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time to dance // panic! at the disco

People who slam doors and stomp their feet to show how much they want to physically hurt you shouldn’t be trusted

Shoutout to a great artist

Okay, you probably know the “My life as a background Slytherin” comics by @emilyscartoons? (hint: I love them)

Have you ever seen her non-fandom art? (another hint: click every word to enjoy some of my favorites)



friggin’ beautifully




Of all the things I have been trying to write about, you weren’t it.

I have been crafting poetry, and now all I have is venom.

Congratulations on the aftermath of your decisions, douchebag. I’m sure you’re thriving wherever you’re hiding, sneaking in the shadows, unable to come to terms with the fact that I got away from you, that I refuse to look back, that I am untouchable at last.

The suffering will only make me stronger.
I’m not the girl who sat, all blank stares and empty heart, every time you pushed at me. No, not anymore. This time I’m pushing back.

Softness made me weak and fearful and nervous.
Softness made me indecisive and flighty and naive.
Softness made me heartbroken and aching and bleeding poetry.

The softness has left.
My bones crunch and melt into steel, pumping metal through my bloodstreams, turning my lungs to chimney stones and my heart to an armored box. My eyes are cold, my hands are cold, my mouth is absolutely freezing.

I am monster, I am machine,
I am nothing now but this.

thank you so much @ghlowy & @orcheids ! 💛✨

✧ what is your favorite disney princess and prince?
mulan n shang! i love them :( but i also love cinderella 

✧ sushi or mac n cheese?
i never tasted sushi (idk why tbh) so mac n cheese

✧ what is your favorite candle?
i love one that my mum buys on ikea that smells like apples 

✧ what was your last dream?
omg i don’t know lmao 

✧ whose the last person who made you feel special?
my friends! i love them especially my best friend we don’t go to the same school but we talk every day (also we met online lol) and she makes me feel so good!

✧ what is something that is repetitive in your life and your tired of hearing about?
university and exams! the school is so stressful and everyone is like “you need to do that to get in the university” “you need to get a 17 out of 20″ “what do you want to do with your life?”

✧ what is something you want to change about yourself or the world?
i need to stop complaining about everything and start acting 

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someone: after all they had been through, han and leia deserved a better son. they actually deserved a daughter like rey. god, they must hate their own child.



逆巻 シュウ 

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twatcitytrick  asked:

Bess you are literally such a sweet soul <3 you care about everyone so much, you never want to leave anyone out and you have always been so, so kind to me when I've made those little tag posts when something hurt me. I really appreciate you and your utter kindness and I just really thinking you're wonderful! I hope you're having a good day :)

Oh good grief….I have no idea what I’ve done to deserve this, or what prompted you to send such a kind and thoughtful message completely out of the blue, but thank you so much???? I honestly don’t even know what to say, I’m pretty speechless to be honest, this is so so lovely of you? This has honestly made my entire week (actually, probably my entire month tbh) and I don’t know what to say….I’m not good at taking compliments, so all I can really say is thank you and you are so so lovely. You’re one of my faves so this honestly just means the world to me not only that you think that but that you’d think to send a message like this. Bless your heart, honestly. xxxxx

About the resurgence of past problematic behavior…

I definitely think it’s important that we do bring these things up from time to time. This is a fandom with many young fans who aren’t always aware of what kind of behavior is offensive. By addressing the issue, we’re able to help make fans understand why this kind of behavior isn’t okay, why it’s offensive and wrong.

What we need to do, though, is fix the way we talk about these issues. Condemning children (that means Maddie and the girls, as well as their fans) isn’t a productive way to have the conversation. If our reaction is to immediately point fingers at those who don’t understand their actions, rather than educate them in a calm fashion, they will go on the defensive to protect themselves. We have to remember that most of the people in this fandom aren’t fully matured (which happens at 25, let me remind you, and even adults make mistakes). We can’t expect 10 to 13-year-olds to immediately know what is racist behavior. They’re at the point in their lives where they are slowly being exposed to the adult world, this is the time when they’re learning.

Maddie (and the rest of the girls) have made mistakes, as have we all. I’ve learned from mine through the years, yet I’m still learning. I’d like to think I’m not a horrible person for the things I did or said as a child.

The way this conversation is being had in this fandom isn’t to educate, but generally to win the argument for the sake of winning. 

i mean, i get it that people seem to like killian and emma together

but like, hear me out:

you like it because we’re taught from a young age “bad boys” are cool and hot

you like it because colin is extremely handsome

you like it because everyone tells girls that if he’s jealous is because he loves you

you like it because they never let each other go, not even when the other says “let me go”

you think it’s romantic he kissed emma when she didn’t knew him because he knew her

you think it’s romantic that he traded his ship for her and keeps reminding her of that as a proof of his love

and that, my children, also means an unhealthy relationship

because what they do to each other, in any other setting, would be stalking, abuse, sexual abuse, manipulation and premeditaded murder

don’t fall for that, please

because if your boyfriend planned to murder your entire family and backed out on the last moment, you wouldn’t call him a “hero”, you’d call the cops

“Barry deserves better than Iris” “Iris doesn’t deserve him”

So really what you’re saying is that since Iris didn’t drop her long-term committed relationship for Barry - who didn’t tell her how he felt until she was in a serious relationship - and be with him, Barry somehow deserves better?

Let’s discuss why Iris is “underserving” of Barry, shall we? 

  • was the only who who believed Barry when he said his father didn’t kill his mother
  • started writing about The Flash - searching for the impossible - so she could find answers and so that Barry didn’t seem insane
  • has done nothing but be supportive of Barry throughout his life
  • imagine all the times she comforted him and made him feel home when he first moved in???!?!?!
  • constantly expresses how she wants him to be happy
  • wants everyone to know how truly amazing he is
  • ostracized and lied to constantly by Barry but!!!! forgives him because she’s an absolute angel
  • visited Barry every day when he was in a coma, describing her relationship with him as “home”
  • “do what you need to do for yourself”
  • did I mention literally sought out The Flash for Barry!!!!
  • constantly supports Barry as The Flash and does everything in her power to not diminish The Flash’s actions in the public eye
  • plus more!!! 

Iris has been nothing but supportive of Barry - throughout all of his hardships. But since she didn’t dump her boyfriend for Barry, he deserves better? Since when is love about “deserving” someone? If we’re going by that logic, Iris deserves to be respected, included, and not have her agency diminished by her best friend and her family. 

Get outta here with that shit.