you did it you climbed the whole mountain

I often read comments like “Final Fantasy XV is a bad game and lazily made” or “Instead spending money on a movie and an anime they should’ve spent more time and money on the game itself!” which often leaves behind feeling a little hurt because that’s not true.
My reasons for that are below the “read more”.
Don’t take my rambling too seriously but maybe think about it.

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Among the Leaves

This is for my Drabble Game and was requested by a mysterious Anon.

Prompts: “These scars tell my story. Need I say more?” and “I’m much more than you think I am.”


Imagine getting stuck in a tree and Thorin having to climb up and get you because you’re too scared to climb down.

You regretted your stupidity the moment you had made your first haul up the trunk. And when you had swung your leg over the lowest branch, you had willed yourself on with reckless adrenaline. It was only when you pulled yourself to the highest rung of the great oak that you realized the height of your mistake.

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Ice Ice Baby

Summary: Jensen surprises the reader and their son with a fun family day.

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Word Count: 1,198 

Requested by: @beckawinchester

“Where are you off to looking all hot with your leather jacket?“ You say drooling over your fine ass husband.

“Well…we are taking Evan and having a family day.”

“I thought you had to shoot later?”

“Nope. I talked to Bob and I get the whole day off from filming.”

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(Fanfic) The Time Traveler 03

April 05, 2017, Wednesday [#103]

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Title: The Time Traveler (Chapter 03) (Slight MC/Jake)

Chapter Three summary: As Sean prepares to go to the La Huerta observatory alone, it is Jake, and not MC, who talks to him - and gives him a surprising lecture.

Story summary: Using a time travel gun prototype, Jake McKenzie travels back to the past. By encouraging friendships between everybody to build up trust and teach each other skills, he hopes to stop a terrible future from happening.

Links to previous two (02) chapters: [01] [02]

Chapter Three: Unexpected Advice

Sean looked around his room, searching for something. After the party, most of the people had gone to their rooms, but Sean, already knowing what he wanted to do, had grabbed things that would help him in his plans.

After a minute, he found the rope and placed it in his backpack. Sean would have to leave soon. He planned on slipping out a back door early so that he would be on his way before anybody knew it.

Turning to look at his open door to try to see if it would creak on his way out, he was startled to see Jake standing several feet away, just outside the open door.

Internally, Sean sighed.

He was willing to believe that Jake was a good guy, but for somebody who was ex-military, he was pretty lazy and self-centered. He should have been the person everybody could depend on - instead, he wasted his time lounging by the pool and taking naps when he could have been investigating with the rest of them instead.

“Whatcha doin’ over there, Quarterback?”

“Nothing, Jake,” Sean replied, annoyed. All he wanted was for the other man to leave so that he could resume his packing. He had to concentrate so that he wouldn’t forget anything, and a distraction like this really didn’t help.

The pilot made a disbelieving noise. “Doesn’t look like nothing,” he said, stepping into the room and walking to Sean’s bag to take a peek inside. “Rope, flashlight, helmet? Nope, definitely not nothing.”

Even more irritated now, Sean grabbed the bag and pulled it away from Jake. “Why do you even care?”

“Because I know what you’re planning on doing - and I’m going to stop you.”

Sean stared at Jake in horror. He was a traitor?

So that was why he didn’t want to help; he was in on whatever this whole thing was. The whole “trying to get to his airplane” thing was probably an act to build up trust. His plane had been destroyed, but maybe getting a new plane was part of the deal he made with… them.

Not privy to Sean’s thoughts, Jake scooted over and looked into the bag again. The football player didn’t notice, his mind still racing.

But why would anybody send Jake to try to get in with him and his classmates? And why target them in the first place? Who was in charge of this whole thing? He had to do something. Jake was here all alone with him. He would just act first and explain later to everybody. One good punch should-

“I mean, it’s good that you thought of bringing gear, but this is all wrong.”

That was not what Sean had been expecting.


Jake started taking items out of Sean’s bag, critiquing each thing as he did so.

“This rope is about twenty feet long, which is pretty much useless if you’re climbing up a mountain - or volcano, in this case. If you tie yourself to anything with rope this short, you wouldn’t get the leverage you need to pull yourself up if you fall. You’d be hanging forever from the side of the volcano, like a string of sausages at a butcher shop.”

He continued.

“This flashlight is fine - if you’re playing hide and seek outside by the pool. You need a heavy-duty flashlight with you since mountains have all sorts of holes and small caverns that you could fall into if you’re not careful. Don’t skimp on the light just because you think you’ll be back here before nightfall. And don’t even get me started on that helmet you found. If a rock even as small as your fist drops from higher up, that thin plastic won’t save you from a concussion. And did you even pack a first aid kit?”

Extremely shocked, Sean repeated dumbly, “What?”

The pilot dumped out all of the contents of the bag onto the floor. “I know you heard me.”

“I did,” Sean replied, still surprised, “but I didn’t expect you to be so… helpful.”

Jake shrugged.

“Maybe I’ve had a change of heart. Besides, somebody has to give you some advice. Being a Boy Scout for six years may have taught you a few things,” he smirked, “but your survival knowledge could use an upgrade or two.”

“Hey!” the football player protested - then laughed. “Yeah, you’re probably right.”

Looking at the items on the floor critically, Jake observed, “You had the right idea to gather this stuff, but you need more durable equipment for what you’re planning. And there’s something else you need. Something very important.”

Sean’s brow furrowed. “What’s that?”

“Backup,” said Jake seriously. “You’re probably trying to protect everybody by going alone, but doing this without any help is just stupid. You may be good with football, but I don’t think that’s going to help when it comes to figuring out a satellite uplink.”

That was true. Maybe Sean could climb up the volcano, but what would he do once he got there? What if the observatory was sealed, or needed some kind of password? He would need help.

“Well, have fun on your scavenger hunt, Quarterback,” Jake said, getting up and walking towards the door. “I’m going to go back to sleep. I’ll need to be well-rested to run in case a dinosaur decides it wants pilot for lunch tomorrow. Don’t forget to pack nonperishable food for everybody.”

Casually waving goodbye without looking back, Jake sauntered out of the room, leaving Sean surprised, confused… and grateful.

As Sean looked for paper and a pen so that he could write down a list of what equipment he needed to look for, he wondered - how did Jake know that Sean had been a Boy Scout for six years?

He shrugged. Maybe Jake had just thought that Sean had seemed like the Boy Scout type, or something.

(End of Chapter Three.) (Word count: 999 words.)

Chapter Three notes: (B01-C08.) Jake found Sean while the MC was still asleep. By the time she woke up, Sean was out looking for better equipment, so they never had the talk they had in the game. I’ve been reading posts about Sean not getting enough credit, or being written into a story only to make the MC jealous, so I wanted to give him some of the spotlight in this chapter. And Jake made another slip of the tongue like he did with Diego… poor guy!

Author’s note: By the way, receiving 🦄🦄 comments 🦄🦄 on my fanfiction lets me know that YOU are interested in reading more… 😊😎 Nudge nudge, wink wink 😀😋

(Waiting for H.W.U. to come back, forever and always; 05/04/17.)

This is for you.

This is for the time you stood me up because you found someone new who would like to stay with you. This is for that sigh you did when you called me and I asked you if you loved her. This is for the stare you gave me when both of us neglected to hush the silence. This is for the letter you never wrote for me. This is for that shrug in your shoulders when you were asked how was I doing. This is for the words you scribbled but never meant. This is for the “swears” you did but never upheld. This is for our word that you never think will be imprinted on me, but still, it’s tattooed in me.

This is for my 11:11 wishes on you even though I told you I don’t do those anymore. This is for the pennies I threw in every wishing well aiming to let miracles happen. This is for that hope I threw to the sky when a falling star happened to cross. This is for the quiet prayers I uttered every single time you tell me you’re there, out in the world. This is for the kneeling I did when I was at the altar, confessing to the Lord how beautiful is the world He has created that would pretty much bloom with you and me belonging together. This is for the letters I wrote you but you never knew.

This is for us.

This is for the sea we didn’t happen to sail. This is for the selves we could’ve been together. This is for the smiles that wouldn’t be present anymore. This is for the soundless vows we could have told each other. This is for the mountains we would’ve climbed together. This is for the gasps we’ll do for the mushy little things we could have did. This is for the page we ended when we could have been a whole new book. This is for the songs we'll affiliate with one another that upon hearing them, our heartstrings would tremble so much because we miss each other so much. This is for us whose supposed to shatter the distance between us yet never had the chance because the gap has gotten wider and wider. This is for the crevices we would never have to fill because having each other is more than enough already.

This is for us.
This is for you and me.
This is supposed to be ended… with you and me.

—  s.a., this is the between

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i'm just letting you know that you're a gross terf and you're not allowed to laugh at any post made by myself or any of my friends lol... also we're both lesbians you dolt

we did it girls we climbed this whole mountain and let it be known my first “uwu terf” ask was over a fucking pennywise dickskin post


IN CELEBRATION OF THE DHMIS KICKSTARTER REACHING THEIR GOAL and as the result of a very strange turn of events this week I finished a puppet…of a puppet!
I had a casual suggestion to make Aisha’s human design of the notebook from DHMIS……..and I felt like it was finally time to give in to the temptation, so here we are

Almost There

Originally posted by dancewithmejensen

The new addition to the True Fluff series!  (Click here for mobile master list link, which has everything from the previous parts linked up.)

Summary: Dean dropped the L-bomb. What now?

Word Count: 1270

Warnings: None. 

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The garage was deadly silent as you stared at Dean, mouth slightly agape. Did he just say …? Was he really …?

“Please,” he begged in a whisper. “Say something.”

You swallowed. “Dean, I … Well, that was not what I expected to hear from you anytime soon.”

“I shouldn’t have said it,” Dean sighed, dropping his hands away from you, running one through his hair. “Y/N, I’m sorry. I just – I couldn’t hold it back any longer.”

“And I wouldn’t want you to,” you assured quickly. “Listen to me. I’m so close. My heart is bursting with everything I feel for you. You’ve done nothing the whole time we’ve been together but encourage me and support me. I’m so afraid that if I don’t say it right now, you’ll leave. But I want you to know I feel it, Dean, I do. Saying it though … that feels like a different mountain to climb. Please, don’t walk away. I know I’ve been a step behind you since the beginning, but just let me catch up, please.”

Dean frowned, and you feared the worst. “Did you not hear what I said? I’m in love with you, pretty girl. There is no walking away for me. I’ll stand here for the rest of my life and wait for you to catch up, if I have to. Everything you’ve done for me this weekend … the car, showing me the garage … all of it. I can see how you feel in your actions. Obviously I want to hear the words at some point, but I know you’ll get there. As long as you’re not panicking about me saying it, I’m good.”

You couldn’t help but giggle as you went up on tiptoe to kiss him.


Dinner was, of course, delicious. Meals at Mary’s house never disappointed. Dean raved on about the Trans Am and the garage. He squeezed your hand tight when he finished telling about it.

“I think you’ve found a keeper,” Mary smiled, winking at you. “Mom votes yes, anyway.”

You blushed. “Well, thanks. Here, I’ll help you clean up.”

“Me, too,” Jess offered.

“You can talk with us, but you rest. That baby’s going to wear you out before it’s even here, so you keep up your energy while you can,” Mary ordered.

The three of you shuffled back and forth between the dining room and the kitchen, cleaning up supper while Dean and Sam made small talk in front of the TV. When the leftovers were put away and dishes loaded into the washer, Mary put a few candles in a pecan pie, and brought it out to the coffee table while singing ‘Happy Birthday’. You followed with a few mugs of coffee, and Jess brought the dessert plates and forks.

Dean grinned around a large bite of pie after he was served the first piece. “Mom, this is amazing. My two favorite ladies, spoiling me like none other tonight.”

You kissed his cheek before helping yourself to a piece of pie and a mug of coffee. Once all of that was cleaned up, you and Dean excused yourselves for the evening. Once loaded into his truck, you scooted over to the middle of the bench seat and nuzzled against his neck.

“Stay with me tonight,” you pleaded. “We’re both off tomorrow.”

Dean chuckled. “Haven’t you had enough of me?”

“Never, Sparky.”

That was all it took to convince him. He put an arm around you, holding you close during the drive first to his house, then yours. Once in your driveway, he toted his bag up to the porch while you unlocked the door and turned the lights on.

“It’s freezing in here!” Dean declared, rushing for the bedroom. “What the hell?”

You winced. “I turned the heater off before I left … Maybe I should have just turned it down.”

“Yeah, maybe,” Dean chuckled.

“At least I’ll have you here to keep me warm until the heater catches up.”

Dean smiled as he changed into sweats and a t-shirt. You opted for boyshorts and one of Dean’s t-shirts you had managed to keep at your place. It wasn’t too late, but the two of you were beat from the weekend. You turned on the television in your room, set the timer for it to shut off, and snuggled up next to your boyfriend. Dean kissed your forehead and thanked you again for a really great weekend.

“I hope you thanked Jess and Sam as much as you’re thanking me,” you answered. “They rented the cabin, you know.”

“I know, and I’m definitely grateful to them, too,” Dean assured. “But you’re here now. So I can tell you now.”

“Fair enough.” You took a deep breath. “I like this. Beginning and ending my day with you. It’s perfect.”

Dean gave you a half-smile. “When you say things like that – that’s why I don’t need you to say the other thing back, Y/N. But it’s also why I couldn’t wait to tell you. Even if you’re not next to me, every day for me begins and ends with you. You’re pretty frequently in that middle part, too. You’re everything, and you have been for going on seven weeks.”

You took a deep breath. “How did I get so lucky?”

Dean shook his head. “No, that’s not it. Pretty sure I’m quoting a movie when I say this, but we’re both blessed. We got each other. And no matter what happens in the future, I know we’re always going to have each other. Let me tell you one more thing about what I said earlier, then I’ll let you go to sleep.”

“I’m listening.”

“When we were at the cabin and things got heated, we said that we wanted to be in love before sex came into play. I want to be very clear that me telling you I love you has nothing to do with that. The timing is coincidence, is all. If we want another ten years, so be it.” You made a face, and Dean chuckled. “Okay, maybe not ten years. But you know what I mean. I just want you next to me. That’s all.”

You leaned up a little more to kiss him. “Like I said earlier, Sparky. I’ll never get enough of you. I’m here, next to you, for as long as you’ll have me. You’re the only one I want.”

Dean smiled and kissed you again. “Then I guess I should cancel the plans I had with Caitlin next week.”

“Jess’s sister-in-law?” you frowned.

“The girl from the shop,” Dean laughed. “I didn’t even think about them having the same name.”

You pinched him in the side for that one; he responded by tickling you until you begged for mercy. When he finally gave it up, you were on your back and he was smiling down at you, hovering over your body.

“Would you really consider dating her again?”

“First of all, I never dated her. We went on one date, and I took her to mom’s once. That’s it,” Dean reminded you. “And, to answer your question, absolutely not. I wouldn’t dream of breaking your heart in anyway, pretty girl. I’ll say it this once more because it’s still my birthday so I’m allowed, then I’ll drop it until you’re ready to hear it again: you’re it for me. I love you. That’s all I need to know.”

As Dean’s lips met yours for what was probably the five-hundredth time but still felt like the first time, you knew that somehow, that was all you needed to know, too.

Nobody But You

Singleness of Heart, 6/6

[Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3] [Part 4] [Part 5]



We did it! We climbed this whole mountain!

(I mean, I’m totally about to start climbing another similar but slightly more traumatic mountain, but shhhhhh) (Fics, the mountains are fics. Anyways.)

Enjoy, and lemmie know what you think! :)


“I’ll show you the bathroom in a second-“ Grunkle Stan is saying, slinging his arm around Anna’s shoulder and gesturing dramatically, “But you really shouldn’t wander around the Mystery shack alone- who knows what MYSTERIES you might encounter! Why, we once had a wax statue of Abraham Lincoln commit a wax murder, right in this very room!”

“Thank you,” Anna says, deliberately stepping away from Stan’s arm,“but I’m sure I’ll be fine”.

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Friends; esteemed colleges; countrymen: It is a proud day indeed. Today is the the day I have been waiting for for many years. I worked hard, I persevered, and I did my best. But I can’t take all the credit. Today would not be possible without each and every one of my followers. For you see, on this momentous day, it is my greatest joy to tell you that, though we may have started from the bottom,

we have finally climbed this whole mountain.

Australia joining Eurovision is sorta like Christmas when you’re 10. You’re just following people around talking about how you’re a GROWN UP and you can do ALL THE STUFF THEY CAN so you should 100% be allowed to sit at the ADULT TABLE for dinner, and eventually they get tipsy enough that you start sounding endearing instead of annoying and they finally let you sit at the adult table and it’s the best day of your life

Frankly I have never been prouder of us as a nation


My year in review: Went on adventures with my best friend, got brainwashed by an Asgardian, drowned a little. #shieldlife

Let's take a second to "Let it Go"

Can we all just take a moment to examine how truly brave and selfless Elsa is? Don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge Anna supporter, too. But lets look at Elsa for a few minutes. Really LOOK at her. Not just those sexy hips and hot dresses and beautiful hair, but her personality.

How many of you can honestly say that you would isolate yourself for your whole lives to stop from hurting people? How many of you can honestly say you’re brave enough to live by yourself away from any kind of human contact while staring down a mountain at the life you COULD have had? I really don’t think I’d be brave or selfless enough to do what she did. The one quality that she possesses that stands out to me after half a million times of watching her climb that mountain is SELFLESSNESS. If you had a power that was both beautiful and dangerous to those around you, would you give up an attempt at a normal life, at having friends and family, at having a job, etc, just so you could protect a few people who would probably hurt you given the chance?

I’m not brave or selfless. Not like her. But she inspires me to at least try to be selfless or brave. She inspires me to try to be myself and not care what other people think. Even though I’m not even close to being at that point where I can just “Let it Go”, I’m getting closer. Sure I’m still hiding in my shell, but at least now I see a light at the end of the tunnel. Does she inspire you?