you don't even know how excited i am for this movie

anonymous asked:

Now that it has had time to breathe a little, would you say Rogue One matched up to what you thought it would be? I'm trying to be chill for VIII because I doubt I'll get everything I want or am imagining, so I just wanted to know how much of Rogue One matched up to what you thought it would be.

If I’m being honest? …Not really.

I mean, the movie was fine, and it wasn’t bad by any means, but it’s been a few weeks since the movie came out, and I’ve already almost entirely moved on from the Rogue One hype and am waiting for VIII news. I wasn’t even that giddy back when I first saw the movie, but…I didn’t hate it. It was fine for what it was. I just didn’t feel much of the excitement or hype that I got when I saw TFA—which, don’t get me wrong, was really disappointing to me considering how much I was determined to thoroughly enjoy myself with R1. But…oh well. It was one movie. I’m still SUPER excited for VIII, and I love TFA to pieces, so we’ll just have to see what Lucasfilm churns out next! :-)