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Spoilers! My Thoughts on Epic Winter

Beware: Very long post with crap ton of pictures! -wink- 

Guess who has a new OTP???

DIS GURL DOES! I really love this new song better than the last one in my opinion. 

I suppose I’ll give my thoughts on the movie. Over all? It was pretty all right, but I felt it was too predictable. There were very few elements in the movie that was new and refreshing. For example, the two main characters (Raven and Apple) took a nice healthy break from the spot light to give some other characters a try, which is nice (though due to this choice, no Rapple -sniff sniff-).

I was very happy to see Justine and Duchess have a ice dance off! I would love to see more between these two in the future <3! Healthy competition of course.

AND GUESS WHO SQUEALED/CRIED OVER SEEING HER ORIGINAL OTP? PLEASE MATTEL! I want to see these two interact more. Ever since Spring Unsprung I shipped them and was disappointed that they haven’t talked to each other since! 

Not to mention I am sad that Darling and Apple haven’t been shown talking about their destinies either. It obviously showed that Apple and Daring weren’t meant to be; but I am still holding on to Darling most likely being Apple’s Prince Charming while also being the White Knight in Wonderland. (Just make Darling gay Mattel -slips them Mattel money that they obviously need for their stupid/tragic doll budget cuts they’ve been making-) #Butthat’snoneofmybusiness 

“Blondie needs to chill out.”

I think this was the best thing in the movie X’D ahaha! And of course Blondie’s mic drop right before this. Did you see her icon on the bottom right corner? It’s so adorable! I haven’t seen it before until now! :D

It was spelltacular that we saw some parents again!

Jillian with her dad. EVEN LIZZIE AND HER MOM! SO ADORABLE! 

Not gonna lie, I felt bad for Raven, but it was pretty amusing scooting her mother around ahaha!

The library scene really was hexcellent! The detail was superb. I really enjoyed it and hope it will be used again in the future.

Farrah really grew on me in this movie. She is seriously adorable and too amazing for her own good. I was delighted seeing what else she can do. 

Am I the only one tickled pink in seeing cutie Poppy snuggled in Holly’s long hair? XD

Soooooo why didn’t Faybelle get a doll but Maddie and Apple did? =_=;; I would have DIED for a Faybelle doll in this outfit :’( (I would say maybe a special edition doll but I think the special edition doll was Crystal Winter herself. I guess we shall see…)

The antagonists in the movie were all right. I didn’t realize how short they were until Crystal hugged them later on. At least they’re not as short as the pixies.

Also, did anyone else get annoyed with Blondie? I feel harsh saying this, but I kinda wish they left her out and put someone else instead (like maybe cutie patootie Cedar or something). I have a like/dislike relationship with Blondie. She has her good and bad moments. At least her outfit was pretty cute during this movie but I kinda wish they left her out. 

Cute Winter pout and sulk <3

Not gonna lie, I kinda want that gun now ahaha! 

“How did the sleigh even get up there?” Blondie asks the real questions XD 

I was happy to see Briar and Faybelle interact a few times within the movie. You can clearly see Briar is still very uncomfortable of being put to sleep for 100 years of her life. I suppose they wanted to show she still hasn’t quite decided on what she wants to do. 

Okay Faybelle that WASN’T okay to do, even as a joke. Not hat-tastic >: / 

But I do appreciate her ‘oh shit she gunna do it for realz?!’ look XD 

I just really enjoyed these scenes of them glowing and asleep. Just gorgeous animation all around #aesthetic guyz

My most favorite part probably was the new song and everyone dreaming of their happily ever afters. It was very enchanting and beautiful! 

Most likely my new wallpaper <3 

Soooo yeah my new otp. I was very thrilled on seeing this. It really does show that Faybelle has a soft side and definitely wouldn’t curse Briar so she can be free to do as she pleases. She does care and even stopped Briar to not make a choice she knows she wouldn’t be happy on making.

I just love the details to this song. I’m starting to wonder the person who sings this also sings for Monster High. The voice just sounded familiar. 

OKAY BUT SERIOUSLY! These cuties literally killed my heart in this scene. HUNTER LOOKING SO DAPPER AND IS AN ADORABLE CHESTNUT! I mean, look at him! He’s so captivating and just so blessed to have Ashlynn in his life. He never thought he would ever get a princess and just—my heart guys, my heart! 

Blondie’s dream was just very cute. She just wants to have many bear friends to bear with her :’D (I’m terrible I know). 

Just an darling Crystal Winter screenshot. 

I know many Dizzie and Darise fans were very upset over the canon relationship of Rosabella and Daring. I find them very adorable though and consider them a nice and interesting couple. I would love to see more of them in future episodes and movies <3! 

Overall the movie was beautiful and gorgeously animated since I am a big winter person myself. I would probably give it a 7.5/10 since I feel that some parts were a bit lackluster, and like I said earlier, too predictable. But I actually am proud that Mattel still gives me another otp to love <3. And also,

Crying Faybelle gives me life? It just goes to show you have to read the fine print when it comes to shady things like that. Glad she learned her lesson (or at least I hope she did). I grew to love Faybelle a lot during these past 2 movies. But probably since she’s been seen a lot (like Lizzie from Spring Unsprung and Way to Wonderland) we might not be able to see her possibly for a long while. Just saying and noticing a trend guys > o >.

Anyways, let me know what you think! Do you like the new movie? Have you collected any of the dolls? What do you think of the new Rosebella and Daring pairing? Talk to me guyz! I’m alllll ears! ^_^ 

Prompt: Mitsunari with a daughter (he plays with her and she pulls his hair into two ponytails) c/o Minami ❤
Length: 669 words

A/N: Okay, so around 2 weeks ago, I made a post asking for prompts. (Thank you so much to those who did, btw!!) I’ve only done 3 out of 9 so far, and I said I’d be too shy to post anything (and I still am tbh) buuut this fandom is incredibly nice and I figured I should start doubting myself less??? and I also need to learn to accept comments and criticisms. So yeah. Ok wow this got long lol.

TL;DR YOLO ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

((I just looked for a Japanese folktale via Google so idk if any of it is accurate huehue. And I took the liberty of choosing a name for the daughter heeeh.))
*edit: fixed some pronouns that were incorrect

“Come on, Chie, can you read this for me?” Mitsunari pointed at the book he was holding while his daughter positioned herself cozily in his lap. 

“Hmm… Take…tori Monogataru. Ahhh, no, Monogatari,” Chie read the words carefully, smiling proudly after she had done so.

“Correct.” Mitsunari patted his daughter’s head. “Alright, let’s begin reading this together,” he turned to the first page.

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2nd Ride with Yuta - Magic night

Guess what?? Second chapter is alive! It took me a while because of the editing/searching info/images and so on. I wanted to make the story as real as possible. I didn’t know 1st Ride would turn out so popular, so I felt this should continue to a next level because…damn!!

Yuta in those pic teasers was like “Do it, do it, write it now! Ahaha”. Just kidding.  Have fun reading. I didn’t use cursing expressions or things like that, I made it look a bit aggressive but sensual. Enjoy it! 

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

As soon as he started the car’s engine, you actually noticed something was different. It was a different car this time. “Oh my, this boy must be rich driving such a good expensive car” you thought.

Surprised?  Actually this car it’s not mine, I fixed some stuff for a client of mine so I’m just borrowing it for this night. Don’t worry, you can trust me, I’m the best driver you’ll ever meet in your life.” he said while lifting his beautiful eyebrows. 

The dashboard lights in front of him revealed his well defined face traces and gosh! He was so beautiful ! You were so happy, this time you could actually enjoy a full night ride with your crush. He noticed how you were stealing glances of him, so he took your hand, by surprise, and intertwined his fingers with yours. 

Even if its skin was black-dirty from all the work he has been doing, still, he had beautiful hands. You had so many thoughts passing through your mind, what would he do to you with those long beautiful fingers… 

Omg!! You were so dirty-minded, when did all this started? You were always very reserved and you just had one boyfriend in your whole life existence, you were shy and the thought of getting intimate with a guy you barely knew, would get you scared and ashamed as the same time, since you weren’t into revealing your body to anyone else, except for yourself. 

But this moment was different, you were like a tourist lost in the desert, thirsty for a small source of water and even if you found one which was poisoned, you would still drink it and die, because your thirstiness was so high, you would still do it. Because…damn! You would give up your entire soul and body for this hot-looking boy! That’s how much you were into him! 

What are you thinking? Are you thinking about me?” he looked at you, slightly closing his eyes like he was trying to guess what was on your mind.

Aahh, I was wondering, where are we going? It is very far away? I can only spend the weekend outside, since I need to go back and do the laundry and arrange my stuff. I didn’t have too much time for the house chores.” you said.

 He laughed out loud. It was a masculine yet cute laugh, but you liked it. It was the first time you really saw him laugh like that.

I’m sorry dear, but what if I tell you, you won’t go back soon as you think? I’m going to take you and hide you forever in my dungeon. Hehe, just kidding. But I’ll be honest. Since the first day I saw you, I couldn’t stop thinking about you and how to kidnap you every time after your classes ended. You are too precious to walk around..without me by your side” he smirked.

His laughing expression changed to a serious one and you noticed he actually fell for you too. Wow! You were taken aback, but you smiled and let out a small giggle since you found him so cute.

As the night became more clear and you could only see the street lights, his car was already exiting Tokyo to the highway. You wondered where he was taking you, it was somewhere outside of the Tokyo center for sure.

To kill the boredom, on the way, you shared more things about each other, and you actually found out you had many pretty things in common. Except for the car stuff. Yes, that would make sense. His passion was definitely mechanics since he loved cars so much and spent part of his free time fixing them.

He also confessed he was actually into street-racing and drifting on the mountain roads (you already knew it). You asked him why would he take that risk if it was illegal and dangerous, but he said it was part of his life, of his culture. It was understandable. That’s how they enjoyed their free time…young guys like him who are into cars, especially in Japan, it’s pretty common to have this hobby.

He also promised he would take you to a drift tour, once things would settle down a bit with both of you, but you never thought that would happen so soon…This was just the beginning, of course.

After 1 and half hour of driving on the highway, the path became more darker and smaller, when he made his way out into a small town. You recognized from the big gate at the entrance that you were at Hakone, a popular place noted for its spring *onsen resorts and proximity to the center of the Tokyo city. It was on your  list “Places to visit while staying in Japan” and you just couldn’t believe your wish finally came true so soon. Was he reading your mind?

Japanese hot spring

We’re almost there! Just wait a bit longer.” he said, never fading the smile of his beautiful face. He was such an amazing guy, never getting tired of smiling so much for you.

You arrived at the front of a big residence and you wondered if that was his house or hideout as he told you before he would lock you into his dungeon…you took it too seriously maybe. After he parked, he gave you the signal to exit the car. As you both approached the entrance, you could actually see that it was a Japanese style hotel. 

Welcome to my favorite place! This is my surprise for you. Don’t worry about it, I know very well the owner of this place. This is where you’re going to spend part of your holiday. It’s a gift for you from me, so don’t you ever think about running away. Please.” he almost begged with his big eyes looking at you.

You were at a loss of words. Such a beautiful and expensive place to spend your holiday…you didn’t deserve it. But you didn’t have time to react as he dragged you inside. The entrance was so beautiful, like an image taken out from a book story. 

After he spoke with the 2 front-desk staff, he received a room key and made his way inside, not leaving your hand even for a second. You were dreaming, imagining things, it was unreal. How did a girl like you even had this chance to come to this amazing place, with this amazing guy?

When you entered the room, it was actually a suite, decorated with Japanese furniture and you could spot the balcony view. You approached the outside and when you made the eye contact with the view, your heart almost dropped down. It was so beautiful, you didn’t had any words to describe it.

Hey! I’m gonna take a bath first, I had a long day working and as you could see I’m a bit dirty. I’m sorry for touching you with all my dirty hands, I promise I’ll come back very clean, I’m going to catch you soon, so wait for me. Till then you can appreciate the view. It’s one of my favorite from this place. See ya, darling.” exiting the lounge, to the next room (bathroom), leaving a small kiss on your forehead.


You just couldn’t believe it yet. You started to picture already what was going to happen next.  But you didn’t even had enough time to think about it, since two strong arms grabbed you from behind and started to kiss your neck, pushing his whole body onto yours.

He was back. Dressed into a white kimono and smelling like lily. His frizzy hair now was wet and pulled back and you could see his clear forehead. Damn! He was gorgeous! You were falling deeper and deeper for him. Your heart started beating so fast as you made eye contact with him. You offered yourself into his big embrace, letting him do whatever he wanted. You didn’t care anymore. You’ve been kidnapped willingly, so now you had to face the music**.

**being punished

Your whole body started to tremble when he made his way to your chest with his hands, taking off slowly your blouse along with your bra. He left out a silent “Woah!” when he saw your upper body all naked. He was amazed at how soft your skin was, like a baby. His rough hands gave you shivers touching it, you were actually trembling with desire. 

You wanted him so much, you didn’t realize you already pulled down by yourself your pants and panties. He looked startled, since he wasn’t expecting for you to rush out the things. As he looked down at you fully naked, he gasped while pulling with his big hands your head near his, pushing his lips harder into a full deep kiss. 

Originally posted by pleasingpics

After a while he broke the kiss and took a long breath, turning you around, pulling you against his body, when you felt his hardness pushing at your entrance from behind. 

His left hand traveled down to your front body, squeezing every inch of your skin while his right hand secured your neck pushing your head back for him to kiss you again. You didn’t have any time to react since he already made his way into you while you were reaching your hands back to take off his kimono.

He was slow and caring, embracing you from behind and massaging your whole body, placing kisses on your neck and your back, patting your head. You felt like you were on a top of a cloud. There was such a hot sensation you both felt, you wanted to last as long as possible. With the beautiful view in front of you and the beautiful man taking you from behind you were more than satisfied. You felt like reaching heaven.

As you both reached your climax, Yuta took a moment to come to his senses and lifted you up onto his embrace, after giving you a small kiss, making his way to the hot bath that was waiting for you in the next room. Everything was so pretty, decorated with hot stones, and water smelling like lily.

Can I clean you? I’ll make sure to make you look pretty as you were before. Even prettier. I’m sorry for making a mess of you. I wanted you so much I couldn’t stop myself from having you.” he said with a worried,yet satisfied expression.

I actually felt the same too. Since the first day I saw…” but he interrupted you with a long hot kiss.

“I know. I know you like me. But I think I like you more. Because I don’t feel I had enough of you for myself. From now on you are taken. Don’t you ever dare running away from me.” he was so serious, he almost scared you. But you loved him being aggressive. You just found out you were into a freaking bad-boy. How exciting!

Yuta is a taken man too, from now on!” you told him with a big smile as you turned around so he could clean you up. You were both tired but satisfied. It was a beautiful night, a beautiful first intimate moment and now you were ready for the bed time.

You fell asleep into his embrace, with no worries, still thinking about how crazy you were to give yourself into this guy. But he didn’t forget what he promised you next. You still had many days left to your holiday ending…

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _  

END of the 2nd chapter!! 

If it’ll gain the same popularity as the 1st one, I promise all of you I’ll write a 3rd chapter…because I’m already picturing everything in my mind. Also I love using images/gifs to relate more the action/story. It gives you those feels.

UPDATE 3r Chapter right here!!!

Shuuen no Shiori Novel 3: Shuumatsu -Re:write- Ch 1 + 2

hellooo!! I translated a bit of the third novel just to join in on all the shuuen hype aha I really have no idea if I’ll do the rest at all
(looks at kagerou daze v…looks away…..)

but yeah enjoy!! I did most of this at like 3 in the morning so if something doesn’t make sense I’m really sorry ww

author – suzumu
cover – saine
illust – komine
main ‘offender’ – 150p

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“I don’t deserve to receive it yet,
Because I have so much more sweetness to give to you…” 
(๑˘ ᵕ ˘๑)

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i started drawing again but i need to learn to use my tablet OTL

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