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I'm surprised you are still about Sherlock considering that major queerbaiting they did. The trailer showed a scene where Sherlock told John he loved him yet this scene wasn't in any of the episodes

Alright, I keep getting messages like this so I’m just going to answer one and have that be it. I’m upset about what’s happened, too. This show has been the most central focus of my life for five years. I love this show more than anything else I’ve ever been interested in and Johnlock was the largest factor in that. I’ve been openly part of the TJLC community for years. I love this show. I painted the wallpaper on my wall, it stares me right in the face every time I walk in the fucking room. I love this show. This show has helped me through so many hard times and been there for me when I needed it most. This show and the people I’ve met because of it are what played the largest factor in me coming to learn more about myself and my own sexuality. This show has made me so inexplicably happy for so long, and Johnlock specifically. I am hurt and disappointed and upset by things that have happened with the most recent season and I’m extremely let down by what we didn’t get. 

That being said, everything that happened up until season four still happened and I still love all of that. I still stand by the belief that Johnlock is real, that Sherlock is gay, that him and John love one another and are in love. This is one of the biggest things in my life that brings me happiness. If that means ignoring shit I hate about Season 4 for the sake of my mental health and wellbeing then I’m going to continue to enjoy that about the show that I loved. 

As a final note in response to your last comment: The ‘I love you scene’ was in the trailer, as well as the episode. It was bait and as much as we all wanted it to be for John it was taken out of context and unfortunately it was essentially nothing. I’m just as upset and hurt about all of this, but I’m doing what I can to stay positive. You’re not the only one coming to my inbox insinuating that I should be dropping this show altogether. But if I did that my mental health and wellbeing would plummet and I just can’t afford that. I’m going to focus on what has always made me happy about this show as I go forward with it. Johnlock. TJLC. The people I’ve met. The community I know. It’s the only thing I know how to do.

I know a lot of you don’t know since you’re new followers and I deleted all of my old posts, but this is my art from February of 2016:

This is from recently:

The first picture is a little embarrassing, but hey, it shows how I’ve improved. There’s still a lot I don’t know, but I’m proud of how much I’ve done in a year. 

this wasn’t the last thing he said to me, but it speaks volumes of the man he was. Riley was an amazing man who loved my best friend with everything in him. He would do anything for her, no matter what she needed because she was the love of his life. A couple of weeks ago he told me he was going to marry my best friend and god how i wish he could have made good on that. The first time he ever talked to me was through my friends phone, she had told him that I (a stranger to him) was having a panic attack so he sent me a text through her phone that said “hi we love you and you can get through this.” Even though he didn’t know me, he wanted me to know he was cheering for me, he was an amazing man with the biggest heart ever. He would stream Destiny and i got to watch some and him saying “mmmmmm dab” will forever be etched in my brain.

Riley died Sunday morning (01/15/17) because of a careless criminal trying to evade police after robbing a pizza hut. That careless criminal took the lives of Riley and his father, and also his own. Two innocent people are dead because one mad just HAD to rob a pizza place for a couple hundred dollars and Riley’s family and friends will never be the same because of it.

I urge everyone to hold their loved ones tight and keep my best friend in your thoughts & prayers if you could.

We miss you Riley, thanks for being an amazing human being, and boyfriend to my best friend. I’ll watch over her here on earth, please watch over her up there, love you always.

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Hi, I'm on the fence about Larry being real, I've read both sides explain almost everything. One of the things I've never understood is why Louis doesn't just sue to get out of his contract? People break contracts all the time. What would happen to him if he did that's worse than what's happening now? I' hoping you can help because you're a lawyer and know more about these things than most. Thanks!!

I’m going to take you at face value that you really are new around here, because we’ve discussed this at length, early and often. People do not just break contracts all the time. I don’t know what people you’re talking about, because people who break contracts get sued. If they don’t, if they are able to end a contract early, it’s because all parties to the contract agreed to that (likely because the deal wasn’t making anyone any money). If contracts were so easy to break, don’t you think Kesha would rather be free to work with whom she chooses instead of the man who sexually assaulted her? Would Kelly Clarkson have discussed her excitement at being with a new label 15 years after getting tied down to her old one? Would Prince have changed his name to a symbol for years to try to escape his contract? The examples abound. (And Zayn is not a counter-example. He didn’t just up and leave. He had to have negotiated his way out of 1D, and he’s still tied to Syco, perhaps for even longer than he would have been if he had stayed with the band). (I urge you to watch Artifact on Netflix, which is a documentary about the band 30 Seconds to Mars trying to get out of their contract – spoiler alert: they couldn’t (even though their record label all but went bankrupts) and they spent years and a lot of money trying.)

If Louis (or Harry, why don’t you ask about Harry?) were to sue to try to get out of his contract, the results would be catastrophic for him. He’d destroy the band, to begin with – what about Niall and Liam (and Harry, apparently, in your proposed world)? Should he just screw them over so that he can get what he wants? And on what basis should he sue? Not liking the PR plan of you record label isn’t a ground upon which you can try to negate a contract. (There are very, very, very few grounds upon which you can negate a legit, agreed to contract. Very few. And they don’t really apply here without squinting)

Look, I don’t care where you come down on the Larry issue. Feel free to believe whatever you want, but people do not break contracts all the time. Not valuable contracts worth a billion dollars, that’s for sure. And I know antis have a whole spiel about how forcing someone to be closeted is illegal, but they are wrong. Most everything around here has different interpretations. That’s all well and good. But some things you don’t just get to have your own interpretation. Some things either are or are not true in the real world, and no arguing on tumblr is going to change that. In the real world (1) you cannot just break a contract without consequences, and (2) saying it’s illegal to closet people is an utterly baseless claim.

tl;dr: People don’t break contracts. It’s hella hard to get out of a contract. Louis has no basis upon which to sue.


SERIOUSLY WHAT. Between you and my irl friends I swear. I work my butt off to finish a video, don’t finish it, but then you all just tell me to chill and take care of myself. And I’m not even stressed or anything! I just legitimately want to get this done. LIEK WHY. I guess what I’m trying to say is, I love you all so much. So so much ❤️❤️❤️

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Sniperpilot and "Baze, put Bodhi down!" if you want?

Bodhi couldn’t even remember what he and Baze had been arguing about anymore – probably something silly – but now Bodhi was completely focused on the fact that he was now almost two meters high and parallel to the ground. He wasn’t in danger of falling, he knew for a fact that Baze wasn’t going to drop him.

“You know this won’t work, right?” Bodhi asked, crossing his arms and staring up at the ceiling. “I’m a pilot. I’m not afraid of heights.”

Before Baze could argue back, Cassian walked into the room and stopped dead at the sight of Baze holding Bodhi above his head.

“Baze!” Cassian yelled, eyes wide. “Put Bodhi down!”

“Yeah, I’ll put Bodhi down.”

“Wait!” Bodhi protested, suddenly – knowing what Baze was going to do. “Don’t you dare –“


Bodhi squeezed his eyes shut when he found himself flying through the air. There was grunt as he collided with a body before arms wrapped safely around him. Cassian staggered back under the weight of his boyfriend.

“Hi.” Bodhi said, opening his eyes and looking up at Cassian. “Thanks for catching me.”


 send me a sentence and a ship and I’ll write a drabble

shashashakinbaki, I was in the middle of doing your Pride and Prejudice fill when it sort of just disappeared.  Not sure what happened!!  But here you go bb, hope you enjoy.  -Emmy

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To Be Fond of Dancing by astrangelady 

(7,438 I General I Complete)

“How can you possibly know that? You have too much faith in people, Scott,” Stiles said accusatorily with his arms crossed indignantly. Scott just smiled.

“And you don’t have enough faith in people.”

A Sterek Pride and Prejudice AU

Pride and Werewolves by Benaya 

(18,313 I Not Rated I Complete)  *sterek, omega!Stiles

Pride & prejudice teen wolf style

Pride and Prejudice and Werewolves by Mythomanya 

(20,379 I Teen I WIP)  *sterek

New neighbors moved in the big house at the end of the street and Scott has a little something for one of them. On the contrary, Stiles got a little bit of hatred for one of them.
All that and Scott getting bitten and turned into a werewolf the night after they met said neighbors for the first time. And, of course, Stiles is the one with enough head on his shoulders to actually deal with all of it and come to the right conclusions.

I’m Pride, & He’s Prejudice! by SimplyBe 

(22,536 I Teen I WIP)  *sterek

AU where the characters of Teen Wolf are the characters from Pride and Prejudice.  Stiles is Elizabeth, Derek is Darcy, Scott is Bingley, Kira is Jane, and Peter is Lady Catherine.  :D  So basically, just enjoy and let your teen fantasies run wild!

Scowls and Sarcasm by dr_girlfriend 

(20,056 I Teen I Complete)  *sterek

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single alpha in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a mate.  

Whether or not Derek Hale felt that way was hardly a concern to the neighborhood — the very fact of his arrival was enough that the surrounding families seemed to consider him the rightful property of one or another of their eligible sons and daughters.  That was, of course, before they met the man.

Pride and Prejudice by lheadley 

(123,828 I Not Rated I Complete)  *sterek, scisaac

“It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single werewolf in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a mate.”

A Sterek (and Scisaac) based parody of Jane Austen’s “Pride and Prejudice”. Written in the voice of Jane Austen, not the voice of Teen Wolf, and following the original text very closely. Bascially names and pronouns are changed, and there is the normal strategic product placement associated withTeen Wolf, but otherwise this is Austen. It is remarkable how little the characters have to change to fit with the Austen novel - although Lydia Martin and Melissa McCall get a bit of a rough deal in the translation. Scott, Isaac, Stiles and Derek match the character types very well, however - personality traits have not changed that much over the centuries. January 2013 marks the 200 year anniversary of the publication of Pride and Prejudice.

  • Zed: Are you gonna fight me right now? Come on and try it. I have the strength of twenty lizards right now, okay? Big lizards! Bigger than you've ever seen!

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omg so i never rlly considered james/teddy before but i started reading that fic you linked and i.... really like it now!!! though im a bit confused, whats their age difference exactly? do we know in canon or?

I’m so happy to hear you’re liking What I’m Waiting to Find! It’s absolutely one of my favorite Jeddy fics, @gracerene09 is a brilliant author and i have so many feelings about the entire Are You Mine? verse (The Drarry companion pieces just about destroyed my heart, and then slowly put it back together). Look at me babbling, i could go on and on, but i’ll spare you. Teddy was born in April 1998, and James was born somewhere between September 2003 and August 2004, so he’s around 6-7 years older.

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May I ask who you're favorite Marioverse villains are and why? I love hearing your opinions on these things!

My fave is definitely King Boo. He’s the only re-occurring villain that we’ve seen countless times but we know very little about. He just seems genuinely malicious. At least Bowser has humanity, he loves his son and cares about what happens to his kingdom. 

King Boo doesn’t care about lifeforms at all and why would he? He’s dead. When Bowser has his evil plans they’re very clear and make sense; he’ll go here and do this and he’ll get some sort of reward from it. When King Boo talks about what he’ll do when he breaks free (something we still haven’t really seen, unlike Bowser) he just talks about causing havoc and revenge on the bros and then everyone else. It sounds like there is no end point, he just wants to purge the world. 

And that’s another thing; he has no corporal form and can only be defeated by one very specific device, the poltergust. Even then you’re not getting rid of him, just containing him in a device. 

You could say Mario has defeated him using other methods, but i go by the theory that the King Boo we see in Luigi’s Mansion is the real King (or at least him at his full power) and all other incarnations are just some boos posing as him or a weakened King boo. They just act and look so different it’s hard to believe they are the same character.

So yeah, basically King Boo is a genuinely scary and powerful adversary, who is essentially invincible and unbeatable by normal means. Pretty rad.  

six years of this
  • mofftiss, 2010: here, sherlock holmes. shiny benedict cumberbatch and layered actor martin freeman as holmes and watson!
  • audience: wowowow s1! what great setup. what great premise. such cleverness!
  • audience: omg a cliffhanger
  • mofftiss: yeah are they going to get out? who knows? tune in next year?
  • audience: haha okay!
  • mofftiss: ahhh psyche! they got bailed out by a random phone call!
  • audience: lolol cool bro nice setup of irene adler. cool that she's gay. cool setup of john and sherlock's burgeoning relationship.
  • mofftiss: relationship?
  • audience: yeah, relationship.
  • mofftiss: pfft. yeah. we lie all the time.
  • audience: haha, bro. yeah you do.
  • mofftiss: omg sherlock doesn't die! what's going to happen next?
  • audience: john will be so sad! the whole point of this was for john! how romantic.
  • mofftiss: yeah, right?
  • audience: i can't wait! i want to know how it happened!
  • mofftiss, after two years: it doesn't matter HOW it happened!
  • audience: oh! because it matters WHY he excluded John! it's about their relationship!
  • mofftiss: yep. and here's mary and redbeard to complicate things.
  • audience: ooooh. lots of drama! how are they going to get out of this???
  • mofftiss: bang!
  • audience: whoa! so bold. what a great and complex female character. damn. that's amazing. didn't see that coming.
  • mofftiss: you were told, but you didn't listen!
  • audience: haha damn yeah bro.
  • mofftiss: now we gotta sell the resolution of the shooting and make people buy that john forgave mary
  • audience: lmao how you gon do that? sherlock literally restarted his heart for john, the man he clearly loves.
  • mofftiss: ;)
  • audience: shit! sherlock killed magnussen for mary! he must have a plan!
  • mofftiss: ;)
  • audience: omg an aborted confession!!!
  • audience: omg a fever dream about his fears and desires!!! and conspiracy!!! you love us!
  • mofftiss: love your fandom!
  • audience: oh man. series 4 is going to be amazing.
  • mofftiss, after two years: here you go! thatcher and agra!
  • audience: ...
  • audience: ???
  • audience: oooooh. shiiiiiit. Sherlock is in his mind palace, right? the whole time?
  • mofftiss: ...
  • audience: mary ain't dead. lmao you're doing that moriarty thing again. moriarty is back, and mary's working for him.
  • mofftiss: ... challenge your audiences! here's tld.
  • audience: ooh man. td-12 is gross. culverton is gross. but that talk. that talk! and that shot! euros!!
  • audience: so mary's dead? what plan do you have?
  • audience: i bet my child's ass it's extended mind palace. so many questions unanswered; how are they going to pull it off! it'll be so clever!
  • mofftiss: shit! the third episode leaked!
  • audience: ...
  • audience: ???
  • audience: rofl this is soooooo fake
  • audience: you had more time to do this ep
  • audience: you have two eps for us. this is like clue!
  • audience: you're hella clever
  • audience: lmao i can't believe you made such cheesy things, but at least it's fake
  • mofftiss: ... please don't share leaked version
  • audience: haha look! they're making sure everyone is going to watch the leaked version so that the rug can be pulled and we're all going to be so surprised!
  • mofftiss: *airs s4e3*
  • audience: ...
  • audience: but that's the same...
  • audience: what the fuck?
  • audience: you mean you're just shitty writers all this time and we've been giving you the benefit of the doubt!?!?
  • audience: we wrote better analysis of your own show than you did!
  • mofftiss: lmao you entitled dickweed. we just write what we waaaaant. women just have sex to get over things. who you are doesn't matter. everything we've built up was for no reason. factory reset everything, muthafuckas. can't afford bennybatchman anymore! so let's make sure it's reset so new people can come in to ensure this show is either trash or cash cow.
  • mofftiss: TRASH OR CASH COW
  • mofftiss: *cancels all public meetings* byyyyye binches

“Call me crazy but I feel like…she’s still out there. Somewhere.” 

“Well, you’re fucking crazy. Honey, it’s been nearly 12 years. Anais is aging up soon. You have a lovely lady by your side and a son. Don’t do this, if she finds out you’re still hung up on Madelyn…lord knows what would happen” 

“She’s not going to find out, I can’t let that happen. I just—I’ve had this doubt for 12 years, Tati. I can’t go on the rest of my life without knowing what exactly happened to her.” 

“Some things are better left unstirred, you’re just going to open doors you cannot close” 

“You may be right, but even after all these years…I still love Madelyn in some way, and when I get her ashes DNA tests back saying it’s not a match…then I really need to know what happened to her. For the sake of Anais” 

Have you ever been in a situation when everyone is doing something over and over again that it already becomes the norm, but something deep within you just makes doing that thing feels off? Yet almost everyone is doing it and they make it look like that it’s the right thing to do? Sometimes the difficulty is not doing the right thing but knowing what is the right thing. When face in this situation, ask yourself, “Does doing this thing pleases the world, or does it pleases God?”
—  cynthia go // Discernment
I’m bored, can’t you tell, hahaha

Hey Jack 

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How are you?! 

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Good Jack, I’m glad your happy :) 

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What are you going to do today?!

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Don’t worry I don’t know what I’m going to do either 

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Hi, I feel seriously confused and late but could you explain what this community is? I'm kinda new to tumblr and there's so much going on with rivalries and separation, I'm trying my best to follow along. I thought there were just littles, all different of course, but I'm scared I might not fit into a category and get shut out for it. There's a lot "Do Not" and "Unfollow if" it's kinda scary when I don't know what the terms being referenced mean. If that makes sense. Lots of love 🍼💕

LilTot is a non-sexual age regression community that allows anyone in as long as they follow our rules regardless of their separate kinks

Cglre stands for Caregiver Little Regression and it’s a completely non-sexual age regression community that does not allow crosstagging with kink communities

Cg/l is a mix between non-sexual Caregiver Little relationships and sexual Caregiver Little relationships.

Dd/lg (and its varients) is a kink community because it uses the dom-sub power dynamic. Though some people may use it non-sexually but its frowned upon.

Ch!re stands for Child Regression and its a non-sexual age regression community that is not cg/l or cglre friendly.

K!dheart is a completely non-sexual age regression community for minors. They are very strict about who they allow interaction with and at the moment they do not allow interaction with cglre, cgl or liltot.

Teen!eT0t is a non-sexual age regression @nti community that is not associated with LilTot in any way.

Some of these communities have sub-communities as well

LilTot terms:

Cglre terms:
Little Space

Age play terms:

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how do people know what sign is their moon and sun and stuff ??

Your sun sign is the sign you already know that’s your birthday, but to calculate your moon and everything else go on “” and in green it will say “create a new chart” and then you’ll know what to do from there

What I say: I’m fine
What I mean: I am having a mental breakdown because all this analyzing thats been going around recently all coming to the same conclusion that Chuuya might die because he is hanging upside down and Dazai is turned around with which could mean that Chuuya is going to use corruption without Dazai around and we know what that means and then FUCKING WHITE CAMELLIAS AROUND CHUUYA DEAR GO-

But yes I’m TOTALLY fine