you do

Trust me when I say do not get your hopes up on him. Because the minute that you do, you’d just be destroyed by it in the end, when you realize that nothing about him was worth being hopeful for.
—  P.G.G


it’s ok to give yourself a break when you feel like a failure and not be so hard on yourself for everything you think you should be but aren’t.

Perfection doesn’t exist. You do.

And you are amazing.


I’m going to seriously slap someone

In my friend’s words, “It’s like saying that male peacocks are too pretty.”

Also, apparently TheKingNappy’s words were taken out of context, according to quite a few rebloggers/commenters

I love how Peter went from calling Twelveclara “platonic” and being against it to calling it “a sort of truly romantic relationship” like even he couldn’t resist the urge to ship it.