you do not get any more ot3 then these three


1. What ship do you love as husbands?

2. What’s your sexy/smutty/kinky ship?

3. What’s your all time favorite OTP that you always were and always will be passionate about??

4. What’s your super duper cute ship?

5. Any asexual ship?

6. What two ladies do you want to have a happy life together?

7. Crossover ship?

8. A ship that includes more than three people?

9. OT3 number 1?

10. OT3 number 2?

11. What’s the ship you can imagine in a post apocalyptic world?

12. What’s your college AU ship?

13. High School AU ship?

14. Bakery/Flower Shop/Coffee Shop AU ship?

15. A ship that’s actually canon?

16. A ship you headcanon having kids?

17. What’s your favorite BroTP including two males?

18. What’s your favorite BroTP including two females?

19. What’s your favorite BroTP including a male and a female?

20. Soulmates?

21. Infamous ship with so little fanart and fanfics that it’s killing you?

22. What’s your most popular ship?

23. A ship where two people are in a relationship with the same person but not with one another?

24. Friends with benefits?

25. Huge age gap ship?

26. Do you ship any real life people?

27. What of your ships already sank in an awful, upsetting way?

28. What ship made you cry?

29. Your favorite ship video on youtube?

30. Recommend one fanfic!