you didn't do the cooking by the book

Four Times Pietro Didn't Stay and One Time He Did (Pietro x reader)

Could you do a Pietro x Reader where while he always speeds by her and kisses her quickly? But there not together (yet)…? Thanks you. :) ————————————-

(Y/N) knew he was looking at her. Pietro never was very discreet with interactions. She was currently standing in the kitchen, reading out of a recipe book. She had always loved to cook, ever since she had helped out in her father’s restaurant. Of course those times were over, but she still loved her hobby. The rest of the Avengers enjoyed her hobby also, as they were the ones eating her creations.

She quickly poured the correct ingredients into the pot before stepping back and waiting for it to boil. As she waited, she felt a slight pressure on her lips that disappeared as quickly as it came. She looked up to see Pietro smirking before he zoomed off. Her hand lifted to softly touch her lips, realizing what had happened.

“Bastard,” she muttered to no one.
(Y/N) sat on her favorite couch with a book in her lap, and the distant noise of the television in the background.

She had that burning in the back of her head again, the feeling of someone’s eyes. She quickly jumped up and looked behind her, only to find nothing. She turned back around, to the feeling of Pietro’s lips touching her own. The sensation was over in seconds, and the only proof of her sanity was his snicker of amusement.

“Asshole,” she scoffed to the empty room.
(Y/N) quickly made her way to the laundry room in only a towel, after forgetting to wash her clothing.

She was alone in the room except for the washing machines and dryers, and that she was thankful for.

Her relief was short lived after hearing the door slide open. Annoyance was her second emotion as she realized the newcomer was Pietro. His eyes skimmed her from top to bottom, causing a fire to burn in her cheeks. He let out a low whistle before commenting, “You should dress like that more often Printsessa.”

He sauntered up to her until their lips were an inch apart. He slowly pressed against her until her back hit the wall. As soon as their lips touched, Pietro’s body weight was gone along with him; once again leaving her alone in the room.

“Damn Maximoff,” she rattled.
(Y/N) had been paired up with Pietro as a training partner for the day, so to say it would be eventful, was an understatement.

She had a similar skill set to Natasha, but that didn’t begin to match up to Pietro’s speed.

Every time she threw a jab, he was gone, and had already landed two hits on her. She threw a kick at his head, but his hand caught her foot, ending with her on her back, and him straddling her. He bent down until his mouth was at her ear, and whispered, “You know, I’m fast at other things besides running,” before pressing a chaste kiss on her lips, and disappearing before her eyes.

She just lay there on the training mats, groaning for at least ten minutes.
Pietro stood in the hallway, waiting for her to come out of her room. He didn’t know why he ran every time. Maybe it was the looks of frustration on her face, or was he just scared of rejection?

He planned on another incognito kiss before he would finally ask her on a date. He watched as her bedroom door opened, revealing his crush.

He quickly stopped in front of her, and pressed her against her door. Their lips connected and her hands snuck their way around his neck before he could pull away again.

His eyes widened when he realized he couldn’t run, but quickly resumed kissing her when he felt her tongue slip into his mouth.

He picked her up to where her legs were wrapped around his waist, and began to press open mouthed kisses against her throat.

When she began to moan he pushed open her bedroom door and carried her inside.

Neither of them got much sleep that night.

My Impression of the Fandoms from my Dash Part 1
  • Oitnb: Very very gay. Diverse cast. Piper is annoying. Every so often there's a new season and people manage to watch it all I'm about an hour. Also there's a chicken? Chicken is probably gay.
  • Hunger Games: Generally a nice fandom I think? People make edits. Katniss should have been Native American. Natalie Dormer. Just a nice fandom.
  • Harry Potter: Snape is evil. The Marauders. New content next year. New theories every so often backed with pottermore. Slytherin aren't evil.
  • Middle Earth: Sits with Star Wars at the cool originals but crappy prequels table. Aragorn opens a door in a sexy way. Elf rides a moose. Hobbits are taken to Isengard.
  • John Green: Lots of okaying goes on. People defend him sometimes. Every book has a friend who likes Norwegian poetry.
  • Steven Universe: Steven is girly but great. There are amethysts and garnets and quatrz. I think Rose cooked some food or something? And everyone loves her even though she can't cook.
  • Percy Jackson: The last book was not good. headcanons upon headcanons. Sass happens. Seriously the last book really didn't please. Probably has the best fan art.
  • Frozen: They turned a lovely film into a war over whether it's better or worse than anything in the world. Seriously you name it, it's been compared to Frozen. Feelings run high where ships are concerned.
  • BH6: No one remembers them because Frozen.
  • OUAT: Horrible place. Seriously the ship wars have gone from the sublime to the ridiculous. If you want to enjoy it and ship a couple you need to do it by yourself and leave the fandom well alone. Probably a few nice people hidden in there.
  • Avatar: Korrasami (or something like that) is canon. We do not speak of the film. Also Toph is blind.
  • DC: Who pays for all the damage? Harley Quinn is gay.
  • Teen Wolf: Hot cast. They're all gay.
  • Star Trek: Small but beautiful. Galaxy Quest is also Star Trek canon. About 800 episodes.

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Dudley: *throws an expensive video game out of a window* Vernon and Petunia: "omg bby don't worry we'll get you a new one." Harry: *breathes* Vernon and Petunia: "WHAT HOW DARE YOU INSOLENT UNGRATEFUL AWFUL BOY DO YOU KNOW HOW LUCKY YOU ARE THAT WE DIDN'T DUMP YOU IN AN ORPHANAGE NOW SWEEP THE FLOOR, TRIM THE HEDGES, WASH THE CAR, WATER THE GARDEN, COOK US DINNER, YOU WON'T SLEEP UNTIL MIDNIGHT AND YOU WON'T BE EATING TONIGHT."

that’s like literally what happens in the books yup

dursleys are scum