you do that dougie

Gerard Way has depression and was suicidal.

Mitch Lucker has severe social anxiety.

Alex Gaskarth has anxiety and panic attacks.

Austin Carlile lost his mother.

Andy Biersack was bullied as an adolescent.

Kellin Quinn came from a broken family.

Ronnie Radke was beaten and abandoned by his mother, and had drug problems.

Vic Fuentes had self-harm issues.

Oli Sykes was severely bullied.

Tom Fletcher has bipolar disorder and an eating disorder.

Dougie Poynter has depression and was suicidal.

If they can suffer through all of that and still be amazing, beautiful people, so can you.

Imagine Kili getting jealous of another person dancing with you.

Writer: Zee
Fandom: The Hobbit
Type: One shot
Pairing: Kili x Reader
Word Count: 1264
Warnings: slight reference to sexual acts, but nothing explicit
AO3 link or read below on tumblr


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McBusted -  Love Me Like You Do (Ellie Goulding Cover)

Sehun’s dating profile xD (based on facts)

Name: Oh Sehun

Age: 21

Apparently: no one knows shit about me, and apparently I only like White women?  But did you ask me? I love trap, rap and doing the nae nae, the dougie, I wear the hell out of snapbacks,  I love dancing hip hop, and my favorite song is Lloyd- Lay it down. I obviously watch a lot of rap music videos. I’ve been around Black fangirls, but I get so shy, I freeze up. Why? Only I know.

We Got Married with Youngjae

Mark / JB / Jackson / Jr / Youngjae / Bambam / Yugyeom

  • Practicing how to casually greet you at the first meeting
  • “‘sup maaaaan?”
  • When he actually sees you: “ah… Hello…” *bows* 
  • Gets caught staring at you and awkwardly looks away
  • Screams in nervous agony when you’re forced to get close for the couple photo shoot 
  • Visibly getting nervous when any skinship is involved between you two
  • Sings for you when you ask him to 
  • Plays the piano at your request
  • Taking Coco to a dog park together 
  • Bathing Coco together
  • Visiting his old school together 
  • Going to a soccer game together 
  • Couple jewelry
  • Him not being able to sit on the couple bed with you without feeling weird
  • Talking about you very highly in the private interviews
  • Him getting nervous when you meet the members
  • The members making him do the dougie/sexy dance for you
  • Fearing you might like one of the hyungs better than them
  • Screams and finger curling when you tell him that he’ll always be your favorite member
  • Attacking you with a giant bear hug when you return from a trip to the show
  • Running away from shyness when you visit him backstage
  • The members forcing him to call you in front of them
  • Being teased by his hyungs every time he gets too smiley when talking about you
  • Like the Joy x Sungjae couple, when he asks you to identify his voice out of all his members in a song, you don’t ever fail
  • He swells with pride and joy over that

Taeyang’s dating profile xD (based on facts)

Name: Dong Young-bae (if you laughed at my 1st name and thought of male genitalia, don’t contact me).

Age:  27

Look people: Just because I’m dating right now, doesn’t mean I automatically don’t find other races attractive any more. I’m known for showing attraction and extra excitement and love towards my Black fans! Remember when I said in an interview that I always was attracted to Westerners (rather Black or White). I’m shy believe it or not and I live in Korea, I’m sure if there were a lot of Black women where I live, I would probably be married by now…just saying. You know I love you, don’t play.

P.S. I will do the dougie in my grave.

So You Think You Can Dance? (JB/Mark/Jackson)

Request: I was wondering if you could do a scenario with Mark, Jackson, and JB where you have a performance (You can make it whatever you want) and they come all the way to the States to come see it - petitefangirl

Length: 1,183 words

This scenario was waaaay overdue! I’m sorry it took so long! Hope you like it :)

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KAREN: I found it in my locker. That was really cute.

IKE: Karen has a secret admirer!
RUBY: It was Dougie. That nerd has a crush on you and even tried to pick you up with something nerdy like that.
KAREN: Well, I thought it was cute. If it was Dougie, and I’m not saying it was, I’m really happy that he thought of me.
RUBY: … You don’t like him, do you?!


Video of Mcbusted covering Ellie Goulding. It’s rather lovely.

Anyone else kind of want to hear Danny sing the whole thing?