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Tonight, there’s a new episode of Shadowhunters. And I’ll say this: 

I love the show. Despite all its flaws, I genuinely love it. And I love the cast and crew and I appreciate deeply what they do for us, that they work hard to bring the story to us. And even though there’re things I would change, the show still makes me very happy in general. 

And if you have a problem with that, if that makes me an “ass-kisser” in your opinion…

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sometimes I don’t think I can form sentences in the right order. I blame the three other languages I speak; they’re fucking up my grammar 

namo-or-death  asked:

What preferred vehicle do you think each member of Twice would have? (what kind of car, motorcycle, heck even a bicycle)

Nayeon: A Mercedes or a BMW, basically an expensive luxury model car. She wouldn’t actually be the one behind the wheel, someone else would drive her

Jeongyeon: A second hand car, probably bright yellow or another ridiculous colour that makes it stand out. Jeongyeon would like it because it has character and she would probably give it a cute nickname

Momo: Motorcycle. Is it just me or would Momo look really good on a motorcycle like hot damn. It would probably be a more modern model.

Sana: A small trendy European car that looks like a cube on wheels

Jihyo: A Minivan. Listen, someone’s gotta drive the group everywhere, and we all know it’d be Jihyo, plus she’s probably really intimidating on the road.

Mina: A hybrid smart car that charges in the sun or something economic and expensive like that. That or a bicycle

Dahyun: Some kind of basic car, except Dahyun would be one of those weird people that puts eyelashes or googly eyes where the headlights should be

Chaeyoung: A van that looks like something out of the 70s, she probably painted it herself with cool patterns and I’m describing a hippy van aren’t I 

Tzuyu: A vintage motorcycle in perfect condition, I don’t care if you don’t agree with me let me just appreciate the concept of Tzuyu on a vintage bike

I just

I really hate it when I try to be nice to people but instead they flip it so it points out my mistakes and then rub salt in the wound? Like, I’m sorry I informed you of something that may be useful to you and I only found out by doing something wrong?


I was tagged by @inktae + @jungblue to do the 9 favorite albums tag. i realize….. i probably don’t have very good music taste since it, much like everything else in my life, it tends to change around alot. but as of right now, these are my favorites—some of them are at the moment while a few are ones that have been apart of my life for a very long time. 

foreward ;; tori kelly
lala land motion picture soundtrack ;; justin hurwitz 
divide ;; ed sheeran 
hamilton broadway cast recording 
native ;; one republic 
red ;; taylor swift
by my side ;; david choi
hyyh pt 2 ;; bangtan boys
wildfire ;; rachel platten 

I pulled this together pretty quickly because I just realized I have to go down to do my daily 5k on the treadmill so i am not going to tag people… yet maybe i will when i finish my run and i remember??? if you see this and want to do it you can tag me!! 


so i, a complete and total loser, need more friends!!

so like.

totally message me if you’re into:

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Steven Universe by Rebecca Sugar

Don’t Hug Me, I’m Scared

OC Roleplays






okie im sorry but still

also not to mention i’m willing to learn about the other elder scrolls saga games!

please do not message me and even block me if you:

Are LGBTQA+ phobic

Support Donald Trump (if you used to but have seen the error of your ways after everything that shitbag’s done, that’s cool)

Support and / or ship incest and incestuous ships (i..e, fontcest, pinecest)

Support and / or are any of the following:

MAPs (Minor Attracted People/Person)


‘Clovergender’ (i heard it was a joke to piss off the lgbtqa+ community but i’m not taking any chances.)

Also, I’m not looking for a romantic relationship. as if anyone would be interested in me lmao

so ye..

i need friends.

Alone again. I suppose it’s the way it’s how it should be. Writing, they say is a lonely job. True. When you are single and have no children and just a fragment of family, it gets even lonelier. I’m used to it. Friends come and go. It is like reality is a greater mystery than the secrets of Middle Earth. I guess that’s why understand Thranduil’s pain more than most. Because it is real. You can only cry so much before you don’t know how to do it anymore. Hide behind the throne–conceal don’t feel, right? I should be happy–it is in pain I tend to write my best. Pain makes some stronger but far more distant.

There are no accidents in this world, but nothing lasts forever. Not pleasure nor pain.

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Rules: list 5 otps from different fandoms and tag 10 people.

1. Amami x Inoue, Re-Kan (very gay, would recommend)

2. Kotori x Umi, Love Live!

3. Nagisa x Shizuma, Strawberry Panic! (even more gay)

4. Cyan x Retoree, Show by Rock!! (gay pup and gay kitty = best show)

5. Umaru x Kirire, Himouto Umaru-chan

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Guys, La La Land. Is. Not. Bad.

It’s just not diverse. Can you guys just chill out and understand the steps taken by this movie. Just because it doesn’t have a diverse cast (which I mean is a bit of a problem but you guys are acting like they’re actively attacking diversity) doesn’t invalidate the beautiful art or the story being told. Please don’t continue with this shit. Just enjoy something for once. Let something beautiful exist without a political agenda.


Third Wheelin’ with Jaha

1006. When Albus turned 18, he changed his middle name from Severus to Remus.

Journal 3 shitpost doodle dump part 2! (Part 1 is over here and part 3 is over here)

To be honest, I don’t think I’m done yet. There’ll probably be a part 3 as well because there’s just so much more I want to poke fun of. This book truly is the gift that keeps on giving.

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I fell so hard for this ship but it’s so rare I’m suffering ╥﹏╥

also if you would like to suffer with me go and read this fantastic fanfic by @metisink ♡♡