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some K-pop asks?
  1. who has better body rolls ____ or ____?
  2. do you prefer _____’s maknae or ______’s maknae? (send two groups)
  3. fave solo artist?
  4. fave group?
  5. fave song by _____?
  6. who do you think the best dancer in K-pop is?
  7. if you could spend a week with _____, what would you do together?
  8. which member of _____ would you go to in the middle of the night if you had a bad dream?
  9. fave MV at the moment?
  10. what flavor of ice-cream do you think ______ would be?
  11. who is your ____ bias and why?
  12. soft songs or loud songs, which do you like better?
  13. you’re stranded on an island with _____. using only three words, describe how you feel.
  14. fave girl group?
  15. fave boy group?
  16. your favorite body part on each member of ____?
  17. best singers in K-pop?
  18. who do you think would do well as a solo artist?
  19. who do you think is the best dancer in _____?
  20. who are some of your top bias wreckers?
  21. list your current favorite groups.
  22. list your current top biases
  23. would you rather take pictures with your favorite group or have a handshake session with them?
  24. what are some songs that remind you of your biases?
  25. do you have a favorite live performance?
  26. fave picture(s) of your bias(es)?
  27. when did you get into K-pop?
  28. truthfully, do you get jealous/envious when you see your bias with another boy/girl?
  29. favorite fanfic?
  30. fave choreography?
  31. you’re favorite thing, personality-wise, about each member of ______
  32. are there any songs that remind you of your bias(es)?
  33. which idol is closest to your ideal type?

I have a lot of feelings about Mariachi!Reaper.

Send a gemstone for questions - part 1!
  • Amethyst: What's one thing you enjoy doing?
  • Citrine: Have you ever been out of your home country?
  • Peridot: What's something you find extraordinary about yourself?
  • Fluorite: Is your life very organized?
  • Aqua Aura: Are you afraid of speaking up?
  • Opal: Are you looking forward to anything right now?
  • Ruby: Do you consider yourself strong?
  • Tourmaline: Have you ever had to leave something behind?
  • Angel Aura: Do you consider yourself pretty?
  • Rose Quartz: Are you in a relationship right now?
  • Onyx: Do you consider yourself brave?
  • Jade: Do you find you usually have good luck, or bad luck?
  • Moonstone: How do you cope with stress normally?
  • Coral: What's one thing you do now that you didn't do one month ago?
  • Jasper: How do you motivate yourself?
  • Blue Goldstone: Are you afraid of the dark?
  • Topaz: Have you ever won an award?
  • Mookaite: What's one thing you want to do in the next year?
  • Aragonite: What's something you love about yourself?
  • Amber: If you could pick a new name for yourself, what would it be?
  • Crazy Lace Agate: Do you think you're indecisive?
  • Diamond: What's something you want to change in your life?

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Your Meredith is wonderful! Can I hope that you will draw her with Orsino, please?

Ok, so maybe that line of argument wasn’t her strongest.

Giveaway time!

I have it in mind since a long time (I reached the 500 long time ago, but was overwelhmed IRL aaand well…). But I still wanted to do one, so what’s best than using my birthday as an excuse?

Birthday’s gift are supposed to make the person happy, so giving you something makes me happy (it’s my gift to me in a weird way? Ahaha!)
It’s also a way to thank you guys for your support and everything.

You can either win one of these :

  • A character sheet of your Eldarya OC (Fullbody with expressions and close-up details. Can also come with text descriptions in it)
  • An outfit for your character based on the sprite base
  • An halfbody sketch couple


-The characters must be Eldarya related (since it’s a blog related to this fandom)
-Only one reblog counts (but you can like and reblog as much as you want)
-Being a follower is greatly appreciated, but not mendatory (since some might have multiple blog with one accounts, like me)
-Please, no giveaway blogs
-Winners will be randomly generated
-Keep your ask box open, so tha tI can contact you if you win ^^
-If a winner doesn’t reply in 3 days, I’ll randomly pick a new one

The giveaway ends on the 28th February, 23h59 (french time). On my birthday, of course!

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The amount of hate tho this season was crazy. Being shady is one thing, but these queens were downright rude.. I h8 Valentina SO much, but patronizing her by clapping for a different title is BEYOND unprofessional. And I wanted Shea SO BADLY to win but after every single rude comment she said to everyone(including people who didn't come for her) I simply can't support her. Bullying and shade are totes different

lmao idk why you wasted your time typing this into my ask box when you obviously know where i stand on this. and now ima have to tell you why this is stupid. so here we go. first of all, them calling Val out for being fake af once they got off the show is not bullying, them changing the title of Miss Congeniality to Fan Favorite is not bullying. what is bullying is this 

and all the other disgustingly racist shit that’s been spewed at Shea because of Valentina’s fans. Second of all what fucking rude comments did Shea make? the reunion is literally there for calling people out for shit they said or did on the show, talking about drama that happened on the show and getting shit off their chests. and guess what? literally everyone did the same fucking thing Shea did. Why are you not saying you can’t support Trinity anymore after the things she said to Peppermint? why are you not saying you can’t support Sasha anymore after all the lil faces she was making? why are you not saying you can’t support Farrah anymore after calling Valentina out for being a shitty friend? I’ll tell you why, because you didn’t like Shea in the first place and you can’t handle a black person being anything other than docile. 

Everyone said shady shit tonight, none of it was bullying. y’all really need to learn the difference if you’re gonna talk shit. your fake ass reasoning on why you don’t like Shea anymore just shows how you really feel, and why you feel that way aka Blackness. 

and obviously if EVERY SINGLE one of those queens were saying the same shit, and clapping for the same title change and you can only comment on Shea?? baby you’re racist and that’s it, period. please reevaluate your comment and stay up out my inbox. 

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the only "Always" I want to hear: May you ALWAYS be satisfied (get is because Angelica Schuyler is 500x the character Snape was lol she was in love with someone who she couldn't have and she didn't insult him like she could have called him a poor good for nothing free loader. But she didn't cause she's not a shit character.) It's amazing how she still wished happiness to her sister and her husband...


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quick story: so I wanted to have a (early) party for my 16th birthday and because 16 is supposed to be special (?) I invited a few more friends. WHAT I DIDN'T KNOW WAS;;; THEY ALL LIKED PINEAPPLE PIZZA TTATT so someone opens the small box of pineapple pizza (I assumed they wouldn't like it?) and boom. it's gone in two seconds. and I'm in the back like;;; it's okay;;; im the host;;; this is fine;;; //no it's not fine i wanted pineapple pizza TToTT </3 moral: buy more pineapple pizza next time

and a good moral XD
I am


“Ow.. where..?”

“You really do remind me of Alexander..” “Ale….. my dad? You know my dad…?” “Yeah.. we were very close.” “You were?” “Very.” “I see..” “Now, come on. We have to make sure he does well and guide him. When the time comes.. we have to bring him up here.” “The other side..” “Indeed.”

things i say to my cat ask meme
  • "What are you eating?"
  • "Get off me, I have to pee."
  • "Do you want me to rub your belly?"
  • "What's in your mouth?"
  • "Aww, you're so cute when you're asleep."
  • "How are you still hungry?"
  • "You don't need any ice cream."
  • "Were you a good girl today?"
  • "Come sit on my lap."
  • "Ouch! That hurt, jerk!"
  • "What's so great about that piece of paper?"
  • "It's just an spider."
  • "What are you looking at? Do you see a ghost?"
  • "Oh, your nose is cold."
  • "Leave the blinds alone!"
  • "What are you doing up there?"
  • "Fine. I didn't want to cuddle anyway."

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I had a weird dream that you were suddenly open for vet advice, and said you would have your ask box open for it for a day and anyone could ask for your professional opinion on their animal's treatment and such. Every single reply was you screeching in all caps "TAKE YOUR ANIMAL TO THE VET." and somehow the volume of this increased each post (I'm honestly not sure how text had volume but it did LOL) And now that I'm awake I'm like. Well I mean, she didn't lie and she isn't wrong.

Dream-me knows what’s going on. She’s maybe lost some filters, but she’s making a point.

Did the text volume increase like this?

Take you animal to the vet.

Take your animal to the vet.






Also, I’m in people’s dreams now? And you can read text in your dreams?

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I came out to my mom as ace at 16 (didn't even tell her I'm biromantic or nb) and was told how I was supposed to want sex (even though she wanted me to wait until marriage). She conveniently forgot about it so I came out again at 18 and she yelled at me that I couldn't know that and she wouldn't let me "advertise that". I'm 20 now and want nothing to do with her, and will probably move far away from her once I graduate from college

Good for you. You don’t have to play nice with anyone like that. 

What went down in Origins (Pt 1)
  • Nooroo: many centuries ago, magic jewels bestowing—
  • Hawkmoth: yeah skip to the end
  • Nooroo: —which is why attempting to use a Miraculous for evil purposes is a terrible idea.
  • Hawkmoth: imma use my Miraculous for evil purposes
  • Nooroo: :(
  • Nooroo: oh by the way are you Gabriel Agreste?
  • Hawkmoth: how do you not know the answer yet?
  • Nooroo: bc there are just enough convenient shadows to prevent me from seeing your face
  • Hawkmoth: no I mean because the answer to that was just revealed in an exclusive teaser at Seoul Comic-Con
  • Nooroo: WAIT WHAT
  • Nooroo: excuse me a minute while I go watch that
  • Hawkmoth: dark wings, rise!
  • Nooroo: noooooooo I wanted to see that teaser
  • Wayzz: hey Master Fu did you see the teaser?
  • Master Fu: we should be more concerned about the supervillain that just happened
  • Wayzz:
  • Wayzz: (don't click that link unless you want to get your face spoiled)
  • Master Fu: look it doesn't matter who Hawkmoth is, we just need to take him down
  • Wayzz: ok so he obv wants the Ladybug and Cat Miraculouses, so let's release the Fox and Bee Miraculouses
  • Wayzz: that way he'll have no incentive to constantly create new akumatized villains, and the city will be safe
  • Master Fu: imma release the Ladybug and Cat Miraculouses
  • Wayzz: why are you ignoring everything I just said
  • Master Fu: REASONS
  • Wayzz: that's not an answer
  • Wayzz: you can't be a mysterious old guy if you rap Eminem lyrics
  • Master Fu: omfg I thought we agreed to forget about that
  • Master Fu: anyways imma go find a hot mess and an angstmobile and make them both into superheroes
  • Master Fu: I have impeccable methods
  • Marinette: *wakes up*
  • Marinette: good morning Tikki! are you ready for a day of fighting villains and questionable romantic shenanigans?
  • Tikki: yeah so none of that's happened yet
  • Marinette: but I'm Ladybug...
  • Tikki: no not yet this is a prequel
  • Tikki: you haven't even met me yet
  • Marinette: but we just had a full season
  • Marinette: so this should have already happened
  • Marinette: ok fine I'll play along
  • Marinette: good morning Mom! time to go first day of school, I guess?
  • Sabine: but you've been going to school for months now
  • Marinette: no we're trying to do a prequel
  • Sabine: oh! then I mean...I hope Chloé isn't in your class this year.
  • Sabine: btw did you hear that Gabriel Agreste is—
  • Marinette: OMG NO SPOILERS
  • Marinette: *leaves the building*
  • Master Fu: hey you, help me cross the street
  • Marinette: ok cool
  • Master Fu: and imma eat some of your food
  • Marinette: you touch my food and imma wreck your face
  • Master Fu: you seem like a perfect pick to become Ladybug
  • Marinette: I already am Ladybug
  • Marinette: oh wait I mean, what are you talking about
  • Master Fu: *ollies outy*
  • Marinette: *goes to school*
  • Chloé: hey so I order you to sit over there
  • Marinette: we both know that's not going to happen
  • Chloé: why not
  • Marinette: bc Alya and I sit right here throughout Season 1
  • Chloé: oh never mind then
  • Marinette: oh btw Alya, nice to meet you I guess?
  • Alya: look I'm just glad to have one day where you're not fawning over Adrien bc you don't know who he is yet
  • Adrien: *tries and fails to be there*
  • Kim: hey Ivan f**k you
  • Ivan: oh no if only there were someone I could turn to for help dealing with this
  • Hawkmoth: HEY GUYS
  • Ivan: let's do this
  • *Stoneheart happens*
  • Stoneheart: *punches through wall*
  • Ms. Bustier: you can't do that
  • Stoneheart: why not
  • Ms. Bustier: bc that's the fourth wall and it's already been broken for this entire post
  • Stoneheart: ok in that case imma break the third wall instead
  • Ms. Bustier: good idea
  • Ms. Bustier: wait no! don't break the school!
  • Stoneheart: too late
  • Roger: ok guys welcome to the akuma squad, now let's take this villain down
  • Stoneheart: why not let Ladybug handle it?
  • Roger: bc she doesn't exist yet
  • Stoneheart: oh right that makes things easier
  • Stoneheart: *throws a car at Roger*
  • Marinette: oh hey there's a strange box on my table
  • Marinette: I'll deal with that once the supervillain attack is over and I don't have more pressing things to worry about
  • Master Fu: this was not well thought out
  • *Tikki happens*
  • Marinette: about time, let's transform
  • Ladybug: *ollies outy and crashes into Chat Noir*
  • Chat Noir: who the f**k are you
  • Ladybug: I don't care, now let's go fight this villain
  • Ladybug and Chat Noir: *fight this villain*
  • *Stoneheart unhappens*
  • Ladybug: hey you know that butterfly I catch every time?
  • Chat Noir: yeah
  • Ladybug: imma not catch it
  • Chat Noir: ok I'm sure nothing will go wrong
  • Hawkmoth: you just gave me at-will access to Stoneheart happening
  • *Stoneheart happens*
  • *Stoneheart happens*
  • *Stoneheart happens*
  • *about 10,000 happenings omitted*
  • *Stoneheart happens*
  • *Stoneheart happens*
  • Marinette: this is bad and imma be sad

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another dumb thing I did: I came out on national TV by accident. a reporter was interviewing me about LGBTQ kids getting bullied, and I was young and naive and thought she wanted to hear about gay straight alliances. she asked me if I'd been gay bullied, I said yes, but I didn't realise I was I liked women at the time. VOICEOVER: local student _, was a victim of bullying. me: "they called me a lesbian like it was a dirty word." VOICEOVER: "a word that haunted her thru her adolescence...."

…. my grandparents saw that news piece …. and also half the country did too so that’s cool …. mortifying ….

Bruh that’s just…embarrassing

At least you don’t have to hide your sexuality?

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I have to take the bio sat this saturday and honestly I didn't care until I found out that if I score an 800 then I can get a cat... 12/10 not prepared at all!!1!1 Idk why you would care just saw the ask box open and thought I'd share! *hugs*

Okay I’m not familiar with this grading concept like how do you get a 800?!!?? I mean I wish you all the luck anyway but 800?

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I just had a funny coming out story that I'd like to share. We were talking about famous celebrities and I kind of mentioned that I should have known I was ace when I didn't find any of them hot, and my friends took it in stride, but a couple of days later one of my friends got me alone, and the question he asked me was "what was puberty like for you then?" Which I found, and still find, an absolutely hilarious question, as well as a thoughtful one.

That’s actually a really good question. Ace puberty is a discussion on its own.

- Fae

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Hey, I just bought a life-size (umm thing?? the site didn't say) of you from this shopping site.. and according to the product information it says "900% authentic Conan Edogawa, speaks and walks on it's own, solves murder cases. No batteries required. Comes with actual tranquilizer watch, bowtie, among other things. Has every emotion a human has" and the photos of the product look just like you. I have to ask: Are you near any boxes right now? Whatever you do, do not fall into one!

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I have a motto while working box office- "You just can't win". Our senior age is 65, and lord o' mighty. I get bitched at all the time. People get mad that I didn't assume that they're 65 or older. They get mad if I ask if they are and if I may see some id. They get mad if they thought that they were going to get the same price because their friend made the age cut but surprise, they don't. They pick fights with me, suggest that I tried to "gyp" them and shit. I'm so weary of these assholes.

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I noticed in an earlier ask you mentioned that you should have # of cats + 1 litter boxes in the house. I'm wondering if it's because they need them spaced out away from other cats or so that they hopefully always have access to a clean one. I have two cats that I didn't plan on having but I'd do anything for them. We currently live in a one bedroom apt and I only have 2 litter boxes, so I'm curious as to how important it is to have 2 and why, because I don't have a ton of space. Thank you!

It helps to reduce stress and the toileting problems that can develop secondary to stress.

Cats can be complicated creatures that don’t always get along. Some are particularly fastidious with their litter, with particular texture and location preferences. Some will become territorial about their litter trays, and may ‘guard’ them, preventing the second cat from accessing them. That results in the second cat needing to toilet somewhere else, which makes humans very unhappy.

For more peaceful cats having two trays in the same room might be adequate. For other pairs placing two litter trays too close together will only count as ‘one’ litter tray. This is why multiple toilet stations are recommended for multi-cat households.