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Do you think dd and ga's lack of... um... togetherness at the upfronts has anything to do with pm? I don't have an opinion on it either way. Just asking an honest question. I'm wondering what everyone thinks. Can we open it up to discussion? It was pretty bizarre, we can all agree to that. The only time we saw them together that day at all was onstage at the Webby's. Seems weird to me. I honestly don't see how it could've benefited fox at all. I think it could be something else. Don't know what

We can always open discussion, anon! If not the Webbys, I would have find it weird that they didn’t appear more together, didn’t do the photocall together, and didn’t give any interview together. It is weird. But then, they went to Webbys, and the magic operated. There’s no doubt David and Gillian are fine with each other, that nothing has changed between them since the last time we saw them together. I really do think it happened like that not because it was their request, but because Fox had planned it this way. 

Even if you assume she’s dating someone else, which I don’t but anyway, what would be the point of asking your network to make separate appearances with your costar for one business event, and then show up together being all giddy and cute at a totally non-business related (at least for David) event, and finally spend 6 months on the other side of the world 24/7 with this other man? It makes no sense. 

So if it isn’t their choice, if it isn’t due to their schedule, it has to come from their publicist or from Fox. It has to be a communication strategy. A weird one, but still…

Blacklist Season Five Pledge

I will be respectful when engaging (or trying to engage) actors/writers/etc from NBC’s The Blacklist, even if I disagree with them.

Sort of a Rant
  • Referring to my Overwatch post of the girl squad wearing Met Gala dresses, I really appreciate all the nice tags/comments said about it!!! But, there's just one thing I want people to understand. I reallyyy don't want to have to bring this up, but I just want clearance on the subject.
  • So, for those tagging about the shippings, correct me if I'm wrong, but, a few of you apparently think it's too heterosexual??...I just thought these shippings were cute : ^))?? And everyone of course is abide to their own opinions about shippings and what not...But, really?
  • A person tagged something about how the characters are all gays and lesbians and I should stop shipping them. Listen, not everyone agrees/thinks that way, so please don't tag that in my post. Also, I should feel free to ship who I want. Does sexuality have to be the subject matter of the post??
  • If it makes you feel any better I use to be a big fan of widowxtracer (which I have made a post of recently), but Tracer has a girlfriend now, which is perfectly fine with me! There's nothing wrong with people still shipping widowxtracer either way. I just don't really base shippings on only their race or sexuality. Then again, that's my opinion.
  • I acknowledge the kind reblogs having to do with the dresses, but please don't put tags that have to do with the sexuality of the characters and what/how I ship. If the tags were meant to be jokes, then I apologize again.
  • Thank you

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The sibling abuse in acotar piece you wrote really got to me.It pretty much summed up my entire opinion of Archeron family. I hate Nesta. Hated her since the beginning of acotar until the end of acowar and I don't see that changing anytime soon.I also strongly dislike Elain.Iconfess while I loved acomaf the 1stand3rd books were quite a bore for me and left dissatisfied that we never found Nesta's reasons for her behaviour which wouldn't be excusable either way. I appreciate your thoughts on it!

Thank you, I was glad to write it. Especially because so many people have told me how it really resonated wth them, and helped them understand why Nesta made them uncomfortable. Honestly I have to agree that ACOMAF was the best book of the series, and the other two were less interesting. I found Nesta’s character in ACOWAR to be very repulsive considering how abusive her behavior got to everyone around her- not just Feyre. In ACOTAR she never helps Feyre because she wants their father to step up and provide, and she wants this so strongly she was prepared to let the family starve and her youngest sister to be their work horse essentially. She takes this a step further though, and looks to completely destroy Feyre’s self esteem as well. And she did this essentially to reclaim power she felt she had lost by their living situation. In ACOWAR Nesta is traumatized by having her mortality stolen from her and so she lashes out with renewed venom at those around her. I see why she acted the way she did, but understanding the source of abusive behavior does not excuse it or lessen the severity of it. Elain is another abuser, albeit a different kind, in ACOTAR while simultaneously also being abused by Nesta. I think a lot of people miss that because Nesta cares for Elain more than Feyre, but she actually treats them both poorly, but of course treats Feyre the worst by far. The whole Archeron family dynamic is that of abuse and neglect, and to be honest it is never properly addressed or fixed. Most especially abusive scenes left a bad taste in my mouth and made me uncomfortable to read, and I just won’t be able to read any of the next books that focus on the sisters. I do hope the sisters change for the better, but I don’t think I can stomach being along for the ride. But thank you so much for the Ask, I loved reading your thoughts on this and most of mine are identical. I’m glad to find another person who isn’t randomly glorifying abusive characters.

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Do we have to agree with you because you have BPD and you don't like ppl who don't agree with you ? ? Or do you think we have to be honest ?

What kind of a fucking question is this

Listen just bc I’m mentally ill doesn’t mean you have to subject yourself to my every whim. The kind of people who do pull that sort of shit to get away w being an asshole just bc they have a mental illness are nasty and need to see that what they’re doing is extremely toxic. Please for the love of god don’t ever think you have to side with me just bc of my bpd. Doesn’t mean you can be a dick either but I’m not gonna throw some hissy fit if someone doesn’t agree w me. Worst I do is I’m a very block happy person just bc I’m aware that I’m in control of what I choose to view and deal w in social media. And if I don’t like you then I’ll just block you easy peasy.

I would also like to add that if anyone ever and I mean EVER guilt trips you into siding with them even if it means forcing you to lie about how you feel on a topic then that person needs to get the fuck out of your life. I’ve dealt w people like that on more than one occasion and I can honestly say no one deserves to deal w that kind of manipulation.

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"since people have been, lets say, vocal about me drawing izzy and simon too dark before I have been trying to color everyone exactly the way I see them on the show but I have learned that its almost impossible for me to please everyone" I really don't wanna sound mean, this isn't an attack on you, but you don't have to please racists

yeah I completely agree thats why I havent drawn either izzy or simon lighter than I have before

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I just don't get it. How many different times and how many different ways do you have to say it? I think you've always been okay with a disagreement about RK, it's how you say it. You can disagree with respect or act childish and say nasty things. Nobody wins in that situation. People just get angry and hurt and it gets worse every time. So what, don't believe how MN does, but have some respect to act like you deserve to be here.

I don’t get it either. We can agree to disagree but I’m not about to back down on things I know to be true.

The more ppl that don’t believe argue with me the more they have to hear me talk about it.

I don’t feel the need to talk about RK the couple that often. But when Mama gets poked she pokes back.


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in your opinion then what is a stone femme? i don't 100% agree with the lesbianfeminists either but what goes through your head when you don't want to touch another woman? i don't see how stone femme is an ~identity~ or a subset sexuality of lesbianism - do stone femmes do anything sexual to their partner? at all? or want to?

“Tell me in detail how exactly you have sex, what you’re thinking about, and what you ~contribute~ before I decide whether or not to deign to agree with you off anon”

I don’t care who you “agree” with, anon, and if you want a kinder answer, come off anon and don’t be shitty. Or go to literally any writing about butches and femmes and how we’ve lived and moved through the world. Also, if people could stop framing questions about lesbian history and identity as “what’s your opinion” as though our lives are up for debate or we’re interested in anyone’s shitty opinions who aren’t part of our histories, that’d be great.

And to actually get to your question, which was asked incredibly inappropriately (which you, of course, know), stone Femme has been used in a couple different ways and it’s existed for as long as butch/femme history has. It originally meant femmes who partnered with stone butches. Recently, I’ve seen it used to mean both a femme who only “tops”/“gives” or a femme who only “bottoms”/“receives” (all of these terms are not exactly right, but they’re the ones used when talking about us and I’m not in a mood to deal with parsing words and nuances right now since they’ll at least get my point across). In terms of all of this, the definitions I strongly relate to and best understand are the first (historical) one and the last one. They’re also the ones that fit together for me and are connected to each other. So I can’t speak to the second one, though others have. But stone femme as I understand it and live it is a complement to stone butch inasmuch as our needs interlock and work together. Do I “give” pleasure? Stone femmes aren’t like passive, limp rags during sex, for fuck’s sake, and stone butches “get pleasure” from sex by…and this is shocking, so stay with me…experiencing intimacy and “topping”/“giving” (and, god, I hate that construction so much because in what universe is sex a give and take in that way? Unless every action is mirrored by each partner, it’s not egalitarian and someone is missing out!!! Fuck off). Funnily enough, two women having sex with each other in a way that brings them both pleasure and satisfaction is a good thing. Stone femmes aren’t forcing their poor, long suffering butch partners to miss out or sacrifice. People implying that we aren’t having sex “correctly” or that stone butches obviously want or should want something different is disgusting and pretty damn lesbophobic.

Also, just as an endnote, fuck you for insisting that I tell you how I have sex or what sex between a stone femme and a stone butch look like. You’re obviously not either of the two if you’re sending this anon, and to insist on that level of detail before deciding whether you agree with me (which isn’t what you were doing at all and we both know that. You weren’t looking for an actual conversation. You were looking to force other lesbians to justify our lives and the ways in which we have sex. And you’re not important or significant enough to feel entitled to be in that position) is a thinly veiled attempt at voyeurism and feeling superior.

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Not hating, but I am honestly curious why you see potential in rivamika as a ship that would work, because in the anime/manga, most of the time I feel like everything Mikasa does is for Eren (especially in the anime, most of her lines are seriously just some variation of 'Eren'), just as how everything Levi does is for Erwin. And their interactions actually mostly revolve around saving Eren. I can't see them stop thinking of Eren/Erwn long enough to even notice each other tbh.

There’s actually a lot of reasons why, actually. Please note that I’m going to discuss why I think rivamika has potential, but I’m not trying to prove they have any romantic potential because I don’t personally think they do due to the theme and circumstances of the canon story (AUs/UAs are another story). However, there’s quite a lot of evidence that supports the ship. Maybe it won’t be enough to convince you, but it was enough for me and many other rivamika shippers.

Honestly, this fandom (and many others) have paired characters together with much, much less potential so I don’t know why so many people think rivamika doesn’t meet “shipping requirements.” I mean, part of the fun of shipping is being creative and match-making characters you personally think would make a cute couple. Hell, I even ship characters that barely/never interacted before because I think their personalities match up well and I like to imagine the possibilities. This is why I’ll never understand why fans these days have to explain themselves and provide proof, but meh. I got nothing better to do lol. 

I also want to note that I was fascinated by Mikasa and Levi’s relationship/parallels before I started to ship them–that was more of an aftereffect and a way to express my love for them. In other words, I’m capable of being unbiased while discussing their relationship :)

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I have a question on your post about making CGs feeling guilty. What if you don't have control of when you regress and you actually need help/care while you're regressed? Does it make you a bad partner if you get upset that they don't want to? My CG gets mad at me sometimes because I'm "acting little" when he's playing a game or something, but sometimes I just don't have control over it and it upsets me when he gets angry over something I can't control.

I don’t think either of you are in the wrong. I just don’t think you should be together. You regress more often than he can handle, and he isn’t every time you need him to be. If it’s causing strain in your relationship, you have three choices: 1) Try to control it more, 2) Break up, 3) Be poly and find another CG. 

I really don’t agree with making CGs feel guilty for not wanting to be a CG each and every time you want. I really don’t. At the end of the day, they’re not really your parents. If they haven’t outright agreed to be in big space every time you feel little, then you can’t expect that of them.

Let’s be real here, most CGs are just partners who are okay with interacting with a little when they regress. There are a rare few like me who actively search this out and need the dynamic, but even I am not constantly in big space. Expecting someone to be is just impossible. 

Relationships are give and take, not take, take, take. If he’s in big space most of the time when you need him to be, I honestly think you’re being really selfish here. I don’t think he should be angry, but if you throw a fit because he wants some grown up time, I completely understand why he would be angry, and I think you are in the wrong. It’s not all about you. He has feelings and wants and NEEDS as well. CGs need time to just unwind and relax, just like you do. For him, maybe that’s video games. 

If you can’t except that, then you should break up with him and look for someone who can and will agree to being in big space each and every single time you feel little. I think you’re chances of finding that person are about one in a million, but if that’s what you want, go for it. 

These are just my thoughts and opinions. Feel free to disagree. And as always, good luck :)

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Do some of the people on this site either accuse of being white or say you're a traitor to x race because you have a slightly positive opinion of white people? Because I'm black and I think it's really annoying for people to assume that I don't like being black or that I'm not black at all just because we don't agree with each other.

Many of the black people who have disagreed with us target me and call me a “coon” or uncle tom. We get accused of being white all the time for not treating white people terribly. The sad thing is that many of those people like weavemama are popular on this site, so it is likely that this treatment is popular as well.


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i'm learning german and swedish at the moment, but there's also chinese and italian and i'm like ??? i know 4 languages at the same time is impossible to do, but do you have any advice ? i know it's not the sensible thing to do and that it'll probably take me years to reach fluency in them but i really don't know what to do ? could you give me some advice on either if it's feasible in one way or another or if i'm just insane and should take it slow and one by one ?

It’s not insane :) Although I agree w sticking to two would be faster.  But if you really want to learn another, I say go with Chinese (I’m guessing you’d want Mandarin) since you can learn some characters every day and can go back to Italian after some time of advancing at German/Swedish. I suggest looking at these online courses to make it easier for you to learn. Different people have different methods of learning but many people agree that as long as you are at different levels, you should be fine. Your main focus would be to learn something every day if you are doing multiple languages and perhaps make a language schedule. Try to do 30min - 1 hour a day if possible.

The hardest thing will be to make time for languages and to incorporate them into your life. Mix immersion strategies with grammar studying. For example, on YouTube I watch a Russian Let’s Player, when I get ready in the mornings I listen to a language podcast. Here is a sample schedule and how you can create your own. As for me, I started using Habitica for languages and here is how I have it set up. 

You can also use the printables below. As long as you are using your time wisely and not hating your languages, you should be good :)

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hello! So, I tried to speak with my mom about getting a service dog, but because of being so anxious (reason A why i want to get an SD), I kind of messed it up really badly. My mom told me that I don't need to get a service dog because im "not blind or deaf, and I know you don't have that many problems". My mother sees me less often than all of my friends do, and they all agree that a service dog would help me. How do I tell my mother, respectfully, that I really believe I qualify for an SD?

It might be helpful to write everything you want to say down either as a script or just to give to her, in case your anxiety kicks in and you fumble again the next time you talk to her (this happens to me ALL the time, I know how frustrating it is!). If you choose to speak instead of writing everything down, I would kindly ask her to please wait until you’re finished talking before she offers her counter-arguments.

I would explain in detail, first of all, that service dogs are not only for blind and deaf people, but can assist with lots of other disabilities, both physical and mental. The legal definition of a service dog is a dog that is individually trained to perform work or tasks to assist a person with a disability, and that mental disabilities are included in that. The legal definition of a disability under the ADA is a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits at least one major life activity (which is listed on our FAQ) and you can use that to show her exactly in what way(s) you are disabled. I would then discuss the different issues that you specifically face due to your anxiety and whatever other things you have going on, and explain exactly how a service dog could help you in those situations. I would be specific about how debilitating your issues are and how much they affect your ability to be independent.

For example, let’s say that you have dissociation spells and often become disoriented; you have panic attacks and sob uncontrollably or self-harm; you become so lethargic that you forget to or cannot get up to eat or take your medication; or you become terrified when unfamiliar people come too near you. A service dog can be trained, when you are dissociating, to guide you somewhere safe, such as outside, to a bench/chair, or to your car, on cue; they can learn to recognize when you are beginning to have a panic attack and ground you by performing deep pressure therapy; they can stop you from crying or self-harming/repetitive behaviors by pawing/nudging you and encouraging you to do something else such as play with them or brush them; they can be taught to bring you your medication at a certain time each day, as well as pester you until you get up and eat; and they can be trained to passively block others from approaching you, or alert you to someone approaching you from behind.

I would also look for videos (posted by the handlers and not just passersby being like “ooh look at this service dog doing a thing,” preferably) of each task that you feel would be beneficial for you, or find a video of someone explaining how important that task is for them, and show them to her. Videos of people talking about how much their psychiatric service dog has benefitted them are also great.

Video examples of tasks:

Guiding handler outside and to car

Providing deep pressure therapy

Alerting to panic attack and self destructive (hitting) behaviors

Interrupting repetitive scratching

Medication retrieval

Passive blocking

Circling around handler (blocking)

These are just some of the many tasks that a service dog can learn to perform for you, and there is a list of even more in this blog’s FAQ if you want to peruse it.

If you are able, I would suggest speaking to your doctor or therapist about considering a service dog as part of your treatment. It would be a good opportunity to practice what you’re planning on saying to your mom, since many people in the medical field don’t know much about psychiatric service dogs and often confuse them with emotional support animals, and you’ll have to explain to them what it is exactly that you need. Your mom might be more willing to listen to you if you have their approval, and they might even be willing to discuss it with her themselves once you’ve explained everything to them.

Finally, remember that it may take time for her to come around to the idea of you needing a service dog. You may have to approach her several times before making any positive headway with her. You just need to stay positive and keep trying! We’re rooting for you!


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Lol. Funny thing is bisexual people are statistically more likely to cheat. Most of them have to find someone to agree upon an open relationship. Hey, whatever tickles your pickle. Don't spout lies is all I'm saying. Peace.

Statistically where. Where are these statistics? In my experience, I’ve seen more gay men and straight people in open relationships than I’ve seen Bisexuals do so.

Though what does it matter either way? I’ve never said Bisexuals don’t do open relationships, but if they do it’s no more than any other sexuality would.

Also, hate to break it to you but people of ALL sexualities cheat so check your own prejudices before making me read something as unfortunate as this ask is all i’m saying. Peace.

She's beauty and she's grace, everyone lies to her face.
  • Inquisitor: *makes the mages their allies*
  • *Cassandra greatly disapproves*
  • Cassandra: Oh, I don't disapprove. In fact, you did well.
  • Inquisitor: That's... Not what the memo said.
  • -----
  • Sera: This is wrong. My contacts send me to cities because I'm shite around woods.
  • *roams around the Hinterlands, finds a Red Jenny cache in a demon-infested cave far from any city*
  • Inquisitor: But... I thought...
  • Sera: Told you they'd come through.
  • -----
  • Varric: My crossbow? I found it in a dragonbone chest in a pirate ship, under 50 locks---
  • Inquisitor: ... I thought you'd traded it for cheese and socks at the Black Emporium?
  • Varric: Well, don't keep asking.
  • ------
  • Bull: I can be your bodyguard. Dragons? Demons? The bigger the better.
  • *finds a dragon and has to resurrect Bull countless times*
  • Inquisitor: Liar, liar, pants on fire!
  • Bull: *running away* Literally!
  • -----
  • Cole: I'm Cole.
  • Inquisitor: Are you a spirit? A demon?
  • Cole: Yes. No. I'm a dead apostate. I'm a rogue.
  • Cole: I'm not Cole.
  • Inquisitor: ...
  • Cole: I'm not a war either.
  • -----
  • Vivienne: Order must be restored. That's the only thing that matters.
  • Inquisitor: I agree.
  • Vivienne: Good. Now that I have your trust, make me Divine.
  • -----
  • *roaming around Thedas with Dorian, Blackwall, and Solas*
  • Inquisitor: I'm so happy to have you, guys. I sometimes feel nobody's open and frank with me. *winks at Dorian* You and I will be having a special time tonight - you, me, and my frilly knickers.
  • *profuse sweating commences*
INTP Wisdom
  • INTJ: question. Is ISFJ like me?
  • INTP: NO. Not at all.
  • INTJ: how so?
  • INTP: well i went to our old school and ISFJ was following me around and then we sat down and he suddenly went "what if your friends never invited you to anything?" and at that point i knew he was talking about his squad bc everyone does that to him and i was like "well i don' lol"
  • INTJ: agreed i wouldn't care either
  • INTP: i mean like if they don't want to invite me then that's their business?? Why should i be offended??? I should in fact be happy bc i dont have to spend money??
  • INTJ: yeah i know right
  • INTP: yeah so he was like "what do you think about grey lines? I talked to the teacher abt this and she said i stay in the grey line, where i don't hate them, but i don't have to like them" and i'm like..
  • INTJ: "im like that with most things in life"?
  • INTP: *laughs* no i said "i mean most of the time i'm kind of black and white?? If i dont like you then i dont like you but most of the time.....i just dont care" then he was like "man you're so wise i wish i could be like y-"
  • INTJ: (referring to INTP) *making concerned face* her??????? Wise?????? ???????????
  • INTP: *LAUGHS* i am wise
  • INTJ: w i se??????? ?? ??????? ???
  • INTP: my LINE status is "sometimes life isn't as hard as a carrot"
  • INTJ: ah yes. Point proven.
  • INTP: wise~~~
Two Girls in my Study Hall
  • Girl #1: Have you seen 'Don't Hug Me I'm Scared'?
  • Girl #2: No, what is it?
  • Girl #1" Oh it's this really uplifting video for kids about letting your creativity flow... It's cute like the Happy Tree Friends
  • Girl #2: I haven't seen Happy Tree Friends either
  • Girl #1: Oh you 'll love it its this cute show about animals.
  • I think we can all agree that girl #1 is a sadistic bitch
Colin Firth reblog if you agree
this is for all of you the seven and nico what do you guys think of solangelo
  • Percy: well i don't like it
  • Nico: why not
  • Percy: because its ridiculous i mean you guys don't even like each other right Nico
  • Nico: well i don't know if Will ever asked me to be his boyfriend I might say yes to Solangelo is cool I guess and could happen
  • Jason: I like Solangelo it means Nico will be happy and as long as Nico is happy I'm happy
  • Hazel: I agree Nico is my brother so if he wants to date Will he can
  • Annabeth: Will is a cool guy and he seems to be exactly what Nico needs
  • Frank: well i don't know Nico or Will enough to really have an opinion either way so...
  • Piper: ya I have to agree with Frank on this one but I am a child of Aphrodite so any love makes me swoon
  • Leo: Will? he's a cool guy i guess but I think the question is is how long is it until Vandangelo happens
  • Nico: -blushes-
  • Percy: am i the only person who doesn't like this it makes me feel like a bad guy