you don't even know that person

  • Sirius: where are you going? i need the answer to exercise 3
  • James: you okay hun, you're the smartest person i know. after myself that is
  • Remus: *clears throat*
  • James: okay you're the second smartest person i know after myself
  • Remus: *clears throat*
  • James: FINE the smartest person i know is remus and then there's me and then there's you
  • Peter: *clears throat*
  • James: what's wrong with your throat pete? here, take a cough drop

How can I put into words how much I love and admire you when I can’t even comprehend it myself. You’re so talented in everything you do, so amazingly hardworking and tenacious but still so soft and kind. You bring warmth to my world, you inspire me and give me so much hope and I love you for that. I hope you only grow as a person and an artist while continuing to do the things you love. Happy birthday my angel!

Concept: Black market baby trade of Pearlcatchers, within Pearlcatcher culture, where a poor couple might sell their offspring to a higher-class Pearlcatcher who, through some tragedy, lost their own child young. The purchased child has their pearl taken away, and replaced with the dead child’s pearl. For all intents and purposes, it is understood that this child is now the deceased- they are called by the dead child’s name, treated with the same favor as the dead child, and expected to act accordingly. Their own pearl is usually buried with the dead offspring- in essence, a life is traded for a life.

I find it funny when I see a post or whatever saying “THIS IS NATIVE AMERICAN” and I’m like okay? What kind of Native American? Cree? Nisga'a? Haida? Mi'kmaq? Blackfoot? Mohawk? Tsimshian? Ojibwe? Dakota? (These are all groups I named off the top of my head)

I know it’s hard to wrap your non-native minds around this but we’re not all one people.


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The snake and its hands

Hey guys.

I apologize for being the wet blanket at the mo. The news about Carrie Fisher is really getting to me. Like, bad. The kind of bad where I’m gonna need to call my therapist while she’s on vacation bad.

Yeah, I know the whole “But you never even know her! Stop making this about you!!” thing and I get that. I’m not trying to make this about me.

I grieve for her family. I grieve for her. I grieve for a world without her in it. I grind my teeth at the fact that just yesterday, we were being told she was stable. I grieve for the complete suddenness of this. It feels like I’m one big ball of grieving.

I’ve always been attuned to people’s emotions. Call it bullshit if you like, but when enough people are sad or hurt or angry, you *feel* that. It’s in the air, in your veins. It becomes you.

Today is a grieving day, and the fact that I can’t lay in bed and sleep through it is turning me into a major depresso grump. I don’t take feelings like this and turn them into art, as much I’d love to for Carrie Fisher’s sake. I shut down, I reboot, I make things than after a nice joke or two.

I’m in shut down mode right now.

And the plain fact is, I can’t be on here (Tumblr) right now. Every other post is a tribute to Carrie Fisher, or a gifset, or whatever. Which is good, it’s deserved. But man, I can feel my chest tightening up just thinking about. I’ve been crying most of the day, and lemme tell ya, that is not easy when you sit in a crowded office answering phones for eight hours a day.

I probably won’t be on for a bit. I just can’t handle this place right now, and I hope you peeps understand. (I’m not even sure why I’m making this post. Trying to explain, I guess, but words are just *pzzzrtblght* right now. It feels like I’ve lost someone I knew.)

Thanks for understanding, and if you don’t *shrug* You are who you are.

And, sorry for being the drama llama. Happens. I’m gonna go now.

okay but, ever since jade came out an said that she had an eating disorder when she was younger, i keep seeing people like analyzing her now an talking about how they’re sad that she has weight insecurities bc she covers her stomach a lot an……like ?????????? covering your stomach doesn’t equal being insecure. an didn’t jade herself say that her eating disorder wasn’t bc she had a warped self image but bc she took the death of her grandfather who she was very close to very hard an she was looking for control ????? like can y’all stop assigning insecurities an symptoms to her just bc you now know of a disorder she dealt with in the past…..y’all aren’t doctors an you don’t know her personally. like you wanna talk about how strong she is that’s fine but stop trying to diagnose her with problems she’s gotten over/doesn’t have


ladies and gentleman, jaehee ‘i’m not gay’ kang

Just to be clear

You can be polyamorous and still cheat.
You can be polyamorous and still cheat.
You can be polyamorous and still cheat.
You can be polyamorous and still cheat.
Y O U   C A N   B E   P O L Y A M O R O U S   A N D   S T I L L   C H E A T



I have ruined my family and it's because of Dan and Phil

Here I am, in the back seat of the car traveling home from a Vegas weekend minding my own business, watching some videos wasting my data as you do. When I look over and literally my two cousins and my aunt are all watching DAN AND PHIL

but to be honest, it’s pretty great.

Do you ever feel like you don’t really belong anywhere? Not with your friend group or family or clubs, and it’s not the people there it’s you. Like you’re just sorta there and missing out on some joke everybody gets but you and it’d all be okay if you never were there 


I was tagged by @darling-magnus to do 6 selfies, supposedly for 2016, but now it’s 2017, that’s still great. 

I rarely take selfies and these aren’t even close to my hairstyle now. I try okay, but I’m a derp and I know it. I had to drag my boyfriend into this because he likes to act handsome while I’m being a derp. 

And I swear I don’t even look half as good in real life as these photos, which is saying something about phone technology these days. *shudders*

I don’t know everyone’s stand on selfies, but post them if you’re comfortable, I wanna see you~ I kinda wanna do it like a self-portrait kind of thing, if you don’t wanna show your face, you can take pictures of things around you, because I’m a curious cat like that and I’ll love to see anything you post. 😍

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