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If you saw this you’ve been cursed by the Dapper Man himself. You have to pay him or he’ll take your soul, and throw it right into Villainous trashcan fandom, where you’ll never enjoy fresh air or rl friends.

I never make Keith hcs but like have you considered Keith being a boy.

Like a boyish boy.

Like ripped jeans and baseball caps and shirts covered in oil from his car and black belts from the sixth grade and getting into fist fights because someone said Babe Ruth wasn’t that great of a player and sitting on the hood of his dad’s first car and being infatuated with with learning how to turn a spoon into a weapon and never owning anything that matches but it’s somehow cute.

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Um… I guess these are a few looks I’m gonna be wearing throughout my freshman year of college….. 8D!! Guess I was kinda going for a good/bad theme but hahah who even knows.

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Ciel Phantomhive. }

I am merely stating facts, Ciel! Once, I get you going….you’ll be begging for it!~

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People in Sweden apparently

Swede 1: “Hej Mika! What a niggerly day we are having. I wish I could stay home instead of dealing with this nigger-ish weather!”

Swede 2: “Ja, Güstav! It’s so annoying to drive. The streets are such niggers at this time of day, no? But at least I’m getting a big nigger raise this month. Say, do you wish to get some nigger lunch?

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okay I KNOW that I do these things so many times in a row but i keep losing followers and my dash is all black and white while I’d love to see COLORS AND VIBRANT STUFF ON IT!


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It’s awesome to be able to draw Mark with his black hair again

my dash is getting deader by the day and people i follow keep going inactive or switching fandoms so i’m looking for new blogs to follow! new mutuals would be cool, too. ♥ like or reblog this post if you have a tagging system and post any of the following:

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Hey everyone! It’s that time for me to start looking for new blogs to follow :D

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36 fairly unique pokemon asks
  • 1: If you had a key stone, how would you wear it?
  • 2: What in-game battle was the hardest?
  • 3: Is the idea of catching them all/completing your Pokedex overwhelming?
  • 4: If you were a trainer, would you go on an adventure?
  • 5: The biggest Pokemon-related disappointment
  • 6: A spinoff series you would like to see more of
  • 7: A pokemon you've always wanted to use, but haven't
  • 8: A pokemon you'd like to see more merch of
  • 9: A pokemon you think is overrated
  • 10: The tastiest looking/sounding berry
  • 11: Your favorite trainer class
  • 12: The game with the best soundtrack
  • 13: Your most and least favorite villains/anti-heroes
  • 14: Your most and least favorite professors
  • 15: Your most and least favorite champions
  • 16: Your most and least favorite rivals
  • 17: A game you just couldn't get into
  • 18: A pokemon you'd like to see in Super Smash Brothers as a playable character
  • 19: A pokemon you used to love but don't like as much any more
  • 20: A headcanon you like
  • 21: A headcanon you dislike
  • 22: If you could only have one single pokemon, what would it be?
  • 23: Poffins, Pokeblocks, Pokepuffs, etc; do they sound/look appetizing?
  • 24: Did you like the idea of Black 2 and White 2 instead of Grey?
  • 25: Did you like the safari zone?
  • 26: Do you enjoy Nuzlockes?
  • 27: Do you enjoy other special runs? If so, what one(s)?
  • 28: Do you have Pokemon from a Ruby/Sapphire of yours on ORAS?
  • 29: Do you prefer nicknamed or unnicknamed pokemon?
  • 30: Do you prefer your pokemon in regular pokeballs or do you like other balls?
  • 31: Are escape ropes useless?
  • 32: If you aren't one now, if you were in the pokemon world would you be a vegetarian/vegan?
  • 33: Do you miss seasons from BW/B2W2?
  • 34: Did you ever run into a shiny that you couldn't catch?
  • 35: What's your favorite kind of battle: single, double, triple, rotation, or multi?
  • 36: Your favorite battle frontier attraction?
  • [or, feel free to send me other questions!]
LGBTQ Community:

If you have the time, please reblog this and say in the tags how you feel about Philadelphia adding black and brown to the pride flag. I’ve seen a lot of different responses with my own friends and would just like to see overall how this site feels. Thanks for your time!

anonymous asked:

All POC are created equal, but some POC are more equal than others. Just fucking draw people with the skin color they have. You wont catch a disease if you don't make everyone the blackest black to ever black.

you wont die if i do tho

everyone, please reblog this with characters who could be darker