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People complaining that Ryota getting hate in his tag “can you stop putting hate in his tag, pls don’t hate my cinnamon roll :(”

But when people were asking for the Ruruka hate to go away in her tag, “lol she’s a bitch she deserves it”

apicturewithasmile  asked:

Hey there. Hope you're doing fine. I was wondering -since I think you are on the whole paternal relationship side of the fandom- if you could give me a few reasons why you interprete Red's and Liz's relationship in that way. Most of the times all I read is "well he's her father(figure) because he is" which isn't really a line of argument that I can follow. Just a few scenes as examples would do. As I ship it romantically, I probably don't see those potentially "familial" scenes. (1/2)

So, I am very behind in answering you and I’m so sorry. The weekend just got away from me. I’ve actually never sat down and made an argument for Daddygate, so my thoughts are rather scattered on it and you deserve a well-thought-out answer. So here we go! :)

The writers have said multiple times that they view their relationship as a father-daughter one. There’s a large portion of the fandom that doesn’t see it that way, so like forms of art usually are, I feel that much of it must be up to interpretation. I’m sure some of that interpretation comes from personal experiences that fans bring in, which is going to be the case with every show and fandom. I’ll admit, I don’t understand the argument that Red is too old for her. There’s, what, a little over a 20 year age gap between them? It may not be mainstream, but I have a hard time understanding why it would be a factor in if there was a potential for romance or not. Meh. I don’t know. 

My first time through the pilot Daddygate wasn’t my immediate reaction. I didn’t really have an opinion either way. I think the first time that it struck me that Red could be her father was the second episode when they were reaching out to Red’s contact. Shows love dropping little hints here and there, and when she shot down the girlfriend remark, his immediate reaction was to say that she ‘could be his daughter.’ I remember watching the screen, tilting my head, and thinking that’s too obvious, right? Surely, maybe?

That was the first time I played with the idea. It’s certainly not definitive evidence, because two seconds before he’d said that if anyone asked, she was his girlfriend. It just set the idea in my mind.

There were tidbits following that. I feel like there must be someone on the writing team trying to work through some issues about their father with all the fathers as blacklisters dealing directly with their sons/daughters (the Stewmaker, Fredrick Barnes, the Alchemist, the Mombasa Cartel, the Kenyon Family, Earl King, and even, it can be argued, the Major) and the father issues that Liz faces. The one in Fredrick Barnes sticks out to me, though. A man dies trying to save his son and Red tells Liz that ‘someone who’s willing to burn down the world to protect the one person they care about, that’s a man I understand’ and Liz asks if that’s meant to be directed at her. Of course it is. I doubt anyone on any side of the fandom would disagree on that. 

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