching them
  • 11. When they live together what kinda place do they live in? What does their home look like?
  • 12. What do their dates look like
  • 13. How does each act when getting drunk
  • 14. Which one rolls over in the morning to wake up the other one just to give kiss them
  • 15. Have they saved each other's lives before
  • 16. Does one have an interest the other think is weird but wants to listen to it regardless
  • 17. Which one uses cropped hentai as reaction images
  • 18. Does one of them kinkshame the other
  • 19. Is one of them self conscious about their body? If so how does the other comfort them
  • 20. Say they were cuddling on the bed while listening to record player playing the background. Which song is playing?
  • 21. What is their song? Like the song that gives them overwhelming feelings?
  • 22. What song do they listen to while going on a joyride
  • 23. What kinda joyrides do they go on? Relaxing ones or wild ones?
  • 24. Where would they vacation for a honeymoon
  • 25. Do people ever get annoyed of their pda
  • 26. Would they live in the city or the country
  • 27. Which ones the red which ones the blue
  • 28. Are either of them mentally ill, if so how do they help one another cope
  • 29. Does one have a spot on them where they would melt when the other kisses them there
  • 30. Do they dance together
  • 31. Do they sing together
  • 32. Which one is better at cooking than the other and makes most the dinners
  • 34. Are they a reckless couple or safe
  • 35. What be they kinks and do they try each other's kinks
  • 36. What would their valentines gifts be to each other
  • 37. Do they get into fights often? If so what do they fight over and how do they make up?
  • 38. Which ones top, bottom, verse
  • 39. What kinda sex they be having (gentle rough whatever)
  • 40. Who would fight in honor for the other if someone would insult them
  • 41. Which one has a favorite movie that they have the other watch with them again and again
  • 42. How would one react if the other was to die
  • 43. Who dies first
  • 44. Do they want kids
  • 45. How would they spend their last moments together

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i get that people are freaking out about that clip, i'm bi myself and i don't want any of that stuff from the books on the show but a) we don't even know if this isn't edited together and the 'how many' doesn't even relate to the line about magnus' past and b) even if it is .. i doubt it'll be some biphobic shit like in the books and just a .. healthy talk? i'm sorry but when i start dating someone new and get to know it's normal to talk about each other's past? idk this fandom is wild lmao

i don’t blame ppl for being anxious bc media has let many marginalized groups down in the past. so people expressing a bit of nervousness that they hope the story will be well done is not really my issue; i am always forever anxious about how they’ll treat magnus, so i get it.

my issue is the specific claim that the discussion of past relationships and question of “how many” itself is problematic. a person’s sexual and romantic history is not off limits if you are pursuing a relationship with them, especially a serious one; asking honest questions and giving honest answers is important. like, i can’t imagine diving into a long term relationship with someone without having had any frank discussions about these topics.

it isn’t a mark against someone if they’re a bit insecure about all the answers, either. i think it’s odd to expect alec, who has never had a real relationship before, to be totally chill with everything. he’s probably going to be a unsure of himself and magnus is going to feel way out of his league, like he can’t compare – and that’s okay as long as it isn’t something he turns around to hold against magnus. given that he buys magnus a cute gift in 2x07, i would be surprised if this were happening. if anything, it seems alec is dealing with any uncertainties in a positive way, i.e. getting magnus a little present because…that’s what good boyfriends do, right? and he wants to be a good boyfriend to magnus.

basically, the biphobia in the books was not alec being insecure about magnus having more experience; it was 1) the framing of magnus having more experience as “sleeping around” and 2) alec letting it manifest into an ugly irrational anger against magnus, snapping at him did you sleep with him too?? and i bet you also slept with her!!!!! (in front of his parents at one point, no less) which was horrible. but alec perhaps thinking am i going to be good enough for him? and what if i’m not able to compare? is not the same thing.


Drabble game request: Yoongi + “How could I ever forget about you" + Angst | for anon

Character / Genre: Yoongi x reader | parenthood!au, angst 

Word count: 1,562 words

Part 1/ReflectionsPart 2/FlashlightsPart 3/Pathways ⇎ Part 4/Shadows

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Hi I LOVE your work and you totally don't have to write this but like you know the au where people's hair color change with their emotions what if like it was like that in a muggle au for wolfstar!

hi I’m so sorry I hate to be annoying! but I’m the anon that sent in the hair color changing au and I kinda just realized how cute it would be for jamesxteddy :)(again you can totally just ignore this I’ll understand, I’d hate to be a bother!)

You’re definitely not annoying! Thanks so much for your prompt(s)! I have a load of others in my inbox but this really appealed to me and I just had to write it and I was actually able to write all of it in one day whereas so many others I was only able to write half! Anyway this is my first james x teddy fic and I changed the ages a bit (teddy’s a year or two younger and all the other next gen kids except Victoire is well about a year or two older because I wanted to age gap to not be so big)

So yeah I went with the James x Teddy fic because I think that’s what you wanted in the end so I hope you like it! 

Being a metamorphmagus was something that Teddy honestly loved about himself.

As a child he loved changing his face into animal faces like a duck’s or one time he even gave himself a giraffe neck and almost stuck his head through Harry’s kitchen ceiling.

Once he got to Hogwarts he would impress his dorm-mates by showing them how he could make his fingers any length he wanted and how he could make himself taller than the others and make his voice deeper, managing to make his friends ever so slightly jealous but also intrigued.

It made him likeable but Ginny always said it wasn’t being a metamorphous that made him special, it was the things he chose to do with it.

Like turning into Professor McGonagall and pretending to give a lecture just to make a first year Slytherin laugh after she’d been crying, it was turning into Harry and telling Granddad Weasley made up facts about the muggle world until he was caught.

Harry once told him that Teddy used his gift that his mother gave him to continue his father’s legacy and that was what Teddy loved the most about himself. How he was equally both of them, even if he had never met them.

But unfortunately his gift had a price.

He could change anything about his body just by thinking of it except for his hair on his head. 

For some crazy reason, his head hair was controlled to his emotions; well there was some actual logic behind it as other metaphorphmaguses had the same condition, apparently Hermione and Percy had researched it when he was a child but Teddy didn’t really care why it happened, he just wanted it to stop but unfortunately there was no way of doing so.

He’d tried dyeing it in third year after he was left mortified when his hair turned a shade of pink when he saw a sixth year boy shirtless in the quidditch locker room.

Pink he realised on that day meant he had a crush and that wasn’t good because now everyone could tell he had a crush on someone.

However dyeing it didn’t make one bit of difference, he’d walked down from his dorm with his newly dyed brown hair and the second his friend laughed and made a comment about what happened in the locker room, his hair turned orange, orange which was for embarrassment.

For about a year and a half after that Teddy decided to just not have crushes on people but that turned out to be rather difficult being a bisexual teenager surrounded by attractive people every day at Hogwarts.

The worst part of it was when he started dating and a few times even though he and the other person said they were casual, Teddy could tell the other felt hurt whenever their eyes flitted up to his hair and it was blonde for friendship or fondness and not pink.

So after that he decided beanies and hats would become his new best friends. He’s seen a few photos of his dad wearing hats and found a few of his old ones. His mum had a few eccentric ones too so he wore those on his rebellious days but he preferred his dad’s old beanies because they covered all of his hair.

He started taking them off during the breaks though ever since he came home for the summer holidays and saw Harry’s worried frown at the train station.

That was an embarrassing conversation in which Teddy had to insist he wasn’t ashamed of who he was, he just didn’t like the whole world being able to tell what he felt at any moment.

But Teddy knew it worried Andromeda and Harry slightly though they tried their best not to show it and realistically it was rather stupid wearing beanies during the summer holidays so he didn’t wear them outside of Hogwarts.

But everything changed during his seventh year and the summer before it started.

That summer he’d spent a lot of the time with Andromeda and weeks here or there with the Potters and Weasleys. He loves all the Weasley cousins and thankfully several are in Hogwarts now so they’re all really close.

He’s always been the closest with Victoire though as she’s only a year younger than him but there was never anything romantic between them, the only small moment they had was at King’s Cross at the beginning of seventh year when he kissed her to make her ex jealous and they laughed about it afterwards.

Once he’d calmed down enough and looked around to see if the ex saw their kiss, he was at first happy on Vic’s behalf that he did but instantly he felt his heart plummet to his stomach when he saw James staring at them with wide eyes.

James Sirius Potter, Victoire’s cousin who was starting his fifth year that year.

James who Teddy had spent the summer laughing with, playing pranks on James’s cousins with and talking about everything with.

Because Victoire was great but Teddy just always felt he and James could talk about anything with each other.

In that moment James and Teddy looked at each other for what felt like eternity, Teddy saw hurt in James’s eyes and put that down to James thinking Teddy liked Victoire, maybe that they were even dating and that he’d never told him, even though they’d sworn that summer that they’d told each other everything.

Teddy takes a step forward, forgetting about Victoire beside him, wanting to talk to James, explain himself and the situation, anything to rid himself of the tightening knot of guilt in his stomach.

James merely shook his head, turned and ran from him to where his family were standing around Lily who was starting her first year at Hogwarts this year.

Teddy swallowed down his feelings and forced himself to turn back to Victoire and smile, pretending he’d been listening to her words of gratitude.

Teddy was Head Boy this year so thankfully he was too busy giving talks to the prefects and organising patrol schedules on the train to think about James’s heartbreakingly sad brown eyes but once the feast started and James ignored Teddy’s silent invitation to sit beside him, Teddy couldn’t stop thinking about them.

While the first years hurried up the steps one by one to be sorted and as the headmistress and the sorting hat gave their speeches, Teddy thought about the times he spent with James that summer.

He thought about all their late nights on the roof of the Potter’s house under the stars.

He lets himself remember the one talk in particular that he’s been trying to forget all summer.

The night when he told James more about the loneliness he feels without his parents than he could ever dream of telling Harry or Andromeda.

He remembers James repaying in kind, revealing how he hates how people look at him as the son of the Boy Who Lived and one of the greatest chasers the Holyhead Harpies ever had and how he sees himself as a disappointment because he struggles to pass his classes and can’t play quidditch if his life depended on it.

Teddy had looked at him and reassured him that he was the farthest thing from a disappointment and that he was so proud of him and he knew Harry and Ginny were too.

James had smiled, that dazzling white bright smile of his and Teddy had felt his stomach clench but not in a bad way, instead it was in a weirdly happy way.

He didn’t understand it until a second later when James’s eyes flickered up to his hair and he whispered into the night, “Why is your hair pink? What does that mean?”

Teddy’s eyes had widened in horror, he’d given some feeble excuse that he couldn’t even remember now and soon insisted he was tired and they should go to bed.

The next morning Teddy came down to the kitchen in a baseball cap and wore one for every day that summer regardless of what the others said.

After every conversation Teddy had with James, or after James so much as smiled at him, Teddy would find the nearest mirror, close the door and take off his hat and sure enough his hair would be pink.

But over the summer the pinkness turned into a light red shade and Teddy knew what that meant, he didn’t even need to look it up in one of Hermione’s books.

He knew it stood for romantic love.

And that was something Teddy really couldn’t handle in his final year of Hogwarts.

But then James had looked at him with those wide, sad eyes and he just wants to run over to the Gryffindor table and tell James that the kiss didn’t mean anything, not that James would care who he kissed but still he has a right to know.

Teddy wants to find James after the feast more than anything but he has to lead the first years back to the dorms, give them the usual speech and give everyone in Hufflepuff house the password so he doesn’t get a chance to talk to him.

The following two weeks are extremely busy too; he has to manage his own timetable while helping out the first years and balancing his patrol schedule and tutoring group at the same time so he rarely gets to talk to his friends in his dorm let alone his cousin in another year and house.

But in the middle of the last week of September, Teddy decides he has to try so he goes out of his way to see James, learning his timetable and waiting outside his last class, eating near him at the Gryffindor table at the feasts, thankfully inter-house unity is common now so this is normal but whenever Teddy approaches James, he won’t even look at him let alone talk to him.

James just skilfully avoids eye contact and talks to someone beside him or walks in the other direction and every single time Teddy’s pace falters and he doesn’t need to take his hat off to know that his hair has turned blue.

James succeeds in his avoidance techniques until the end of October but it’s not Teddy or James that brings this to an end, instead its Emma Bones, the sixth year prefect of Gryffindor house who Teddy used to tutor last year for her OWLs  

It’s at the end of their second prefect meeting when she lingers behind and asks to talk to him.

“Look I wasn’t going to say anything but I thought you’d want to know because I know how close you two are.” Emma starts, her eyebrows are drawn together but her eyes stare fiercely at him.

Teddy smiles and tries not to be worried, “What’s going on Em?”

“It’s probably not a big deal but it’s about James.”

Teddy frowns and stops packing his stuff away, focusing his full attention on her now.

“James? Is everything okay with him?”

“Yes everything’s fine, he’s just been getting into a bit of trouble recently. And I know that’s something you or me or any of those cousins are partial too but” Emma sighs,

“I don’t know it seems off, he’s doing stupid things like staying out late in stupid areas where he’d surely know we’d catch him on patrol. I think he’s been giving back cheek to teachers which isn’t really like him, he’ll banter with them but he never disrespects them so that’s why this is so unusual and he just seems so angry all the time. He’s gotten five detentions already and a letter’s going to be written home soon if it hasn’t already so I just thought…maybe if you could talk to him then he might settle down a bit?”

Teddy blinks twice, frozen in place and unsure of what to say.

Emma is right, Teddy can certainly be rebellious at times, and he was definitely partial to sneaking out here and there when he was in James’s year or even when he was younger but being disrespectful to teachers is another thing and as for being angry a lot, that’s definitely not who James is.

“I’ll talk to him” Teddy says eventually, “I will and thank you, I appreciate you telling me this, I really do Em.”

Emma smiles and nods before slipping out of the room and leaving Teddy alone with his thoughts.

The next morning is thankfully a Saturday and when he goes down to the Great Hall for breakfast he’s glad to see that James is there already, slowly eating his eggs and bacon like every other tired student who managed to drag themselves out of bed for breakfast.

Teddy sits beside Victoire at the Ravenclaw table and makes small chit-chat with her as he quickly eats some cereal and all the while he notices James’s eyes on him. He wonders how long James has been secretly watching him and why he won’t just talk to him or at least let Teddy talk to him.

From the corner of his eye, Teddy later catches James standing up to leave and Teddy knows that he needs to talk to him right now or he mightn’t get another chance so he politely excuses himself from the table and follows James out of the room.

He waits until they’ve both left the Entrance Hall to slide into step beside him and it’s rather fortunate that there’s nobody else around for James to talk to or anywhere James can run off to this morning.

“We need to talk” Teddy tells him softly.

James lets out a long breath that Teddy can’t differentiate between a sigh and a huff,

“Look I’ve lots of studying to do so if you don’t mind I’d rather-“

“James come on” Teddy says, coming to a halt and putting a gentle hand on James’s arm, causing him to stop too and face him, “What’s going on? You haven’t talked to me at all since we started term and I…I miss talking to you, can’t you just spare five minutes? Please?”

James finally meets his eyes and his eyes are a mixture of emotions, ranging from guarded, hurt and defiant, “Can’t you just go talk to Vic? You guys are dating now right so why-“

Teddy shakes his head clearly, “No we’re not.”

James stops talking and his mouth drops open, “What? What do you mean? Then why did you kiss her at King’s Cross?”

“She wanted to piss off that twat of an ex-boyfriend of hers.”

“The one that cheated on her?”

“Yes Jamie” Teddy says, a smile playing on his lips, “We’re definitely not together. I was just helping her out.”

“Oh” James says, his voice is soft and Teddy didn’t realise James’s shoulders were tensed until they drop and relax, “I didn’t…I didn’t know, the cousins, well they were all saying you were together.”

Teddy snorts, “I love Rose and Albus to pieces but how reliable are they for information, really?”

James laughs and Teddy forgot how much he missed that sound, “Yeah that’s true.”

Teddy smiles broadly now, “Look can we talk? Actually talk, please?”

James nods, “Yeah, yeah sure okay.”

They head down to the kitchens even though they just got food and spend an hour passing jokes back and forth while helping the house elves clean up from breakfast and then they sit side by side on a table, their shoulders touching and Teddy’s hair most definitely changing colour under his beanie.

“What’s going on with you?” Teddy asks softly

James’s eyes are focused on his fidgeting fingers that rest on his knees,

“Nothing, I’ve just been busy.”

“Jamie I’m head boy, I hear about all the kids getting in trouble, especially ones with five detentions for disrespecting teachers and getting caught after curfew.”

James scoffs but there’s no meaning to it, “Like you never did it.”

“James I know you. If you wanted to really rebel, this wouldn’t be how you’d do it and if you wanted to sneak out at night you wouldn’t let yourself get caught! I know you’ve your dad’s cloak and the map your grandfather and my dad made. So what’s going on? Why do you keep purposely getting into trouble?”

Teddy watches the varying emotions flicker on James’s face as he stares at his fingers that have stopped fidgeting to rest on his lap.

“I…” James whispers “Do you remember our second night on my roof at home last summer?”

Teddy nods, the night he rarely lets himself think about, the night of revelations and stupid pink hair.

“Yeah of course I remember” Teddy replies, his voice just as quiet as James’s, “Why?”

“Afterwards, about a month later when you were back at your gran’s I…well I borrowed one of Uncle Percy’s books and I found the part on metamorphaguses and those whose head hair are connected to their emotions, it’d been bookmarked I think he’d used it when they realised you were one of them. I…well I looked up what it meant when they…when you have pink hair.”

Teddy felt his breath catch in his throat.

A hundred thoughts, worries, fears and hopes ran through his mind but the main thought screaming in his head right now was ‘shit, shit, shit, shit’.

He wants to apologise, to lie and make something up, anything that could possibly explain this situation. He racks his head to remember what he told that sixth year in the locker room all those years ago, at least if he said that, it would be something but he just can’t remember.

James still doesn’t meet his eyes but Teddy is shocked to see a small smile on his lips,

“I thought…well I thought at first that…well that meant you liked me, that you had a crush on me.”

The words, ‘you thought right’ linger on Teddy’s lips but Teddy can’t find a voice to speak them.

“But I wasn’t sure you know?” James continues his voice surprisingly casual for this conversation, “I thought you could have been thinking of someone else, you could have been daydreaming of someone completely different and that’s why you were so embarrassed when I pointed it out, it would explain the rubbish excuse you gave. So I was going to wait until you came back to see what your hair was like” He laughs, “I even studied and learned what each hair colour stood for, I mean most of them I knew of course but some I didn’t but anyway then you came back wearing that stupid baseball cap that you never took off, not even that time we went swimming in the lake! I wanted to ask about it but…I guess I was just afraid.”

“What were you afraid of?” Teddy finds himself asking, even though his words are barely audible

“That your hair turned pink for the realistic reason, you were thinking of someone else. I didn’t, I didn’t want to hear it because I’d liked you for so long. And then, well, then I saw you kissing Victoire and I knew you didn’t like me and that you liked someone else, her to be exact and I was…sad and angry even though I had no right to be. I did all those stupid things to get your attention, hoping one day it would be you who caught me on patrol. I couldn’t just talk to you like you wanted, anytime you approached me I just felt guilty or annoyed or hurt so I just avoided you and kept getting in trouble to catch your attention, maybe to get your attention more than Vic, it makes no sense I know that but I…I don’t know, I didn’t know what else to do.”

Teddy opens his mouth to say something but he knows if he tries to talk, all that will come out would be a squeal of joy that James liked him back. So instead he reaches up to his head with one hand and takes the Hufflepuff pride beanie off his head.

He doesn’t need to look into a mirror to know that right now his hair is a light shade of red.

James finally looks at him and when he sees Teddy’s hair, his beautiful brown eyes widen and his eyebrows rise to his hairline.


“Romantic love” Teddy answers for him, unable to resist the grin spreading over his face, “I…James my hair turned pink that night because I liked you, I had a crush on you because you were open and honest with me and I liked that James, I liked the real James that you showed me that night. I swear I never liked Vic, I never told you I was falling for you that summer because I didn’t want to make you uncomfortable, we grew up together, your cousins see me as another cousin and I thought you saw me like that too so I said nothing. The last thing I wanted was to make you uncomfortable or to hurt you and I’m sorry I did.”

“I’m sorry too” James says, tearing his eyes away from Teddy’s hair to finally meet his eyes, “I should have come to you sooner, I should have talked to you whenever you tried to talk to me. I acted like a ridiculous child I know.”

Teddy smirks and lets himself kiss James’s forehead, “Maybe a small bit” and he laughs when James lightly hits his arm.

“I love you too, you know?”

Teddy does know that now but he can’t deny that his heart soars when he hears James say those words.

“Yeah I do”

James smiles that perfect wide toothy grin and hesitates only a minute before closing the space between them and kissing Teddy on the mouth.

It’s good for a first kiss, really good and it’s the best kiss Teddy has had in his entire life simply because it’s with James.

He knows there’s a lot they need to talk about and think about but for right now Teddy’s perfectly happy to keep kissing James on an old table in the Hogwarts kitchens and relish in the feel of James’s soft hand in his as their fingers intertwine.

One thing’s for certain though, Teddy’s not going to be wearing any hat, beanie or baseball cap for the next while, not if this is the reaction he gets from James at seeing his hair.

Maybe having hair that was attached to emotions wasn’t as bad as Teddy originally thought.

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Okay so I'm in the bath and would love some of your incredible words to fill this writing prompt: Eggsy as the cute as pie Lush worker and Harry as the put-upon gentleman looking for a gift for someone (I guess someone he doesn't know very well) or following a mark into Lush (I don't know, he's just there!) and eggsy is forced to greet him as per lush law. Cue dates and baths together forever, all the fluffy feels xoxoxoxo

To be entirely honest Nonny, my first reaction to this was “hell nah” not because the prompt isn’t amazing (as is the next one you sent) but, unpopular opinion time, I personally cannot stand Lush. I mean I like the concept just fine, workers are usually friendly, but to me it all smells the same and when I go into a shop with my earbuds on, it usually means that nope, I do not want a demo done on me. Let’s just say my antisocial ass when shopping has had one too many bad experience with salesclerk who couldn’t understand my simple “I am looking for now, I’ll ask as soon as I need help”. Like I get you want to show me your cool products, but can I get an idea of which one I want to know more about before you bombard me with them? … Anyway rant over, sorry about that Nonny.

But soon after I saw the #agegapapril post from @deepdarkwaters and well, this seemed like the perfect opportunity to write a little something and make a Nonny happy :D

Also, I’ll probably use the bingo cards as inspiration for little snippets in this Lush verse, so stay tune Nonny, you’re getting a several stories this month :D They won’t be long though because I gotta focus on the bang, but I do hope you like them!

Day One - Velvet

The posh gentleman that just stepped into the shop looks as if he’s inadvertently walked into a warzone and Eggsy cannot really blame him.

Even after a few months of working at Lush, he sometimes internally cringes at his own coworkers. Not that he’s really any better, after all, an enthusiastic greeting is one of Lush Law, but there is something to say about being able to read your customers’ body language.

For example, now that the posh gentleman has declined his offer to help with a look that is very reminiscent of a deer caught in headlights, he needs to back off or the man will bolt out of the shop at the first occasion. The poor bloke is clearly overwhelmed and doesn’t seem the sort to like being reminded that he is out of his depth.

So instead of badgering him, Eggsy leaves him to peruse the shelves at his own pace and goes to help a group of giggly teenagers. He keeps an eye on the gentleman through all the awkward flirting though and as soon as the girls are out of the shop with more bathbombs than they really need, he goes to arrange something or another on a shelf close to him him.

His wait is rewarded when the man finally turns from the products he had been staring at for the last five minutes and politely clears his throat to get his attention.

“I am sorry to bother you, but I was wondering if you had a few minutes to help me out.” He’s smiling all sheepishly now, as if ashamed to have refused his help at first and Eggsy finds himself answering his smile with something more genuine than the ones he gave the girls a few minutes ago.

It’s either that or he’s afraid he’ll make an embarrassing noise over how cute the man looks now that his dimples are showing. And really the man must have a good twenty years on him. Eggsy doesn’t mind one bit, but the gentleman might take offense to being cooed over.

“Sure, I’d be happy to. Have you find anything you’re interested in?” He might have been standing in front of the massage bars, but Eggsy doesn’t want to assume anything.

Maybe he should have though, because the gentleman waves vaguely at the massage bars as he replies and he tries very hard not to imagine how those hands would feel on his skin.

“They all seem great, but my partner’s skin is quite sensitive and I trying to determine if ‘velvety oil’ or ‘luscious melted butter’ will cause a reaction or not.”

Eggsy ignores the pang of disappointment at hearing about the man having a partner, but really handsome as he is, it’s not really surprising. Anyway, it’s not like he was thinking of giving him his number or something. The last thing he wants is to be written up for inappropriate behaviour, which shockingly enough, can happen fairly easily.

“Well, none of those should cause a reaction, except if they’re allergic to any of the ingredients. I got a friend who breaks into rashes at the littlest thing, but she swears by those.”

“He’s not allergic to anything, no… Which one would you recommend?”

Usually, that would be the time he would ask about what kind of scent he and his partner might like, but for once he’s got a pretty good idea of what they might enjoy. Maybe it’s stereotyping since he imagines his partner to be equally as posh as him, but he doubts they’d be a fan of the strawberry one anyway.

“Shades of Earl Grey,” he says as he takes one to offer the man. “I’d also recommend buying a tin for it, so you can keep it somewhere handy without fearing it will melt on anything. Oh and I know there’s no risk of a heatwave in the middle of winter, but the stuff does melt at body temperature, so I’d keep it in the fridge during the summer when you don’t plan on using it.”

The man has sniffed the bar tentatively during his little speech and Eggsy gets a little thrill when he nods in clear approval of his suggestion.

“I’ll take this one then. And a tin.”

He’d offer to give a little demonstration of the product on his hand at least, but the suit he wears seems to have cost more than what he’s earned since he’s got the job and he’d hate to stain it by accident. He also might have the slightest fear he’ll make some inappropriate sounds if he was to actually touch the man and he’d really like to keep his job, thank you very much.

That and the man is already moving toward the cash, obviously not wanting to spend a minute more here now that he’s got what he wanted.

He makes short work of ringing his order up and giving him his bag, but the ‘have a nice evening’ dies before it can even form on his lips when the man takes his hand between his for a gentle shake.

“Thank you for all your help…” It takes him a moment to realise that the man is waiting for his name, but anyone would be thrown off at having their hand suddenly held by someone they’re trying very hard not to fantasize about.

“Eggsy.” It’s a bit choked off, but the man doesn’t mention it, nor does he say anything about how unusual a name it is.

“Thank you again Eggsy. I’m Harry,” he gives a little press on his hand before letting go and Eggsy has to bite back a disappointed groan. “If we like this,” he gives a little shake of his bag, “I’ll probably be back to look at more.”

“I’m usually there all week except on tuesdays.” As soon as the words leaves his mouth, he has to fight the impulse to bash his head against the counter, because really Harry already told him he’s got a partner, there is no point in flirting.

But Harry seems genuinely pleased by that tidbit of information and seriously dimples should be made illegal.

“I’ll keep that in mind. Good evening.”

“Good evening.”

He’s pretty sure he’s imagining the reluctance in how Harry turns away to leave, or projecting his own wish for him to stay longer on him, but there’s no imagining how Harry looks through the window once he’s outside and meets his gaze one last time before starting to walk away.

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Hello, I would love to find a God fearing man who loves me. I'm a tall, older woman in my mid 50's and men don't seem to be attracted to tall women. Is there any hope for me.  

7 Thoughts On Singleness: Is Something Wrong With Me?

Anonymous asked:

I’m 27 years old and I’ve never had a boyfriend. I’ve only dated once but that didn’t go so well. I’ve prayed and I’ve prayed and I’ve asked God for my significant other but honestly sometimes I feel as if God doesn’t hear me. Which then causes my heart turmoil especially when I see other girls getting married and dating all the time. It just makes me feel like there is something wrong with me or I maybe I’m unworthy of someone else. I just really need some peace in this area or my life.

Hey dear sister, I know this is an especially painful season for you right now, but please allow me the grace to share a few thoughts with you.

1) Singleness is not a season of waiting.

I’ve said this before, but: You’re not waiting for a man.  A man is not the focal point of anything.  Jesus is the focal point of everything.

A Western culture indoctrinated in romanticism would lead us to believe that “singles” are simply biding their time, waiting for some significant other to save us from the throes of loneliness.  And I know that the latest pop song or chick flick or young adult novel has awakened some weird feelings in you, and it would even be nice to have someone.

But relationships are hard work, celibacy is hard work, and life is hard work.  There’s really no such thing as waiting for a spouse: your life has launched into being, and there’s work to do.  If God is your priority, then a man who comes along who can even catch up to you would be dang lucky to have you.

2) Singleness doesn’t define your value, ever.

What exactly is “singleness”?  I wish we would stop defining things by the absence of something else.  Being single doesn’t mean you’re somehow “incomplete” until someone else completes you.  Let’s pause to consider that even the idea of singleness is false at its best, and oppression at its worst.

In the first century, Apostle Paul wrote 1 Corinthians 7 specifically to address single people.  To paraphrase, he said, “If you want to get married, good.  If you want to stay single, good, and it could be better.” To you, this might sound ordinary.  But at the time, it was a loaded bombshell. This was actually an entirely revolutionary view of sexuality that had been previously unheard of.

During Paul’s life, the Emperor of the Roman Empire was actually charging a fee for the unmarried because it was considered bad for the economy and the family (never mind that Caesar was already bad for both).  Being married with a family was considered the gold status of society, and a single person could only have been a widow or prostitute; there was no middle ground.

So Paul comes along, and moved by the Spirit of God, completely wrecked the whole idea of family and marriage and singles.  He legitimized singleness as an absolutely acceptable life-choice, but more than that, said it can often be better for carrying out God’s mission on earth (1 Cor. 7:29-35).  Paul himself was single, which itself would’ve been quite a scandal.

3) Please don’t allow singleness to rush you into being not-single.

Take as long as it takes.  In the same passage (1 Cor. 7), Paul is urging us to not rush into relationships.  Not only is rushing this unwise because we could shortcut God’s growth in our lives, but we could end up getting into a string of bad relationships or making other poor judgment calls when we’re clouded by the impatience to be with someone. Again, relationships are hard work.  Pursuing anything goes beyond our idealistic hologram picture into a gritty, sweaty, pulsing reality that requires our everything.

God might or might not send someone to you tomorrow: but so long as you’re pursuing God, you might hardly notice.  That’s a good thing.  Find Christ, you find yourself, and maybe you’ll find someone else.

4) Your season of un-attached life, or the “gift of singleness,” is a unique season like no other.

There is a very particular way that God works through us when we’re not married or attached somehow, and it’s downright impossible for God to do those things any other way.  I’m not trying to diminish one status or the other, but there are pros and cons to both which cannot overlap.  I’m about to be married soon, but my married friend tells me the other day, “Use your remaining time wisely.  Have a lot of solitude.  Take long drives.  Read as much as you can.  Once you’re married, that’s it.  It’s good, but so is your time right now.”

5) It might simply be that others are intimidated by you.

It could just be that your godliness is thinning out the dating pool. That’s a good thing, too.

When I was single and I went after the lady who is my fiance now, I have to tell you that I was totally intimidated by her.  She was godly, she was a strong career woman, and she didn’t flirt back easily.  Compared to her, I was a scrub, and I knew I couldn’t really pursue her unless I got it together.  It could be very possible that other men see you as super-awesome, and as with most men, we’re just trying to get confident enough to make a move.

6) It’s okay for ladies to give a hint.

Do you see a dude you like? Ask him out for coffee.
Do you really, really want to meet someone?
It’s okay to be in situations where you meet people.
Are you kind of shy or new to the whole thing?
It’s okay to ask a friend for help. It’s okay to pray together.

7) Before relational intimacy with others, we first need relational intimacy with God.

My friend, again: I know this is a very tough time.  Anything I’ve stated here is not a magic formula or silver bullet that will suddenly wash away the nights alone.  I don’t mean to minimize anything you’re feeling, because I do believe most of us are called to be married, and singleness can be a tough time.

So I want to encourage you to continue to seek after God and trust Him.  That’s probably the predicable pastor-ish thing to say, yet no one can give you the validation, affirmation, and approval that God gives you.  If we squeeze that from a spouse, we will crush them and crush ourselves. Before we can rightly estimate people in our lives, we must first hold an accurate picture of God and who He is, so that our foundation would be deepened to the very bottom of our roots.

But more than simply seeing God as a vehicle to fill us, He is also the center of all things, the one who in Himself is worthy of all our affection.  He is the pure beauty we’ve been seeking in all our relational ties; He is the only love who knows us exactly as we are, the very depth of our ugliness, yet He continues to pursue us and press in.  I know that you know this.  Sometimes it feels like a pithy consolation prize, like “Yes I know God is God, but I want a date.“  I just know that the more I press into Jesus, the more I understand that he became ugly so we might become beautiful, he was single his whole life and calls us his bride, he stayed on a cross to absorb all the ways we have failed: such a costly love puts all others in their place.  My situation might hurt me or maim me, and life is never easy, but we have one who stands with us always, who gives me a value and dignity apart from whatever I’m going through or have done, and in this, I am never truly alone.  Each day, even with my tiny frail faith, this is enough. Trust Him, bask in Him, know His glory. You are absolutely loved by Him, as if you were the only one that ever was.

“You are significant without a significant other.”

– Shauna Niequist


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i've seen a lot of people talking about the shatter me series lately. a while ago there were a lot of mixed reviews about it so i decided not to read it, but now i'm hearing great things?? if you don't mind, could you give me a few reasons why i should check it out?

[cracks knuckles]
- okay so the main protagonist, my mother who gave birth to me and raised me herself, juliette ferrars? she’s locked up in an asylum by her parents who just ~couldn’t deal~ with her being different & basically hurried to get rid of her
- she keeps a journal bc it’s the only thing that keeps her alive and sane?? also shatter me is set in a dystopian world where there are no books (in the present time) or things to occupy her mind other than her own extremely depressive and often suicidal thoughts
- long story short she’s been through a lot and she’s VERY fragile at first like she just wants to be able to touch someone but she can’t
- in comes the shatter me malaria™ but don’t worry it’s not like r&r at all he’s dealt with accordingly (later in the books)
- hands down THE BEST character development i’ve ever witnessed with my own two eyes
- she goes from a meek crybaby who’s afraid of hurting people to a fully fledged hbic in no time and she OWNS UP TO HER POWER
- anyway i’d die for juliette ferrars (inspiring, strong, KIND despite everyone treating her like shit or like some kind of weapon and not an actual human being) in a heartbeat moving on
- BOI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
- the fashionista style icon of sector 45
- that’s leader of sector 45 for you
- beautiful golden boy who’s more of an antagonist/anti hero bc goodie two shoes character are boring we all know that unless it’s purposefully written as a precious cupcake of some kind which warner is not
- in fact some ppl rly believed he was EVIL in the first book but trust me he’s NOT he has his own agenda that has to do with juliette but it’s not what you think 👀 hope that was mysterious enough
- warner: kills people
also warner: pets a dog?? loves dogs?? a dog person?? protect him??????? if you won’t i will
- juliette agrees too don’t worry
- HE LITERALLY CALLS ADAM A.K.A THE MAL EQUIVALENT “ rotting innards of unidentified roadkill” HE!!!!!!!!!!!!! DOES THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! b o i
- okay i’ve said enough now here’s the cherry on top, the dessert of the full course meal that is shatter me:
- who’s not sidelined or stereotyped like he’s funny and smart and playful and very bi you can’t convince me otherwise
- he teases juliette all the time and they’re the ultimate brotp
- no really their friendship?? is amazing?? beautiful?? so important/??
- but then there’s warner/kenji…….. that’s like A Thing all on its own bc they both talk so much shit about each other but they have SO MUCH respect for each other too it’s a beautiful thing to behold tbh
- every moment where this perfect trio interacts is A Gift From The Goddess Herself™ and by goddess i mean tahereh mafi
- kenji has some superpowers of his own… in fact everyone does but his are super cool okay
- has some of THE best zingers/one-liners EVER
- there are some a+ girls but we don’t get to see them that much
- hOWEVER we were promised more female friendships & female characters in general + more lgbt characters in the shatter me sequel restore me… coming to a bookstore near you (the release date is may 6th 2018 so mark that down)
- the writing is so unique and beautiful it’s like poetry flowing through you (out of juliette’s mouth)
- literally don’t listen to a single negative review you see on goodreads they’re liars the whole lot of ‘em
- shatter me is one of the most gripping amazing a++++ series i’ve ever reaD PLEASE READ IT so you can get ready for restore me

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FRENDO! I have been thinking and I confused myself. I've been seeing a lot of Klance birthday theories but When did Keith officially become a orphan? Because if it was when he was really young don't you think he wouldn't know when his birthday is? Like what if he never had one because he didn't know when it was? Imagine Lance asking when his birthday is and Keith saying "um...I...I don't know"

my dear friend!!! I didn’t read a lot of theories, tbh, but I scoured the net and the official voltron site says Keith became an orphan “at a young age before enlisting in the Galaxy Garrison”. Do they mean he enlisted right after or…? For how long has he lived alone in that shack? Or did someone find him and drag him to the Garrison a la Anakin Skywalker? Oooh, I like this one (even though it’s unlikely, but let me dream).
Imagine a random officer finding by chance a kid, Commander, in a shack in the middle of the desert, all alone!, and subsequently dragging him back to the only civilized place in the entire goddamned desert: luxury school for marvelous minds, the one and only Galaxy Garrison. Imagine the kid being confusedly adopted by the whole team, professors and students alike, coddled and looked after by everyone because the poor thing has big, serious eyes and he never talks much, but he’s bright and asks just the right questions, paddling in between their feet in the simulation room, peeking at screens and stats, unrelentlessly curious about what’s this and that and how does this work? Imagine everyone humoring him, why not, it’s harmless fun, and it’s cute, but then - years later, the kid grows into a stubborn young man, who refuses to hear reasons about required classes and official bullshit. “I learned everything I need to, let me pilot the thing already,” he states plainly, for the hundredth time, until someone finally says what the hell, let him do it - and he’s good, a natural pilot, graceful and in control even without training.
So Commander Iverson lets him enroll officially, he has no reason not to, and the kid starts to train for real, climbing the ranks like it’s nothing - and everyone knows him, it’s Keith, he practically always lived here.

Fast forward to drama, pain, and finding himself with the universe’s destiny on the shoulders, piloting a giant robot lion, Keith has never really thought about his birthday. He simply never had the time or will to, because what’s a date to all the numbers he’s had to drill into his head to become what he is right know?

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Hey there! So, something recently made me disappointed with some fans of mysme. I've seen some fans who attempt to change the settings (mostly to Japan or America). I once met someone who full on gave them English "nicknames" because she didn't want to attempt to pronounce or use their proper names. I don't know if I'm overreacting or anything, but it bothered me. So, can you do random HCs to honour Korean culture? Like going on vacation somewhere in Korea, or celebrating a 100 days anniversary?

A/N: why do people do that wtf?? I mean i know we somewhat change the culture when we write certain requests pertaining to how an mc looks because sometimes the culture doesn’t really look kindly on the appearance but as someone who isn’t korean, i can’t get into the mentality to reject a request like that or anything, ya know?? Because it can be harmful and hurt someone (i keep it in the back of my mind what the actual view is so i dont just…. disregard it, but i do feel terrible for not addressing it) but i’d never completely REJECT the culture and change their names or anything because just what the fuck ~Admin 404


I’m sorry it’s so short omfg

               -Okay y'all, I’m pretty sure Zen knows traditional dances and our MC has to beg him for DAYS to teach them one. Any of them. Buchaechum (fan dance), Nabichum (butterfly dance), even Ilmu (line dance). Any of them. All of them. Just- JUST TEACH MC ZEN, DO IT

               -LOTUS LANTERN FESTIVAL IN HONOUR OF BUDDAHS BIRTHDAY! It’s a celebration that everyone in the group makes time for! Seeing all of the gorgeous lights and lanterns is enough to put everyone in such a good mood! The group makes it into a slight competition- who can bring MC the prettiest lantern? Winner gets a kiss on the cheek from MC! yeees mc, yes

               -Jumin has THE MOST BEAUTIFUL terraced garden you’ve ever seen in your life. He invites you over to help him with it every now and then. It relaxes him and hopes that it could do the same for you! The two of you could spend hours sitting by the lotus pond, drinking some sort of imported and expensive tea this rich guy has to have, talking about anything and everything plus helLO YOU’D GET TO SEE JUMIN IN SWEATPANTS

               -Jaehee. In. Hanbok. Think about this for a little bit. Colourful, beautiful, and just- what else can I saY???? JAEHEE IN HANBOK

               -YOOSUNG LOVES CELEBRATING HIS VERY FIRST 100 DAYS ANNIVERSARY he might not have a ton of money to spoil you like he’d like to, but he does get really creative and goes hardcore. Takes the knowledge he’s gained from all of the clubs he’s been in and makes you a ton of gifts! Coffee, cards, dinner, he makes it all just for you! He does it every 100 days though so he has to get more and more creative about it and sometimes has to go to the rest of the RFA for some ideas (MATCHING SHIRTS AND HE’S EVEN BOUGHT YOU A COUPLE’S RING BECAUSE HE WANTS TO SHOW PEOPLE HE HAS A S/O THAT HE LOVES VERY MUCH)

               -Remember when Jumin called Yoosung’s mother and he was so mad he promised to slap him with Kimchi? Ya know how Kimchi is a symbol for Korea and is considered strong? Well he definitely gave Jumin a hard slap if that counts; MC has it on video and all you can hear is the *smack* and Saeyoung laughing in the background

               -You and Saeran have had a few drinking contests, and Saeyoung cannot believe how many bottles of soju the two of you can go through?? How are you both still breathing?? It’s even worse when you add Zen into the mix, it’s as if doesn’t work on any of you. Yoosung gets one shot and he’s out for the rest of the night

               -Jaehee and MC plan a hike at least ONCE a month because the poor girl needs fresh AIR and it’s good for the both of you, y'all get out there and earn those pajeons (fritters) and dong dong ju (rice wine) at the top of that mountain!

               -You and Yoosung have to drag Saeyoung out of the house sometimes, but the three of you end up at an internet cafe more often than you’d like to admit. One time though, there was one person in LOLOL who kept killing all three of you, and the anger just kept rising- which meant the voices kept rising as well. The person on the other side of you all kept trying to stifle a laugh each time. In the Rage of Saeyoung™, he almost flipped the table until he realized the one beating you all was Saeran on the other side


               - You also can’t tell me that Jumin hasn’t tried to dance along to a few every now and then; MC has a picture they keep to themselves in remembrance

               -You and V watch the movie Shiri almost religiously?? When the two of you have movie marathon dates, it’s played at least once (“IT’S A CLASSIC, MC. CLASSIC”)

               -It’s hard to go on any dates with Saeran, but you did get him hooked on a few different K-drama’s and he reminds you constantly that he HATES YOU because of it. Don’t you DARE watch an episode without him because the boy can hold a grudge

               -K A R A O K E!!! All of you. Almost every weekend. Competitions. Somehow Saeyoung tends to win them except that one time you convinced Jumin to participate and WOW okay

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Some of the homra boys find out yata is going on a date. They don't know it's saru tho and them being so nice they got him a pretty necklace or bracelet to give to the lucky girl. Later they see fushimi walking around wearing it not too long after yata's date XD.

So say Yata and Fushimi have just started dating but Yata hasn’t really had the chance to mention it to everyone in Homra yet, like he’s still wrapping his mind around it a little himself, that he and Saruhiko are together. Maybe he has made some attempt though, like a couple days after Yata and Fushimi finally managed to awkwardly confess their feelings and started officially dating Yata tries to tell the guys at Homra but somehow there’s a miscommunication. Say Yata comes into the bar all happy and Kusanagi asks him if something good happened, Yata nods and is like I finally told that guy how I felt. Kusanagi’s proud of Yata for finally confessing to Fushimi and Yata’s explaining how it happened when Kamamoto and the Homra alphabet walk in. Having only caught half the conversation they figure out that Yata’s dating someone now but no one realizes that he’s talking about Fushimi, Chitose’s like huh so the virgin finally got a girl huh and Yata’s so busy being pissed at being called a virgin that he forgets to correct Chitose that it’s not a girl.

Then it’s almost time for the one month anniversary and Yata decides to try and be all romantic, wanting to do something nice for Fushimi since even though they’re ‘officially’ dating he feels like nothing’s really changed between them. Like they still hang out at the game center sometimes or meet for drinks every couple days and stuff like that but due to Fushimi’s work schedule plus Yata’s string of part time jobs the two of them don’t seem to have time for any kind of proper ‘date.’ Yata feels like he should be doing something more romantic though, maybe now that he’s understanding Fushimi a little better and Fushimi’s also communicating his feelings more Yata feels like Fushimi’s thinking maybe the two of them are more just friends than anything beyond that so Yata wants to make an actual date. He’s discussing the details with Kusanagi when the Homra gang comes in and of course everyone has some kind of advice for Yata as to how to make his girlfriend feel appreciated (every time Yata tries to correct them on the 'girlfriend’ issue something distracts him or someone makes a joke that pisses him off and he never does get to remind everyone that this is Saruhiko we’re talking about here).

On the day of the date Yata’s nervous getting ready, stopping by the bar because maybe Kusanagi and Anna have gotten him some nicer clothes to wear and Kusanagi’s offering last minute advice and encouragement. That’s when the rest of Homra proudly presents Yata with like a fancy bracelet telling him that giving gifts is always good for romance, they got it as like a thank you gift for taking down some bad guys harassing a local jewelry store owner a while back and everyone was arguing over who got to keep it, they figure after all Yata did in the past year to hold Homra together the least they could do is give it to him for his date. Yata’s kinda touched that his stupid friends did something sweet and they all tease him lightly telling him to go for it and show his girl what kind of man he is. Yata’s like why do you guys keep saying girl but before he can elaborate or anyone can really think about his words he’s gotta go because he’s meeting Saruhiko at the restaurant. Everyone’s all proud of him, like our little virgin has finally grown up and found himself a girl. Anna and Kusanagi exchange curious glances and then Kusanagi just laughs and is like yeah, something of that sort. Later on Yata returns all excited because his date went great and even the gift was appreciated. The Homra guys figure they did good and are about to press Yata for details when Fushimi walks in. Yata starts to say something to him but Fushimi just nods at him and says he has a message for Kusanagi from Awashima. As he’s relaying the message someone finally notices that there is a very familiar bracelet on Fushimi’s arm. I can imagine them all like elbowing each other one by one, eyes widening as they figure out exactly who Yata’s date was (and then afterward it’s like ’of course that’s who it was he’s never made eyes at anyone else like that before’).

post 2x07, my attempt at a fix-it drabble because i really needed to get it off my chest (ao3)

On his way to Magnus’, Alec had almost turned around five times, his mind unable to stop. What if Magnus didn’t want him, what if Alec was bad at this, what if he froze up in the moment and ruined it?

So when he finally got to the loft, he decided to focus on doing and feeling instead. To just go for it, no overthinking, no thinking in general.

After assuring Magnus and himself that he wanted this, Alec continued kissing Magnus while moving them towards the bedroom, focused on the feeling of Magnus’ lips against his and Magnus’ body under his touch. He felt a sort of urgency in doing this, trying to move quicker than his thoughts could get in the way of this.

Suddenly, he felt Magnus’ hands on his chest, but they were pushing him away.

Alec broke the kiss and he felt a wave of dread go through his entire body at the look on Magnus’ face.

“Alexander, wait,” Magnus said carefully, his expression closed off and on guard, something Alec was so unused to seeing. It made his stomach turn and his heart clench.

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How is klaroline ooc when she legit banged him against a tree for 10 hours though? She made the first move too. I know you're sad that Stefan died, but damn, don't deny what's canon. Caroline's had feelings for Klaus way before steroline got fan serviced into existence. I don't see you ever accepting this, so stay salty I guess. Namaste.

sis don’t ever namaste me

okaaaay that’s hilarious. you actually think she has feelings for klaus.


she rejected klaus for months. if she actually wanted to be with him she’d have made a move? like… she made the first move with all of her boyfriends, why not him? because caroline has always hated bad boys. every man she’s had romantic feelings for has been a good person: matt, tyler, jesse, stefan. she didn’t even consider enzo, who was 30% as bad as klaus. caroline forbes canonically can’t love abusive, violent men. that’s not who she is, and you know it. she’s extremely moral and judgmental. she hates causing anyone pain. she’s the most kind hearted and gentle vampire around. evilness has always turned her off and you know it, and it probably stems from everything damon did to her. maybe if insecure, lonely caroline had met klaus in s1, before she’d gained self love and self respect and developed into someone strong, she’d have been flattered by klaus’s attention and let him get away with all the abuse, just like damon. thank god she didn’t.

she wanted “scandalous sex” and she got it. she wanted to press the “big red button” on her relationship with tyler for once and for all, and she did it. she only agreed to sleep with him when he said he’d leave her life forever, and she regretted it at once. even after her breakup with tyler she never looked back. whenever she’s been interested, she’s made it clear. you’re delusional.

like seriously how many times do women have to show their disinterest before y'all get it? do you have any idea how misogynistic everything klaroline perpetrates is? this abusive ship is so fucking popular no one even remembers all the abuse he inflicted on her and the fact that it’s canon caroline, unlike elena, has no interest in and can never love evil men.

heres some canon dialogue for you:

“you’re not even worth the calories i burn talking to you”

“i can hate you and i do, so go away”

“you killed tyler’s mother and elena’s aunt jenna”

“you and your gifts can leave me alone”

“you deserve to suffer for everything you’ve done”

“you put my life in danger twice”

“people who do terrible things are just terrible people”

that and dozens of more comments that indicated she had zero interest in him, like “id rather die of thirst than drink with you” or “a date to a movie where I can put three seats between us”

but im sure that’s just her playing hard to get, right? women don’t actually MEAN IT when they reject men!!! the guy can keep trying to get with her knowing she’s not interested/in a relationship and her rejections are just her being cute and giving him a hard time :)))

also, he abused and tried to kill her multiple times. he tormented her and her loved ones for ages. that alone is enough to make it a disgusting ship. you literally watched with one eye closed if you think she could ever love him. stop normalising misogyny for fucks sake. sometimes female characters just don’t want to get with the violent bad boys who try to murder them, no matter how many times said guys try to buy them with expensive gifts and money. LEAVE CAROLINE ALONE

magical-gal  asked:

Any advice for someone hoping to plan a trip to visit their s/o ?

- its best to meet in a public area! especially one where you won’t get lost, just for safety purposes

- if you have to go with family and you don’t want them to know you’re dating your s/o (like i had to do with mine), introduce them as a friend. you might have to save affection for when they aren’t looking/whenever you can get them alone if this is the case

- be patient! i had to plan my trip for months but it was worth it. depending on what you plan on doing it might be best to save up a bit of money on the side just in case 

- if you have any gifts you want to give them, now is the chance! i gave my datemate an old jacket of mine when we met up

- take lots of pictures. you’ll regret it if you don't 

- all in all try not to stress it, odds are you’ll be nervous but in the end you’ll be glad you went to meet them! i speak from experience when i say that holding your long-distance s/o for the first time is a magical feeling

Warm Me Up Pt 18

From now on I’m just going to link the first chapter for those who want to start the story and the chapter before the update for those who want to refresh their memory. Also, the end of every chapter should have a link to the next. :)

Also, I was listening to Little Things by One Direction and Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol on repeat for this one. I think I’ll mention the songs that inspire each chapter at the beginning :)

Click Here for Ch. 1

Click Here for Ch. 17

It was the first time he’d be celebrating Valentine’s Day. It was the first time he wasn’t dreading it completely. It was the first time he didn’t have plans to simply horde food in his room and watch Netflix from the moment he got home until the day was over.

It was the first time he was in a relationship and wouldn’t feel so lonely. If anything he felt excited when the red and pink decorations started going up in the stores.

Though it made him a little nervous that the fourteenth was two days away and Nico hadn’t mentioned any special date or event. Will had learned by now that Nico was someone who had to be asked direct questions in order for him to have an answer.  

So while they ate at the dining hall for lunch, Will nudged him for his attention. “Hey, are we… doing anything for Valentine’s Day?”

The fork slipped from Nico’s hand and clattered to his plate as his eyes widened and his face went blank. “Oh fuck, that’s a thing,” he breathed. “Shit.” Will raised an eyebrow and crossed his arms. “I… I’m used to ignoring Valentine’s Day, it honestly completely slipped my mind that it’s a thing couples do. Oh man, please don’t be mad.”

Will laughed and shook his head as he put the fork back in Nico’s hands. “Relax,” he said. “I was just asking. I thought it’d be fun to do something like other couples do.”

“Of course. Anything. What do you want to do?” Will shrugged and kept eating. “Well, we can go all out- tuxes, fancy dinner, candles, and stuff. Or we can keep it small- a picnic, pj’s, movies.” He took his hand and held it, a small smile on his face. “Anything you want.”

Will smiled and ran his hand through his mess of hair. “Sounds like a plan,” he said. “It’s the first time I’d celebrate it, you know with a boyfriend, not just… a group of distant friends or something.” He chuckled and felt his cheeks redden as he spoke because Nico was getting that look on his face.

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Starmora on jealousy "I don't care if you go out with her" Thank you!! Love your stories btw <3

“Are you sure this is a good idea, friend Quill?” Drax asks, arms crossed as he stands to the side of the hanger door.

“I’ll be fine. I’m just going out to meet a contact,” Peter reassures the larger man as he shoulders his knapsack.

“Yeah,” Rocket snorts. “A female contact.”

Peter glances up, catching Gamora’s eyes before she turns away. It’s been almost three standard years since Ego’s destruction and Yondu’s death.  Kraglin and Mantis are watching Groot back at their Official Guardians’ Base on Berhert, where they set up somewhere they can go after a mission. It took a lot of credits and a little bribing to get all of the gear they needed.

Peter shook his head and smiled at Gamora.  "I’ll be fine. It’s just for an hour or so. She said she had something I’ve been looking for.“

Drax scoffs and stomps back inside the ship, Rocket following him with a left-eye wink and a snort. “Peter, are you sure about this?” Gamora comes to stand beside him, a scowl etched into her features. “She could be–”

“Why don’t you want me to go?” He wiggles his eyebrows. “Are you jealous?” They’d been an unspoken thing for almost the whole time they’d had the Berhert base.

“I do not get jealous.” She spits the word out like it’s vile. “It is below me.” He smiles behind his hand because he knows that when she gets upset she starts speaking without contractions. He loves when she gets like this because it’s easier to know how she’s feeling instead of using nonexistent facial expressions.

“Whatever you say, ‘Mora,” Peter says as he readjusts his bad. He reaches over to press a kiss to the silver scars on her cheek. She’s still scowling at him, glaring at his back, as he throws a hand up as a goodbye and exits the ship.

“Have fun with your stary-eyed waif!”

“Well, maybe I will!”





“So are we good?”

“Oh, we are so good!”


“So you found it, right?”

“I did.”

“I knew I could count on you!”

“Well, you are the only buyer for it. And willing to pay an exorbitant amount of units.”

“It’s important to me.”

“Do you even know what it is?”


“If you don’t know what it is, I don’t want to give it to you. It’s too special for that.”

“I don’t care about that. I’ll transfer the units to you as soon as it’s in my hand.”

“Well, you did promise to pay me a lot of money. You won’t tell anyone I was the one who got it for you?”

“Cross my heart and hope to die. Stick a needle in my eye.”


“It’s a Terran thing. Now hand it over.”

“Fine. But be careful what you wish for.”


Peter sits in his bunk on the way back from Knowhere. The Quadrant’s course is set to reach Berhert within one standard hour. And then he’ll finally talk to Gamora. But he needs all of his wits about him so he’s secluded himself in the Captain’s quarters.

Gamora tried to talk to him when he got back, but he’d just brushed by her. Not because he wanted to, but he had to prepare himself for what he was about to do when they got back to Berhert.

“Peter!” The Terran jumps as Gamora shoves herself into the room and crowds into his space. “What the hell is wrong with you?!”

“Hello to you too.”

“Did she scramble your brain so much that you would come back and push me to the side?”

“Nothing happened!”

“Then why did it take you so long?” Her crossed arms make him nervous, and her hand on the edge of Godslayer.

“Because… free drinks, ‘Mora!”

“Don’t call me that when I’m mad at you!”

“What the hell? Why are you so jealous?”

“I am not jealous!”

“Then why are you yelling at me?”

They both pause, chest to chest.  Peter tries to hide the fact that he’s definitely not watching her breasts heave as she breaths in and out. Short, angry breaths.

“Peter,” she breathes as she seems to retreat. She crosses her arms, but this time it seems like she’s protecting herself or holding herself together. “I…” She turns her head to the side, hair covering her face.

“'Mora, I’m sorry.” Peter steps into her space, wrapping his arms around her waist. “I didn’t mean to rile you up this much.” She just shakes her head, hair brushing over his arm.  "I actually went out to get you a gift. My contact was the only one that had it.“


“Um…” Peter scratches the back of his neck, letting out a nervous chuckle. “It’s a Terran thing. Celebrating the day someone met the person they love.”

“You remember the day we met? With everything that was going on?”

“Hey.” Peter smiles into Gamora’s hair. She’s still not looking at him, but she hasn’t moved or stabbed him with Godslayer. Which is always a good thing. “When a hot chick tackles you to the ground like some badass Princess Leia, you don’t forget the date.”

Now she turns to face him. Her eyebrows are scrunched in confusion. “What?”

“Princess Leia. The Princess who kicked ass.” He waved his hand. “Nevermind.” He pulls something out of his pocket. “Here. Happy anniversary.”

It’s a necklace with a dark green stone, looking almost like Earth’s jade. The swirls on it that make nonsensical patterns in the stone. The silver of the rim looks like the same kind as Godslayer and the green stone pulses with a weak light. “Peter… How?” Gamora’s breathing becomes quicker as she takes the necklace from his hands. Her own hands tremble as she brushes her thumb over the rim of the stone. “It’s beautiful.”

“I’m not really sure what it is, but my contact said it was important and I shouldn’t give it to just anyone.”

Gamora turns her face up to his, silver scars gleaming in the light of the Captain’s quarters. “It’s a Beshert necklace….” She brings the necklace up to her chest. “It’s a soulstone necklace.”

“And that means…?”

“It’s how one asks their intended to, um, mate for life. In my people’s culture.”

“Um…” Peter shakes his head. Now that his mind is going there, being Gamora’s “mate” doesn’t sound like the worst thing in the world. But then he remembers the other part of that statement. “It’s Zehoberei? Man, ‘Mora, if I knew, I wouldn’t have–”

“Peter, usually once you present the Beshert stone, you can’t take it back, but since you didn’t know–”

“I don’t mind.” He presses a kiss to the scars on her forehead. “I mean, I’d love to be your, uh, mate. If you’ll have me.”

When she finally meets his eyes, hers are wet with unshed tears. She holds out the necklace for him. “Put it on?” He does as she asks. “Thank you, Peter.”

“Your welcome. I guess it was a happy accident, right?”

“You’re an idiot.”

“But that just means you love me.” He wiggles his eyebrows again in that annoying way that’s also endearing. She rolls her eyes.

“Sometimes, I wonder why.”

Example of the necklace pattern

So this one kinda ran away from me. Once I get my AO3 account set up, I’ll be posting all of my stuff there. Sorry if it wasn’t enough jealousy for you, but I had an idea and I ran with it. It didn’t really end up how I wanted it to, but I’m pretty proud of it.

Send me numbers and I’ll write a Starmora oneshot with it!

Send me a phrase and I’ll write a story with it! Please include the phrase with the number so I don’t get them mixed up with the numbers above.

Every morning, for the past two weeks, Robbie Rotten would awake to find a box with a note outside of his lair. The box was always a plain brown box tied with a purple ribbon. The note always on white paper with dark blue writing:

To Robbie

With the Deepest Affection,

You Secret Admirer.’

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anonymous asked:

Hi! First of all, thank you so much for your amazing blog! It makes me so happy you don't even know! I hope it's not too much but may I please request a few dating headcanons of GWash and his s/o? THANK YOU SO MUCH AND THANK YOU FOR MAKING THIS BLOG THE BRIGHT, SUNNY PLACE THAT IT IS !!!

boss’ memo : aah, thank you ! you’re vv sweet ! and here’s me hoping y’all are okay with the amount of gwash content i have to offer,,, i have, a lot to offer,,, also welcome back to “boss loves delving into gwash’s psyche, part fifty-one”,

Originally posted by sinning-for-days

  • you know who his wingman is? his right hand man glorified secretary, of course, alex. nearly everything that you say, alex turns into a pickup line for george. (george is just sitting down with his hands again his head while alex goes–if you’ll pardon my pun–ham with the pickup lines)
    • “i’m screaming.”
      “i know who can–”
      Both you and Gwash : “no.”
    • “speaking of coming at things from a different angle, i know someone who thinks you’d be an acute one–”
    • gwash only joins in if he thinks of one and absolutely can’t hold himself back,,
  • he’s nervous about the first date, but he’s smart–he’s not going to start off taking you somewhere really fancy (though he can afford to, no problem),, he’d probably just take you somewhere chill,,,
    • (yes, coffee shop dates can happen if you want them to happen)
  • so, what’s it like dating him? well, as a start, as mentioned, while he’s not the most vocal person about his affections, it’s all down to his body language. he thinks he’s above being clingy–well, george, gravitating (no matter how smooth and composed the motion) towards your partner the second they step into the room may be considered a little clingy. not that this is a bad thing, of course,,
    • if he feels you’re distressed over something, he’ll sit you down to talk about it. though, because of prior experiences with this (see: alexander) he’ll mostly let you vent about the thing, and then spend the following few days leaving letters or saying the occasional thing in order to soothe you
    • once again–no one is allowed to mess with you. ever. there’s a reason they want him on their side
    • so, he can’t cook, but heck if he won’t try it for you ! he’s never been particularly skilled in the kitchen, but he’s not afraid to learn your favorite dishes if it makes you happy
      • just, imagine him trying to court you with food. is it terrible? no. is it great? also, no. but he has a cute (heck, is it nervous? likely) smile when he presents it to you,,
      • (he doesn’t often let himself be seen like this–don’t laugh!! he’s trying!
    • he’s a lot more self-conscious than you think he is, he has a lot of pressure and he feels that others are lying to him about how good he is in order to win his favor–while you can’t help that, please do assure him. he’ll keep a stony face, may even quirk a brow in your direction (how did they know?) but he’ll take those words to heart. he won’t let the words of others quite reach them, but he believes what you say. not blindly–he can’t afford to believe you blindly. but when you say he’s not a bad person, that you think he’s cute, that he treats you well–he trusts you
      • “am i worthy?”
        “there’s a reason you were chosen to lead. ‘course you’re worthy.”
        (he loves you so much.)
    • let him know if anything he does stresses you out !!
    • he’s naturally shy, though, unafraid to speak his opinion. if he suddenly isolates himself, it’s probably because he feels he’s overstepped his bounds. he can, and is partially aware, that he can get overbearing. he’s spent a long time with no one to give his affection to, and due to his self control, he still remains restrained when it comes to this. so you’ll receive “bursts” of affection, moments where he suddenly presses kisses to you, buys you gifts,,,,
  • he is unafraid to let the others know that he loves you, though, only if they ask. (and most are too intimidated to ask about his love life, or of anything personal, really.)
  • more than anything, while dating him, he wants you to know that he will be by your side !
    • “i don’t consider myself to be as great as they make me out to be, but if you really believe this, then so be it. i know i am honest, that much is sure. and that much is what i can offer. my love and honor.”

jackieforman  asked:

Yes! Your tag is perfect <3 I was wondering if you could recommend me some fanfics about Jackie? I don't mind ships, I just want stories where Jackie is the star. Thank you!

That’s actually difficult for me because I haven’t truly read much fics, since I have trust issues. But I can recommend you fics in which Jackie is well characterized. Like,

Out of the Flames by MistyMountainHop

Summary: A life-consuming fire connects Jackie and Eric in unforeseen ways, but it also creates a blazing wall between them. Eight years later, Jackie braves the flames and ends up on Eric’s doorstep, but will her arrival heal their burns or incinerate them both to ashes?

Comment: I see you are EJ shipper, so I put this one in the first place. You may like it more than the others I mention here. Jackie has grown up a lot in this story. She has something that has hurt her to no end, but she has also found the way to be happy again. Is a great Jackie moves on story.

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