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CLF: Pas du Tout H

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A/N: I fixed Nat. Seriously, I never got why she did that great speech in Winter Soldier and then ended up on Tony’s side in Civil War, so I moved some things around.

WARNINGS: Swearing, battle scenes



SONG TRACKS: Just Like Fire by Pink and R U Mine by The Arctic Monkeys

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C, a, and t for the letters thing. (See what I did there??? Lol)

ahahahaah i love it!!!!

c@cmonpeter @captainevans @catirinaloss @chrispralt

a: @allexsummers @antfalcon @arachneds @auror @aya-fay

t: @tohm-holland @thompsonflash @thomashclland @thefvlcon @tmholland

ah i know the first one only has four but i dont follow that many c blogs!!!

give me a letter and ill tell you my fav blogs starting with that letter

Ambassador question!

@ Hetalia Ambassadors and people who followed me specifically for this reason:

You may have noticed this blog is my personal… and is, indeed, filled with a whole bunch of things to the point where my ambassador posts are pretty much buried.

I want to apologise for my lack of content and my failure to meet ambassador standards because of my own posts and reblogs.
Here comes the actual question, though:

Should I make a side blog for my APH Ambassador duties? Would you follow/promo it if I did? I’d like your opinion on that ;u;

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5 Things

I got tagged by @itsmartinbruh

5 things you find on my blog
-cute guys
-things I find funny
-things that need to be said
-me trying hard to be noticed
5 things you would find in my room
-gaming laptop
-clothes on the floor
-glow in the dark stars from 10 years ago
-unread books
-rainbow flag
5 things I have always wanted to do
-write and direct a movie
-live in Ireland by myself
-see my life back and forth
-raise kids while still having fun
-have meaning
5 things that make me happy
-lana, lorde, Kesha while also liking electro
-feeling sexy
-the outdoors
-men in underwear
5 things on my to do list
-talk to friends
-find some weed lol
-pack for college
-work out
-move on/find relationship on any kind
5 things you might not know about me
-embarrassed about last 4 years of life
-embarrassed that I don’t have a drivers license
-bad at communication
-i dated a guy with a large age gap

I’ll tag @nocturan @mexicanjesuschrist @cobaltdays


Rules: Answer the following questions about your top 3 ultimate biases and then tag 5 people. The questions below are for each of the biases.


hi  so like bascially @kimjaehwanswife n @yue-hwa tidl me to do this omg im such a fan i think my falanges are still tingling what do i do anyways iwthout futher ado heres me fangirling over my ults >.<

1. Who are your 3 ultimate biases? (any group)

Lucy (shes in somethign called JaeNuns or soemthing i cant rmemeber)

Raelynn (raebaby is slolo btu belongs to me)

Lee Soo Man (I mean S.M. though)

2. When did you first see your bias? (all three)

My fav Raebae was my frist tumblr bff and only tumlbr enemy i fist saw her when i ws writing one of my incorrext quotes and some chick-yoo dude followed ew swtf piyyak piyyak yummo

I saw lucy in my noyifs box n i was like admn she p cute so i followed her back and now shesd my mother and obe of my ults wow

First saws ny bias Lee Soo Man on the tumbnail of an informational youtube vudieo wow heart eyes

3. Was he/her your first bias? (all three)

But my first tumblr bias wsas rawrxdlynn beacuse shes irreplacble

no at first the luce guce scaed me beacsude she was a brony-furry and siad everypony. I sirll have nightmaers

No the big YG wuz frst sry T.T

4. Your favourite thing about your bias?

Raekynn: I CRY EVRYTIME SHDE SAYS SOMETHING VERYTHIGNS JUST ALWAYS SO FUNNY PLUS SHES MY FIREND SOUL MATE I LIKE HER BETTER THAN MOST OF MY IRLS UGH shes my hyung jk shes not ew pls stop me anywasy HSE ALWAYS MAKESDME LAUAGH evnt hough shes uglya f and i hateh ehr shes my bias I have a url saved for her plus we’re basically the smae age so ily my bff suhovdfukvdnj i hate being sappy plus im rlly jelous BECAUSE SHE HAS A BUETY MARK AND EVERYONE WITH A BEAUTY MARK I KNOW IS SO PRETTY WHAT THE FUCK


“was it cute“

Lucy: EERYTHING LUCY SAYS IS SO UNCEXPECTE DSJKDVBSJ plus she does comedy eritings and ur cool if u do that and plus if i didnt like her sbe would disown me ,finally, but I LVOE HER N SHES CUTE AND I LIKE HER VOICE CAUSE ITS JUST A LIL RASPY AND HER SMIL EIS RLLY BIG N NICE UGH ew shes sitll a furry and a brony though wtf

Favepart of Lee Soo Man is evrything

5. What do they specialize in?

Lee Soo man: Tearing my insdieds apart iwth all those nedws repodtrts anad TEASING ALL  THE FANS OFC SM ARFTISDTS TOO UCH LIKE BITCJH

Raelynn: lowering my self confidence, makin gme cry, roasting my iwnk, bieng ugly

Loosee: giving me n ightmares, disciplining, reciting verses from the jaebible craeted by all her nun friedns

6. What group are they from?

My gorup

7. Zodiac sign?

I dottnt caer

8. Favourite picture/gif and why?

My fav pic of lucy is her kkt pic but idfk if sehs gonna let me put it on here

Any pic of raleynn winking or from an angle below her chin is a good picture and i cant decied plus she would get so mad at me if i posted her selfies on her eomg

(ok fr if u didnt know joy is one of my ults)

9. Why do you love them?

i love raleynn ause shes the best tumblr bestfirend i could ver ask for and i would drive 6  hours and move to *a* ti fight some people in her schooliterally tehryes o annoying omg but ILY RAELYNNNN YOUR SNAPCHATS MAKE ME CRY and im offended by her bread too its super dry but i guess thats HWY I HATE HER

LUCY i like

wot a good mom shes not dry n funny n mean wow i hav a thing fro that : o

SM i meannnn do i even haev to say enaything else

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I was tagged by @imrootedyetiflow, thank you for complimenting my memes, i love positive feedback

1. All-time favorite song? Demons by Imagine Dragons
2. How d'y'all feel about the color red? It reminds me of blood and victory idk lol
3. Have you ever been to the ocean? Did you like it?
(I’ve never seen the ocean but I’ve been to the sea - Mediterranean Sea & Arabian Sea)
I can see the sea from my house so yeah lol, I like going there but I don’t like swimming
4. Do you like snow? Last time I’ve seen snow was when I was 4 (not counting artificial snow because that shit is just nasty)
5. How many books do you have? Look man… too many
6. How late do you sleep in? Since its summer time I usually sleep at around 3 am
7. (This is the most important one) do you like IKEA? What’s the longest amount of time you’ve spent in one? HELL YEAH , the most time I think would be 7 hours (1pm-7pm)
8. Do you listen to classical music? Nope
9. Are your walls pure™ or have do you have things hung up everywhere? I’m too lazy to actually paint them and I don’t want to hang things because I’ll have to take them down if I paint my walls. It’s a vicious cycle I can’t get out of.
10. Favorite book? (Mwhahaha) Either The alchemist by Paulo Coelho or Le petit prince by antoine de saint-exupéry
11. Lastly, do you like butter on bagels? Never tasted bagels so I’m not taking sides especially that @carryonmylovelies would murder me if I said I did

My questions

 1)Give three of your favorite characters of all time: 

2)Do you like agatha? 

3)Coffee or tea? 

4)Something you don’t like that most people do?

 5)What hogwarts house are you in?

 6)Celebrity crush? 

7) If you could be anyone for the day, who would you be?

 8) In case of a zombie apocalypse how many people would you risk your life for? 

9)What’s your favorite sport ? 

10)latest song you’ve heard? 

11) Last but not least do you think the carry on fandom should stop discussing food?(I do)

 I’m tagging: @carryonmylovelies, @so-not-that-cool , @lotus-of-light , @catsandladyluck , @quirkyreader , @bazypitchandsimonsnow , @page342 , @sconeboi, @snowbazzledazzle , @flap-flap-simon-snow , @chapter-61 , @inesbens (if you even use tumblr anymore lol)

New prompt via @starlightkissedsmiles! Thanks!

Rose dealing with Mickey’s poor treatment of her. Could be from while they were dating, his comments about her eating too many chips in School Reunion, “don’t read my emails”/implied cheating, etc. Anything where Mickey said or did something that was less than Rose deserved. 

  • It could be Rose seeking out the Doctor for reassurance later 
  • Mickey apologizing for how he treated her
  • Or some other way of Rose overcoming the insecurities that she might have picked up from Mickey’s words and actions toward her
  • Feel free to do missing scenes from canon, post-canon, AU… whatever works for you!  

If you’d like to write this, tag us and @ mention us so we see it and can add it to our weekly rec list. Our prompts never expire, so it doesn’t have to be this week. Just whenever inspiration strikes, we’d love to read and reblog and rec it!   

I don’t want you to misinterpret my tone so please understand that I’m being gentle. Can you please not attack my friend @soleilpirate because she’s the only reason I’m alive right now. She meant no harm, neither of us have seen the new episode. I am waiting to watch it properly on HBO, but I admit that I should have waited before responding. We both love Jon Snow and it hurt to see someone so against him. You actually did tag your post because I found it in the tags… Unless it only showed up based on keywords? I’ve never had a conflict with anyone in the Game of Thrones fandom and I’ve only had healthy arguments. I’ve never met anyone who has gotten so angry.. I’ll never speak my mind again in this fandom because it’s disturbing how much anger some people have. I’m sorry if you read my reply in a harsh tone because that wasn’t how it was intended. I simply didn’t understand how anyone could think Jon betrayed the North and his family. But I will hold off on any further comments in general, until I watch the episode Sunday. Game of Thrones has been the only thing keeping me in good spirits and I’m so depressed again. I never wanted a conflict, all I wanted was a discussion. Your initial response to my post was fine and thank you for telling me the full details of the episode, but the backlash at my friend went a little too far. I will never reply to another Game of Thrones post again unless I’m agreeing with someone because it seems no one can have a healthy disagreement.


I was tagged by @honeyjongdae <3 thank u girl (sorry my slow ass is only doing this now) 

Rules = Spell your URL with only k-pop songs and tag 10 people!

Confession, I only listen to EXO so we’ll see how far I get lol

C - Call me Baby
H - Hurt
O - Overdose
G - Growl
I - dfgdjhsfgjhdfgj they don’t have any songs that start with I???
W - Walk on memories
A - Artificial love
N - …..
Y - …………
E - El Dorado 
O - One and Only 
L - Lotto 

i regret my url now hghjdhjdfh 

i tag: @chanyeolcide @curlypcy @brbcrawlingtokorea @co-kai-ne @xiuminscheeks @royalyeol @dyorable @detectivetrabula @pikayeollie @exotine

im super late with this so idk if any of you already did it - and as always, only do it if you wanna <3 

Ultimate Bias Tag!!!

Thank you @diannajasanders-love so much for tagging me!!! ❤❤❤ 

Rules: Answer the following questions about your 3 ulitmate biases and then tag 5 people. The questions below are for each of the biases. 

1.Who are your 3 ultimate biases? (any group) This is actually really hard cause i stan so many groups 😂 




 2.When did you first see your bias? *list all three* 

❤I saw random posts on tumblr and instagram. But the first time i actually really paid attention to him was when i saw the Mama performance of Fire. 

⭐I think a saw a reaction video to Ikon. And i got curious and checked out the Rhythm Ta mv and from there i started looking at videos of Bobby on SMTM 😊 

🌹I saw her on somebody’s instagram and thought she was gorgeous ❤

3.Was he/she your first bias? *all three* 

❤Actually no my first bias was Namjoon, but as time passed i grew more fond of Yoongi 😊 (Namjoon’s still my bias wrecker along with the rest of bts 😂) 

⭐I was debating between Hanbin, Junhoe and Bobby (let’s face it all of them are beautiful), but after watching mix and match i feel in love with Bobby 😊

 🌹Yup, but their all stunning

4.Your favorite thing about your bias? 

❤I love how dedicated he is(ofc they all are) and his overall talent! 

⭐His voice 😍 I love his voice so much when he speaks and when he rap!! 

🌹I just love her personality and how sweet she is!! And her talent and her looks!! Like everything tbh😂 

5.What do they specialize in? 

 ❤Yoongi: Lead Rapper 

⭐Bobby: Main Rapper, Vocalist, Face of the group

 🌹Hwasa: Lead Vocalist, Lead Rapper, Maknae

 6.What group are they from? 

❤Yoongi: BTS 

⭐Bobby: iKON 

🌹Hwasa: MAMAMOO 

7.Zodiac sign? 

❤Yoongi: Pisces 

⭐Bobby: Sagittarius 

🌹Hwasa: Leo 

8.Favorite picture/gif and why?


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🌹 Hwasa:

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9. Why do you love them?

 I love his attitude and how sleepy he is and overall him as a person!! His smile, his talent, his personality, commitment, his face, his voice ,i love all of him!! 😊

 I love everything about this bunny!! He’s so sweet and so handsome and will personaly fight anybody who says otherwise! And so incredibly talented!! 

🌹 She’s gorgeous and so down to earth!! Talented and has the most real body in kpop :) Tbh that’s why i love mamamoo they’re so real and funny 😊

I tag these cuties: @5foot-bitch, @jennilycrown, @princessinsose, @high-on-food and @rudeboywonho!! Also anyone of my followers that wants to do this 😊

Tumblr Update PSA

Okay so the tumblr update that lets you see if people are active or not is up and running. It shows a green dot next to the icon in the chat if you are on. This is what it looks like. The ones with the green dot haven’t turned it off yet. The ones without did turn it off. 

If you do not want to be seen by other people here is what you do:

On desktop: go to setting then account and find this and turn it off. 

If on mobile —- go to settings > general settings > privacy 

you will see the same thing but it will say “Let people see that you’re active” and turn that off 

(you will still be able to see those that did not turn theirs off but people will not be able to see your dot.) 

also, you do not have to do this on both mobile or desktop it is one or the other whichever is easier for you! 

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My dad is currently being a jerk, so do you have any cute Bruce being a cool batdad headcanons? Thanks a lot. :3

  • At some point Bruce decided that carrying his smaller children around is basically another form of weight-lifting (and therefore something that he should definitely do), which is convenient considering that Damian kinda likes to hang out on Bruce’s shoulders. The high ground is tactically advantageous, you know, so it’s good strategy. Also it’s really easy to kick people in the head from that height, so there’s that too.
  • Every time Bruce says something even vaguely positive about another kid, his children start in with the adoption jokes. Tim carries around a blank adoption form so he can sarcastically offer it to his dad at regular intervals. Every once in awhile, Bruce pretends he’s really considering it, just to freak them out. They’re like… reasonably sure he’s kidding, but also? They’ve been burned before.
  • Ninja: a “training” game with very simple rules: get to Bruce while he’s not expecting it, without letting him see you. Tag him and you win. Nobody has ever won Ninja, even though they’ve been playing it since Dick was little. Bruce always catches them; he won’t, however, just end the game when he does. He always waits until the laaaast possible second. He thinks it’s funny.
  • Bruce, calmly, from the couch: I really would have recommended an attack from above
  • The small child underneath the couch: NOOOOO I WAS SO CLOSE
  • Bruce, straight-faced: You sure were
  • Y'all know those Facebook games where it’s like “type @b and the first name to appear is your new dad?” The entire city of Gotham tags Bruce as their new dad. Congrats, Bruce.

i almost married someone who didn’t love me