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There were a few requests for deep sea/bio merms so here’s one of those..

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I just wanna say, Tony probably loves kinder surprises. (well, before they got shitty and you didn't have to build all the things.) like, it's a snack AND a buildy thing in one. He would probably replace the toy with something much better before giving them to anyone else though. (tree anon)

I bet the team find that absolutely adorable.

They probably catch him at it one day, his face absolutely lighting up when he sees he has some assembling to do, and then watch in fascination as he nibbles at the shell whilst putting all his concentration into building the shitty toys that everyone else laughs at.

He’s honestly so excited by the concept of spending thirty seconds putting together a toy. And the team love it. They end up buying so many fucking kinder eggs for that man. And taking a lot of pictures. Because Tony sticks his tongue out when he’s working and he completely b e a m s when it’s finished, so why the hell would they not want to capture that?

Sehun calling D.O
  • Sehun: hey kyunsoo, how is your musical going.
  • Kyung: good, how is the beach?
  • Sehun: it was great, i build the sand castle you promised to build together, but we didn't.
  • Kyung:
  • Kyung: What
  • Sehun: what
long-distance transit throughout the ages
  • ancient/middle ages: all roads lead to Rome
  • age of exploration: all sealanes lead to Ostia
  • industrial revolution: all railroads lead to Rome
  • post-world-war boomtimes: all highways lead to Rome
  • age of mass air travel: shut up, braggarts, every airport is connected to every other airport by this thing you didn't build called the atmosphere
  • future era: all warp gates lead to Rome

…I aspire to be as terrible as this one day.

[[ Before I start: This is based on my headcanons. It is in no way founded with any kind of canon or something (aside from the fact that this festival exists and the necklaces have also been shown), and the date is also (mostly randomly) chosen by me. ]]

Today, on the 17th of April, is when the tamaranean festival named Blorthog takes place!

What is Blorthog, you ask?
It is the tamaranean festival to celebrate friendships. It is important to realize the value of your friendships, so that you can treat them with as much importance as when they were new.
This celebration is held to help admit the feelings of friendship that are there, to recall them and remember them again.

How is it celebrated?
The most prominent feature of Blorthog are the necklaces. They are self-made, with care and without limitations about their colors. The common-used variant are simple white/grey-ish beads, but there is no explicit rule to stick to those. These necklaces are carefully placed around the friend’s necks, while exchaning well-wishes.
The basic of the festival is only the gifting of necklaces and then the spending time with friends. There are more activities that can be done, but none is truly necessary.
Examples of other activities are:
- A very long hugging
- Standing in a circle (if there are more than two people, otherwise standing in front of each other), holding hands and voicing what one is grateful for in their present friends
- As it is also common in most earthen festivities, on Blorthog there is very often a cake to be shared among friends, as well
- Exchanging of other, thoughtful, gifts (as in what the other long dreamed of but would never get for themselves). Gifting from a wishlist is wrong though, it is way too shallow to be appropriate for a festival that celebrates strong friendships

There are more activities that can be done, some of which require the tamaranean abilities or are rather rough, but these are the most common ones.

What does this mean for your blog?
Well, if we’re mutuals (if you’re reading this on my sideblogs then please remember that I follow back from @starfirechan and not from here), I understand that as permission to maybe have my tamaranean come into your inbox, wishing to celebrate it with you.
If this ever bothers you but you still wish to keep following me, please tell me that you do not like this and I will make a note to keep you out of this.
Please also see this as an open invitation to have your muse come to my askbox (or tag me in a post if you prefer) and show the wish to celebrate Blorthog with my tamaraneans.

I’d prefer it if there is a sort-of logical explanation for why your character knows of the tamaranean festival.
If they have any kind of relationship with Starfire (maybe except enemies), it makes sense that she could have explained the festivity and it’s date in some talk they had “off-screen” (or even in a RP).
Blackfire would never talk about her home planet though, and
Wildfire remembers the festivals and might talk about them, but he doesn’t know the dates yet.

There are of course other ways they could have learned about it, and I’m open to those. But if e.g. an ‘ordinary human’ with no previous contact to anything alien related whatsoever suddenly knows all of Blorthog I just don’t think I could enjoy it that much.

Please be aware that I can’t reach everyone, it is easy to miss out on a blog and I also will not bother anyone that isn’t active currently.
Don’t feel sad if you don’t get any ask from me, I most likely either have a good explanation for it, or missed you when going through my list of mutuals.
Also I don’t think I’ll manage to get up enough courage to approach everyone that Starfire would like to celebrate this with, I’m just too shy.

Oh, and one more thing!
This celebration also means that I will try to focus on that. Not entirely, I will see to get at least some replies done too, but my focus on such a day will be on asks/replies/threads about the “holiday” that currently is.
Not to mention I’ll be terribly nervous for at least half the day because of sending stuff to people.

I think that’s all I need to explain; if there are any questions, always feel free to come into my inbox and ask me!

Doctor and Agent: Part I

     Doctor Stephen Strange had been surprised, to say the least, to receive a phone call. Firstly, because he hadn’t realized the New York Sanctum had a telephone, and secondly, because the caller was from the United Nations. 

     Apparently, after the collapse of S.H.I.E.L.D. and the monumental breakup of the Avengers, the UN was somewhat desperate to fill the void left in their absence. The world practically needed saving every other Tuesday at this point, and someone would have to save it. 

     They were calling it the “United Nations Intelligence and Operations Network,” or the less tongue-twisting “U.N.I.O.N.” for short. The organization, it seemed, was designed to bring the world together in times of planetary crisis, and was authorized to activate the Avengers (what was left of them) as well as other “specialists” should the need arise. 

     And someone at the very top had decided that U.N.I.O.N. required a specialist in the mystic arts. They needed the Sorcerer Supreme.

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basically S.coups during “boss is watching”

during wrestling match



and a million miles between
the fires she used to set,
the hearts she used to break,
the lies she used to tell,
and the woman she grew up
to be.

  • Pearl: *slides in next to Amethyst* Amethyst... Amethyst, I had no idea you've been upset about this.
  • Amethyst: What?! You had no idea!? *motions to the hole* This is, like, my entire existence! You want to pretend that none of this ever happened! You think I'm just a big mistake!
  • Pearl: *gasps* No, no. Amethyst, you're not the mistake. You're just the byproduct of a... *blushes* big mistake. No, that's not- I... I just never thought of this as you. None of this is your fault. You didn't build this place. I-I'm sorry, Amethyst. I hope you can forgive me. You're the one good thing that came out of this mess. I always thought you were proud of that.
Do You Wanna Go Watch Frozen?
Giselle Taraboletti
Do You Wanna Go Watch Frozen?

[Happy one year anniversary, Frozen! It’s been a great year, and I’m sure there will be many more to come! This little song is for all the people still finding themselves loving Frozen after all this time]

Elsa? Do you wanna go watch Frozen?
Yeah, I know it’s been a year
And I know what you’re gonna say
Don’t be that way Cuz I won’t disappear
We used to sing the duets
And dress up too
But now you’re over the hype!
Do you wanna go watch Frozen?
I bought the Sing-Along for Frozen
(Just get over it!)
Okay bye

Do you wanna go watch Frozen?
It’s the 10th anniversary!
I hear they’re gonna make a brand new doll
I wanna bring them all
When we see Frozen 3
(With Hans, maybe!)
I know that you are busy
And you have a life
So I’ll wait for your reply

Elsa? You won’t take my phone calls
You know it’s been like 30 years
I haven’t heard from, you in all this time
And I’m trying to talk to you, through Frozen tears
I used to be obsessed and I swear I’ve changed
But just for old time’s sake
Do you wanna go watch Frozen?

Just felt like practicing my digital inking. Somehow Percy and Annabeth ended up looking really manga-like at first, haha, but I think the colors helped. 

Original drawing by Burdge