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BB-8 The Matchmaker

Anon asked: hi, i love your work, youre such a great writer! id actually like to make a request where bb-8 finds out poe likes you and you like him, leading the droid to enlist every single droid on base to play matchmaker, including c-3po and r2-d2? thanks for considering it!

Author: Zoe

(A/N: Yasss, I love my spherical little droid baby!)

Plot Summary: BB-8, one of the few people, or well, droids that Poe confides in. The spherical droid rolls around giddily, until Poe makes BB-8 promise to not tell anyone. Especially you. However, when the droid overhears you, General Organa’s right-hand, about your attraction to the droid’s master. BB-8 decides to enlist C-3PO, R2-D2, as well as every cleaning, medical, and war droid to bring the two of you together.

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“Well, that was nice. Haven’t had a good chat in a while.” You smiled as Poe walked alongside you to your room, BB-8 rolling in between the both of you.

“Yeah, now that the Starkiller Base is destroyed, we have at least some level of peace.” Poe sighed, stuffing his hands into his pockets as he stopped in front of your room.

“So, I’ll see you tomorrow?” You turned around, facing him with your tablet at your hip.

“Of course! When have I ever let you down?”

“How about when I told you not to get captured on Jakku?”

“Okay, besides that. And I’m still alive, right?” Poe gestured wildly to himself, BB-8 rolling around his feet.

You laughed, walking into your room. “Goodnight, Mr. Dameron.” And with a smile and a wave, the door was closed, leaving Poe to walk back to his own room.

BB-8 whirred at him, asking what was wrong.

“I’ll tell you later, buddy.”

As soon as Poe was inside his own room, BB-8 immediately began to beep excitedly, asking Poe why he was acting so sullen.

“Well, how do you feel about Y/N?”

The droid answered, rather keen on you. It considered you as a part of it’s surrogate family.

“So, I may or may not have… Romantic feelings for her.”

BB-8 squealed happily, circling around Poe once again before rolling towards the door.

“Wait, no!” Poe dived and caught the droid in his arms, keeping it from exiting the room.

“BB-8, you can’t tell her! I don’t even know if she even has the same feelings!”

BB-8 stopped and made a questioning beep.

“Just, wait, okay? I just want to be safe and make sure she’s interested or not.”

His droid gave him a reassuring head-tap with its own, before rolling off to its charging station and powering down.

Poe, on the other hand, lied awake in bed, thinking about you, sighing.

He turned over in his bed, trying to get a good night’s sleep.

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You know what the issue is with this world? Everyone wants some magical solution for their problem, and everyone refuses to believe in magic.

For Bri


aqua’s story - enchanted dominion

“But remember one thing–as long as there is light, there will be darkness.”

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aww honey :((( i’m sorry people are doing that to you, that’s not okay of them to do and hopefully they’ll back off. it can’t help having finals in the midsts of this too, i send all my love and wish you luck with your last final and hope you did well on the one you took today ❣️❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤💝💗💓💘💖💞💕 -bb anon

I’m okay my love, I promise! It sucks, but I’ve learned to manage. I love you dearly tho and I thank you for looking out for me 💕 Also, all my finals are done!!! I just have a paper and some other last minute work, but the finals are done and now I can take a nap 😭


Congratulations Germany for winning World Cup 2014! Prussia must be really happy now, for he finally be able to win the cup together with West (last time Germany won the cup, they’re still separate countries). Ugh, siblings feels once again, why did I have to torture myself?

What a roller coaster of a tournament! I’ve been following WCs from 1998 and so far, I think this year’s the most dramatic and interesting of all. Thank you Brasil for hosting such wonderful world cup, good job for every country who participated, and hello to Russia as the next host of World Cup 2018!

Damn, it’ll be hard to move on from this, I wanna watch all of the matches once again they’re just so good! Will they release a DVD set for this WC2014? Please tell me they do.


These feelings I can’t take anymore~


What happened after the Chimaek (Chicken + Maekju/Beer)…

Thank you Joon Ho sunbaenim, for giving the “Beer” hint/tips to our Ahyoung-ie.

Enjoy your massage, bb girl. After today, you totally deserved it. After today, on which you braced yourself and sang for him bravely despite the end result. On which you had to have it out with a very flirty orangutan who was trying to steal your man. On which you had to fight against the whole animal kingdom just because you had the fate of marrying a handsome man. On which you initiated some physical interaction so that he knows you’re ready for his lead.

Today… today you did well, bb… And you totally deserved that massage. *SOBS* T_T

And what was that I detected on your face, Jonghyun-ssi? A naughty smirk? A flirty gaze? Omomomomo… That was totally an eye contact flirting you did over there, Mister! How else would you explain that extended warm gaze combined with the lingering look and accompanied with that naughty smirk? UNF! Seriously… that’s all I could hear: UNF!