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There were a few requests for deep sea/bio merms so here’s one of those..

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I just wanna say, Tony probably loves kinder surprises. (well, before they got shitty and you didn't have to build all the things.) like, it's a snack AND a buildy thing in one. He would probably replace the toy with something much better before giving them to anyone else though. (tree anon)

I bet the team find that absolutely adorable.

They probably catch him at it one day, his face absolutely lighting up when he sees he has some assembling to do, and then watch in fascination as he nibbles at the shell whilst putting all his concentration into building the shitty toys that everyone else laughs at.

He’s honestly so excited by the concept of spending thirty seconds putting together a toy. And the team love it. They end up buying so many fucking kinder eggs for that man. And taking a lot of pictures. Because Tony sticks his tongue out when he’s working and he completely b e a m s when it’s finished, so why the hell would they not want to capture that?

Sehun calling D.O
  • Sehun: hey kyunsoo, how is your musical going.
  • Kyung: good, how is the beach?
  • Sehun: it was great, i build the sand castle you promised to build together, but we didn't.
  • Kyung:
  • Kyung: What
  • Sehun: what
Chasing Ghosts

Request: I rly love your blog a lot!! I was wondering if I could request a newtxreader song fic with the song “Hide and Seek” by Imogen Heap? Where the reader tries to warn Newt about Leta, but he gets mad and they have an argument? Then he loses contact with the reader for several years and tries to find her, but each time he gets close to finding her, she gets farther away? Really angsty please??? Thank you so much!!!❤️❤️❤️"

Word Count: 4,359

Pairing: Newt x Reader (Platonic)

Tag List: @dont-give-a-bother @red-roses-and-stories @caseoffics @myrtus-amongst-the-stars @ly–canthrope @studyforthreehands @whatinbenaddiction @thosefantasticbeast2 @benniesgalaxy

A tinge of despair so intense it seems tangible still clouds Newt’s mind as he digs into the box of mementos, deeper and deeper until his dirt-caked nails crack against the bottom of the wooden crate. Nothing of significance. Nothing of importance. Nothing of use to him unless he wants to remember.

Cursing, he shoves himself to his feet. This room, this hall, this house is all useless junk now. He may as well burn it down; it’s not as if you’ll be returning at any point, not now that you know he’s discovered it. With a growl, he kicks the box, sends it tumbling onto its side. Its guts spill out, rolling across the ground, creating a mess that will remain until the landlord comes knocking for the next month’s rent. Already, it’s too late. You’ve vanished, and the short and chubby landlord with the beady eyes and missing smile won’t be able to track you down.

My fault, my fault, my fault.

No, finding you is Newt’s job, and he’s determined to do it.

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long-distance transit throughout the ages
  • ancient/middle ages: all roads lead to Rome
  • age of exploration: all sealanes lead to Ostia
  • industrial revolution: all railroads lead to Rome
  • post-world-war boomtimes: all highways lead to Rome
  • age of mass air travel: shut up, braggarts, every airport is connected to every other airport by this thing you didn't build called the atmosphere
  • future era: all warp gates lead to Rome

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Okay listen here you 'burden'. If if it wasn't for you, Mad would have a muzzle over your friend's mouth and use him against his will to build deadly animatronics. If you didn't originally glitch into Oliver's systems, Mad would have found another way to implant the virus into Oliver. This wasn't your fault. If anything... you helped Oliver. Listen. You're not a burden Anti, you SAVED him.

Anti continues to fiddle with the knife in his hands until it pricks his finger. Anti looks down at the little dot of blood before he sighs and glitches away.

At Ego Inc., Oliver is still sitting at the front desk, swiveling back and forth and drumming his fingers along the desk’s surface until he hears someone buzz at the door. He looks up to see a giant stuffed animal with a pair of human legs standing in the doorway, and he assumes it’s a fan with a gift for one of the others. So he buzzes them in and watches with half-interest as they walk closer and set the stuffed animal down.

He still can’t see their face when he asks, “And who is this for?”

“‘s fer my favorite yellow boi!” is the answer, and when Ollie moves the stuffed animal aside, he sees a grinning Anti looking down at him.

“Anti! You came back!” Ollie jumps up and hugs Anti over the desk, and the glitch doesn’t try to escape for once. He lets himself relish the feeling of being wanted.

“‘m sorry that I abandoned ya, Ollie. I guess I was bein’ stupid, as usual.” He hugs Oliver back, just a quick, unsure thing, and then Oliver pokes him in the side. Anti laughs and glitches a few inches away.

Oliver smiles at him. “Alright, I guess I forgive you.” He takes the giant stuffed teddy bear in his arms and grins. “Where did you get this thing?”

“Stole it from some kid outside,” Anti says, wiggling his eyebrows. Oliver looks down at the toy, mortified, then back up at Anti as the glitch starts to laugh. “Just kiddin’!”

Oliver sticks his tongue out at Anti, but he can’t stop himself from laughing along, too.

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Can you explain why W/U and B/G didn't get uncommon draft build arounds? I know that they aren't part of any of the tribes, but as someone who often drafts those colors I feel like I'm being intentionally unincluded from Ixalan limited. Would it have been so difficult to make uncommon cards in those two color combinations that were separate from tribes? I feel like it would be a small effort that wouldn't be too detrimental to the theme while also making limited less "on rails".

We wove themes in for those colors but they were much subtler than Pirates or Dinosaurs, so to keep less experienced players from drafting those colors, we didn’t include uncommon gold cards. The mechanical themes are there. You can draft them.

basically S.coups during “boss is watching”

during wrestling match




and a million miles between
the fires she used to set,
the hearts she used to break,
the lies she used to tell,
and the woman she grew up
to be.