you didn't miss the boat

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"We do think quite a bit about how to make the blocks play nicely together." You kind of missed the boat on that with the eldrazi didn't you?

I seem to remember people playing Eldrazi themed cards from the first block with Eldrazi themed cards from the second block. Where was that again? Oh yes, Modern! : )

Things that should have happened in the Penny Dreadful finale #48
  • Mina: So, my Master ordered me to lure you in so that I could capture you for him!
  • Vanessa: Wait, wait,'ve been working for HIM the whole time, and you purposefully sent me misleading messages in order to entrap me?
  • Mina: Yes.
  • Malcolm: And you deliberately let us capture Fenton so he could invite the current head vampire into the house, so he could try to get at her?
  • Mina: Yes.
  • Vanessa: All leading to this one night where you could finally spring your trap and claim me for the monster you now serve?
  • Vanessa: Well, that's just down right lazy.
  • Mina: Excuse me?
  • Ethan: I mean, if you were luring her in all the time, why didn't you just nab her that first night in the opium den when she wandered off by herself?
  • Malcolm: Or during that night at the zoo? You didn't need to let us bring Fenton into the house, she was RIGHT THERE; you could have grabbed her!
  • Vanessa: The same goes for any of the nights when I went to the theater or for dinner and sex with Dorian.
  • Sembene: We'll excuse the boat incident, since you didn't anticipate Miss Ives not accompanying us, but come on; there have been SO many opportunities for you to abduct her and you never took them!
  • Victor: She spent about a month up in the attic possessed and in a severely weakened mental state; you couldn't have used your abilities to convince her to invite you in and then kidnap her?
  • Vanessa: Seriously, you could have just used your connection with me to visit me in my dreams, manipulate me into running out of the house at night thinking you were outside, and get me THAT way.
  • Vanessa: You know, it's not a good sign when we're making up better evil plans than yours.
  • Mina: Honestly, most of you are so morally dubious you're practically over to my side anyway.