you do not say that to your little cousin

Ten Things Trans Men Want You To Know

By Jason Robert Ballard

Over my life as a transgender man I have had moments I wish I could have said something to someone close to me but failed to. Until going back in time is an option, lets move forward with better understanding on things we wish we could tell our close friends and potential partners. If you’ve received this article from a friend, are they trying to tell you you’re guilty of one of these points? Potentially, or they just think it was a good read and you might enjoy it.

1. You’re guilty by association
You will receive more questions about me than I will. People who are confused or curious will typically ask a person they believe can relate to them or think share similar experiences. Talk to me about what I’m comfortable with you sharing when you field these questions. If I prefer not to be outed, you could respond with a simple, yet firm “It’s not my place to answer these questions for you, I’m sorry.” If I’m open about my transition, find out how to appropriately answer or divert harsh questions. This will make you a better ally and allow conversations to flow toward critical discussions instead of focusing on sexualizing the experience. As the topic of transgender lives emerges in mainstream media, questions often fall into one of two categories “genuine curiosity” or “superficial curiosity”. The question, “What are some reasons a transman might not have bottom surgery” is different from the question “Do you have a penis?“ Knowing whether the questioner is coming from a place of good will or being malicious may help you decide how to handle these moments.

2. “But you’ll always be _____ to me” hurts
Transition in life is inevitable. While seeing your little cousin for the first time in years and enjoying the fact that they were once in diapers, one may say “Aw, but you’ll always be little tommy to me!” and be perfectly acceptable. However, in my case I may have struggled with who I was and how I felt about myself before coming out as the authentic me. This is a time in my life of positive growth and happiness and if I’ve chosen to share it with you, telling me that you’d rather remain seeing me as someone I have taken great risks to leave behind is hurtful and damaging to our friendship. Telling me I’ll always be my birth name or birth sex in your eyes can be like telling someone who struggled with depression that you’ll always see them as ‘that pathetic emo kid’ or someone who fought with self image and weight lose that they’ll always be ‘fat’ to you. See what I’m saying? Yes, we may have a long history of knowing each other before I came out and that might be hard for you to let go of or see differently. Let me know you’re trying by not using this statement.

3. Outing me can be extremely dangerous.
As positive as some of the media and support for trans people are, there is still an overwhelming amount of hatred and ignorance. Hundreds of transgender people are murdered every single year and most of these times the killer walks due to failed/no protection laws in place for me. You may think that having a trans friend and talking about it in a public setting is fine, but if the wrong person over hears you or tells their friend who tells their friend, I could be in serious danger. It being a novelty to have a trans friend isn’t worth my life. If you want to talk about it, just don’t use my name and say you’ve ‘got a friend’.

4. My dysphoria isn’t your fault
It can be tough to be emotionally involved with someone who has a hard time with self image. You yourself may feel like you’re solely responsible for their happiness but sometimes their sadness comes from a place you simply can’t touch. It is not your fault that I have places and things about my body that I don’t like paid attention to. Talk to me and find out what is okay with me and what you can do to ease any triggering of my dysphoria, but don’t take the dysphoria personally. Some relationships, trans or cis don’t end up being ‘text book’. If I’m uncomfortable with my breasts and talk about wanting surgeries in the future, being sad about that and saying things like “But I love your boobs!” or “No don’t, I love you just the way you are” isn’t supportive. In fact, it’s proof that you’ve created an image of me in your head that doesn’t match up with who I really am and that’s not a positive basis for a relationship.

5. “It isn’t the T”
Beginning hormone replacement therapy can be a HUGE moment in my life. However, following that achievement I may lash out at you or be a jerk. If I say things like “It’s the testosterone”, you have my permission to not believe it. I am well aware of the emotional changes that I’ve decided to undertake and there are countless support systems and advice articles for dealing with extra tension and shorter tempers all over Google. My mood swings and hormonal imbalance are mine to control, not yours to tolerate. I have no right to be rude to you or push you away and blame a substance.

6. How do those egg shells feel?
Don’t get so hung up on words that the conversations never happen. You know me, if we’ve been close for any period of time you know what and how to phrase questions and statements to not be offensive. Though I may not want to be an educator all day every day to strangers at the grocery store, you’re my friend and it shows me you care when you’re excited about my transition with me. Many transgender people don’t have or lose their entire support systems when they come out so I’m lucky to have you. If you’ve been around the web a time or two you’ll notice our community gets hung up on terms and words. Don’t let this frighten you into bailing on me.

7. Don’t date me despite me
If you’re interested in dating me, make sure you’re interested because of who I am, not despite my trans status. You’re not doing me a favor by being interested in me ‘even though’ I’m trans, you’re making it seem like to you it’s something that makes me hard to handle or below you and THANK GOODNESS you’re here now to be interested in me because who else would? Rude.

8. What you say behind my back is what you really think of me
When I first come out, some people might say things like “It’s about time” or “I always knew”, some may say they had no clue and some people might not believe me due to the rise of something called “trans-trending”. Whether you think I’m doing this for attention or because my friend is doing it too isn’t for you to decide. The locals don’t get to get together and vote to approve my trans status. There is no way for you to tell what has been going on in my mind for years and what I’ve struggled with personally. There are many ways to transition and no one way is perfect or the way it has to be done. Talk to me about it, find out my story if you feel so inclined. If not, just leave it alone because it doesn’t affect your life at all.

9. My pronouns mean a lot to me
Chances are I’ve chosen a new name and have preferred gender pronouns, you using them is a big deal to me and when you do it shows me that you support me in bettering my life for myself. Which should be qualities of all friends! At the beginning, you may slip or mess up but I promise I’ll be able to tell if someone is genuinely trying or if someone is making a point to use the wrong ones.

10. Thank you
If you’ve taken the time to read or share this article with someone close to you, you’ve sought out advice on being a better Trans Ally and that to me is admirable. Wanting to educate yourself to make me and any other transgender person in your life more comfortable in this time of great community and media change is worth a big thank you. There is a lot of anger and hatred in the world and in our small community and sometimes Allys can be pushed to their limits or be afraid to use the wrong words or do the wrong thing. Every single person behind us and in support of us is valuable. Thank you for your patience, your friendship and your love.


never submitted anything to a blog like this before and it’s not going to be near as good as everyone else’s but I couldn’t get rid of the idea

Back home, you used to be known for storytelling. Not the wild and unbridled force of creation that builds and destroys entire worlds in moments, that fearsome superpower – though you have that too, but that is for you and you alone thus far, and you haven’t gotten the courage to share it – but rather the ability to retell a memory in the most entertaining way possible.

People seemed to like it when you took your memories, pieces of yourself, and told them as a story. Back home they did, at least.
At school, your roommate mutters something about not sharing so much personal information as she turns her socks inside out. In the classroom – where you can never quite remember what you’ve learned, but you always leave with more stories creeping about in your mind – occasionally students listen with a gaze just a little too sharp, the feeling of more eyes than you can see on your back.

But storytelling is in your blood, it’s part of who you are, and so you tell your stories. Happy ones, funny ones, tales of adventure and mischief that you thought were mundane until you grew older. Actually, compared to Elsewhere, they are mundane.

There’s one story you haven’t told yet, one that everyone in your family pretends not to know. It’s the tale of why you came to Elsewhere, the tale of the Thing you saw as a child, that took your cousin when the two of you played in a forest, and promised to return for you. Why you decided to go to college upstate and not attend the local university. You thought you were escaping the madness. (Sometimes you see the shadows at the corner of the stairwell and hear horns on the quad at night and wonder if you leapt from the frying pan to the fire)

It’s why you twine iron wire through your curls in decorative spires and carry salt packets sewn into your clothes, and carry old things from your grandmothers that you aren’t sure will help you (but grandmothers can be so very stubborn)

You’ve started to hear things on campus. Students who disappear and come back Different, if they come back at all, or other students who make the brave but foolish journey Underhill to rescue one of their own. Everything you’ve learned since coming here suggests that asking about it is pointless, if not outright dangerous, but at the same time you can’t help wondering if they’d know anything about the Thing that took your cousin. You know that one day you’ll find one of the students who made it There and Back Again, and when you do, you’ll tell your story.

Close to autumn you find yourself in one of the thin places on campus. It was an accident, you were simply too preoccupied with an upcoming exam to notice the air turn unseasonably warm and humid, and before you know it, you’ve walked three times the length of what the hall should’ve been, and each time you find yourself back at the lockers, the air is warmer, heavier, and the ground is softer. Somehow you instinctively understand that you must keep moving. To stop here would be a grave mistake. So you keep walking, and the air feels like the breath of something huge and moist, and you’re pretty sure there’s mud squelching beneath your feet now but you really don’t want to look.

It’s when you do look that the tiles, soft as mud and unyielding as stone, swallow your feet to the ankles and you are trapped. You curse your foolishness in three different languages – two of which are fictional and one of which was invented by you. This one feels stronger, and when you say “Flames take it!” you can almost feel a spark of phantom heat by your legs – and hear something laugh in the darkness.

“You are stuck,” it says.

You demand to be set free, even as you twine a strand of iron-wrapped around your hair and clutch your necklace – from your grandmother, a tiny bottle filled with salt and mustard seeds. You’re not sure if mustard seeds have any significance or if she just liked them – and try to look anywhere but shifting, oily shadows that smell of dust and moss. You suspect that demanding anything from one of Them will be a fruitless endeavor, but you’re frightened now and the liquid tile is sucking you down further. It’s up to your knees here. It occurs to you that you might die like this, that you might disappear just like your cousin and all those other students disappeared.

“What will you give me?” It asks.

Before you can think, you answer, “A story.”

There’s a bubbling silence before It makes a hiss that sounds too pleased to mean anything good. “Yes,” It says, “A story. But I’ve heard all yours. Make it one I haven’t heard before.”

This is tricky. The wrong story could mean death, and when It says It’s heard all your stories It probably wasn’t exaggeration. You could tell It one of your original tales, the stories of pirates and dragons and giants, but those feel too personal. There is too much of you in those stories, and that is your world, with your characters. You can’t help feeling a bit protective of them.
That just leaves The Story.

So you tell It a story about two children playing in a wood. About a thing like a skinless horse with the torso of a man grafted into its back. About fleeing in terror as the Thing chased you both through the trees, and your cousin’s squeal of fright as it grabbed him, just missing you as you splashed across the shallow creek. You go into greater detail than you ever have before, telling It things you didn’t even tell your family before they called the police.
You remember the color of the Thing’s rolling eyes and glistening muscle.
You remember the way its head seemed to wobble back and forth like it was attached to the wrong body.
You remember it promising that water would not always save you.
You remember knowing that running water might be the answer, even if you don’t have the question it goes to yet.
You didn’t want to tell this story, but you can’t stop the words now no matter how hard you try.

All is silent when you finish your tale, and for a moment you fear you were talking to the air. Then, with a slurp, the tiles spit you back out again and you’re standing on solid ground.

“That is a good story,” It says, “I think I’ll keep it.” with these cryptic words and directions to simply follow the hallway, he leaves you and you find yourself running all the way to the stairwell. You thank your lucky stars that you got out none the worse for wear and you are astonished that you managed it at all.

When you tell your roommate, she is concerned. “What did you give Them in exchange for Their help?” she asks you.

“Just a story,” You answer.

Which story? You have a million.”

“It was the one about-” and you stop. Not because you never decided whether or not to tell your roommate. Not because you’re preoccupied or distracted.
The words wedge in your throat, sticking to the back of your tongue, coating your tonsils like thick dust. They won’t come out. For a moment you’re afraid that you might not be able to speak at all. So you try to tell a different story, and that comes out loud and clear. But when you try to explain again that you told the story of how Something took your cousin away – presumably Underhill if not someplace worse – your tongue seems to shrivel in your mouth and the words lodge in the soft parts of your throat like little needles.

That’s a good story. I think I’ll keep it.

It isn’t your story to tell anymore. For once, words do not obey you. Your roommate sees your rising panic, sees the tears welling up in your eyes, and takes pity on you.

“Tell me a different story,” she says, “A made-up one.”

She used to scold you about telling stories all the time, so at first you don’t understand what she’s doing. Then she asks, “What story didn’t you tell?”
The rather obvious wink when she says this gives you and idea.

Words are your tools and they always have been. Until today, they have always obeyed you. You know how to make a truth sound like a lie and a lie like truth. And so you carefully craft a lie so close to the truth, using characters so close to being you and your cousin, that you are sure your roommate understands.

Forever after this, you season your stories with lies in case you must trade them, so that the truth remains yours to tell. You learn say nearly anything and keep it just close enough to fact to fool someone.

You don’t realize that you’re learning to talk like Them until you find one trapped in the snare an upperclassman set near the library, all salt and iron. It yowls like a cat and screams like a child and its three hands scrabble for purchase. It wants out, you know this.
You cock your head and say, “What will you give me if I release you?

It’s only fair, you think. A story for a story.
You’re playing a dangerous game.


Save A Life


A/N: So I’ve spend the past three days writing this (for) my friend Nat, because she really wanted a story to foucs on this, because well, she’s been in a situation alike this. Babe, you know I’m proud of you. I’d love some feedback on this. 

Word count: 4,271

Toronto, Canada – 2017

“Okay, wish me luck” Shawn stuttered, running his shaking fingers through his curly hair.

Why was he so nervous? He was so used to big crowds.

You pulled Shawn into your arms, before planting a tender kiss on his already burning lips.

“You don’t need any luck” you whispered into his ear, softly stroking his flushed cheek.

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Clark’s Niece - Part 1

So I’m gonna change their age a little bit. The reader is 8 and Damian is 10.


You were terrified. Uncle Clark wants to take you up to the Watchtower to meet the rest of the Justice League. Neither you or Clark is entirely sure how you ended up on Earth, but according to the DNA test that Batman had run, you were definitely related to Uncle Clark. Connor had also taken an instant liking to you, mainly because you preferred to be around your cousin more than your uncle.

The Zeta tube announces the arrival of Superman, and everyone turns toward the sound. You reach out, gripping the edge of Uncle Clark’s cape, hiding behind him. “Everyone, this is my niece, Y/N”

You duck behind Uncle Clark’s cape, there are too many strangers for you to feel comfortable. Uncle Clark chuckled and moved his cape, balling it up so you can’t hide anymore.

A red blur zooms up to you, crouching beside you, “Hello! My name is Barry! It’s really nice to meet Big Blues niece!” The man pulled off his mask, revealing a young face and kind eyes.

“Uncle Clark” you whisper; your shaking hands griping the leg of his costume.

“It’s alright” Clark crouched down so he was eye level with you, “Come on, say hello to Barry”

“H-Hello Mr. Barry” you whisper, shyly holding out your hand. Barry grins, gently shaking your hand, he’s obviously excited. You can feel him almost vibrating beside you.

“Just Barry is fine, sweetheart! Or Uncle Barry”

You smile shyly and nod, the other League members slowly come forward to meet you, until you have been introduced to everyone but Batman and Robin. At that point you have come out of your shell a little bit.

“Hello, Batman! Hello Robin” You float up until you are eye level with Batman’s face, “You’re my favorite League member! It’s really nice to meet you”

Bruce lips quirk in a smirk, “It is very nice to meet you too, Y/N. My name is Bruce. This here is my son Damian”

You immediately drop down to face Damian, “tt, Father I do not understand why I had to attend this meeting”

You tilt your head, and suddenly dart in, wrapping your arms tightly around Damian. Several of the adults gasp, tensing ready to separate the two, “Hello, you are gonna be my best friend”

Damian struggles for a minute, before he gives one last sigh and begrudgingly hugs you back. Every League member freezes, fully expecting Damian to attack you for touching him. “I suppose I can allow you to befriend me, having a Super at my side could have its benefits.”

You smile, happy to have finally made a friend, you grab onto Damian’s cape, making sure you don’t lose your new friend.

There’s a flurry of wind and suddenly your cousin is standing next to Uncle Clark, “Sorry I’m late, Y/N! I had to do a quick patrol before I came up here”

You let out a happy shriek and shoot into Kon’s arms. “Kon!! I missed you!”

The older Kryptonian chuckled, “It’s only been a day, honey!”

You grab onto Kon’s hand and drag him over, “Have you met Damian? He’s my best friend!”

Connor chuckled, “Didn’t you just meet the little brat? How can you be best friends already, squirt?”

You giggle happily and zoom back over to Damian, who immediately folds you into a hug. You squirm until you’re facing your cousin, but still wrapped in the older boy’s arms. ” Come say hi, Kon!!”

The adult Justice League members smile and shake their heads at you younger heroes’ antics. “I’m gonna call it” Barry announced, loud enough for the adults to hear, but the younger ones were too preoccupied to be paying attention so they didn’t. “Those two are going to be married someday”

Clark stiffens immediately, turning to look at the two youngest. His mouth opens in horror when he sees Robin gently cradling his niece against his armored chest. The smallest Super wiggles out of Robin’s hold and hangs onto his cape, letting herself be pulled around wherever Robin goes.

“Not going to happen, Barry” Clark growled

Bruce raises one eyebrow, “And why not? Do you think my son isn’t good enough for your niece?”

Clark turns around, “I didn’t say that, Bruce. Damian is a good kid, but I mean, Y/N is so young …”

“Well they can be friends, can’t they? I mean there’s no harm in that” Bruce smirks, placing a hand on his best friends shoulder, “What harm could it do, they’re both young, and there are so few young people in the Hero role. It’ll be good for them to have a friend”

Clark looks like he wants to argue again, but he doesn’t want to start anything, “I suppose Y/N could use a friend”

Bruce’s smirk gets bigger, “I’m glad you see it that way, Clark. But Barry … I do have to agree with you, those two are going to get married”

Clark gapes at Bruce as the other League members laugh. Bets are made while Clark just stands there in complete shock. He is the only one to say that the won’t be getting married.

“Dami!” You call. Damian had vanished, he had been right behind you, but when you turned around he was gone. You could feel tears build up in your eyes, you had already lost your first friend and it hadn’t even been a day. You were alone, and you were scared. “Dami!!!” You sob.

You fly around, frantically looking for your best friend, but you can’t find him. Damian is actually the one who finds you.

“Beloved? Why are you crying?” His eyes are wide behind his mask, “Who hurt you? I will kill them!”

You fling your arms around his neck, pulling him into a fierce hug, careful of your advanced strength. Damian stands up, picking you up with him and sits down in a nearby chair. “I was so scared” you sob, “Thought I lost you!”

Damian rocks back and forth, “Hush, Beloved, hush. I am here. I am so sorry for leaving you, I did not realize how much stress my disappearance would cause you”

You sniffle, nuzzling into Damian’s throat, “Just … Just don’t do it again, okay?”

“Never, Beloved, never.”

“Y/N it’s time to go!”

Tears immediately fill your eyes, “I don’t wanna go Uncle Clark”

“We have to go back to the farm. Grandma and Grandpa will be worried if we don’t head back soon”. Uncle Clark crouches down so he’s eye level with you.

The tears spill over, “I don’t want to leave my new friend. Damian said that we are gonna get married. If we are married, then you can’t separate us”.

“How dare you upset my Beloved” Damian snarls, taking a step in front of you. He whips out one of his swords, leveling it at Uncle Clark’s chest, he was ready to fight for you.

Everyone froze when Bruce let out a chuckle, “It seems like the children have taken a liking to each other. Why doesn’t Y/N come back to the Manor with me, the two can have a sleep over?”

You zoom over to Clark, “Please? Please? Please Uncle Clark?!?”

Uncle Clark looks like he’s in pain, “Alright, but just for tonight”.

At the conformation Bruce full on smiles, and Uncle Clark growls at the man, “This means nothing” Uncle Clark hisses. Bruce just shakes his head and leads the two young vigilantes to the Zeta tube.



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flearaleflet  asked:

Hi, I just wanted to say I really like your blog and that it makes me happy that you are around. Also, I were thinking about what would happen if MC decides to prank the RFA when they first meet and hires an actor or a really old actress to act like her for a while. I know it's a little strange, but I thought it would be fun. Just giving ideas here, don't feel pressured do it only if you want to. I hope you have a great day :D

Thanks so much! This was a funny idea. Hope you like it~


  • You hire an older woman to meet Zen because you thought it would be hilarious
  • You watch nearby the whole time
  • You can tell he’s initially mortified
  • After all, he flirted with you a lot in the chatroom
  • This is the time where he had the broken ankle, so the woman comes in his house and starts cooking for him
  • You’re listening through a wire on her, and you’re laughing because she’s scolding him because of all the beer in his fridge
  • It’s funny to hear his nervous replies like he has a mom or something
  • It’s nearing the end of the night, and you decide to finally put him out of his misery and reveal yourself
  • He’s stunned a little when you’re at the door, and he initially thinks you’re a prank from Seven that came a little late
  • You have to explain the whole thing, and you can see the relief flood his features
  • He smiles and says he’s glad you don’t actually smell like old lady perfume
  • Unfortunately he forgot that the woman you hired was still in the back
  • She starts hitting him with her shoe
  • The prank was more rewarding than you had initially planned



  • Since you knew Yoosung but never met him, you wanted to prank him on your  first meeting
  • You have a little cousin who lives nearby who would do anything for money, so you give him a good amount of money to play as you for the day
  • You text Yoosung in the chat about your meeting place and send your cousin out
  • You’re constantly a few feet away to observe
  • Yoosung goes up to the kid and asks if he’s lost after they are both there for a long time
  • Your cousin grins, “Are you Yoosung?”
  • “Yes?..No…MC?”
  • You can see him grow increasingly red, more so since he had flowers in his hand
  • He tries to hide it behind his back, but your cousin already saw it
  • “I like candy…but thanks. I guess these compliment my eyes.”
  • Yoosung takes him for some ice cream and a movie
  • They actually bond, although you think it might slip up when Yoosung mentions a few inside jokes from the chat
  • When you finally come out to reveal yourself, he’s mad at you
  • “You know what…your cousin and I are actually going to the arcade next week. Guess what? You’re not invited.”
  • He’s salty for a few weeks, but you can’t help find it funny


  • Tall, dark, and handsome
  • That’s the guy you sent over to meet Jaehee instead of you
  • As expected, she was taken aback, especially when he mentioned the outing was to grab some coffee
  • You stay nearby to overhear the conversation, but the prank gets increasingly less funny
  • She’s actually enjoying it…and so is he?
  • You even caught her taking a few pics when he wasn’t looking
  • You interrupt…because they were having way too much fun
  • She figured it out halfway through, but she still wanted to prank you back a little
  • “Actually…I like the MC you sent better.”
  • “Jaehee, no!”
  • When you part ways, she starts walking after the guy until you call for her
  • You’re never pranking her again


  • You send an actor…that looks like he could be Jumin’s twin
  • You even tell the actor a bunch about Jumin so he could act just like him too
  • Jumin looks sooo uncomfortable when it comes to meeting the actor
  • He was originally planning to invite you inside, but seeing the guy…he suddenly switched the location to some small diner
  • It made your job of spying easier
  • You watch as Jumin get’s more and more creeped out as he and “you” have a lot more in common than he originally though
  • “So…do you have any pets?”
  • The actor pulls out his phone and starts showing pictures of his white dog “Liza the 4th”
  • The amount of commonalities gets way too weird for him, and he eventually deduces it’s a prank
  • He calls the actor out on it subtly, and that’s when you reveal yourself
  • He just looks so relieved, but at the same time, he just shakes his head
  • “Liza the 4th, MC? Really?”


  • You had obviously forgotten he’s done a background check on you
  • So, when you decide to play a prank, you’re talking with the actress in the hall
  • You had obviously also forgotten the CCTV
  • He saw all this and knew exactly what you were doing
  • So, what does he do? Hires an actor of his own
  • You guys send your respective “selves” to the meeting place, and the poor actors are so confused
  • “Um…you don’t match the description I was given…”
  • You’re watching from the sidelines so confused as his actor asks yours out on a date and they both disappear
  • Meanwhile, Seven was waiting behind you and gives you the jumpscare of your life
  • He gestures to the actors, “Hey…they have a pretty good idea. So, what do you say? A date?”
  • Now you’re the flustered one

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What if...
  • Kara: *takes Mon-El to the Fortress of Solitude to give him the Legion Flight Ring*
  • Mon-El: So I'll be able to fly like you with this ring?
  • Kara: According to my cousin, yes.
  • Mon-El: Well then... *stretches out his hand to her*
  • Kara: *blinks* Do you want me to put the ring on your finger?
  • Mon-El: If you like me then you should put a ring on it. *wiggles eyebrows* That's what they say, isn't it?
  • Kara: *snorts* This is not a courtship ring, Mon-El.
  • Mon-El: I know. But a boy can dream, right?
  • Kara: *stares at him, speechless*
  • Mon-El: ...
  • Kara: ...
  • Mon-El: *heart sinks a little bit* Okaaaay... Just... Never mind, I'll do it...
  • Kara: Wait, no...
  • Mon-El: *blinks, confused*
  • Kara: Let me do it. *a little smile forms on her lips*
  • Mon-El: Okay. *smiles hopefully*
  • Kara: *slides the ring on Mon-El's finger*
  • Mon-El: *still smiling* I like that.
  • Kara: It looks good on you.
  • Mon-El: Someday I'll put a ring on your finger too.
  • Kara: *laughs nervously* Soooo, how about we see if this thing really works?
  • Mon-El: *sighs* Okay...
  • Kara: Hey, Mon-El.
  • Mon-El: Hmm?
  • Kara: *smiles* Someday.
  • Mon-El: *puppy dog face turns into a grin* Someday.
Stop Blaming Yourself for Being Abused Once and for All.

One of the most helpful and startling things a therapist has said to me was, “In a way, in spite of having low self esteem you’re a narcissist. Narcissism says that you’re so special that you live by a different set of rules than anyone else. You judge yourself by standards you would never judge others by. Do you really think you’re so special and unique that you and only you should have individual standards no one else shares?”

I remember being offended and annoyed by the assertion that applying unique standards to myself was a narcissistic behavior. (the therapist was by no means diagnosing me, only pointing out that specific behavior’s unhealthy nature). As bothered as I was, I went home and thought about their words. At dinner when I judged myself for how much I ate I knew I would not judge anyone else by the same standards and wondered why I thought I was different. I had flashbacks and judged myself for not being over my past yet. I judged myself for how many triggers I still had reminding me of the abuse. I realized I was applying my own standards to many areas of my life and wondered when I had decided I was such a unique human I should have standards I did not think anyone else on earth should have applied to them. 

1. Identify the topics where you have standards you only judge yourself by. Write each one down and add, as close as you can remember, when that standard started and what was happening in your life and mind at the time. Figure out what the areas have in common. Ask yourself what their original purposes were. Some might have been meant to motivate you to work harder on recovery or toughen up. What were you hoping to gain from them?

2. Think of other abuse survivors and identify what you admire about them. Do you aspire to be able to openly discuss your past like they do? Do you admire that they do not judge themselves, that they have found self love again? 

3. Create emotional goals for yourself. Do you dream of being able to honestly say you did not deserve to be abused? Do you want to truly feel you deserve happiness? Do you want to allow yourself better self care? Imagine you won the emotional lottery and write everything that would entail in relation to deal with having been abused. Then ask yourself if your current self blame is getting you closer to that goal. 

4. Break down the rationality of your self-blame. I think every person blaming themselves for being abused truly believes that it is a rational conclusion to come to, and can even feel frustrated when other people refuse to acknowledge that they deserved it. Imagine you are in the jury and your abuse case is being presented. Picture it being presented by someone the age you were when it happened to you. Imagine the events are exactly the same- the only difference is it happened to another person. What conclusion would you come to?

5. Imagine any of your abuse happening to a child you love. Imagine your own child, a niece, nephew, cousin, little sibling, someone else you care for experiencing even a small part of what you did. Does it make your blood boil or are you harsh towards that child like you are towards yourself? Can you imagine ever being alright with an adult doing that to someone who is not you?

6. When you speak against victim blaming remember that includes you. You are not the exception to every act of kindness and compassion. 

7. Remember that when you are blaming yourself you are defending your abuser and defending their actions. Saying that someone can do something to deserve or bring on abuse is saying that abusers sometimes have a legitimate reason for hurting others. You being the victim does not make defending an abuser any more acceptable. 

8. Know that if you would not apply your harsh standards to anyone else you do not have a single rational reason to apply them to yourself. You did not do something in the course of being abused that only you have done and made only you deserving of mistreatment. You were not born any different or worth any less than other humans. 

9. You cannot progress when after your abuser gone you made sure the abuse continued by adopting the abuse into your own mind. You get to control when this abuse ends. It can stop once you decide to try gentleness and kindness instead of harshness and judgment to heal yourself. 

10. You give your abuser victory if you let yourself have an abusive relationship with yourself forever. Your harsh standards for your coping and reactions to abuse are thoughts you learned from your abuser. The idea that you do not deserve happiness, self love, forgiveness, kindness, recovery, etc sounds like something an abuser would say. Pull those thoughts out of your head by refuting them and acting the opposite when they come up. 

Namjoon invited to a Latin American wedding

It’s your “solterona” cousin’s wedding, so basically everybody in the family is thrilled. Your parents force you to invite Namjoon so your relatives will finally meet him. Things go a little bit like:

Namjoon breaking 1 or 2 things at the wedding reception even before you’ve introduced him to your family. 

He introduces himself in flawless Spanish as your boyfriend, but then he’s awkward af and he doesn’t know what else to say. 

La abuela eyes him up and down and then blurts “Esta muy flaco, do you even feed your boyfriend?” or something along the lines. (Afterwards she’ll always ask if he’s eating properly and she’ll even share her recipes with you so you can cook for him)

Your primos ask him to rap out of the blue, ofc he’s a little bit flustered but he wants to cause an impression so he puts a lot of effort and in the end your cousins are left super impressed by his skills. Instead of calling him “Namjoon” they go for “Rapmon”, as an informal way to refer to him,

But el abuelo is a little bit deaf, so calls him “Ramón”. Everybody laughs at that new nickname, but Namjoon believes they’re making fun of him, so he gets way too self-conscious (Even though you explain him why everybody is laughing)

That of course until your tío hands him some “cocktails” and he starts to loosen up. He jokes with your distant relatives, and your uncle introduces him to every guest in the wedding as his “future nephew or Y/N’s future husband” 

Everybody asks  Namjoon when are you guys getting married. Namjoon is confused, but since he’s a little it tipsy he says “Soon, soon” and smiles brightly. 

That makes your father raise brows at him and jokingly (not really) remind you that he keeps a machete close by for quick use if Namjoon tries to steal “his baby” away from him, so “soon”. 

Namjoon’s dance skills will worsen with the alcohol, but yet he’ll throw some serious moves here and there before you can stop him. He’ll totally jam to reggaeton. 

When the mariachi times finally comes, he’ll come to your side and wrap an arm around your waist, but eventually he’ll be snatched away by your grandmom, mom, tía and prima. He’ll be delighted to dance with them because he’s still tipsy but once he’s sobered up he’ll keep asking you if he made a fool of himself. (No, baby, you didn’t. Yes, you totally did)

But that sober state won’t last long because your primos will drag him with them and by the time the cotillon starts, Namjoon will be drunk enough to dance the Macarena without any inhibition.

You won’t even be surprised that he keeps repeating random words/phrases in Spanish like “mami, te quiero; eres muy sexy, me vuelves loco”, etc. Of course your primos will get an earful for teaching your bf that kind of stuff (but you’re thankful, anyhow)

By the end of the night, Namjoon knows by heart the lyrics of Enrique Iglesias “Bailando” and some reggaeton songs like “Despacito” or “Chantaje”.

Overall your family approves of Namjoon and ask you why didn’t you introduce him earlier and that’s when Namjoon stumbles with a table, makes a major mess at the wedding reception and everybody turns to look at him… “Were you guys saying…?” 

My cousin needs your prayers.

Remember my cousin who’s having twins?

She’s in the hospital right now, and they’re afraid one of the two babies (the little girl) may not make it. Right now they’re saying there might not be anything they can do to save her.

However, girls in my family are strong. God built us out of iron, not sand. So I have faith that she’s going to make it, but faith is nothing - NOTHING - without prayer.

So please, with all my heart I’m begging you -

Pray for a miracle.
Pray that both babies make it out alright.
Pray that they’re both healthy and that there are no serious issues from here on out.
Pray that my cousin is okay, pray that God gives her strength to get through this, and pray that little Adeline is as much of a fighter as her mother and that her little body will never give up.

Thank you for reading, truly.
God bless.

A New Business Partner

“Y/N, Michael, can I see you in my office, please.” Tommy said in between puffs of smoke, returning to his office. You got up from your desk after a moment of hesitation.

“Do you know what’s this all about?” You ask when you find yourself next to Michael, your shoulders brushing against each other lightly.

“No.” He responds flatly, holding the door open for you as you enter Tommy’s office cautiously, taking a seat under his watchful eye. Michael joins you, sitting in the chair next to you slowly, putting his hands in his jacket pocket. No one says anything for a few moments, you and Michael stealing glances at each other like two kids who got called into the principles office. Tommy didn’t scare or intimidate you easily; having grown up in Birmingham you’ve known about the Shelby’s and what they do for a long time now, but it wasn’t until you met Michael and started dating him that you officially met the ‘scary’ Shelby’s. They all liked you instantly, for reasons unbeknownst to you. You didn’t think you possessed any special skills or talents that were worth being impressed by, but they didn’t think so.

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anonymous asked:

What's everybody getting up to for Valentine's Day in the galaxy far, far away? Kylux? Finnrey? Techienician? I want to hear about these great celebrations.

ANON, I’m so glad you sent this, thank you! Yesterday I started this little modern AU Valentine’s Day ficlet and wasn’t sure I’d finish it, and your ask inspired me to finish & post it :33

It’s not the galaxy far, far away version, but it does feature all three of those couples! Happy Valentine’s Dayyyy~~!

I call this: ALWAYS SOMEHOW REHEATING FISH, as it was inspired by the new Girls episode and me laughing at that quote re: meaty near-naked Kylo and his naked partner being awful to their roommate.


Finn smirks as he passes the long line at the flower stand in his building’s lobby. They ran out of red roses around lunchtime and are now selling the dregs to desperate people who didn’t plan as well as he has. He got an email confirmation that the custom bouquet he ordered for Rey arrived at her apartment two hours ago, and her creepy cousin actually responded to his text about placing it in her room. Whether or not Ben actually did so is still uncertain, as it’s hard to predict what he’ll do, regardless of what he says, but Finn has tried to come up with some reason why Ben might want to sabotage Rey’s Valentine’s Day flowers, and he hasn’t landed on anything yet. As obnoxious as Ben can be, he does seem to genuinely care about Rey. Finn would love it if this affection for Rey would translate into Ben maybe attempting to find his own place and letting Rey live her life without her codependent cousin haunting her steps, but he’s not going to hold his breath waiting for that to happen. Not yet, anyway: eventually he’s going to ask Rey to marry him. Maybe next year. At that point, Ben will hopefully take his cue to move out.  

If Rey says yes, that is.

It’s a gray and rainy Tuesday, just a little after six o’clock in the evening. Finn thinks about texting Rey, though she likely won’t have time to look at her phone until her shift ends in five hours. She’s a waitress at Jakku, one of the trendiest restaurants in town, and today will be hell at work for her: the restaurant is fully booked, packed with couples who will expect her to cater to them and their special day while she juggles ten other tables who all demand the same level of doting attention in exchange for Jakku’s insane prices. Rey has been dreading Valentine’s Day all week for this reason, just like she dreaded it last year, when she and Finn were still only friends. Last year all he did was send her supportive messages when she griped about the work day she faced and then about how gruelling it was. He’d offered to bring her some ice cream at midnight, when she finally got home, but she’d said she just wanted to sleep.

This year they’re not just dating but getting pretty serious after seven giddy months. Rey has given him a key to her apartment, where he sleeps more often than not, though he has his own place and it’s pretty nice, definitely quieter. But Ben is not there, and if Ben wasn’t inventing nonstop excuses to need Rey’s “energy” nearby in order to stay sane, he wouldn’t be Ben.

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Marry Me

(( Well @moyzi / @kalllura here’s your marriage proposal request! Hope you enjoy!))

“Lance I don’t think this is going to work.”

“Oh c’mon, of course, it’ll work! You got a ring, you’ve rehearsed the question, and even if you two have never actually used the word dating you’ve been going steady for, like…” Lance paused as he did the math. “I dunno, a year? Hard to tell in space.”

Keith didn’t look up as he rolled a small circular trinket between his fingers.

“It’s a wooden ring. I had to carve it myself.”

“Hey, it’s acceptable! I mean it’s not like there are a lot of Jared’s out here.”

“She doesn’t know what dating is Lance.” Keith sighed as he clenched the ring in his hand. “Besides, isn’t a year a bit soon?”

“Now you’re just making up excuses!” Lance scolded. “I mean my cousin popped the question after like six months. Still together with two kids.”

“Still, what if-”

The blue paladin finally lost his patience.

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anonymous asked:

I know you're swamped with prompt requests but please hear me out!! What if it hadn't been Taki and Tanuma that had passed by when Natsume was de-aged, but Nishimura and Kitamoto instead?? Thanks for taking the time to read this, I love your work!!

i had a bunch of people ask for a young!natsume fic ;v ; hopefully just this one is sufficient! i have a lot of requests to work through ladgldgh


Taki forgets the cupcakes. Tanuma says, “Natsume won’t mind if we’re a few minutes late,” and they double back to her house to retrieve them. 

When the Days Eater has gone, and Nyanko is left with a pint-sized Natsume where the proper one should have been, Taki and Tanuma aren’t there to intervene and the child slips away from the unfamiliar tanuki yokai, moving as silently and certainly as a little ghost. 

Natsume is fairly certain he’s lost, and fairly certain he hasn’t been missed. But he wouldn’t want to cause the family he’s staying with any trouble – not sooner than he can help, at least. So he’ll follow the road into town, and figure things out from there. 

He can’t go far before he has to stop and roll the legs of his pants up. They keep slipping down so he cinches the belt tighter, and loses the long socks completely. The grass feels good under his feet anyway, sun-warm and springy. He’s surrounded by fields that seem to sprawl forever. He doesn’t know where he is, but it seems calm and welcoming. It seems nice.

“–told you, look at him! He looks just like Natsume! Right down to the thousand yard stare.”

Natsume jumps, whirling around and loosing his footing as he does. He lands with an oof and looks up to find himself face to face with an older boy. A high school student, maybe. There’s two of them, but only one is at his eye level, crouching in the road with an expression of wonder.

“Kitamoto, seriously, are you seeing this? Hey kid, what’s your name?”

He’s shrinking from them automatically – bigger bodies and bigger numbers usually don’t mean anything good for him, and he doesn’t want to go home with bruises on top of everything else he’s put his current family through – but there’s no real fear in his heart of these older boys, none at all. 

That’s… surprising. 

So he says, softly, “Natsume.” And blinks when the boy in front of him grins, like his name was the right answer. 

“I knew it! Natsume never told us he had a little cousin. Your family must have super genes or something, ‘cause the resemblance is scary.” 

“Do you hear yourself when you talk, Nishimura? You’re freaking him out.” The other boy – Kitamoto – yanks Nishimura back by the hood of his sweatshirt so he topples backwards, but not in the mean way Natsume’s classmates do. Nishimura squawks in outrage and scrambles for a second like a stag beetle tipped on its back, and Kitamoto offers Natsume a hand with a warm smile. “C’mon, you’ll catch cold out here. What are you doing, running around without shoes on?”

“You’re not his mom, Acchan. He might look like Natsume, but there’s no way he gets sick as easily as him. No one gets sick as easily as him.“

Natsume takes Kitamoto’s hand tentatively, and the high schooler doesn’t hold it too tight or pull too hard; just brings him up to his feet with a friendly yank, and then tousles his hair a bit. 

“You – you know my,” he swallows hard, and says, “Natsume? You know him?”

“Well, sure,” Nishimura says, dusting himself off. “We’re his buddies. He’s in my class, too.”

The tanuki yokai said the same thing, sort of. About being a high school student, and living in this area with people called the Fujiwaras. And he doesn’t think these people are lying to him. They’re too warm and lively to be monsters, the human or the spirit kind. They’re smiling at him nicely. 

He likes them. 

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pretty face | michael gray

anon requested tatiana’s sister and michael

block of italics means speaking in russian fyi

Tatiana had woken you up early, at least for the night you’d had, throwing your curtains open.

Wake up. I need you today”

“Ughh…to do what?”

“Keep someone company”

“Sorry, I can’t. I’m keeping my bed company today”

You flopped back to the bed, tucking your head as deep in between the pillows as you could. You felt the movement of the covers by your feet and grumbled in advance of what you knew was coming. Tatiana’s favourite way to get you up since you were children. She crawled further up and you braced yourself.

She grasped at your hair, pulling your face up, and dotting a kiss to your cheek.

Get up before I drag you down the stairs by your ankles”

“Tania, why must you be this way?”

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S4 - How they will confess

Jin: He would take his time. He isn’t sure if he really likes you, but he does likes you, he’s just denying it. Until just one day, he sees you smiling and laughing that’s the time he’ll assure himself, “I do like her…”. Even though he’s the oldest among his friends, he would ask for advices. He’ll be planning out things so it wouldn’t go wrong or something weird. And when he already knows what he’ll do, he’ll become more nervous. He would invite you out after classes. You guys always go out after classes but with your other friends. This time its just the two of you. He took you to the restaurant you and your squad always eat. After eating, you guys stayed for awhile since he said that he wanted to tell you something. “I… I… I like you… Alot.” And with that, he covered his face but peeks at you because of shyness.

Originally posted by nerdyariana

Yoongi: Yoongi would want to do it straight to the point. No more buts. Just directly say it to you. He would approach you but something, more of someone, stopped him. He saw you talking with some guy. It somehow lost his confidence. He would sigh and just go back to his favorite place alone. You, after talking with the guy, who turned out was your cousin (lol wtrdz), saw him, then something just told you like hey follow him. Then you followed him somewhere, he sat on the bench and you heard him rapping about a girl he likes and how he described her. “Damn” you said a bit loud, so he heard it. A little bit embarrassed you went to him and instead of saying sorry, you praised him for his raps and even gave advice in what to do to the girl. He just smirked at you and said STRAIGHT FORWARD, “I wrote this rap for you.”

Originally posted by minsecretsoul

Hoseok: He wants it to be well-planned. This sunshine wants it to be perfect, even if he’s not sure you’ll feel the same or no. He’s really nervous in a good way. Until all of his plans are about to happen while you are about to approach him. He called you to meet with him at some place only you, him and his friends would be, no other people.As you entered this dark kind of apartment, you called Hoseok. When you’re about to call Hoseok for the third time, lights then suddenly went on. And then you saw Hoseok, holding a bouquet of roses. As he comes near you, his friends then sang Miss Right. He then started rapping, “I think I’m attracted to you like a magnet, r-right now… Your-” and because of his nervousness, he forgot his lines. His friends were choking their laughs and Hoseok was embarrassed. But then he said that he likes you so much, handing you the roses that he should have handed you before his friends started singing. You couldn’t stop smiling and peck his cheek. He then was smiling widely even his friends.

Originally posted by sugmon

Namjoon: Namjoon wants it to be simple, confessing like in the books he reads. That day would be a normal day for you where Namjoon takes you out to the park, buy you ice cream and feed the birds, but for him, it wasn’t. He’s nervous, really nervous. So he decided to just say it the next day. He thought it would be easy because it would be just simply taking you out and saying I like you before you go home. The next day, he made sure to tell you how he feels about you. He’s still nervous, maybe more. You would notice his nervousness and instantly ask if he’s okay. He then looks at you like he just got out from another world and tells you that he was okay. After saying that he was okay, you still asked him but you got the same answer. He then invited you to your favorite ice cream shop. You both walked to the bench you two always sat. The memories both of you shared in the same place. The bench that you both vandalized back when you guys were kids. You told him about those days and he nodded and smiled. “I hope there will be more happy and good things that will happen to us here.” you said as you licked your ice cream. Hearing this from you, Namjoon thought it was a go signal. He sighed before telling you. “Y/n, I’ve been wanting to tell you this…” he then slowly holds your free hand. “You’ve been on my mind, you’ve always been. Sometimes, I wonder, what if we’re more than friends? I can hold your hand, kiss you and…” he was suddenly out of words. “I really like you…” 

Originally posted by rapfluff

Jimin: Jimin would be like Namjoon, he wants it simple. But he’s more calm than Namjoon. He’d take you out to the park and buy you ice cream. But something always comes up whenever he’s about to tell you about what he feels. It’s either your mom calling you to come home, activities in school where you’re needed, or his phone always ringing up because his friends are calling and wanted some food. It was always like that, so the confession was always delayed. It bothers him at the same time kind of relieved, bothered because he still hasn’t tell you about what he feels and what if someone confesses first to you, he’ll never be able to tell you about his love, and relieved because the nervousness he’s feeling disappeared, for awhile. Then the next few days, you would be happily telling him about your day, he was staring at you with a smile on his face. You would notice this and ask him if something was on your face. “Do you want to know something?” You were silent as he asked the question. “I like you.” he said as he shyly smiles.

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Taehyung: He’s a guy who’s active. Taehyung may look like he’s calm and really easy about confessing, no, he’s not. He’s really nervous. He wants to invite you to go play arcade with him. But he can’t personally ask you because he’ll stutter and end up not inviting you anymore. So he decided to just text you, but even when texting you, it will take him a long time. He will start typing on his phone but ends up erasing it. He’ll be doing this for 2 hours, typing and erasing. He got frustrated with himself and ends up texting just play arcade with me argadjfdgfhnh. You’ll be receiving the text and chuckle. Who would even say no right? And Taehyung who was embarrassed because of his text was actually surprised that you replied yes. He’ll pick you up at your house and then go to the mall. After playing arcade, you’ll eat some fast food and talk about life. He’ll walk you back to your house while your hugging the stuff toy he won for you. Before you go inside, Taehyung would get your attention. This was it. “Y/n, I… I…” the words won’t come out of his mouth and he keeps on stuttering. He was about to say nevermind but you cut him off. “I like you.” you said which shocked Taehyung but will later smile as you peck his cheek.

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Jungkook: Jungkook is a shy guy. But there’s a hidden confidence in him. And that confidence made him invite you out to a beach. Well. also because of that confidence, he also invited his hyungs. The best part when going out is the road trip, everyone jamming out to some upbeat songs, but there’s Jungkook, quietly sitting beside you being shy because of some small physical contact like your hands accidentally brushing each other or your arms. Once all of you reach the beach, everyone would be happier and more excited. You’ll notice Jungkook not looking as excited as all of you so you’ll pull him near the water. You’ll build sandcastles and maybe throw some sand at each other and accidentally throwing sand to Yoongi who was just laying down. You and Jungkook would be sitting down at the sand while the others are preparing food. You would notice how Jungkook is breathing nervously. You asked him if he was okay and he’ll smile and tell you everything is fine. He’s like he’s shy awhile ago but then gets turned up then ends up being shy. There was silence between the two of you and while you were staring at the sunset, you heard Jungkook mumble something.You’ll look at him and ask what he was saying, “I like you…” he still said it in a quiet tone but you heard it right. You smiled and place your head on his shoulder as he slowly holds your hand.

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A/n: This has been on my drafts for a year, I already planned on posting it last year but because of things, I didn’t. But I finally have the guts to post it wow. 

Tiny Little Hobbit

Imagine falling for Bilbo, but your brother, Thorin, isn’t too happy about it.

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“You cannot be serious,” you hear from your left, breaking your stare from the hobbit. You turn to find your brother and he doesn’t look too pleased.

“Cannot be serious about what Thorin?” you ask him, confused about his sudden outburst. “You cannot possibly have feelings for The Hobbit,” he grumbles. That makes the grip on your reigns tighten. You had hoped that no one would notice, but of course he would.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about, Thorin. Shouldn’t you be, I don’t know, leading us?” you ask him, slightly annoyed at the fact that he’s caught you.

“Balin is more than capable of leading the group. What I want to know is why the hobbit?” he asks and he sounds like he’s scolding more than inquiring.

“Oh come off it little brother. Who I choose to like is none of your concern,” you retort. It really was none of his business. He may be the King, but he was younger than yourself meaning he had absolutely no say in your love life.

“He is weak, y/n. He has been thinking about nothing but his home since he left. He is a worthless-”

But you don’t give him time to finish his sentence. You kick him off of his pony and that causes the whole company to come to a halt. You and Thorin were in the back meaning no one had seen what you had done. If they had, Thorin would’ve been furious.

“Everything alright?” Dwalin asks as Thorin stands.

“The mat started slipping and I along with it,” Thorin says, pretending to straighten the mat while glaring at you. He mounts his horse again and the Company continues on the trek.

“You have absolutely no right Thorin. You may be a king but you have absolutely no right to tell me who I can and cannot like. Bilbo is a kind soul who, if I might add, housed us when he clearly did not know we were coming. He gave us food and shelter simply because we came to his home,” you defend.

His look softens as he knows you are right. Bilbo could’ve turned all of you down immediately, but he had let you stay and for that he is grateful but still.

“Why are you interested in him?” He asks quietly.

“Because he is kind and he is pretty cute. Especially with his little nose twitches,” you say, smiling softly. That causes Thorin to roll his eyes making you scoff.

“Don’t give me that, Thorin. If I remember correctly, you were like that with Alliana,” you say and he rolls his eyes again.

“That was when we were ten,” he retorts.

“When you were ten and I was 20. I remember everything clearly. You used to chase her around Erebor and have tea parties where you would dress as a princess-”

Soon, his boot meets your side and this time it is you falling off of your pony. He did not kick you hard but the fall still hurt like a bitch.

“For Durin’s sake. What is going on?” Dwalin asks yet again, glaring at the two of you. “Nothing. It is getting late. We shall make camp here for tonight,” Thorin says, getting off of his pony and helping you up.

The relationship you and Thorin had was pretty damn interesting. After everyone gets settled and dinner is made, you take a seat next to Bilbo.

“Y/n,” Fili says from the log next to you.

“What is it?” You ask him.

“Did you and Thorin kick each other off of your ponies?” He asks with a small smile on his face.

“My leg needed a little stretch,” you shrug and Fili lets out a laugh with Kili right behind him.

“Were you always like that?” It’s kili who asks that.

“We were like that at least until Frerin came along. Then I had the two of them to kick,” you say with a smile on your face.

“So how long have you and Thorin been together then?” Bilbo asks and you look at him with a raised eyebrow.

“Well he came into my life when I was ten. He’s my little brother,” you say and he chokes on the stew that he had just taken a sip of.

You clap him on the back as he clears his throat.

“You’re related to Thorin?” He asks meekly.

“Well half of us are. You see Fili and Kili are my nephews, those cheeky little shits,” you start and Fili and Kili give a little wave,“my sisters sons.”

You point to Balin and Dwalin next.

“My great grandfather and their great grandfather were brothers and they share the same great grandfather as Oin and Gloin,” you say, pointing to your other cousins,“it may be confusing.”

He shakes his head frantically.

“No it’s not actually. I have a large family tree as well. My father had five siblings and my grandfather had four siblings so I know what it’s like,” he explains and you laugh.

“You hobbits sure do like to reproduce,” you tell him. “Trust me. We do,” he says and you give him a look.

“Uh- not like- well it is like- just- never mind,” he grumbles, blushing and you laugh. “Don’t worry mister baggins. Your secret is safe with me,” you tell him and he gives you a small smile that makes your heart melt.

“Well I’m glad that I have someone I can trust,” he says, patting your thigh and you smile back, missing the smile that crosses Thorin’s face. He may not like Bilbo, but if you were serious about him then Thorin will try to like him. Even if he was a tiny little Hobbit.

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Also i finally did a Bilbo drabble yass.

“Fake it till you make it.” A Barry Allen imagine (Part 1?)

You hated family events. It was the same thing every single time, the same relatives that asked the same questions and still argued about the same thing while that one family member ask to put aside their differences just for awhile.

You loathed family events. That one relative who always asked if you were seeing anyone, if you had a boyfriend yet. To which you mother always slided in a snide comment about how the clock was ticking. You wanted to tell her off but knew you couldn’t.

This family event was no different.

“Dear old (Y/n) working in the big Central City now! How’s that coming along huh?!”
“Must be good, she never calls.” You mother said causing you to give a tight lipped smile as your relative laughed obnoxiously.

“It’s very good Auntie.” You said as you got another bread roll.

“Got a boyfriend yet sweetheart?” You other Aunt ask. You mentally groaned looking at your mom. Before you even knew what you were saying it was already coming out of your mouth.

“Actually I do.” The activities around the table ceased, even your little cousins who always were fighting stopped. You mother staring at you with wide eyes as you gulped.

“Oh really?” You mom cocked an eyebrow. “What’s his name?”

“B-Barry Allen.” You whispered as everyone quietly resumed their eating watching you and your mother.

“Have I ever met this ‘Barry Allen’?” Your mother asked suspiciously.  You swallowed as you took a sip of your drink before shaking your head.

“He lives in Central City.”

“I’m sure he does.” Your mom scoffed as people kept quiet. Knowing better than to interfere with the soon to be brawl between you and ‘mommy dearest’. Your mom sipped her wine.

“I’ll just have to have you both over for dinner so we can meet this ‘Barry Allen’.” She eyed you suspiciously as you gave her an overly sweet smile.

“Can’t wait.”

The drive back home to central city was filled with you thinking over your options. You were very close to Barry and might even say you had a crush on him. Your phone went off causing you to groan. You were going to need tylenol tonight. You pulled into the garage of your apartment building as you picked up the phone. Barry’s name flashed across the screen as your heart swelled. Taking a deep breath you picked it up.

“Hey Bar.”
“Hey (Y/n)! How was that family thing?!” You responded with a long groan causing him to laugh at you. He knew how…overbearing your mother was.

“Same questions again huh (Y/n/n)?” You walked into your apartment building as you brushed your hair from your face.

“Your hair looks good by the way.” You stopped walking. Looking around you saw the tall lanky man as he giggled at your horrified face.

“You’re the biggest dork ever.” You hit his chest as you both went to the elevator. You heart raced as you remembered what you said earlier.

“Barry I need to talk to you.” You bit your lip. His eyes widened.

“You’re pregnant.” He said dramatically.
“WHAT?! No!” You laughed as you blushed.

“So tonight at dinner…you know they asked me the usual like how the city is, you know…”

“The good juicy stuff.”

“Yeah, the good juicy stuff…well…you see….they of course asked me if I had a boyfriend yet and I didn’t want to hear my mom’s snide remarks and without even thinking I said yes….”

“But you don’t have a boyfriend…” He was confused as you had to sigh.

“I know…b-but I kinda said…y-you were my boyfriend and my mom said she wants to have dinner with us and I know I shouldn’t have said anything.” You rambled as Barry’s eyes widened. Barry had a crush on you, he just had a gut feeling that those feelings weren’t returned.

“Wait wait wait…you said I was your boyfriend?!”
“I’m so sorry Barry but please if you were my friend you’d just go to this one dinner with me and then we’d ‘break up’. I’m just so sick of hearing my mom-”

“I’ll do it.”
“You what…” You were shocked at how nonchalant he was about the situation. But it grew into excitement.

“Of course-oh my god!” He gasped as you lurched forward to hug him.

“Thank you so much Barry!” Barry grinned as he wrapped his arms around your waist.

“Okay so when I get more details I’ll tell you okay?!” You smiled as he nodded.

“Want to come in? I have Chinese food…” Barry nodded before coming it.

This was going to be interesting.

What taking Harry to meet your family would include

Allow me to be more focused on the latino community/culture in this piece. I promise I’ll be uploading a more ‘standard’ version (i.e. avoiding specifics that may make non-latinos feel excluded or don’t allow them to feel identified) so that anybody can have their fun. It’ll be on later tonight or later tomorrow but it’ll be on here. If you like it or want me to write this in Spanish please feel free to ask me, I’ll be more than glad to comply.

Without anything else to add… let’s get to the point!

  • Your family throwing an enormous party even if you told them that it was nothing. That ‘he’ll probably feel better if it’s only us, you know? He can meet the extended family later’
  • But of course, your mother didn’t listen to. Well, he tried - but how else was she supposed to make tamales without help? When she asked your aunt for the recipe of her delicious tamales de queso she, inevitably, asked ‘why?’ and your mother wanted to keep the secret for herself. She really did. She was not a chismosa, thank you very much. But she was so, so proud of you… and she missed you deeply, and your aunt was just asking how were you doing…
  • ‘She’ll bring her boyfriend’, she said, and there was a long pause at the other end of the line, followed by a long, tedious list of questions like ‘is he as handsome as he looks like in the TV?’ ‘where is he staying?’ ‘how long will he be here?’ ‘is he getting a hair cut?’ ‘are they serious then?’ and before your mother knew, the rest of your family were already expecting to meet him.

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Hi there! If you're not too busy, could you do a headcanon thingy for Sonny de la Vega having a crush on a girl who's really shy but who all the guys want? How does he treat her and how does he feel when she agrees to go out with him/be his girlfriend? Sorry I'm like super passionate about this! Anyway, thanks so much and have a great day! ~

  • so usnavi would be the first one to figure out that sonny has a crush on you and he just smirks because now he could tease sonny about his crush on you
    • and he would figure it out because he is just watching his cousin trying to flirt with you and you are just turning really red
    • usnavi pulls him aside and tells him that he is being really obvious about it and if sonny wants a chance, he needs to take a different approach 
  • so from there on out, sonny tries to be subtle about his feelings and is way more gentle around you and he acknowledges that it’s gonna take a lot of effort to win your affections but it’s worth it,,,
  • sonny brings you to the bodega a lot and he doesn’t know it but benny and usnavi started a betting pool of whether or not he was going to ask you out or not
    • benny doesn’t think so and usnavi is too proud to admit that he doesn’t think so either 
    • benny points out how the odds are in his favor because of how several other people are pining for you as well but usnavi is just insisting that he knows that you two are meant to be
  • when he finally asks you out and you say yes, he just smiles really widely and wants to scream but figures that he shouldn’t do that in front of you so he is just screaming internally and smiling really really big 
  • he shows affection a lot, just like little touches and quick kisses and like kisses over the counter of the bodega and usnavi is really awkward around you two, he doesn’t know how to react to his cousin having a partner
    • when usnavi does get used to you though he invites you over for dinner and he just gets to know you and he is already treating you like family
  • for your birthday, sonny asks graffiti pete to draw or paint you something if he would be willing to
    • he loves watching your face light up when you unwrap a sketch of your favorite picture of the two of you painted in monochrome 
  • he just loves you so much though like he didn’t even know that it was possible to love someone that much