you did it you climbed the whole mountain

Australia joining Eurovision is sorta like Christmas when you’re 10. You’re just following people around talking about how you’re a GROWN UP and you can do ALL THE STUFF THEY CAN so you should 100% be allowed to sit at the ADULT TABLE for dinner, and eventually they get tipsy enough that you start sounding endearing instead of annoying and they finally let you sit at the adult table and it’s the best day of your life

Frankly I have never been prouder of us as a nation

I used my patreon money to buy groceries today and I’m glad I didn’t cry because that would have been awkward but IM HOME NOW SO I CAN CRY AND SAY THANK YOU!!!! YOU DID THIS. We climbed this whole mountain. I’m so grateful I don’t have the words. But it feels so good. I want you to know that.