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I’m so sensitive about Kara Danvers, as soon as I see someone saying something bad about her I’m like


It’s been awhile, but I’m back and with a new AU idea!! You’ve heard of Devimega and you’ve heard of Blind Kara, now get ready for. … blind devimega AU. I know it sounds pretty lazy, but i’m a slow drawer so I’ve had a lot of time to think about it, hear me out.

In this world, angels are only as strong as the people that put their faith in them. And you know, Kara being the painful dumbo he is has very few people that would care to do that. After being ignored for so long, not only do his powers begin to fade, but his heath deteriorates as well- to the point where he loses his eyesight and falls from heaven. Without his sight to guide him back home, he’ll have to depend on.. someone.. *HEAVY THROAT CLEARING* to shelter him and bring him back to health.

Tell me what you think! eUe I’m really excited about this idea, so if enough people like it, I’ll do some more art of it and continue developing the story!

This is the dinner feedback I get

Mr. Interrupted: “I really didn’t think the maple syrup and the tabasco and everything would really taste good together, but it was delicious. It works. Doesn’t matter anyway because you never repeat. You probably won’t make this again for years.”

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second semester senior year

my anthro teacher said this time would be weird and liminal and he wants us to think about whether the angst we’re feeling right now is necessary to our formation as people. i don’t know how to feel! i’ve gotten into 4 out of the 5 colleges i’ve heard from and waitlisted at one. it’s weird to know so much and so little about the future? it’s weird to look at my younger friends and see how their lives are still shifting around and their selves are falling into place. because i feel static and both like Everything is ahead of me and like Everything is coming to an end. i don’t feel like i’m growing anymore, just wrapping up all the loose ends of high school. i feel old for the first time in my life and i don’t really like it


from my au in which victorian era!allen meets ancient china!lenalee 

i already wrote some ideas on it on my twitter but i’ve been thinking abt it during the summer, so if you wanna know more abt it, click the read more!

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i don't mean to sound rude but why do you like nick grimshaw?

here, here, here, here, and here

but mostly, i like him bcuz i’m an adult and i can like whatever i want ya know!! and like, it’s cool if ya’ll don’t like him but i’d like to think people are more than the sum of their mistakes based on a several year old YFIP post ppl reblog every time nick mentions harry. so please, if you (this is a general ‘you’, not specifically @ you anon) don’t like him either unfollow or leave…me alone….about it. please and thank you!!

this cage is safe
and warm

but it is built of lies
and doubt

nonexistent things
seen with hopeful eyes

you have the only keys
release me

—  before i crumble | d.l.

I want to be a better person to you, who’s cursed me with happiness

❤️1 Year of #sherlollytextchats❤️
  • *Bart's lab*
  • Molly: *teasing* Oh, Sherlock?
  • Sherlock: *working at the microscope*
  • Molly: *moving closer; wrapping her arms around him* Sherrrrlock?
  • Sherlock: I can't hear you, Molly.
  • Molly: *rolls her eyes; whispers* Mr. Holmes? *kissing his cheek*
  • Sherlock: *smiles* Yes, Doctor Hooper?
  • Molly: I was wondering if you were free on Saturday...maybe we could have that long overdue dinner.
  • Sherlock: *leans against her* Can't. I’m already having dinner with about sixty other people. Very formal, I don't think you'd be interested.
  • Molly: *nuzzles his ear* Oh, really?
  • Sherlock: *nods* I'm afraid so.
  • Molly: *smirks* Maybe we could have lunch, then?
  • Sherlock: *shakes his head* Oh, my dear, your timing couldn't be worse. You see, I am getting married Saturday lunchtime *turns to kiss her*
  • Molly: *giggles* Are you really?
  • Sherlock: Yes. You're welcome to join me, if you like. But you'll need a beautiful wedding dress.
  • Molly: *ruffles his hair* Oh, the dress codes of these posh places, eh?
  • Sherlock: *smiles* Indeed.
  • Molly: I'll be there.
  • Sherlock: *smirks; leaning closer* Now, about the wedding night...

CS AU (Merlin Crossover): In which Sir Gwaine and Princess Emma do attend Misthaven’s lastest ball together, her bodyguard does get jealous enough to do something about his poorly hidden feelings for her, and Merlin should know better than to bet against Gwaine.

–Now if you really want to get his goat, Milady, you could lean in for a little–
–Nice try, Gwaine.
–Can’t blame a man for trying, Princess.

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in Neverland

part 55

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do you honestly think you have any worth at all? I doubt you even really write Drowning you stupid bitch. ngl, the other hive minds are wasting their time being friends with someone who's so stupid.

Look anon, I’m not exactly sure why you’re sending this to me- I promise you I write drowning with Jam, we just decided to put it up on her account- and I try to be nice to people, and be quite happy on the internet- honest, so if you’re going to say that I’m a ‘bitch’ and shit like that- then kindly, just ignore me, just block me, it’s so much kinder than sending me pointless hate and I’d really appreciate if you wouldn’t send anything else; I don’t really want to put much negativity on my blog, it’s supposed to be a happy little place for my followers :) also anon, maybe chill? if you really think I’m so horrible then just… get off my blog?

Do you ever really miss your old special interests and wish you could obsess over them again but the passion is just… gone? 

And you go back and look at all the hard work you did into collecting information for that special interest, and analyzing it, and basing your creative endeavors on it, and you’re proud of all the effort you put into it but you can’t bring yourself to continue?

It’s so weird having vast stores of knowledge in my head about something I don’t really care about. And worse, I FORGET that I don’t care about it anymore, like I hear other people say they like it and I get all excited before I’m like “Wait… I have nothing to say about this thing right now, I probably shouldn’t tell them ‘I LOVE THAT THING’ when what I mean is ‘I USED to love that thing’, people used to do that to me and I hated it.” 

It’s a really frustrating feeling. If only I could choose what my mind chooses to hyperfocus on.

Sometimes I remember that other people think of me as like a functional person who has her shit together and hoooooo boy