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Sometimes I think of the absurdity of Kara being part of the Catco brand and writing so many intense stories that seem like they wouldn’t fit the Catco vibe, but then I remember that Teen Vogue is writing about the gaslighting of America and other hard hitting stories that don’t fit their brand and doing so while not mincing their words and suddenly Kara at Catco makes sense



the organization + major arcana // partial remake of this


Egotistical emo kid promises to bind today. Then forgets…


“No,” said the little prince. “I am looking for friends. What does that mean—'tame’?”

“It is an act too often neglected,” said the fox. It means to establish ties.“

”‘To establish ties’?“

"Just that,” said the fox. “To me, you are still nothing more than a little boy who is just like a hundred thousand other little boys. And I have no need of you. And you, on your part, have no need of me. To you, I am nothing more than a fox like a hundred thousand other foxes. But if you tame me, then we shall need each other. To me, you will be unique in all the world. To you, I shall be unique in all the world …”


“Yes yes, beautiful– more chores for you to keep up with, I suppose….♥ I do hope she gets along with your cat…” ((She’d literally do anything to make that boy happy.))

In response to this thread, your wish was granted @yuriplisetskyspeaks​ !

Astro as Flavors of Cake...

JinJin: (Blueberry Cheesecake)

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MJ: (Piña Colada Cake)

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Eunwoo: (Molten Dark Chocolate Cake)

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Moonbin: (Coffee Almond Cream Cake)

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Rocky: (Double-Fudge Brownie Cake)

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Sanha: (Strawberry Cream Cake)

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‘Still cute…’

‘Zero is still handsome too’

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What are some songs that remind you of inukag? :)

I’m sorry anon I’m using this ask for InuKag week cause it fits so well! (warning I have no taste in music) ((YouTube links)) 

I mean who doesn’t just listen to songs and image Kagome singing/humming the lyrics and Inuyasha takes the words to heart. I mean why else would she be singing love songs all the time??

Songs that remind me of InuKag? 

Illenium - Only One (ft. Nine Sung) 

Hanson - Smile 

Trading Yesterday - Shattered

Joe Hertz - Playing For You (ft. Bassette) Okay but Kagome giving the confidence to Inuyasha to want to stay the way he is. Just listen to it that way. 

Extreme Music - Bring Me Back To Life 

Landon Austin - Safe and Sound (ft. Ellie Swisher) 

Tedy - Lost & Found 


And for one second, world order was restored by Lin Fengsong. (cr. AddictedShot)

The Fitting ( Part 2)

(Jungkook takes you up on your offer to provide him some physical relief while you feel conflicted about this situation.)

Warnings: handjob, fellatio, fingering

Your mind raced as Jungkook walked towards you.  You only had a few seconds to decide what to do.  The proverbial angel on your shoulder was telling you to tell him no and put an end to this situation before it begins, but the devil inside you was lusting desperately to touch this man.

He’s an adult, I’m an adult.  He wants me, I want him. No one needs to know.  

No one else must ever know.

He was in front of you now, leaning in, eyes half-closed preparing to kiss you, when you turned your head away.  He looked at you with disappointment and confusion. You leaned in and pulled him closer, looking him directly in his eyes.

“I have some rules. This must remain our secret.  If anyone finds out what happened here tonight, I will lose my job.  Do you understand me?  You can’t tell anyone.  Not your friends.  Not the other members. No one.”

Jungkook smiled. “So this means something worth keeping a secret will happen, right?”

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imagine Reigen and Serizawa’s first formal date. it’s almost a kind of silly idea because they’ve practically already been dating, going out to eat with each other, originally only with Mob as well but eventually just the two of them sometimes. They’re that couple who had practically already been unofficially dating but they only consider themselves y’know, actual boyfriends once Reigen is like, hey do you wanna take this… thing we have a step further. and Serizawa is like yes. yes I do.

so even though they’ve ALREADY DONE THIS and they hang out plenty, all the time, both during and outside of work, Serizawa is all nervous and Reigen is trying to be as charming as possible. They do at least go someplace probably nicer than usual and try to look their best, but they’re both such dorks in different wants, desperately trying to make it what they think a date should be and it’s really awkward. (Serizawa has no experience dating whatsoever, Reigen has some but nothing that ever lasted very long.)

At first they’re almost worried because of how awkward it is, oh shit, will this not work out? What if this ruins our friendship? CUE PANIC. but eventually they end up realizing (maybe with Mob’s help?) that they’re just complicating things for like, no reason, and things can still be the same between them but like also they can hold hands and kiss and, after awhile, move in together and all that.


do i really need to precise which meme this is based on. obviously i changed some lines to fit the characters’ personality *coughskandacoughs* but click the images to read captions ;D



Android!Baymax AU costume details + extended headcanons!  I’ve actually received quite a few lovely asks from potential cosplayers, so as a fellow cosplayer I felt it might be nice to provide reference pics (especially since I’m so sloppy and inconsistent in the earlier Android AU posts). 

I was also talking to a friend, and they told me that the reasons for my choices for Bay’s costume aren’t as obvious as I thought, so hopefully some of you will find my thoughts amusing.  Also added lotsa extra headcanons no one asked for lol <3

First Android!Baymax Post

Second Post (TadaHiroBae huggle)

The dumb outfit that started it all

(And as a note, if anyone wants to cosplay Android!Bay, holy crap, I’m super honored, and of course you’re more than welcome to!  Just give me credit for my design, don’t repost the images by themselves anywhere else, and please send me a link when you’re done because I definitely want to see! *A*)


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For the three sentence thing: Sherlolly Fantastic Beasts au please :)

Sherlock: *feeding the Occamy*
Mary: *reading his mind* She’s a taker.
Sherlock: *looks up* Sorry?
Mary: *nods at Irene’s photograph* I can tell. You need a giver.
Molly: *approaches; pleasant* Anything I can do?
Mary: *smug*

send a ship, an au and I’ll write a three sentence fic something

You know, one of the things I love best about the Tracy family is just how absolutely close they are. You know that no matter what happens, they’ll always stand by each other and take care of one another. And with all that fondness, you know it’s guaranteed that there’s been at least one point in their lives that they’ve ended up in a pile like a litter of puppies. (Scott totally started it this time by grabbing John and tackling Virgil, and everyone else just went along with it.)

I started this a week or two ago but was having a very hard time getting it done, and thanks to a headache and some determination, finally got it finished tonight. (At the expense of putting off homework for another night, oh well. ;3) It was nice to have something fun to draw the family doing for a change too. Also it makes the wait for Season 2 just a little bit less painful!

(With a special dedication of course to @flyboytracy, @sonatanotwo, @starman-john-tracy, @gordoncoopertracy, and @thelittlesttracy for being such wonderful RP bros. <3333333)

it’s okay if i amn’t the girl of your dreams

or your first love or your last

but i hope that i will be the girl you think about five years from now when you realise you’re tired of waking up alone, when you wonder why you put so much milk into your coffee and you can’t button the cuffs of your shirt the way i used to do it for you

i hope she holds your hand and it doesn’t fit quite like mine did and I hope you drive past my house and wonder if i’m in there and wonder if i’m alone

i don’t hope for you to miss me

i wouldn’t wish that on anybody

but i hope i stay alive in your mind and i hope you find parts of me in all that you do

i hope you remember me

—  hopeful ~ blue-delusion

“I’m going to be completely honest here. When I first heard that [tyler] was going to be writing a book, because I was very biased about youtuber books at the time, I thought, great. It’s going to be some self-indulgent crap, because that was sort of the perception I had of youtubers in their 20’s writing books about their life, I’m like, you haven’t even lived your life. This book changed my opinion on youtubers writing books, honestly, and to be able to do that, you know it must be a good book.”


Medieval skins for Pewds, Jack, Mark and Minx coming right up!

You can probably tell the inspiration to Pewds’ skin, Jack’s is a mix of archer, spy and hunter, Mark is kind of a berserker (the hand. I just wing it. I don’t really know.), and Minx’s an assassin. I pulled up like seven pages of references for these. I’m weak. 

I think I’ll do another post for this, with full-colored designs for every fighter, if I can make some time. This is really fun.

here’s that one post that starts all of this request and idea illustration stuff