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im having a real hard time finding the energy to do... anything,lately. but i still try (most) every day. my friend has been noticing my lack of motivation (depression, heh) and all i can do is dodge the questions and make jokes, but then he says i never take anything seriously (the problem is actually that i take things TOO seriously..) i want to be open, but i have no clue how to make myself that vulnerable. im just so tired. i wish i didnt feel alone -a sad sans

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can you please explain the pope dennis thing? i have no idea where it came from or whats going on ???

you know what i’m actually going to try my best here okay

so a bunch of my friends are obsessed with actor/transmasc icon robert sean leonard, and a few months back, when the young pope was airing, there was a night of impassioned shitposting during which they created Being Pope Leonard, a fictional netflix show in which robert sean leonard is the long-lost twin brother of the pope, and the pope goes missing, and so robert has to go over to the vatican to stand in for the pope while they try to find the real pope. he brings along his best friend lesbian bernadette peters, who goes undercover as a nun and leaves behind her long-suffering girlfriend johanna. once at the vatican, robert sean leonard falls in love with a cardinal named steven. gay hijinks ensue and after a three-season arc, robert sean leonard and steven retire to the italian countryside and eat tomatoes like apples.

so tonight i was like, “macdennis being pope leonard crossover fanfiction,” and mutated the story into like, an au where dennis is a successful juilliard-trained broadway actor, and he discovers that the long-lost third reynold triplet donnie is the pope, and donnie goes missing, so he moves to vatican city to stand in for pope donnie, with dee in tow (who is posing as a nun, and leaving her girlfriend charlie behind in the united states). while at the vatican dennis falls in love with His Eminence Ronald Cardinal McDonald, Archbishop Emeritus of the Church of Ireland. charlie eventually joins the gang in vatican city where she goes on a solo quest to navigate the vatican sewers and hunt down and kill the Queen Spider. after accomplishing this feat, charlie is inducted into the swiss guard. dennis uses his authority as pope to alter the rules of catholicism and endorse gay marriage and remove the requirement that priests have to be celibate. then he invites mac to the papal suite and they go to town.

i hope that was sufficient to explain the pope dennis thing but there’s a lot here that just defies explanation

EDIT: seph @roofbeams would like me to add “u only left out one thing which is that before rsl has to be spirited away to rome to impersonate his brother he’s a successful musical theatre actor playing judas in jesus christ superstar on broadway”

Remember that you don’t have to have anything to offer to be wanted, you’ll find people that just appreciate your presence in their lives because they like you.


my two most favorite people in the world

i just found the best reddit thread

So, how many other straight males romanced Dorian..?

Cassandra hasn’t been very approving of my choices as of late and Josephine isn’t really my kinda lady. But I find myself getting along with Dorian more and more. He’s so witty and charming and the perfect guy for a bromance, and at first I honestly didn’t know he wasn’t straight until that side quest you do with him and his father.

Having friends who are gay, that cutscene hit really hard. One of my favorite characters was experiencing the same thing as one of my close friends. I couldn’t help but feel some more bro-love for him.

Long story short, afterwards I told him he’s a badass and we swapped some spit. I have no regrets.


further down:

Dude, I love how he’s kind of secretly this big gooey caramel nougat inside a zesty sass shell and that you get these little glimpses of who he really is as opposed to the smartass he claims to be. No one can blame you for not pushing him away when you started swapping spit. 

I’m tempted.. Hes a beautiful man.

I’m actually very much debating it. He was the first one to have the romance option available and I may have flirted a bit. I’m looking at Cassandra and Josephine as well, but I don’t know if either of them really click with how I’m playing my Inquisitor. Hell after another personal quest or two, I might.

I’m a straight male IRL and in-game and was on my way to either Cass or Josephine, but how do you NOT kiss him after that scene lol.

I felt really weird and alone about it so im really happy that people are doing this too. I mean seriously, how can you not avoid Dorian? I’m just so happy im not alone woo

This is great because I was having the same dilemma.  Looks like I’m gonna take a walk on the wild side as well.

Yep. As a straight male, Dorian is the most appealing character to romance.

That moustache is too on point, sorry Cassandra.


falling in love with your best friend can either be the best or worst thing that could happen to you.. 

  • *following Zay's engagement*
  • Lucas: I guess when your best friend gets engaged, you just start thinking about that stuff...
  • Farkle: I thought I was your best friend.
  • Farkle: Lucas, say I'm your best friend.
  • Lucas: You're my best friend, Farkle.
  • Farkle: Good! Then I suggest we play a little game I like to call "Have you met Lucas?"
  • Lucas: No, no, we're not playing "Have you met Lucas?"
  • Farkle: Haaaave you met Lucas?
  • Lucas: Hi, I'm Lucas.
  • Woman: I'm Maya
  • Lucas: That's a very pretty name.
  • *beginning of something*

you know, i’ve spent my life picking up the tiny crumbs of gay that shows threw at us. a subtle glance between two girls once every 5 episodes, a poorly written lesbian love triangle, “the gay best friend”, etc.

but now i’m watching The 100 and i feel so blessed to have, for the first time, actual queer main characters who are written so well. and their personalities don’t revolve around their sexuality, but we still get the romantic subplot that is written just as well as any hetero romance.


this show just keeps giving and i’m so thankful and i’m never going back to picking up gay crumbs again