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how can people cry “FETISHIZATION!!!!” immediately at the fetishization of non-Asian POC but are completely fine with sexualizing k-pop stars all they want, have entire blogs dedicated to shipping them in real life, borderline stalk them into their personal lives, and treat them as if they were gods just because they’re asian as if that doesn’t count as fetishization, too? 

do you not think Asians count as a race that can be fetishized? or is it because “i’M POC TOO!!!!!!!!” as if your experience with oppression means that you can contribute to the oppression of another group? that you’d target another race with the same thing you despise people doing to yourself? or is it because you’ve called yourself a weeaboo/koreaboo so much that it’s lost the original meaning behind the word where it was meant to be a label on people who fetishize asians? that you’ve been contributing to the fetishization of Asians for so long you don’t realize that what you’re doing is fetishization?

just admit you don’t care about the fetishization of Asian people if you pull this sort of thing, at least you can say that you’re honest about it and let people know they should avoid you.

if light yagami wasn’t a fucking dipshit he would have compiled a list of people to kill and then set literally all of them to die at the same instant at a scheduled time each month

then the people he killed for personal reasons would be far less obvious because they’re dying off-schedule, AND he couldn’t have been pinned by when tv performances were airing

I hate him so much


Commission wip of Unknown and Seven as race car drivers~

Let’s talk about Yang and Sun as characters

So, I ain’t touching that shipping discourse with a ten foot pole because it is pointless and dramatic and y’all need to calm your tits, but I do think we need to discuss the differences between Yang and Sun as characters and how they relate to Blake, because I feel like there is some fundamental misunderstandings here that are vastly contributing to the problem.

First and foremost, neither Sun nor Yang should ever be labeled as abusive because they are not. Adam Taurus is abusive. Adam drove Blake to some very dark and scary places in her life because of his abusive behavior. He was obsessed with her in and unhealthy and possessive way and did not care about her well-being. Yang and Sun are both good people who would never hurt Blake on purpose and even when they do incorrect things in regards to how they treat her it always come from a place of concern for her.

Secondly, one of the big arguments I’m hearing lately in regards to the way they each interact with Blake is that if the characters positions were reversed then people would be having the opposite reactions. Like people saying that if Yang had followed Blake everyone would be praising it as romantic and if Sun had been the one to convince Blake to come out to the dance everyone would be calling him pushy or bad. Except here’s the thing that’s wrong with that line of discussion. It operates under the idea that Yang and Sun are the same kind of character personality wise. And they are not. At all.

See, Sun’s character is the kind of person that people think Yang’s character is, and Yang’s character is something else all together.

Sun is loud and friendly and a little clueless. He takes an interest in people and genuinely cares about them, but he looks at everything through his own world view without necessarily taking other people’s feelings into consideration and as a result he can come off as sort of obnoxious. He’s a big stupid sweetheart. Does he want to help? Absolutely. Does he know how best to do that? Absolutely not. This is what makes him a good foil for Blake, in that he absolutely doesn’t get her at all and it results in hilarious misunderstandings that are totally harmless but still drive her a little crazy. Certain people are taking that cluelessness as malicious in some way, and that’s how we’re getting this weird misconception that he is “abusive.” People think he is willfully ignoring Blake’s wishes, when what is actually happening here is that he legitimately doesn’t get it. He doesn’t get that Blake might want to go on this personal mission home by herself because his life’s motto is that “You should always get friends involved.” He just sees his friend putting herself in a sad and scary situation alone and wants to support her. He doesn’t understand why she might not want his support because it clashes so much with his personal world-view. He always has Blake’s best interest at heart, but sometimes he goes about helping her in a way that just kind of irritates her.

Yang is a whole other story. Yang is loud and friendly too, but the key difference here is that she is keenly aware of other people’s feelings and behaves accordingly. She recognizes that Blake has limits when it comes to personal interactions and the like, and so she handles her more gently than she might with someone else. She still pushes her outside her comfort zone with things like bear hugs because she’s trying to help her grow, but she does it in little ways rather than pushing her all out at once because she sees that wouldn’t help. She wants to help Blake, but she wants to do it at Blake’s preferred pace. Which is good, and it allows the two of them to grow close gradually. But it’s also means that she can be a bit too cautious sometimes. Yang’s careful observation of other’s behavior does come from her desire to help people, but it also comes from her own fear of rejection. She waits and observes and reacts accordingly because she’s scared that if she pushes too hard people will leave her. Blake recognizes and appreciates that Yang gives her space and let’s her handle things at her own pace, but she doesn’t realize the other reason why she does it. She doesn’t realize that by running away she is hurting Yang, because she’s so wrapped up in her own fears that she can’t recognize Yang’s. And Yang does the same, viewing Blake’s running as a form of rejection due to her own issues, rather than recognizing it as part of Blake’s issues.They are both caring, considerate people who have deeply rooted emotional issues that they need to work through, and that’s why they play off of each other so well. They respect each other’s problems, but are so wrapped up in their own problems that they can’t always help each other.

So now, with all this in mind, let’s go back to the original hypotheticals I addressed there. We’ll go chronologically and start with the Burning the Candle scenes.

The idea here is that if Sun had tried to convince Blake to come out to the dance in the way Yang had, people would view his actions as pushy and inappropriate, instead of sweet and heartfelt as they were with Yang. The problem with that idea is that Sun wouldn’t have tried to help her the way Yang did. He didn’t understand why Blake was upset and thus he couldn’t have talked her through her issues the way Yang did. And if he somehow did understand, he wouldn’t have dealt with it the same way. He wouldn’t have shared a personal experience and tried to use that to help her understand how she was hurting herself. He would have told her that there was no point in worrying about stuff she can’t change and just joked around with her in an attempt to make her feel better. And as a result, it likely wouldn’t have worked.

Then there’s this idea that if Yang had followed Blake onto the boat against her wishes people would think it was sweet and romantic, instead of clueless and mildly irritating as it was with Sun. But again, the problem with this idea is that Yang wouldn’t do that. If Yang had seen Blake leave and had the opportunity to follow her, she wouldn’t have. And it wouldn’t be because she respects Blake’s choice, or because she wanted to give her space to deal with her own issues. She wouldn’t have followed because she would have viewed it as a rejection. Why is Blake leaving? Did I do something wrong? Why would she leave me without saying anything? I must have messed up, because why else would she be running? She wouldn’t have realized that Blake was running because she was scared, because she would have internalized the abandonment immediately and viewed herself as not good enough to be around Blake anymore.

Bottom line: The idea that the fandom would react differently if the roles were reversed is a fallacy, because the roles between Yang and Sun can’t be reversed in any situation. They are fundamentally different characters, and the idea that they would do the same things in the same situations is just nonsense. They serve different purposes in Blake’s life, different purposes in the story. You can’t just flip the script without changing the entire story.

It seems like half the issues from the two sides of this fandom hate seem to stem from the idea that these two characters are interchangeable in some way and that the only difference between them is their gender, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. They are completely different people who serve completely different roles in Blake’s story. They are both there to help her grow, but in different ways. To think any differently is honestly disrespectful to all three of them and to the work that has been put into them as characters.

Stop treating Sun like a bad character, stop treating Yang like a bad character, and (to quote a completely different fairy tale) stop treating Blake like she’s a prize to be won in all of this.

HERE COMES A THOUGHT: Steven healing Jasper’s corruption by entering her mind through his dreams, and the whole thing is a giant homage to the ending of Revolutionary Girl Utena.

Jasper is Anthy, and just as Anthy is trapped by swords of hatred, Jasper is trapped by the green spikes of corruption that plagues her mind.

But the Anthy trapped by those swords is not the “true” Anthy, and the Jasper plagued by corruption is not the “true” Jasper, merely the monster she’s resigned to be. The “true” Jasper is pure and uncorrupted, possibly still wearing her Pink Diamond uniform, and Steven finds her trapped somewhere deep within Jasper’s mind. Maybe she’s hiding in her own hole from the Beta Kindergarten, sealed shut by the metal spikes that she used to contain the other corrupted Gems. That’s how she sees herself now–as nothing more than a corrupted monster.

Steven struggles to free the Jasper trapped inside her hole, just like Utena struggled to free the “true” Anthy trapped inside her coffin…

But he just can’t do it on his own. Jasper has to want to be saved.

“Jasper, please! Please, take my hand!”

I can really imagine Steven with this exact face, because he desperately wants to save Jasper and make everything right. He doesn’t even care that she was his enemy, he doesn’t care if she hates him or if she will always him, all he cares about his helping someone in pain. So he reaches for her…

Does she reach back…?

I just want 2 say, my mental illness causes me to attach a large part of my identity to certain things such as bands, movies, books, television shows, ect. and when people shit on that thing it feels like a personal attack on me and the spiral of self loathing begins.

So please do not shit on peoples likes and dislikes. You have no idea why or how someone likes this thing. It could be a coping mechanism. Do not shit on people’s coping mechanisms. 

Hey, do u mind tagging your type and talking about at what point does a ‘discussion’ cross the line and become an argument? Like, what does the other person have to do in order for you to start feeling defensive?

For me, I could be very strongly disagreeing with someone, but I tend to not see it as an argument until they start laughing at me

I’m seeing a lot of hate against Trevor and one main point from these people is that Trevor pressured Ian into having sex that he wasn’t comfortable with having.


If Ian didn’t want to have sex, he wouldn’t have had it. Trevor was simply trying to find a way to be physical with Ian and they found a way to do that mutually.

If you don’t like Trevor, that’s fine. Nobody is making you like him. But don’t make him out to be an abusive partner.

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Why I Believe That Jace and Gideon Would Start The Gatewatch Civil War

So not too long ago some people on Tumblr started talking about a potential Civil War story line for the Gatewatch, and I mentioned that I thought it was Jace and Gideon who would be the two to perpetuate said hypothetical storyline due to some foreshadowing that occurred when the Gatewatch was founded back in Oath of The Gatewatch. That foreshadowing first occurs in the story “Brink of Extinction” where Jace realizes he needs to keep something in mind about Gideon. 

“You gave your word?” said Gideon. Breaking a promise didn’t seem to sit well with him, a fact Jace would have to keep in mind.

Now I know it’s subtle, but when I first read this story this line stood out to me, because it seemed to be hinting at something, at least to me. Then later on in “Zendikar Resurgent” other things from Jace’s point of view stood out to me.

“Jace ought to be able to replicate the effect with telepathy, to work from people’s thoughts the right thing to say or do to give them solace and comfort. To make people trust him. But Gideon wasn’t a telepath, and everyone knew that. Gideon just knew what to say/ Maybe that was why it worked. Maybe Jace should leave charisma to the charismatic and focus on arming Gideon with the best possible information to make those honest, forthright decisions of his. Jace felt a pang of guilt, already making plans to win Gideon over in some imaginary future argument to bring others around. But then, that’s what Jace was always doing. Making plans.”

Now this is where I really saw the potential for a break within the Gatewatch, new as it may have been at this time. Jace may always be making plans, but it seemed plausible and likely that something would cause this scenario to happen, and Jace was already thinking of ways to convince, or manipulate Gideon to win him over.

Later on in the same story this appears, also foreshadowing a potential conflict within the group:

‘“Those oaths we took,” said Gideon. “They’re not all alike, because we’re not all alike.” That fact hadn’t escaped Jace. It was a way for one oath to bind four very different people-until “Justice and peace” and “the sake of the multiverse” didn’t line up. But they could deal with that when it came.”

Also throughout the Kaladesh storyline there have been references to Jace and Gideon overstepping each other on the leadership of the Gatewatch, as mentioned by Dovin Baan, and it shows weakness within the group. Either way, unintentionally, Gideon and Jace both think they are the one in charge of the Gatewatch.

Again. this is all speculation, and the weaknesses within the group could be just because they are still so new and working out how to be more unified and organized or as I’ve shown, it could be foreshadowing a potential inner conflict between these very different Planeswalkers, a conflict that could have disastrous effects on their relationships with one other…or even impact different worlds within the Multiverse. 

haikyuu… isn’t queerbaiting…. it’s not even fetishistic of mlm relationships… it’s literally just volleyball. yea, they don’t have any canon gay characters, but they’re not baiting us either. haikyuu is a sports manga that’s purely sports, and they generally don’t focus on relationships or sexuality. it’s not like fucking free, which simply appealed to women that get off on gay relationships. i don’t really understand how people are comparing the two at all. (you could argue that they’re queerbaiting us with yachi ?? i guess? she seems gay)

believe me, it’d be great if we had some lgbt representation is hq, and i know the fandom is primarily focused on ships, but i don’t really think that the anime/manga is queerbaiting