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Shipping is for Fun

Shipping isn’t about what IS. It’s about what could be. It’s about maybe. It’s about what if. It’s about unrealized potential. It’s about seeing something in two people that you connect to, relate to, cling to, or hope to find yourself. It’s about leaving behind reality to to imagine all of the possibilities out there. It’s about losing yourself in that magic for a while. It’s about seeing things others may not see, or questioning things that you have been told, or following an instinct that there may be more to the story than what others accept.

The way tumblr is, sometimes we may bump into other people in a similar or related fandom that don’t ship what we ship, or we don’t ship what they ship, or they don’t ship at all, or they only like being a fan of already established couples, or they only ship people who are not in other relationships, or they only ship fictional characters. IMO, There’s no wrong way to ship as long as you are not hurting or harassing or slandering anyone.

Don’t let anyone take the fun away with their comments because this is FOR FUN. It’s not about being right and it’s not about being realistic. Enjoy your ship. Enjoy your videos, edits, gifs, fanfics, and discussion. Wildly speculate. Use hyperbole. Enjoy the freedom to make sarcastic or tongue in cheek or remarks to your other shippers about your OTP without feeling the need to defend what you like. Let others ship what they like in peace.

I’ve had so much fun shipping on this site and I’ve learned so much from my fellow shipmates about how to make it even more fun, and this is one of the ways. Stay in your bubble and don’t worry about what others think. Ship on!

Say You're Sorry

Okay, so here’s that story I promised about a week ago. It’s not very long but its Trans Dippy and anti bullying so I think I got both my points across. Anyway enjoy or don’t and be nice to each other and junk okay? Okay, good children.


“Is that a burrito?” Wendy’s voice sounded somewhere between disgusted and intrigued as she nudged a little, moldy taco out from under a table with the end of her broom. “Sick, is this whats been stinking up the shack all month?”

“I think so.” Dipper concurred making a face at it from his place behind the register.

Across the room Robbie snorted as he leaned against the wall and did absolutely nothing to help his friend tidy up. “Gross.” After a beat of silence he grinned at Dipper. “Dare you to eat it.”

“What?” The boy squeaked looking as close to disturbed as a twelve year old who’d been living in Gravity Falls could get.

“Oh come on squirt.” The teenager coaxed. “Eat it.”

Dipper rolled his eyes and returned his attention to the case register and its contents. “Robbie i’m not going to eat the moldy taco.”

“Oh come on,” he grins a little wider as he makes his way across the room to lean against the table. “Don’t be such a girl.”

Before Dipper can react with his usual snappy retort Wendy turns around, drops her broom, and punches Robbie in the face. The black haired boy drops like a puppet with its strings cut and gapes up at Wendy, hand covering his nose cheek, which was already beginning to swell. “Wendy, what the heck?”

“Whoa.” Dipper agreed, equally flummoxed by his normally calm friend’s actions.

Wendy, for her part, looked horrified. “Oh my god.” She cried, dropping to her knees beside her dark haired ex, hands hovering around his face. “Robbie I am so sorry, it was a reflex I swear.”

“You have a reflex that makes you punch Robbie in the face?” Dipper asked, eyebrow raising and mouth closing. “Cool.” Wendy shot the brunette a look and he grinned nervously. “Right, shutting up now.” Mollified, Wendy returned her attention to the bruised boy in front of her who had his lips pursed shut, obviously worried about incurring his friends wrath any further.

“Dipper, go get and ice pack.” She sighs grabbing Robbie’s chin in a careful grip and turning it to inspect the damage.

“Yep!” Dipper agrees quickly, eager to obey before the red head gives him another look. The moment he’s gone Wendy’s expression hardens ever so slightly.

“Look, imma let you off with a warning this time because you probably didn’t know and because Dipper didn’t seem to care anyway. But watch what you say okay?”

“What?” Robbie questioned slowly.

“Dipper’s trans you doofus.” The cashier explained with a roll of her eyes. “I can’t believe you didn’t know, it’s not like he tries to hide it or anything.” Her eyes narrow and her grip tightens. “You didn’t know, did you?”

“No!” The pale teen raises his hands in placation, eyes wide. “I swear I had no idea, please don’t punch me again!”

Wendy snorts in amusement and gentles her fingers on his chin. “Kay, good. Make sure to apologize when he gets back, okay?” She smiles a little sheepishly. “I really am sorry I punched you, it honestly was a reflex.”

“Yeah,” Robbie mumbles, nudging her with his knee, “whatever. It doesn’t really hurt anyway.”

Smile blowing wide, she nudges him back. “You big liar.”

“Got the ice!” Dipper calls as he steps back into the gift shop, brandishing an ice pack. He kneels beside the two teens and offers the pack to Wendy who quickly places it against her friends cheek. “That looks like its going to bruise.” He comments looking a little concerned. “You gonna be okay?”

“Of course I am.” The teen replies arrogantly. “I’m not a weakling like you.”

Dipper rolls his eyes as Wendy snorts. “Oh well excuse me for worrying your majesty.”

“You’re excused.” Robbie allowed, a smirk tugging at his lips. It fell almost immediately, replaced by something edging on hesitance. “And, sorry. For calling you a girl, or whatever.”

Dipper looked surprised by the usually bratty teens apology but after a moment, a smile bloomed across his face. “Don’t worry about it, you were just being a jerk.” He teased. “Like usual.”

“You wanna go short stack?” Robbie taunted around a fierce grin.

“Nah,” Dipper shot back as he stood, “wouldn’t want you to bruise both cheeks. You’d look like a puffer fish.”

Wendy barked out a laugh. “Oh my god you so would! Right now you’re like, half puffer fish or something!”

“Wha-” Robbie flushed. “No I’m not, shut up!”

“Accept your fate as a half creature of the sea Robbie.” Dipper insists as he scrambled up behind the register. “Robbie, the Werepuffer!”

“Were creature of the sea!” Wendy continues dramatically.

Robbie rolls his eyes, fighting back a smile. “You two are so lame.”

“Says the Werepuffer.” Dipper mumbles. Robbie scowls as Wendy and Dipper fall into another round of helpless laughter.

  • *4.20am*
  • Molly: *snoring*
  • -phone buzzes-
  • Molly: *jerks awake; gropes for her phone*
  • Your arse bothers me. SH
  • Molly: *confused; typing* It's four in the morning. MHx
  • It still bothers me. SH
  • Molly: *sighs* Why? MHx
  • Because it's cute. SH
  • Molly: *raises an eyebrow* Okay. MHx
  • Want to touch it. SH
  • Molly: *smiles* Where are you? MHx
  • Not sure. It's dark. Someone's cat is here. SH
  • Molly: *groans; gets out of bed, puts on a dressing gown and leaves her bedroom*
  • Sherlock: *lying on her sofa; nodding off with his phone in his hand and Toby in his lap*
  • Molly: *folds her arms* How did you get in?
  • Sherlock: *sits up; grins* Molly! You came.
  • Molly: *giggles* Come on *holds out her hand*
  • Sherlock: *takes her hand; yawns* Are we going to touch each other's butts now?
  • Molly: *shakes her head* The case went well, I see.
Drunk Yoosung
  • Drunk Yoosung
  • Mysitc Messenger


Hello??? Who izz it??? How did ya know my phone numba?
I donneed insurance! Go awawy…

MC: Yoosung, what’s wrong?

Huh? You know my name? You jerk…
How did you get my info… I’m gonna tell Saeyoung to kick your butt!

Well… Is Saeyoung busy now?

My mom said… drinking is bad… no more drinking…
No more drinking by drinking it all! Hahahahahaha.

I’d have gotten rid of V if I could… V… I knew he’d do that… What did I tell y'all…

But what’s funny is… I’m not even disappointed… hahaha… He’s the one who kept disappointing everyone… Don’t even wanna look at his face…

The party will go on without V! Drink up~!!! But… my brain… my mind… it hurts… it hurts so bad I keep tearing up…

Zen… you understand, right? You drink more. Hmm? Why, don’t back out now. Take care of me…

If you don’t drink with me… harrrgggh…….



ZEN: Hey… Who are you calling?

I dunno. Hehehe…..

ZEN: Hey! Did you just drunk call her? Give me your phone.

No, no, no! You know! Tell Saeyoung to be careful… and… you be careful, too…..

ZEN: Hey, what are you doing!? She’s having a hard time as it is~!

Oh yeah… What was I gonna say?
Saeyoung… you… all be happy…

concept: when you write a hate post about a ship, put ‘/’ in the ship name, even when writing ‘anti x’ so it doesn’t appear in the tag and phone searches, and doesn’t upset people who just want to enjoy their stuff

yfip: me (overly enthusiastic about other people’s relationships edition)

friend: I’ve been flirting with a cute person but it’s nothing serious yet, we’ve just had a couple of flirty IM conversations
me: Ooh who is it? Do they have a blog? Can I see a picture? How long has this been going on? Where do they live? When are you visiting them? Can I come to your wedding? Will there be cupcakes at your wedding? You should have maple syrup cupcakes at your wedding, they are so good! Are you getting a dog when you’re married? Do you need someone to walk the dog? I can walk the dog! What are you going to name your dog? Are you going to adopt a baby? Do you need a babysitter? I had five little siblings, I can teach you how to change nappies!

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Could you work Sousuke deals with one of Makoto's nervous panic attacks for the first time in his stern and supportive way after Makoto gets a vauge text off his dad who has to 'go to hospital', but completely misses the obvious gaggy and burpy queasiness it esculates to and ends up having his jacket soiled past saving by spew. When Makoto calms down and is unaware of what he did he asks Sousuke where he misplaced his jacket. His dad was rushing a co-worker to the emergency room follow up text

Sousuke glanced over at the nervous wreck shifting restlessly beside him.

“Look, it’s probably nothing,” Sousuke reasoned, reaching over to rest a hand on Makoto’s shoulder.

“How can it be nothing?” Makoto’s been biting his thumb for the past ten minutes, a nervous habit that Sousuke hadn’t been able to break him of. “Mom’s not answering her phone and Dad wasn’t exactly specific. Something’s definitely wrong. He’s always short when something’s wrong.”

Makoto’s voice steadily rose in pitch until it finally cracked. He glared at his silent phone.

“Okay,” Sousuke’s hand dropped to Makoto’s bouncing thigh. “You really need to calm down. I’m telling you, if it was that serious someone would’ve called you by now. Besides, we’re almost there.”

“Can’t he go any faster?” Makoto whispered, voice tight with anxiety. He craned his neck, trying to peer over the taxi driver into the lanes of rush hour traffic.

“Hey, look at me,” Sousuke reached up to grip Makoto’s face in his hands. “Breathe. It’s gonna be fine.”

Makoto inhaled a shuddering breath, pupil’s blown wide as he stared into Sousuke’s unflinching eyes. He didn’t say anything, though the question still hung in the air like a storm cloud…but what if it’s not?

The conviction that something terrible had happened wriggled incessantly at the forefront of his mind. Why wasn’t anyone picking up? Why hadn’t they called him? What if he was too late? And why couldn’t they move a little faster?

His stomach was in knots, spurred into a nauseous churning by his anxiety and overactive imagination. His head was spinning in circles, making him feel woozy and unfocused.

Without warning, a bubble of gas careened up his throat with a noisy gurgle. He closed his mouth just in time to muffle the burp. Another picked up momentum and Makoto raised a fist to his lips, jolting with the force of it.

He was so wound up that all of those breaths he’d been inhaling to steady himself were making a reappearance in the worst possible way.

“Was that your stomach?”

Makoto shrank against the window, pressing his fist more firmly against his mouth and swallowing hard.

“I - I’m sorry, I can’t - urp - help it. Sorry.”

Sousuke’s dark brows furrowed sadly, gesturing for Makoto to scoot closer.

“Come’ere,” he held out his arms and Makoto hesitated only a moment before obliging. Sousuke pulled the other boy against his chest, rubbing gentle circles between his shoulder blades. “I promise, it’s gonna be fine. You’ll see.”

“How do you - ulp - know?” Makoto mumbled into Sousuke’s neck.

Sousuke ignored the odd look the driver was giving them, choosing instead to focus on the terrified boy in his arms. He wasn’t sure if the back rub was really helping. It only seemed to be coaxing up more burps and Makoto was desperately suppressing each one, refusing to relieve his body.

“Just do,” Sousuke replied, rolling his eyes at how lame that sounded. Makoto inhaled another shaky breath, knees bouncing up and down in a chaotic rhythm.

“I hate that you’re making yourself so upset,” Sousuke murmured into the other boy’s hair.

“Just - hicURrp - gimme a second,” Makoto panted, pulling away to lean his head against the seat. “I’m fine.”

He silently mouthed the reassurance again, then once more as if trying to convince himself that it was true.

Sousuke’s worry spiked. He leaned forward, half-whispering to the driver, “How much longer?”

“Dunno. ten, maybe? Traffic’s a bitch right now.”

Sousuke leaned back, cursing softly under his breath. Makoto jumped when his phone buzzed and the device nearly went flying right out of his hands.

He concentrated on the brief message.

“Heading into surgery, don’t wait on dinner?!” Makoto sputtered, head flopping back against the seat as his breathing escalated. “What the hell does that mean?”

“Okay,” Sousuke gripped the other boy’s shoulders, trying to quell his rising panic. “I know it sounds bad, but that could mean a lot of things.”

“Since when does surgery - hic - mean something else?” Makoto cried, burying his hands in his hair.

“Makoto, please -“

Makoto rested his elbows on his knees, rocking back and forth over his lap.

“Oh, god,” he gulped, panting heavily. “Sou, I’m gonna be sick…”

“What?” Sousuke rested a hand on the other boy’s shoulder, trying to get a better look at his face.

“I have to get out of here,” Makoto mumbled, fumbling frantically with the door handle as the car lurched to another abrupt stop. “I have to -“

“Makoto, stop it!” Sousuke spun him around, startled by the dazed expression in his friend’s vacant eyes.

Makoto whimpered, lurching forward with a wet belch that was the only warning before he was suddenly heaving up a warm surge of liquid. The mess spilled down Sousuke’s jacket, pooling in his lap as Makoto choked on another mouthful of sick.

“Son of a bitch,” the driver swore. “You two are paying for the dry-cleaning.”

“Would you shut up!” Sousuke roared at the man, turning his attention back to Makoto.

He was hyperventilating, mumbling incoherent apologies as he hiccuped and trembled over his own lap.

“Hey, Makoto,” Sousuke tried to soften his tone, ignoring the puke staining both of their clothes as he reached for his friend. “This isn’t good. You’ve got to calm down.”

Makoto fell against Sousuke’s chest with a strangled whimper.

“Need to g-get out,” Makoto slurred. Sousuke felt a deep shudder run through the coiled muscles. Makoto belched again, coughing up another spurt of watery fluid, soiling the remaining clean portion of Sousuke’s jacket. The sour stench permeated the small car as the vomit began soaking into the carpet.

“Can you pull over?” Sousuke asked the driver, arms full of his trembling friend.

“We’re here, asshole,” the driver fumed, pulling the car to a stop in front of the emergency room. “How you payin’?”

Sousuke reined in his temper as he handed the driver his credit card and promised to foot the bill for the clean-up.

He hauled Makoto out of the cab, bracing his shoulders as the other boy swayed on his feet. Sousuke pulled off his ruined jacket, using one of the sleeves to clean Makoto’s face.

“Hey, we’re here. You gonna be okay?”

Makoto was still jolting with queasy hiccups as he straightened, pulling out his buzzing phone.

A choked sound that could’ve either been a laugh or a sob tore out of his throat.

“’S not my dad,” he panted.

“What do you mean?”

“A co-worker’s appendix burst at work. Dad drove him.”

“That’s great! Well, not for the co-worker but -“

“It’s not my dad,” Makoto sagged, heaving a sigh of relief that seemed to drain his body of all the pent up adrenaline. He blinked for a moment, visibly deflating with exhaustion. “Hey, why’s your jacket -“

Sousuke followed Makoto’s gaze down to the balled up fabric in his hand. Something seemed to register for the first time since exiting the cab and Makoto stumbled back, utterly mortified.

“Oh, no,” he gulped, eyes filling involuntarily. “Sou, I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. I didn’t-“

Shh, hey, it’s all right,” Sousuke wasted no time looping his arm around Makoto’s shoulders.

“I dragged you - hic - out here for nothing and your jacket…”

“Don’t worry about the jacket,” Sousuke assured, rubbing his hand in a smooth arc down Makoto’s bicep. “I’m just glad your dad’s all right.”

“I’m sorry,” Makoto repeated, breath hitching with devastation. “I just…turn into a wreck sometimes. I can’t control when it happens. I must sound so -“

“You don’t have to explain anything to me,” Sousuke interrupted, pulling Makoto closer.

“It’s humiliating.”

“You can’t help it. It’s not your fault.”

Makoto didn’t look convinced, but he didn’t say anything else about it.

Dear Blacklist fandom

If you feel the urge to harass on anon, don’t. Just don’t. If your urge to be cruel, unkind, and a general ass is so overbearing that you just can’t stop yourself, have the guts to own your words. Don’t be a coward.

Matsuno brothers' alcohol tolerance
  • Osomatsu: this bastard has a HIGH tolerance like wtf dude jUST HOW MANY SHOTS HAVE YOU HAD ALREADY???
  • Karamatsu: pls spare this cinnamon roll from drinking parties. It is canon that he doesn't really drink. He has a very low tolerance.
  • Choromatsu: a medium tolerance. He can last halfway the drinking party until he start grumbling stupid random stuffs
  • Ichimatsu: ...nope (unless you want a jerk drunk that will ruin your party then go on)
  • Jyushimatsu: second highest tolerance after Osomatsu.
  • Todomatsu: his tolerance is after Choromatsu's level

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Okay, so I'm rewatching Season 1 and getting annoyed with Alec. I know that Clary came out of nowhere, and at the same time as Valentine coming back looking for the cup. I understand that he's wary of her, and doesn't trust her. But am I the only one disappointed with his treatment of her? He's a real jerk to her, and it doesn't look like that's going to change in Season 2... You have any thoughts as to why he's like this? Other than jealousy of her relationship with Jace?

Honestly, I know this is a bit harsh of me, but I’ve never particularly minded Alec’s treatment of Clary???

Don’t get me wrong, he does some bad shit in season one. He messes up. But I think his big fuck ups are more policy-related, particularly all that shit when they’re dealing with Meliorn. In general, I don’t mind his behavior to Clary. Yes, he’s a jerk. That’s undeniable. But also… that’s it??? He doesn’t like her. He shouldn’t be as mean as he is, but I don’t think there’s any reason why he has to like her, either. 

And I think very little of his behavior actually has to do with Jace. While I certainly don’t think he’s thrilled that Jace is interested in her, I don’t think his attitude toward her is motivated by that jealousy. I don’t think he’s jealous that Jace likes her, I think he’s genuinely upset that his brother and his parabatai is trusting her over him. Jace could have no romantic interest in Clary whatsoever and I think Alec would still treat her the exact same way. Because Alec is in charge, and Alec is trusted enough to be the leader, and Alec is used to his siblings trusting him, and listening to him when he makes important decisions. And then Clary comes along and suddenly Jace and Isabelle are going along with her decisions instead of his, even though they’re frequently reckless and dangerous. I think Alec is equally devastated and angry that Valentine’s daughter - someone they’ve known for days - is being given more trust than he is. I think he’s angry, and I think his anger is justified.

That being said, he doesn’t need to be so mean to her. But at the end of season one, he’s not mean anymore. In 1x12 they have a perfectly civil conversation where they thank each other and everything is great. Alec eventually starts being mean to her again in season two, but honestly, Alec is going through such an unbelievably shitty time that lashing out in some way seems completely inevitable. 

Like I said, I don’t think he should be so rude to Clary. But I also don’t think he needs to like Clary. Ever. He can accept her as part of his social group, and as Jace’s sister (or whatever she is at the time lbr), and as someone he sees on a daily basis, and still not like her. You don’t need to like everyone you know. I think as viewers we get used to the idea of the ‘main gang’ of characters in a story, and we’re used to them all being friends. But I don’t think that’s actually necessary. Everyone has people in their life that they dislike. As long as they can keep their attitude in check, it’s not a big deal. I personally wouldn’t mind if Alec never liked Clary, so long as he starts treating her a little better.

my Actual Measurable new years resolution (aka not ‘eat more mashed potatoes’) was to learn one new dinner recipe every month!!! so if you have something dope you want to share please feel encouraged :D

It's a Game Show.

They will acknowledge that much of what we have seen is a series of short stories. They’ll recap, showing us the start and end points of each.

*audience applause and appropriate groans of dismay*

They will show Sherlock.

*audience anticipation rises*

Sherlock will have to choose which story he wants to be his life.

*audience vote will influence outcome*

And he’ll pick the story that begins with meeting John at Barts, hoping for a chance to get it right this time.

*more audience applause and appropriate groans of dismay*

OH BBOOYY and here’s the one thing that most people I know hate about this movie.

Lighting’s jerkass ego that last till about halfway through the film. Which considering the cars shorts and the 2nd movie you can forget that yea Mcqueen was a jerk.

And honestly, I guess it we’re suppose to see how jerky he is so we can appreciate his development later it’s necessary. It’s more that people do really hate these kinds of characters and considering dissing his pit stop crew is like dissing all the technical people behind a stage play, it’s pretty disrespectful. So it’s playing the waiting game for him to get that moment of realization and this is also the fault of this movie of following with a bunch of cliches with it’s plot and characters. Granted it’s more of how the cliches are executed and Cars does a decently nice job but nothing too spectacular.

Eh I hope it’s not as bad as people make it out to be.

we have a houseguest and i told him i was going to sleep three fucking hours ago.

since then he has:

  • talked on the phone loudly for nearly an hour
  • mumble sand in the shower
  • listened to some country/soft-rock mix for the remainder of the time that is a live album so every song has loud applause at the end so i can’t even lose myself in it

i don’t really know the guy. he’s my mom’s friend. i don’t know what to do and i’m so pissed off. i’m EXHAUSTED but i can’t sleep because he decided to make himself at fucking home and listen to his gross music.


he has not washed dishes since he got here almost a week ago. granted, neither have my mom or i, but that doesn’t mean she should rinse out his FUCKING coffee mug or refill the britta pitcher when he uses the last bit.