you did great btw

askeggplantchild  asked:

So if your guys' hair is dyed, could I ask why you chose the colors you did? Did you just think they looked cool and did it? (They look great btw!! 😊)

Well, I chose mine because it reminds me of the sky. Summer sky was the first thing I saw after escaping. -Gato

I chose mine because it’s one of the colours my father has in his hair! He has blonde, black and red, though the main colour is black. -Carla

And thank you! Nice to hear someone likes them! -Gato & Carla

(Actually, I chose them because that particular blue is one of my favourite colours and my brother has blonde hair. -mun)

anonymous asked:

Omg. Where did you find that amazing swimsuit?? Btw it looks great on you!

Torrid! They have a lot of options ranging from poka dots, flower patterns, Disney, An lots of others. Btw thank you for the compliment!