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A tip of advice for shortening your essay! For me my quotes always add a bunch of length, so shorten quotes down to the bare minimum! (also you can change the font size of periods to be smaller and it's not noticeable)

damn, the punctuation trick is sneaky, I love it! The quote thing was actually the first thing I did to trim it!

 I just submitted my paper though!– I ended up cutting 6 full pages of content in revision, omg, so hopefully that’s good enough. I’m still one page over the limit but that’s the best I can do cause it’s literally due in an hour. 

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Are you still going to do the free stuff as well as commissions? Cause i have like no money but i still want to hear your amazing Yuri T-T

Omg you’re so sweet of course I will!! I’ll still be posting audio even if nobody ever commissions me. I love doing audio and nobody submitting commissions won’t change that at all.

It’ll just be my own ideas and such, so don’t worry love, Yuratchka is still speaking :)

Fast assumptions - Submission

Could I keep my anonymity please? Someday I’ll grow a pair of boobs and make an official phandom dedicated blog, but in the meantime I still get a little embarrassed about all this writing shizz. THANKS! Y♥u rock! Happy birthday hun hun, this is my gift for ya. lol keep up the awesome work.

Whaattt? You need to hop onto the phandom blog train and post up your writing! Albeit, I did edit it a bit i hope you don’t mind!! it was a very good piece and omg I loved it! :) Of course I won’t link you, if you’re not comfortable, but you should really consider making a blog especially for your writing! And thank youuu! Woo! you’re a sweetheart ily if you ever need advice about your writing or literally anything just message me!

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“Are you hungry?” He said to you, “Not really I don’t feel good. I’m kind of nauseous,” you responded.
“Are you sure? You got home from work like 4 hours ago, and you fell asleep right away. You need to eat. You know that better than I do,” He said while making his way towards the sofa.
“I don’t know, I don’t feel particularly sick, it’s just I’m really tired and most certainly that’s why I feel like throwing up.“

The afternoon went by really quick after that, you got ready for bed and went to the computer room to let Dan know you were really tired, said your ‘good-nights’, gave him a little kiss on the cheek and headed to bed. You were actually really sleepy but you started to make sense of all the things that happened that day; you got to your night shift at the hospital, then 7:00 am came by, your shift ended, you went home and fell asleep as soon as your head touched the couch cushion.

You were trying to remember what you ate at the hospital to try and make sense of why would you be feeling so weird, and uncomfortable, tummy-wise. You didn’t really figure it out, but all that thinking worked, because you fell asleep.

You opened your eyes and looked at your phone ‘3:48 a.m.’. “Shoot” You whispered.
You looked to your right and there he was, sleeping, and as that thought formed in your head you felt a sudden need to throw up ‘shit, shit, shit, shit, shit’ you thought.
You ran to the toilet and then the need disappeared, you inhaled deeply. “The flu, that’s it, I got sent to the children’s ward yesterday, that must be it,” you walked out the bathroom, went back to bed, and slept for 8 hours straight.
You woke up, 12:09 PM, walked to the kitchen and made some tea, because the thought of milk alone made you nauseous and gross. You sat at the table and started to read a magazine; you had to work the day after so you were hoping that whatever this was would be gone by tomorrow. 

Dan was out, you figured; so you took a shower, got some reading done, and a little house cleaning too. You felt fine, just uncomfortable, weird.
Dan got home, and went straight into the computer room, he started editing a video, you went there and stood right under the door frame

“Are you hungry?” (y/n said) 

“I brought some food, here,” he handed it to you not even giving you a glance, holding the food at arm’s reach.

“Ookay, what is it?” you responded. “Some Chinese food" 

Your stomach started to turn ”Awesome,” but the way you said was obviously sarcastic and he noticed it.

He turned around, looked at your face, down to your stomach, and then turned around again.

“Uhm excuse me?” You said kind of offended, “Do I have something on me?“ 

"Forget it, just go eat.”

“Ooookay, look if you have something on your mind just say it, we’ve been together for quite some time, you don’t get to act like that,” you turned around and walked away. 

He then said, “so I can’t be vague about my words,
but you get to lie to me?” in a really raised voice.

You stopped in your tracks, and went back, put the things right on top of his desk and began, “Oh my god, what do you mean by that? Stop being so passive aggressive, what is it? What do you mean by lying?" 

He turned around, "I thought you trusted me, you just said a minute ago we’ve been together for a long time, and that just makes it harder for me to understand why you’re not being honest with me about this whole thing.”

Your face was the definition of a ‘?’ mark, "Look, I don’t understand a damn thing, so just say it,” You said in a higher tone of voice.

“If we can’t trust each other, then what’s the point of being toget…” You started to hear what he was about to say and you snapped, “WHAT THE FUCK? JUST SAY IT!" 

To which he responded "HOW COULD YOU HIDE the fact that you’re pregnant?” He started yelling but lowered his voice as he continued to talk.
You were taken by surprise, did he said what you think he said? Pregnant? What? Me

“What the hell do you mean by pregnant?” You said.

“As in carrying a child” he responded. He just couldn’t resist the urge to be “funny” even in these situations. But he saw your face, and started to explain:
“You’ve been nauseous, dizzy, tired, and we definitely have had sex so add those pieces together and what do you get? PREGNANT." 

"WHAT!? NO!” “I’m not pregnant. I just been super busy, and I have the flu or something, calm down your manboobs, I’m not carrying your child, and even If I was, I can’t fucking believe you think I’m capable of being dishonest and hiding it from you, are you serious!? Do I have a history of being a liar? I can’t believe you,” you walked out the room and out the flat.

You walked and walked, got to a little coffee kiosk, you blankly ordered, then walked back home, It was about to rain, and with your ‘flu’ state you couldn’t afford to get sicker. You walked in, placed the keys inside the bowl, and sat on the couch.

“I’m sorry,” you heard a voice right behind you. 

You turned around, looked at his eyes, then stared down at your coffee. 

“I shouldn’t have said that, I was scared I guess I was positive you were pregnant, you were acting weird, and sleepy, and not hungry. It kinda freaked me out.”

You stayed silent for a couple of minutes, “so you’re saying that I eat so much, that the day I stop eating regularly, it’s disturbing?” You questioned, mock offended. 

He chuckled and shrugged. You placed the cup on the little table, and turned to him, you looked at his face for a solid 15 seconds, then said “Don’t worry. At one point I thought I was carrying a little ‘you - sperm’ plus ‘I - egg’ inside me, but I promise, it’s not the case okay?” You leaned in and hugged him, “and I promise the moment that happens I won’t hide it from you. Not that I’m in any rush to procreate and reproduce,” you smiled 

Are you sure?” He said, then he pounced upon you as if you were his prey.

*runs away and hides behind a tree* *not in a stalkerish way tho*

no dont hiideeee tallkkk to meeee