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I wore matching socks for you.”

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I THink its supposed to make u feel good bc that was my inner feelings like i would never say that off anon lmao. what im tryna say is that im jealous that you can do such masterpieces at such a young age.. hH

i dont think so


BAEKHYUN 백현 - 바래다줄게 (Take You Home)

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I followed you for the dragon age. I'm unfollowing you for all the anti-white stuff. Have a nice day.


sure whatever bye bitch

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(I'm a trans woman) I just find it to be such a joke when people compare "exclusionists" to TERFs. I've never seen a trans woman that was an inclusionist... ever. I've literally seen a trans woman that was a TERF but I've never seen a trans woman that was an inclusionist, or truscum, while I'm at it. Why do they, like, hate lesbian trans girls and use us as tokens? It's demeaning.

actually one of the prominent inclusionist figures is a trans woman (carmen aka courteousmingler), though she’s a manipulative pedo apologist and an all around awful person

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Hi :) I would like to request a bellamy image: Bellamy & the reader are rly close & then reader takes all her courage & kisses bellamy & confesses her feelings for him but he is rly rude & rejects her (although he feels the same). she runs off but later bell finds out that she isnt back & it is late in the evening so he goes to search for her & blames himself. He finds her & she is crying & he apologzies & tells her that he just wanted to protect her bc he thinks he doesnt deserve her. Thanks!❤

Fandom: The 100

Pairing: Bellamy/you

Warning: Fluff

Words: 1 596

Thank you so much for the request! It was long and I’m really sorry for this, but I hope you’ll like it!

You knew that its wasnt right. You were good friends, wonderful leaders who helped the hungred to survive, excellent partners that covered each others back. Probably, you would be for each other like a brother and sister, If not for one detail. You loved this damn guy. You loved Bellamy Blake.

It happened quite unexpectedly. 

Landing on Earth, you didnt notice him. Well, to be more precise, you just didnt pay attention to him. Of course, it was impossible not to notice him, he was trying too much to be a leader. Surprisingly, he managed to do it. Just a couple of hours later he had a team, thanks to which he became the comander in your camp. Of course, you didnt like it. No, you didnt want to take his place, but the fact that he could so easily seize power didnt give you rest.

You wasnt a conflict or an aggressive person, but this guy managed to constantly make you mad! Take at least his idea: take off the bracelet and get food. You did not know any more stupid idea, so you refused to pay for food and took your dinner for free. Probably, thanks to this bold and stupid act you became the second leader. In the eyes of the guys, you were fearless, although you were frightened at the moment to hell. It isnt known how Bellamy could take revenge on you. But he didnt. Maybe he was afraid to lose his reputation by pacifying you. or maybe he just pitied you. 

Anyway, after this incident, there were two leaders in the camp who hated each other.

At first, every evening you complained to your new friend about how hard it was for you to spend at least 5 minutes with Bellamy. You insulted him, cursed him and dreamed that he would disappear. You were sure it was mutual.But slowly all your hatred went away, and in its place came some respect and even regret. You recognized Bellamy better, understood the meaning of his actions. It was the same with him. The angry and sarcastic guy began to show more attentiveness to you. He began to listen to you. And for you it meant a lot. Together you made a team of unfamiliar teenagers, almost a family. 

You were close, but for you too much.

Once waking up and meeting with Bellamy, you realized that something was wrong. At first you decided that it was his fault. He seemed to look different, spoke differently. He was different. But time passed, and no one except you noticed this. And then it dawned on you. You were in love with your friend.

You were not as brave as everyone thought you were. You couldnt just go to the guy and tell him about your feelings. At least it was on the ark. But everything must change, doesnt it? Perhaps, on Earth, you could begin a new life. Without fears.

With these thoughts, you woke up in the morning. You had to tell him. You were nervous all morning. A couple of people seeing you changed their directions, and some looked strange. But you didnt care. You were determined to tell him. It was amazing, but fate didnt want you to talk to him. The whole day someone was with him or he was in a hurry somewhere, which made it difficult for you to be alone. But in the evening you saw him Not hoping to talk to him, you went into the tent, where all the surviving equipment was stored and faced Bellamy. 

“Hey, Y/n! I didnt see you today. How are you?” and, seeing your alarmed expression asked. “Are you okay? Whats wrong?”

You werent ready to meet. You forgot the prepared replicas that you’d been repeating all day. Everything flew from the head, and his eyes hypnotized. Without realizing it, you did the first thing that came to your mind. 

Yes. You kissed him. 

Carefully standing on your toes, you approached his face and touched his lips with yours. From fear, you closed your eyes, afraid to move. Surprisingly Bellamy didnt move too. You waited his reaction, but there was nothing. He just stood like a tree: he didnt push you away, but he didnt kiss you either. Frowning, you carefully moved away from the guy and looked into his eyes.

“Surprise …” you said softly, trying to smile. “Judging from your face, you didnt expect this, but I just couldnt sit and be silent. I decided to become as brave as you think I am. I just wanted to say that I think, I love you. Probably I shouldnt kiss you, but I forgot all the words, when I saw you and … ”

Bellamy didnt let you finish your speech, roughly interrupted you.

“Y/n, listen. Your feelings arent mutual. I dont love you. Remember this, okay? Find somebody else for your own good.”  After this words he went outside, leaving you alone. You felt yourself like somebody hit you in the stomach. You didn’t have air to breathe and you didn’t want to do it. The only thing you could do was crying. So you did it. You went outside and then very quickly went to the forest. Some people said your name, but you didn’t hear them. You just run as far as you could. Your legs didn’t obey, and tears flowed from the eyes, so you didn’t see anything.

Eventually you fell down on the nearest stone. The forces left you and you leaned against the tree, just put your head on your hands and continued crying.


Bellamy felt himself terrible. He knew he was cruel, pushing you away, but he couldnt do otherwise. Of course, he liked you. He understood this even earlier than you. He just realized that without you he wouldnt live. Your smile, your eyes made him rejoice with you, protect you and try to make you happy, even if it means that you will be just friends. Bellamy thought from the beginning that he didnt deserve you. He thought you were too good for him. You were his complete opposite. You’ve never been selfish, always thought of others, never thought of yourself. That’s why he did it for you.

It was getting dark. Bellamy once again went around places where you could be. He wanted to apologize for being rude, told that you can be friends, but he couldnt find you anywhere. It was already quite dark outside, the stars appeared in the sky, the guys lit a fire. Bellamy hoped to find you by the fire, sitting in a circle of friends, but coming up didnt find you.

“Where is Y/n?” He asked Octavia, talking to Finn.

“I dont know, the last time I saw her was during the breakfast, she was kind of nervous, do you know why?”

“I … uh … no, I dont know.” the guy stuttered.

“I saw Y/n,” said Jasper, that just came to fire with a cup of something strange. “She went into the forest a couple of hours ago. I wanted to stop her, but she didnt even turn around when I called her in. I was sure she came back.”

“Damn” swore Bellamy.

 So, you had not return. Bellamy knew, if something happened to you, he couldnt forgive himself, he couldnt live with it. Leaping up, Bellamy checked his gun, which he always wore at his waist, and without telling a word to anyone, went out of the territory. He didnt know where you went, but he didnt care. He had to find you. He had to find you alive.


You looked around. The sun had set and the moon had appeared in the sky. Realizing that it’s time to return to the camp, you already wanted to get up and go back, when suddenly realized that you do not know where to go. After talking with Bellamy, you were so upset that you ran without looking at your feet and not remembering the route. And now you stood in the middle of a thick forest and didnt know where the house was. Now you were really scared. What if you wouldnt find your way back? What if the enemies would find you? You did not even take any weapons with you. Shivering, you started walking, not even knowing if it was the right way, when suddenly you heard someone’s steps. In a panic, you were ready to run away, but then you saw behind the trees a familiar figure approaching you. The guy also saw you and stopped. For a few seconds you just looked into each other’s eyes, after which Bellamy literally ran up to you and did not let you say anything. He just tightly hugged you.

You couldnt believe that he really came for you. Carefully moving away, you looked Bellamy in the eye and said softly:

“I … I do not understand, You dont need me. Why did you come for me? ”

Bellamy didnt answer. Instead, he cautiously approached you and gently ruffled his lips with your own. It lasted only a couple of seconds, after which he cautiously pulled away from you.

“I was such an idiot.” he said. “I thought that if I pushed you away, I could protect you. Y/n, I love you. Forgive me if you can, please.”

Not believing that this is really happening, you just hugged the guy even harder, pressing your head to his chest.

“You’re such an idiot.” you said. “But I love you so much.”

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Ok, so I’ve had this theory for a while now and it’s probably about time that I say it somewhere. So here we go (there’s probably much better ways of doing this than a long text post)

Why don’t the akumatized victims just leave their akumatized items somewhere hidden?

I mean, it would make ladybug and chat noir’s job of finding it and destroying it a lot harder, thus giving hawkmoth a higher chance of getting their miraculouses. Well, here’s two reasons why that I thought of:

1. Hawkmoth hasn’t thought about it or doesn’t know if they can do that

2. Hawkmoth does know they can do it but doesn’t want them to

The first one is self-explanatory so I’ll just go through my thoughts of the second one under the keep reading bar.

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My Gentle Giant: A Poem for Leo the Giant

Leo, My Love

A gentle giant is he,

Beautiful and graceful as anyone can be.

With dance moves ever so swift,

your heart, he most definitely will lift.

A quiet and shy being,

as pure as a Dove,

he’s like the Big Brother you can’t help but love,

He’s the hero we don’t deserve,

one, who Justice, he’s always willing to serve.

And just hand over all your cash, cause I bet you’ll fall for him in a Flash.  

Leo, My King,

With curls ever flowing,

Like a beautiful black mane he’s proud to be showing. 

He’s a humble little Gem,

doesn’t think he has a voice,

but once you hear him you’ll have no choice, 

but to rejoice. 

My giant, so sweet, just wanna give him some sugar,

but we all know that won’t compare to him getting a tasty burger. 

Last thing I want to say, 

is that at the end of the day,

He is the favorite part of my play. 

Leo, My Love, a gentle giant is he, all I want is for him to just be. 

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A fan gave Hoseok a Sex Pistols Bearbrick, and he obviously just read the word “sex” and couldn’t stop saying “WOW WOW WOW!” I LOVE HIM.

Priority: M a r s
Marvel Maniac

Imagine meeting Sebastian Stan on a night out and hiding your inner fangirl from him until he catches you in an amusingly compromising position

What is a fangirl? You. You were most definitely a fangirl especially for Marvel. You weren’t ashamed but it wasn’t exactly something you shouted from the rooftops, all of your closest friends knew a few work colleagues but that was it.

You had a good collection of fan art, T-shirts with shields and fake metal arms, mugs cups underwear action figures even a cute little cap shield tattoo on your right hip. All in all a pretty good collection of memorabilia. You’d watched all the movies and tv series and fangirled over casting choices more times than you could count. You’d never had the chance to go comic con as much as you’d tried but it just never happened although you’d watched all the panels on YouTube. You would have given your left arm for a chance to meet anyone from Marvel at this point you didn’t even care who it was. Okay maybe thats a lie you knew exactly who you’d meet if you could Sebastian Stan or Chris Evans either was good both was preferable.

So when you were out for a girls night in New York with your friends you didn’t expect to act quite as calm as you did when you found yourself immersed in conversation with none other than Mr Stan himself. It could have been the 6 cocktails that kept your demeanor as cool as it was, it could have been the fact that you didn’t want to ruin whatever was happening and if you freaked out on the outside like you absolutely were on the inside you would for sure terrify the poor man and send him running for the hills so you were calm, calm enough to cause concern amongst your friends who couldn’t understand why you hadn’t had a total mental marvel outburst.

And there you were a good 45 minutes into hanging out with Sebastian Stan and his friends still internally freaking out still externally lying to his fucking face.

“ so what do you do then (Y/N)? ” he asked

what you mean besides stalk your instagram and ogle pictures of you on google? No don’t say that (Y/N)

“ My family owns a toystore so I help them run it ”

“ you help them run it or you just play with the toys all day long? ” he asked giving you a sarcastically quizzical look

“ hey someone has to make sure they’re working properly. Good job i don’t mind getting my hands dirty ” you bit back a smile as you replied

“ do you sell comic book toys ” he quizzed

“ we do, although i can’t say i’ve ever played with Captain America or the Winter Soldier ” You lied

He almost choked on his drink “ now i know you’re a fan and hey the nights still young ” he winked smirking at you

“ wow ” you laughed

The rest of the night went on like that easy conversation and laughter. He asked you for your number as you were leaving and it was your turn to choke on your drink. It was so surreal the whole night you’d stayed cool, well until you got outside the club and finally set your inner fangirl free. Jumping up and down round and round screaming and laughing maniacally. Your friends watched as you danced around doubled over with laughter nodding at you when you asked if it was real, did that just happen, did you really just spend 3 hours talking and dancing with Sebastian freaking Stan. Did you in real life just swap numbers with him.

“oh my god (Y/F/N) please tell me i did not just make that up, that happened right like that really just fucking happened?”

“yes (Y/N), yes it just happened. Quick question though whatcha gonna do when he finds out how much of a marvel freak you really are?” she questioned

“SHIT!! I have no idea” frantically trying to figure out how this was gonna go down “its fine girls i kept that calm in there maybe i dont have to show him” yup you didnt believe yourself either. Oh well you’d just have to work really hard to play it cool he didn’t need to know you went to bed wearing pyjamas with his face on them besides you probably would never see him again right?


It had been 3 weeks since you met him and you’d gone on a total of 5 dates it was going well, really well actually you’d admitted you were a fan, downplayed it ofcourse sure you told him you’d seen a few of his movies but only once. You conveniently didn’t reveal that you may aswell have known all the words to every Cap film and had seen them WAY over 50 times you also still hadn’t admitted to the pyjamas or the fact that you drank your coffee from a mug shaped like Captain Americas head. See it was going well. For now!

It was the day of what was going to be your 6th date and you weren’t feeling too good so you’d agreed to rearrange when you were feeling better. You’d settled on the sofa wearing your avengers onesie, Caps head full of hot cocoa and Civil War on T.V. Perfect. Your roomates had decided to abandon you and go out drinking half way through the movie not being able to stand to watch it AGAIN. It was coming up to your favourite scene the one where Cap finds Bucky in Bucharest and you sat crossed legged goofy grin whispering the lines when you were startled by someone clearly trying and failing to hold back laughter. You jumped up out of your blankie revealing your very unflattering onesie

“OH MY GOD Sebastian, you scared the shit out of me what are you doing here, how did you even get in??” you quizzed

“did i just catch you reciting lines from one of my scenes (Y/N)?” he quizzed obviously amused “ and are you wearing Avengers pjs?”

“ n-no , i wasn’t i don’t know what you saw but this is the f-first time i’ve seen t-this movie” it was bad, he caught you thats it he knows you’re crazy “ I I mean well maybe not the first time but”

“ Is that Evans’ head?” he was laughing now, not just giggling laughing full on losing breath belly laughing “ i thought you said you’d only seen a few of my movies? you said you weren’t really a fan of the MCU”

“ Is there any point in me even trying to hide my crazy now? ” you asked feigning exasperation

He shook his head gaining composure. Once he’d stopped laughing at you that was   “oh sweety no, your crazy is definitely showing. ”

You let out a sigh before slumping back down on the sofa and fiddling with the buttons of your onesie “ I’m not totally insane i just kinda like Marvel”

“Kinda?” he asked raising his eyebrow at you

“not kinda, i really like it okay, happy?”

“i think its kinda cute that you tried to hide it from me, although i don’t understand why” he said more sincere now

“Seriously? If i’d have told you about my Winter Soldier underwear collection the night we met you would definitely not have asked for my number”

“ No you’re right, I’d have asked you to show me the collection instead ” he chuckled taking a seat next to on the sofa and grabbing the remote rewinding the movie and stealing a sip of your cocoa

“ what are you doing?”

“well when you said you were sick I came over to take care of you, your friends let me in on their way if watching my own movie and drinking from a cup with my friends face on it helps make you feel better then I guess I’m gonna do just that” he smiled at you before placing a soft kiss to your forehead and snuggling you against his chest

“oh” was all you could reply with the biggest smile on your face as you settled against him to finish the movie.

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The anon's phrasing wasn't great, but as a lesbian I don't see anything wrong with calling out yaoi fangirls of any sexuality. Everyone, chill. Except you guys, because fetishization is a serious issue. Peace!

thanks. i actually did take a few re-reads of the ask after the original reblog to see if i said anything misogynistic without noticing but like yeah the ask is framed with blame around wlw which is not Good but i understand the sentiment which is what i really meant to agree with

I wanted to draw Lotor and went a bit overboard maybe but at least I didn’t spend 3 hours on it this time

tfw u and ur cute bf let down ur hair and get comfy and snuggle 👍

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Some parts of stigma ARE VERY GAY and other parts I dont see so I'm clakshdid conflicted

well i hashtag cant relate my pal every inch of that shit is gay imo