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The stages of saying ❝I love you❞ (Alec Version)

An addition to my earlier post:

Consider Hiyori being fiercely loyal to Trash Dad after becoming his Regalia.

He kills her and then before even cleaning her blood off his hands, presents himself to her spirit as someone who just killed a phantom to save her life. He acts like he’s her divine rescuer and gives her a name with a beautiful meaning, like Hikari or something. He convinces her that she would’ve died had it not been for him, and naturally, she is beyond grateful.

Now he presents Yato as a horrible enemy who will stop at nothing to kill him, and Yukine as Yato’s deadly Blessed Regalia who has slain thousands. He paints a picture of Yato being absolutely despicable, someone who is the antithesis of everything Hiyori believes in, and Yukine as his loyal enabler. Of course Hiyori believes him, and once the battle starts, she’ll stop at nothing to eliminate these threats to the man who saved her life.

And Yato and Yukine know the truth, but are powerless to reveal it because they can’t kill Hiyori. Hell, they can’t even say her name.

She’ll believe to the very end that Trash Dad gave her a place to belong and a person to be, not knowing that he had ripped those same things away from her in her past life.

[Bonus: Hiyori’s weapon form is a pair of boxing gloves that give Trash Dad a really powerful punch and also make him more agile.]

Sometimes I think of the absurdity of Kara being part of the Catco brand and writing so many intense stories that seem like they wouldn’t fit the Catco vibe, but then I remember that Teen Vogue is writing about the gaslighting of America and other hard hitting stories that don’t fit their brand and doing so while not mincing their words and suddenly Kara at Catco makes sense

  • Angelica, the only sober one: This stuff is basically rat poison. Everybody's wasted.
  • Alexander: (crying) You didn't even know one thing and he asked me the whole thing and I didn't even do it once-
  • Hercules: I'm like an elephant, okay, it's like if I walk into a room it's like okay, he's in there-
  • John: I'm not gonna tell you that that bitch over there, I don't have to tell, I mean I'm not gonna brag-
  • Peggy: (laughing hysterically) Baba booey. (more laughing)
  • Jefferson: Turn this music down! (singing unintelligibly)
  • Lafayette: (speaking rapid-fire French, mildly angry)
  • Madison: (laughing uncontrollably) (coughing fit) (takes another drink)
  • Washington: (happily dancing to rap music with a funny hat on)
aftg characters as bo burnham lyrics
  • neil: [crying] eat a dick, bitch! eat a fucking dick, bitch!
  • riko: you're fucked! (totally fucked!)
  • andrew: i saw an old man slip and fall; what a fucking idiot
  • aaron: give me a chance to show you what it's like, to be a straight white male
  • kevin: well according to my calculations, i'm sorry just let me run this again, you're a giant pussy
  • nicky: if i'm gay, hey god, strike me dead [sudden coughing and choking fit]
  • matt: i'm really fucking deep bro, so deep that it's called...."hashtag deep"
  • dan: do you fucking think i want a messy burrito? nobody wants a messy burrito
  • renee: i like soda, where's the soda? am i the only fucking person here that likes soda?
  • allison: you might think the perfect girl only exists in your mind but she's real, but she died last week
  • wymack: i want to have a daughter so that there will finally be someone around who can fit their hand into a pringles can

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What made you decide to do the no cut confessional video? Not that it was bad or anything like that, I'm just curious what made you do something different? (Also sorry if someone already asked this)

I wanted to try something different, and I felt like I had a good topic that would fit the format. Interestingly, it was not less work. The edit, obviously, was very easy, but the ‘writing’ took just as long and the filming took several hours.

I also felt like I had a made a lot of videos about the world lately, but not very many in which I talked about my own issues. I think talking about my issues is helpful because people realize that we all have them, and also I do occasionally like to remind people that I am a human. Otherwise I see a lot more vilifying or…whatever the opposite of vilifying is. Hero worship?

So I wanted to break down some of the barriers…at least for one video.

If it took Lars saving aliens he had just met (and empathized with rather quickly!), dying horribly, and coming back to life as a pink familiar that is practically needless and possibly immortal to “redeem” himself then what the fuck are characters who have done actual terrible shit going to need to do to get redeemed? Because Lars’ literal worst crimes are taking advantage of Sadie and being a jerk sometimes… and need I remind you he’s a mentally ill teenager? I mean he’s a teenager who is still in HIGH SCHOOL!!

The punishment does not fit the crime, fam, and I better see some much, much worse offenders (not listing names or anything) really have to deal with at the very least equal suffering or I’m calling pure b u l l s h i t.


“No,” said the little prince. “I am looking for friends. What does that mean—'tame’?”

“It is an act too often neglected,” said the fox. It means to establish ties.“

”‘To establish ties’?“

"Just that,” said the fox. “To me, you are still nothing more than a little boy who is just like a hundred thousand other little boys. And I have no need of you. And you, on your part, have no need of me. To you, I am nothing more than a fox like a hundred thousand other foxes. But if you tame me, then we shall need each other. To me, you will be unique in all the world. To you, I shall be unique in all the world …”



the organization + major arcana // partial remake of this

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Hi mama! I'm so happy to catch your ask box open :D! Now, let's go to the question hehehe. What do everyone think about RivaMika being honest (incluiding Levi and Mikasa)? Sorry for my bad english :')

Mikasa: So fucking happy
Reiner: Hahah wow, Mikasa, really?!
Bertholdt: that’s only slightly weird… … …
Annie: Monster and monster, how fitting…
Eren: WHAT?!?!?!?!?! LEVI HEICHOU AND MIKASA?!?!?!
Jean: Mikasa?!?! Really?
Marco: That’s good for you :)
Sasha: Mikasa? U sure?
Connie: Uhm?!?!
Historia: What the fuck Levi, that’s so fucking nasty of you!
Armin: Mikasa, please take care!
Ymir: Oh god what the hell is even going on?

Levi: Embarrassed af
Hanji: You’re so cute together~~~
Erwin: You’ll have very strong children
Nanaba: But the age gap?!
Mike: Levi knows how to get the young girls
Moblit: Please don’t

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Hi thank you for recing so many awesome fics!! Do you have maybe some fics where Derek or Stiles are already in a relationship with someone and the other is pining for them? If they are already friends that would be great. (I'm sorry if you have already answered that one but I couldn't find anything in your pining tag that fits^^')

We haven’t and thank you for bring that up, we have a rec list for you!


Ain’t That A Kick In The Head (series) by Swing Set in December

Wherein Hogwarts is a hotbed for teen romcoms where the surly hot guy is really a romantic dork who pines after the oblivious nerd who love getting into trouble. Oh and there are dragons. AND FEELINGS. And magic, but that’s really not important to the plot.

Safety in Silence by Survivah

It’s perfectly understandable. Even Derek wouldn’t want to be Derek’s soulmate.

Worth the Wait by Dexterous_Sinistrous

Stiles always had a thing for Derek, but then again, so did everyone else. Stiles just wanted to be seen as different, which was why he waited.

But maybe he waited a little too long.

Prompt: “Stiles shy nerd (SWEET KIND LOVING NURTURING OMEGA PLS!),has a HUGE crush on his bff popular Derek (MFBADASS ALPHA). He keeps on trying to shine through the hordes of Derek’s admirers. Derek sometimes catches scent of his mate but doesn’t know it’s stiles with all the ABO (kate/jen/paige/etc) around. derek tells everything to stiles bcs they’re such bff & he’s comfortable with stiles (sheriff & Talia work together to take care of BH). Stiles usually bows out everytime any ABO tries to talk to Derek bcs he’s not that hot/beautiful like others. then stiles reaches the age to get a mate, tries to confess to Derek but sees derek with somebody and thought derek gets a mate & is heartbroken (but resolves to an unrequited love). Then new OMC comes & tries to court stiles, Derek gets angry but doesn’t know why & tries to gets stiles back (new OMC keeps on getting in the way between them). things happens (Derek realizes stiles’s his mate or something or anything) & happy ending!”

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Spideypool Proposal
  • Wade Wilson: [goes down on one knee, and presents the finest of candy ring pops] Peter, will you marry me?
  • Peter Parker: Aren't rings supposed to be like 10% of your salary?
  • Wade Wilson: I stopped killing people with your help, so I am officially out of the mercenary business. In fact, I don't even have this month's rent.
  • Peter Parker: [starts tearing up] We're both so poor.
  • Wade Wilson: Are you okay?
  • Peter Parker: I'm just a little upset.
  • Wade Wilson: [stands up] Why??? Did I do something wrong? If you need more time, that's okay!!! I'm sorry for rushing things.
  • Peter Parker: No, it's just-- [gets down on one knee] You beat me to the proposal. [presents a plastic Spider-Man ring]
  • Wade Wilson: [gingerly takes ring and puts it on his pinky since that's the only finger that it barely fits] You've made me the happiest man alive, I'll keep this until it breaks! Which might not be too long because I will probably lose my hand during a fight or some shit. [pulls him into a hug]
  • Peter Parker: [smiles] Don't worry, I have more. [pulls out a whole bag]
  • And I'm sorry, but I'll probably eat yours when the ramen supply runs out.
  • Wade Wilson: You have a problem. But I got you covered, babe. [pulls out bag of ring pops] And they're all red.
  • Peter Parker: [smiles] I love you. [pulls him into a kiss]
Fan Manifesto

I respect your right to interpret media as you see fit, even if I don’t agree. 

Not everyone is here for constructive criticism, and it’s not my job to make you a better fan (based on my definition of better). If you’re here just to share and squee, that’s cool.

I am always prepared to be swayed by a good argument that uses evidence from the text to make me see something new. I reserve the right to respectfully disagree, but I will not seek to argue with or impose my opinion upon those not looking for it. I will fail at this, and I am sorry about that. I will keep trying to be better.

We are human beings and we will be overcome by our own selves from time to time. I will give anyone a clean slate anyone and start over when arguments have gone sideways, and hope others will do the same for me.

Grudges are too damn heavy, and we can all be dicks sometimes. If we can, we should let them go. (We can’t always: in that case I think we should ignore each other as gracefully as possible.)

I reserve the right to ship as I see fit and interpret as I see fit, fully accepting the fact that my view is not and can never be definitive. No matter who agrees with me.

I respect your right to ship as you see fit, even if I don’t get it. I don’t have to get it; it’s your ship. 

I respect the rights of fans to use whatever lenses they wish to interpret media, even if I do not agree. I can disagree and still enjoy the fanwork of others.

None of us can speak for all of us.

If you’re here because you love this story and these characters and you want to extend them in fannish ways, then I’m a fan of you.

I Told You So

Pairing: Bones x Reader

Word Count: 2383

Warnings: injury, swearing, minor angst 

A/N: Based on anon request: What if reader gets injured or sick in some way and Bones has to treat them but he’s mad that they’re hurt (because he hates to see them hurt) and he’s kind of rude about it? And reader is anxious and doesn’t like doctors/being yelled at and he goes to apologize after but reader isn’t ready to accept and says they need some time to think about it?? Surprisingly not as angsty as I originally intended, but I hope you still enjoy it!!

“Told you so,” Bones gloated, running a dermal regenerator over the burns of your hand.

“I wouldn't’ve gotten hurt if Keenser could’ve held his sneeze two more goddamn minutes,” you grumbled. “‘It’s the last time you’ll see me for a week. Promise.”

Bones snorted. “You’ll be back in two days tops.”

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  • The baby mew’s cries rang far and loud, heard by many strange Pokemom of the forest. They all seem friendly, but Leaf has never seen most Pokemon like this before!

Thank you so much to all the sudden asks I received! I barely just started and my ask box had to be temporarily closed while I finished this! I tried to fit everyone into the shot (I couldn’t fit all those asks though) and if you see yourself missing, it’s because you’ll be addressed later in a separate post!

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