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I never make Keith hcs but like have you considered Keith being a boy.

Like a boyish boy.

Like ripped jeans and baseball caps and shirts covered in oil from his car and black belts from the sixth grade and getting into fist fights because someone said Babe Ruth wasn’t that great of a player and sitting on the hood of his dad’s first car and being infatuated with with learning how to turn a spoon into a weapon and never owning anything that matches but it’s somehow cute.

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  • Murdoch Mysteries
  • In the Flesh
  • A Series of Unfortunate Events
  • AMC Humans
  • AOS Star Trek
  • Star Wars
  • Avatar: The Last Airbender
  • The Legend of Korra
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I am merely stating facts, Ciel! Once, I get you going….you’ll be begging for it!~

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Black butler Twin Ciel theory, the reason Soma was attacked!


I thought over Soma being attacked, and something suddenly clicked and pieces suddenly fell into place.

Like I said in the last post I think the dead Ciel shot Soma and killed Agni. But, from what I have noticed is that dead Ciel was ONLY going after Soma. You may be thinking ‘ Then why did he kill Agni? ‘ and the answer to that is that Agni kept getting in the way. 

Remember? the dead Ciel was trying to get to Soma and Agni kept interfering. Also Agni locked Soma away to keep him safe why? because dead Ciel is clearly after Soma and Agni’s job is to protect him with his life as Soma is his sun ( light in the dark).

Now that is explained and made clear HERE IS THE REASON WHY DEAD CIEL MAY BE TRYING TO KILL SOMA.

So, in a flashback during our Ciel + dead Ciel’s past they were trying to make some food to help their mother get better. And a line which dead Ciel says is this “ I don’t need fake brothers” this line sounds strange and it gives you the feeling that he already has a brother and he’d want no other brother ( he only wants our Ciel as his brother).

So dead Ciel only wants our Ciel as his brother and he states he doesn’t want FAKE BROTHERS.

Now what does this have to do with Soma being attacked? Well before in the last post I said dead Ciel attacked him because our Ciel and Soma are close. But! I was close to the possible answer but, not close enough until now that is.

Because you see Soma said something very recently back in Chapter 119 during the plot against Bravat, and maybe you have forgotten. But Soma said this about our Ciel below

This seems like nothing but being supportive however isn’t it a bit strange? Not too long after chapter 119 Soma just happens to get attacked by dead Ciel supposedly. 

Soma happens to be older than our Ciel and he happens to be very similar to dead Ciel y’know Ciel’s real brother. They’re both social, optimistic, caring, friendly, and OLDER than our Ciel. 

And last post I said that Soma and Ciel are close, and as a matter of fact Soma is the closest to our Ciel than anyone else. As it is proven a few times and by that I mean like for instance in the recent chapter when our Ciel shouts at the unconscious Soma that he should have stayed out of his business. 

He has never reacted so strongly towards someone who has gotten hurt until now of coarse since our Ciel is shaking and gritting his teeth. While reading I thought that our Ciel might cry and I was kind of moved a little but Ciel has his pride which stops him from crying.

So finally I have layed down all of the information NOW FOR THE ANSWER!

Dead Ciel attacked Soma because he feels like he is taking his place as our Ciel’s older brother which makes Soma a fake brother . 

Dead Ciel doesn't want fake brothers and Soma see’s our Ciel as his little brother. In other words dead Ciel may feel like he is being replaced by Soma and he is very upset about that or even angry. 

Also before I stated that Soma and Dead Ciel are similar in personality and I also said that Soma and our Ciel are close. Our Ciel puts up with Soma and his playful and happy antics.

Our Ciel is almost used to the kind of behavior that Soma displays and even in welcomes it in his own way. But because Soma is like his dead brother wouldn't that make our Ciel feel closer and more comfortable with Soma? It does indeed as like I said our Ciel is closest to Soma. 

Dead Ciel is not quite human as last chapter something inhuman attacked Agni. That links to the theory that Undertaker is our Ciel + dead Ciel’s grandfather. 

I have a feeling that dead Ciel went to that townhouse knowing Soma was there so then he went to kill him because he is upset about being ‘ replaced ‘. If he had any ill will towards our Ciel he could have simply gone to the mansion or tracked him down since he’s supposedly now a supernatural.

And the fact is that he does not do that and goes to the townhouse where Soma stays! our Ciel was visiting Soma. He doesn't live there and only goes to the townhouse to visit Soma. 

Therefore it seems clear that dead Ciel was only after Soma not our Ciel. 

Not only that but dead Ciel wrecks our Ciel’s room while trying to leave him a message. I’m not quite sure what the message means however our Ciel seems to know.

However! I have a new explanation about what the message means. The message says “ Who stole the candy from my tummy? “ 

I said before in the last post that the sentence is childish and I saw it as the souls being sold. BUT now here is something which fits in more with my new theory about Soma’s reason for being attacked by dead Ciel.

The message sounds playful. Something an older brother would say when they know their younger sibling has taken a sweet from them when they thought he wasn’t looking. 

And Ciel loves sweets and dead Ciel could also like sweets by what the message says. And the message is dead Ciel’s way of telling our Ciel 

“ I’m back “ 

It makes sense because by the reaction our Ciel has it tells us that it is something he encountered before. A time perhaps when dead Ciel caught our Ciel sneaking a sweet from his plate and then he says in a playful tone “ Who stole the candy from my tummy “. Dead Ciel was going to eat it sending the sweet to his tummy until our Ciel took it.

That is all for now.. This took some time thinking about so please don’t re-post  and don’t re-blog anywhere :) 

It’s awesome to be able to draw Mark with his black hair again

chacaltaya  asked:

Hi, I saw one of your recent reblogs you tagged a post of a (black) person in a golden mask as #art #fashion #monsters, I'll be honest, I don't know exactly what you picture when you think of a monster but I think it'd be good to let you know that you can challenge the idea that dark = scary, evil and white = angelic, pure. I understand you might have done the association subconsciously and I have also been following you for a while to know you try to be as respectful of everyone in your blog...

The photo is of a woman in a terrifying eyeless mask that looks like something from another dimension. I use “monsters” as a general tag to collect things that inspire surreal, otherworldly uneasiness so that I can easily find inspiration for my own art and writing. If you were to look at my “monsters” tag, you would see consistent examples of runway fashion, sculptures, a circle of fire, lots of white peoples in similar masks, and artistic depictions of angels, among more traditionally fearsome creatures. The woman in the gold mask was added to this tag on account of the intentionally unsettling and eldritch piece of art she wore, not because of her skin tone.

Previously, I would have used the tag “weird angels” but was told that this was insensitive to Jewish interpretations of angels, so I retired that tag.

I’m generally going to refrain from reblogging photos of humans in the future. I only reblog pictures of people that fit a certain surreal aesthetic, but the potential for misunderstandings and unintentional offense is too great, and choosing to only reblog photos featuring white people feels very low and cheap.

anonymous asked:

if you don't have many white friends but used to have lots of racist nonblack friends would that post still apply? i was thinking about reblogging it but not if it's going to derail the conversation. sorry if this is a dumb question.

mmmmm… gonna say yes. being the only black person in any group of friends is detrimental to your health, i guarantee it.

-mod r

anonymous asked:

Is there a reason you like Korean guys so much? They're basically metrosexual and act like women. White dudes in America (actually basically any other race like Black guys) act way more masculine than these guys. I don't know why you bother to be honest. If you want a girlfriend, just date another girl, not some Asian guy pretending to be one.

umm, ?? idk if you have a problem with me but

First of all, it’s not like I have some weird fetish or fixation on Korean guys (that’s creepy and wrong on so many levels. jeez I reblog a couple kpop posts and suddenly this..), and secondly, why are you generalizing and acting as if more “feminine” traits are less ideal? Especially talking as if having masculine traits are the attributes that I should prefer, which tbh, is kind of jackassy. 

And I understand that there are different expectations and standards for what is considered attractive/ideal in these countries (and so should you). But if things like makeup and looking bomb af with it makes you “basically metrosexual and a woman” then you need to lighten up and open your eyes. There’s no need to condemn people that maintain their appearance, and you negatively using women in your comparisons implies that acting like one is insulting, which is really demeaning and rude. Honestly this entire ask is so narrow-minded–I get that a lot of Americans/Western nations prioritize rugged, manly men that can bench press seventy five logs at once, but it’s no reason for you to take it and degrade others.  

I’ll date a guy for who they are, not for the masculinity that you seem to be describing. I like many kpop idols because of their personalities, not just how they look and act, and if some male idols happen to demonstrate more feminine traits, then what of it? They’re not any less of a person/man because the way they act, and if anything it makes them more human. My buddy pal, if you could kindly take your toxic ideals about men and how they should act and leave, I’d really appreciate that. 

36 fairly unique pokemon asks
  • 1: If you had a key stone, how would you wear it?
  • 2: What in-game battle was the hardest?
  • 3: Is the idea of catching them all/completing your Pokedex overwhelming?
  • 4: If you were a trainer, would you go on an adventure?
  • 5: The biggest Pokemon-related disappointment
  • 6: A spinoff series you would like to see more of
  • 7: A pokemon you've always wanted to use, but haven't
  • 8: A pokemon you'd like to see more merch of
  • 9: A pokemon you think is overrated
  • 10: The tastiest looking/sounding berry
  • 11: Your favorite trainer class
  • 12: The game with the best soundtrack
  • 13: Your most and least favorite villains/anti-heroes
  • 14: Your most and least favorite professors
  • 15: Your most and least favorite champions
  • 16: Your most and least favorite rivals
  • 17: A game you just couldn't get into
  • 18: A pokemon you'd like to see in Super Smash Brothers as a playable character
  • 19: A pokemon you used to love but don't like as much any more
  • 20: A headcanon you like
  • 21: A headcanon you dislike
  • 22: If you could only have one single pokemon, what would it be?
  • 23: Poffins, Pokeblocks, Pokepuffs, etc; do they sound/look appetizing?
  • 24: Did you like the idea of Black 2 and White 2 instead of Grey?
  • 25: Did you like the safari zone?
  • 26: Do you enjoy Nuzlockes?
  • 27: Do you enjoy other special runs? If so, what one(s)?
  • 28: Do you have Pokemon from a Ruby/Sapphire of yours on ORAS?
  • 29: Do you prefer nicknamed or unnicknamed pokemon?
  • 30: Do you prefer your pokemon in regular pokeballs or do you like other balls?
  • 31: Are escape ropes useless?
  • 32: If you aren't one now, if you were in the pokemon world would you be a vegetarian/vegan?
  • 33: Do you miss seasons from BW/B2W2?
  • 34: Did you ever run into a shiny that you couldn't catch?
  • 35: What's your favorite kind of battle: single, double, triple, rotation, or multi?
  • 36: Your favorite battle frontier attraction?
  • [or, feel free to send me other questions!]
DM Commissions

If you’re in the RWBY fandom you might know me for my Bumbleby fan vids. I make AMVs (like this for example) and crack vids (like these).

I’m the lowest I’ve ever been financially. And I need all the help I can get, so I’m opening commissions for fan vids.

I’m charging $5 per minute (which means each vid will be about $10, since my vids tend to be around 2 min long). Paypal works best for me.

You get to pick the song and pairing. I’m comfortable with most pairings, but there are a few I’m not so comfortable making vids for (like Blacks*n bc it’s a NOTP for me).

I’m also opening commissions for drawings. If you like my art and are interested in commissioning me, send me a message and we can figure something out. c:

Examples of my art:

Soooooo yeah. If you like my videos and/or art, and wanna help a girl out, here’s a way you can do that.

I don’t know why or how it happened, it must have something to do with the gorgeous Harry Potter anime rendering I reblogged some time ago, but… for some reason, I can’t stop thinking about Regulus Black.

Now, relationships between brothers have always been a favourite of mine, but I had never thought about Sirius and Regulus in those terms… Until it clicked. Why did Regulus do everything on his own? Why did he have to die? Couldn’t he ask, you know, for his brother’s help?

Of course, it might have been just pride, but I can’t help but think… What if he actually tried? What if he went to Sirius, but hesitated too much in making his intentions clear (I mean, pride and all) and Sirius refused to listen to him? It’s quite unlikely, but it would definitely put Kreacher’s hate for Sirius in another perspective…

But surely, I can’t be the only one who has thought about it. Does anybody know if there is a fanfiction in which Kreacher is too stubborn and drags an injured Regulus to Sirius’s door, so Regulus doesn’t die, (and Sirius takes care of him because the feels) can explain about the Horcruxes and maybe even ends up helping the Order of the Phoenix? I have looked briefly through and ao3, but they were all discontinued…

“I am to hazard a guess that teatime is over?” – Jacob Frye

For @mother-dove.

The whole thing with these two is they cannot seem to have a single teatime without their clothing randomly disappearing. Jacob always tries to find that as ‘their time’ when he’s off and away taking care of business and she’s aiding the children and watching Davis and their black cat Rookie. Of course, the pleasant conversations have caused their entire living room and kitchen area to be ‘christened in their love’ but not their bedroom.

I guess they both get excited by tea and pleasant conversation.

Elizabeth Dawson: @mother-dove

Jacob Frye: Ubisoft

Art: Me

References used: 2 for the Victorian furniture; otherwise, I’d be at a loss trying to replicate that.

[ooc] Important things to note...

                 I am prefixing this with the fact this is a damn long post, and I am not going to read-more it as I really want to encourage people to at least skim it. If you really don’t want to read it, then tumblr saviour/black list ‘longrpschpeel’. I know it’s a bit odd but it’s specific enough that it should at least not result in multiple other posts also being hidden. 

                 I am posting this primarily to address certain normalized behaviors that are some-what harmful in the roleplay communities as a whole. I will openly confess that I too have experienced and been part of some of the behaviors I comment about below, but I have actively done as much as I can to have separated myself and grow from it. 

                 I am sub-texting it for everyone’s sake, so it’snot AS long.

              Alright kiddos, buckle down because ol’ fuck Vishka’s going to talk about a sensitive topic that’s becoming more and more apparent as time’s gone on.

               We all love our characters. This is a blatantly clear fact given that most of us spend a vast amount of our spare times absorbed in our characters, be it through playing games as them, writing them, drawing them, and spending our time with friends chatting about the characters, and it’s all well and good. So many of us use our characters as escapes from our day to day lives (because let’s face it, very few of us have 100% peachy lives at home and in the real world) as well as ways to muse and explore other possibilities and things you yourself may be too shy to truly look into personally, so you do it via extension of your writing, be it openly and knowingly, or privately and subconsciously.

               It’s healthy to do this. It’s healthy to explore these things. To explore the taboo in an otherwise very safe manner, a manner that means that you don’t have to personally involve yourself, or participate. It’s a healthy way to take a closer and slightly personal (because let’s face it no matter how different mun-and-muse are, we all share a bit of each the muse within us and vice versa) way to explore the topics. It’s incredibly healthy to have this sort of way to air yourself out, but there is a line that I feel some people fail to notice.

  •                The first thing I will address is the line where people fail to realise that you can beat the angst-horse to death, and it can affect you. No matter how much you think it might not, to perpetually write your character (ESPECIALLY if you yourself are very close or even kin with them) in situations that are very abusive, negative, or just over all very harmful and depressing, while it can be temporarily relieving can eventually wear on you and affect you. It’s like if you hung out day in and day out, every spare moment, with someone constantly wearing down on you saying how depressed and angry or whatever they are (this isn’t to say this is bad, but the reality is is this can be very exhausting for some), you begin to feel hurt and upset too. This is no different for your muse. Chances are you spend a lot of your time surrounded by your muse, or content with your muse, meaning a lot of time in those cases, around not-necessarily-good things. You can get tired, you can get exhausted. Sometimes you need to let yourself breath, let them be happy, let yourself be happy. I know some people use their muses as ways to express that negative emotional states, but sometimes it’s healthier to just take a step back.
  •                Sometimes this becomes not just a repetitive negative cycle in the manner of just being around something and participating in something that may be emotionally upsetting, but it can affect you further than just ‘upsetting you’. There is a point where some people’s lines between muse and mun blur, and that’s when this stuff can become dangerous. A lot of our muses have horrible behaviours, toxic behaviours. Abusive ones, even. Generally very unhealthy traits and acts they participate in, and some people who constantly pour time and effort and every ounce of themselves into these characters, making them a ‘vent’ character or what not can be affected and adopt these characteristics. This might not seem common, and in some cases, isn’t even a bad thing. Some people adopt good traits from being around their characters, where as others absorb unhealthy ones, such as their muses toxic coping mechanisms and perhaps their less-than-kind manner of handling situations.
  •                It’s ok to adopt things from your muse, learn behaviours, get very attached to your character that you write and want to be more like them even, but it’s not okay when that starts to infringe on your health and behaviours in unhealthy ways. If you begin to be passive-aggressive to friends and family because your muse uses that as a method of arguing with them, or pick up bad habits like drinking to solve problems because it’s your muse’s first go-to when they’re upset, then it’s become extremely unhealthy. You need to realise that, while this behaviour can seem flashy and cool and ‘relatable’ on paper, it shouldn’t necessarily be applied to reality, no matter how much you want to relate or be your character for just basic health reasons. These behaviours and so many others are so damaging to you, and to others emotionally and physically, and while I do encourage to write and explore them, draw the line between you and your muse, and understand where it is and try to stay away from those habits.
  •                I want to target a very specific and common behaviour and writing in the community. I want to prefix this with the fact that none of this is inherently  bad, none of this is bad to write and I’m not saying you should stop writing it. In fact, I’m not saying you should stop writing or exploring or involving your character in anything here, I’m simply saying understand and at times, separate yourself for your own health if nothing more.  But anyway, what I want to address is the romantising toxic, abusive, and manipulative behaviours through writing.  A lot of people can tell the difference, and very openly do so, but like mentioned earlier, sometimes (and this is often rarer than most other mentioned thigns), when surrounded by these things regularly, it can begin to wear off on you or your ability to perceive the behaviour.  
  •                While you can openly confess to your muses negative involvement with another be it romantically, platonically, or otherwise, sometimes due to constant exposure (especially when the writing becomes very discreet in pointing it out) you begin to in a manner, accept this as normal behaviour.  In a way, the constant writing and encouragement of these negative behaviours, especially for third parties and younger individuals when it is not directly stated, can create an illusion of this behaviour being okay. It can even make it feel as such to the writers (be it being affected by this behaviour or participating in it). This is of course rare, but no less serious…
  • Especially because less-than-stellar individuals who may already inherently possess these toxic behaviours may use your writing and interest in writing these things as an inning on doing some of these toxic things to you indirectly. There are individuals who will use this as an opening to hurt you, abuse you, and passively get you wrapped around their finger while being ‘but it’s just muses!’ and you should always, always be aware of this. This should never be an excuse, and is a prime example of people using what they see as a manner to gaslight you. This is, unfortunately, painfully common in a lot of roleplay communities.
  • And a final note; to the younger, impressionable individuals out there; take care of yourselves. Musing and roleplaying is a blast. It is, it’s so, so pleasant to find a character who you just vibe with and dig in, and write til your little heart is content, projecting yourself onto them and vice versa, but you need to cut out a clean line where mun and muse are, because it can be so easy to get caught up in the fantasy of being this cool, bad ass character and in a manner, lose aspects of yourself to this character and manifests portions of them (and some not-so-healthy portions too) that may very well cause problems for you. I say this if only because I’ve been there, and it’s hurt me and others, and taken a very long time for me to work out of.  It is fun, and it is nice to escape, but remember that it is just an escape, and that certain things should be left unlearned. Relate, be kin, be attached to your muse, but remember be healthy above all else.

              You matter, your health matters, and your mental well being matters. I know it’s fun to escape, I know it’s fun to write and explore and indulge in these fantastical worlds. I know its fun to mildly self depreciate yourself like your muse does, and so on and so forth, but know the limits. Know when to step back and ask yourself ‘is this really healthy for me anymore?’ and maybe take a break. Never, ever, let a hobby like characters, writing, roleplaying or otherwise become a harmful pass time for you, okay?

arisjonesb  asked:

What do you think of Ouma's beta designs? do you like them more or less than the version we see in the game?

I’ve talked a little bit about them in another ask, but I really love all his beta designs!

I think beta design C is probably most people’s favorite, and I have to admit it’s probably the best aesthetically. The black nail polish looks really good as a whole, and the shirt and pants look much less awkward than his final design. I really like the effect of the plaid too, and of course, the heterochromia is a lot of fun, if a little bit too close to a Monokuma gijinka for comfort.

I’m still glad they went with his final design instead, though. The black might look better aesthetically, but white makes a lot more sense in Ouma’s color scheme. The white really makes the effect of his scarf pop a lot more too, since his hair is dark; it’s a lot easier to get a chess theme from his current design than it is from the betas, even though the scarf is present in most of them. Considering how essential chess and games are to his character, I really like that.

I’m also glad they decided to make him just the slightest bit taller than some of his earlier beta designs. Ouma might be childish in nature and appearance, but Shiro Himono really excels as a voice actor at switching from super playful, bratty tones of voice to much deeper, more adult-sounding voices. Ouma might be young, but he’s still a high schooler. So I like the fact that his current design has just the right blend of young-looking without making him seem overly childish.

Finally, my biggest flaw with the beta designs is that none of them really give off the ratty and tattered impression nearly as well as his current design. It’s a lot harder to get the impression of Ouma as someone who bluffs about nearly everything from some of his other outfits—I honestly don’t even know what they were going for with the skeleton hoodie in beta design A, other than Kodaka probably thought it looked cool and edgy but then Undertale came out so he scrapped it immediately.

The super tattered edges on his scarf and at the edge of his shirt and its neckline really do give the impression of someone who looks very intimidating on the surface—but when you strip it all away, it’s nothing but a bluff. I don’t think that was an aspect of Ouma’s character that really got finalized until later, so it makes sense that it really only shows through with his final design, but I’m glad they made it the way they did.

All in all, there are aspects of each of his beta designs that I really like and enjoy seeing in fanart, but I still do enjoy his final design the best! Still, the more Oumas, the merrier. They’re all really cute.