you did good child


Pisces, plant seeds down your spine and become the careful gardener of your own life.

Aries, choosing to stay alive is a talent.

Taurus, the solution you found for yourself isn’t necessarily what will work for everyone else.

Gemini, you are too clever and influential to let minor setbacks block your path to success.

Cancer, it’s not fair to make someone play a game if you never explain the rules.

Leo, if you have to convince them to love you then it is in your best interest to leave.

Virgo, know how much your friends appreciate you even when you don’t always see them.

Libra, be easy on yourself and know you are doing the very best you possibly can.

Scorpio, recognize your keen ability to make people feel either insignificant or unstoppable.

Sagittarius, don’t let anyone dilute you to just an anecdote they brag about at parties.

Capricorn, forgive your father even if you still settle for lovers with his same stubborn temper.

Aquarius, you still have the same good heart that you did as a child.
—  MARCH HOROSCOPES, by Blythe Baird (2017)
Gummy Worm Giveaway (Peter Parker x reader)

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Pairing: Peter Parker x reader

Summary: Spider-Man swings in to save Y/N from a late night mugger. But, instead of gushing over her new hero, she easily realizes who’s behind the mask.

Requested: yes (anon)

Warning: language

Here’s number five! I’m hoping to put out my first prompt list request later tonight! Thx for sending this in! MASTERLIST BELOW!



All you wanted to do on this late Tuesday night was go down to the twenty-four hour shop and buy some gummy worms. Your hunger had been eating you up by the minute as you paced across your floor, debating your thoughts. You finally gave in to your grumbling stomach and hopped off your bed and out the door. Did your parents know you were out this late? No, because they were out this late at a work function, trusting you to be a good child and stay at home. But, did you listen? Of course not. Because your mind tended to flip from topic to topic, your sneaky thoughts always giving in.

So, you made the seven minute walk to the store. Seven minutes, that’s it. You would walk your hungry ass down happily all the way to the store, using your phone’s flashlight occasionally when approaching darkened areas on the streets, and walk in and buy your beloved gummy worms.

But now, you were certainly regretting that action. Once you turned the corner to continue your trek to your venture of a full stomach, you felt a presence take place quietly behind you. You didn’t dare turn around, an uneasy feeling filled your residence as you heard each footstep creep daringly behind you. Your pace quickened slightly as if on instinct, but you still stared dead on forward, continuing your now hopefully brisk walk to the store without company.

The deep breaths of the person slowed down, creeping closer and closer to your ear. Your blood began to run cold, fear hitting you suddenly like a truck as you thought to yourself, “Fuck, fuck, fuck, what do I do? Do I approach the seemingly creepy stranger, or do I pick my pace up as fast as I can and run my ass all the way there?”

Before your conscience decided what your heavily debated decision would be, you felt two hefty arms wrap themselves around your frame, yanking you off the ground.  Fear filled your eyes quickly, your heart beating at a rapid rate as you realized the situation you were in.

Your arms were being held tightly against your body, movement being stagnant at this point. Your legs flailed from your body as you felt a sweaty, dirty hand clamp itself over your mouth to hide your yet to be heard screams.

“Shh, shh. Stay quiet and give me all the fucking money you have or this won’t end well at all,” the stranger’s voice muttered in close proximity to your right ear, his breath hitting the side of your face as if a snake slithered along your jaw bone. You attempted to kick your legs back and forth, trying to wriggle out of his tight and horrid grasp on you, failing completely.

Running wasn’t option because you couldn’t. Yelling, screaming bloody murder for help wasn’t an option because you couldn’t. You couldn’t do anything. This psycho mugger was going to do god knows what to you and you had no fucking idea what to do.

In a split second, the mugger reached behind him, almost as if he was pulling out something to hold you down with while he stole every penny you had. Your eyes weren’t even filled with fear anymore, they were dazed with every frightful emotion you could possibly think of in the book.

But, before he could complete the task of pulling out some kind of weapon to scare you with, his grasp around you loosened completely as his body suddenly flew back, slamming into a pole. You immediately responded to the relieved feeling throughout your body, heaving a huge breath of air.

“Hey, buddy! Better think twice before attempting to mug someone in the middle of the night again!”

Your head snapped behind you, eyes widening to the size of saucers as the man who a just a few seconds ago had you in a death hold, was now trapped against the street-light, a spider-like web holding him in place.As he struggled to get out of his now death hold, your head moved in the the direction of a new presence taking place near you. Your eyes land on a red and blue suit standing on the building above you, mouth opening wide open at the person standing, well above you.

Spider-Man. He saved you.

Your stomach did a flip as the superhero stood clear as day, right in front of you. His black and white eyes looked down at your form, standing underneath the dim street-light and he smiled in his mask at your presence. He leaped down from the building, landing on the sidewalk in front of you. Your stature stood entirely still as he walked closer to you, shock filling your insides.

His lanky body walked towards you, his mask moving slightly as he asked you, “Are you okay?”

His concerned voice hit your heart and you melted, hating that someone could affect you like that. You just nodded your head slightly as you moved closer to the hero.

“Need a lift?”


“Thank you so much for saving me,” you spoke to him as soon as you gained composure after everything that’s happened. But, nervousness still rubbed your voice as you stood before him, outside your room on the fire escape.

He leaned against your bedroom window, folding his arms across his chest, “You’re welcome.”

Your face tinged pink at his casual yet sultry attitude towards the matter. You breathed a huge sigh before sitting on the small bench, your mind still running with thoughts of tonight’s previous events. Your head popped up at the sound of him moving from leaning against your window to walking towards you, “Can I just ask why you were out this late on a Tuesday night?” his voice scratchy and suspicious as his head tilted to the side almost trying to be amusing.

A slight smile spread across your face at his actions, chucking a little before responding, trying your best not to sound like a complete dumb ass, “I was hungry. Like, really hungry,” you emphasized the word really before continuing. p>

“I just wanted some gummy worms from that twenty-four hour store seven blocks away. Which obviously wasn’t the best idea.”

You finished, realizing that your attempt to not sound stupid completely failed you as Spider-Man leaned his head back, emitting a deep chuckle at your story.

“Obviously,” he muttered slyly, resting his hands on his hips.

Holy fuck.

“Hey Peter, you know that using the ‘Stark Internship’ card can’t get you away from everything, right?” you questioned your once again late lab partner in the middle of sixth period.

He sighed, rolling his eyes and sitting down next to you, “Obviously.”

You knew you’d heard that unrecognizable voice from somewhere. The scratchy yet slightly high voice rang in your ears so evidently it was almost as if someone had blown a bull horn in your ear.

Your eyes enlarged as the realization slapped you in the face. You didn’t think twice before shooting straight up from your spot, hands by your sides before yelling in exasperation, “PETER?”

“What?” he questioned, darting your way at the sudden sound of his name, not realizing he’d been caught. Once he saw your mouth agape like a fish, his eyes widened behind his mask, defeat taking over.

Your finger immediately shot up, pointing at him as you got closer to him. He saw your actions and backed away quickly, you two moving in circles for minutes before you shouted, “Oh my god it is you!”

He ripped his mask off and ran closer to you, both hands set on your shoulders as he began to shake your entire frame from shock, “Y/N you have to promise me won’t say anything to anyone!”

His wispy brown hair fell in front of his forehead, bright brown eyes staring directly into your Y/E/C ones. The fear and guilt radiated off his body you could sense it against you, your cheeks tinting pink at his sudden vulnerable state.

“I promise, Peter. I won’t,” you swore, truth flooded his ears and he began to felt somewhat ease with the you wide eyes standing in front of him.

He let you go and walked to stand next to you, arms leaning against the railing, a sigh emitting from his figure. You followed his actions your body becoming tired from all of tonight’s happenings.

Wait, why did this make him even cuter than before?

You laughed to yourself your weariness getting the best of you, causing you to think exceedingly truthful all of the sudden. You leaned over and saw his exhausted expression, knowing he never meant to let his secret let go so easily.

You nudged him with your shoulder, turning towards him, “If it makes you feel any better, having Peter Parker save me from a mugger was at the top of my bucket list.”

He looked in your direction, a smile spreading his pink lips, eyes smiling with it as he realized that as of right now, Peter was greater than Spider-Man.

And you knew it too.


the tenth doctor by the numbers (info)

I wish we had a front shot of the sea creature in the shape of water trailer, I want to draw him 😭 

This is really stating the obvious, but it just hit me like a ton of bricks that the whole trip to the graveyard, Harry and Albus standing among Harry’s baggage, Harry showing Albus Cedric’s grave, is literally “Be honest with those you love. Show them your pain”. 

I knew the lines about Harry’s fears were in reference to that, but really it’s the whole scene. About how scared he is of being a father to Albus. About his relationship with Voldemort, and all the things he had to learn. About the loss of Cedric and how he’s still trying to say sorry. Every single thing is the embodiment of Dumbledore’s advice to him. 

  • Yann: I have an idea. It's very uncool.
  • Yann: It's not illegal, technically, but it's still a dick move.
  • Rose: I love it.

6 Signs You Were The Favorite Child

Did your mom and dad love you the most? Even if they’ll never admit it, these six signs will prove that you were 100 percent the favorite child growing up.

1. You were the only kid in your family who knew the nuclear codes: Were you always the one who got to hold the nuclear briefcase, while none of your other siblings did? If so, there’s a good shot you were the golden child in your parents’ eyes! Booyah!

2. Your dad quit his job to stare at you full time: Your brothers and sisters were definitely a little jealous the day your dad came home unemployed and started staring at you expressionless for 24 hours a day, but hey, it’s not your fault he likes you best.

3. Your parents would wake you up in the middle of the night to eat the real dinner: Odds are, if your parents fed your siblings a fake dinner every night and then woke you up later to eat the real one, then you were probably their No. 1. Um, sorry for being amazing, we guess?

4. Your birthday was the password to the lock on the shed where your parents kept your siblings: Jimmy, Jessica, and sometimes Cathy were so peeved that they’d have to enter your birthday into the padlock if they ever wanted to be free. But whatever, just comes with the territory!

5. Your parents told you not to hesitate to eat your brother in a survival situation: Sure, parents might try and treat their kids equally, but when push comes to shove, they’re always going to tell their favorite child to kill and eat their siblings if they’re ever on the brink of starvation while lost in the woods.

6. Your mom has a tattoo of you standing over of pile of your siblings’ bodies: Ugh! Try not to be so obvious, Mom! It might not have been fair, but at the end of the day, you have to admit it ruled being your parents’ favorite. And the good news is: You always will be!

Family Dinner | Woozi Fluff

Anon: SO i saw this picture on Instagram of a drawing of SEVENTEEN’s Vocal Unit, where Woozi was the dad and taking care of the other members of the unit (because they were babies), Jeonghan and Joshua was wearing bunny onesies and Seungkwan and DK was wearing puppy onesies. Can you do a scenario based on that? A day in the life of Woozi and his wife taking care of the four children?

Character: Lee Jihoon (fem!reader)
Word count: 1639

Originally posted by jihanlife

Your four children often split off into two teams; the troublemakers and the peacemakers. Seungkwan and Seokmin raised hell, jumped off couches, bounced on beds, stole cookies from the jar before dinner. While Jeonghan and Joshua tried to take care of them, to look out for the devilish boys and keep them safe. Or at least, Joshua did. Jeonghan was a member of the devilish team sometimes. But the hell he raised was nothing compared to the youngest two.

Which meant that Jihoon was stressed, always.

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BTS - Reaction - Child

love2laughlive2love said: Hello! I saw the request anon who was feeling sad, to sorta lighten the mood could you please do a fluffy BTS reaction to their child only being able to go to sleep if they hold them to their chest to let their child listen to their heartbeat b/c it’s like music to their ears. :) ❤️

Aww~ That would really brighten the mood actually, thank you so much for requesting it! I’m not really the biggest fan of children, but i can imagine people really loving this concept ^^


With how much Suga likes to sleep anyway, I imagine that he’d be more than willing to teach his child the art of sleeping. Despite his own wishes, Suga would always wait for his child to fall asleep before he did, just to make sure.

Suga: “You’ll have the best life I can give… I swear to you, you’ll never get hurt like how I did. I just want you to rely on me when you’re weak… Just like how your mother was always there for me.” Casting his gaze across the room, he’d make eye contact with you, sliming, then letting himself fall asleep.

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Still being a little kid himself (pretty much), Jungkook worked surprisingly well with children.

Jungkook: “Alright, you see what the clock say? What does it say? … 7:30, your bedtime! Good job!” Picking up the sleepy child who fought his drooping eyelids, he carried him to his bedroom where you helped to change his clothes into his nightwear. After that, all 3 of you went to your room where you set up for bed.

Y/N: “I don’t care if we’re going to bed super early, I’m tired after today, how about you, Jungkook?” Already asleep with your child. No matter what he said, Jungkook will always be more like a child than he’ll like to admit. How cute. 💕

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You’d just come back from work, eager to see your baby and man-child, only to find the house suspiciously quiet. This naturally worried you because, of course, silence and quiet is almost unheard of when it comes to Hoseok. Yet your worried were put to rest once you laid your eyes upon the sleeping pair, Hoseok on his back with your child soundly asleep on his chest. You tried your best to stifle a giggle.

Y/N: “I didn’t realise you had a nap time too Hoseok… must be work out from playing all day…” Not having the heart to wake them, you quietly laid a blanket over them, kissing the two on their heads before walking off.

Y/N: “I love you.” After you are out of earshot, Hoseok tiredly responded.

J-Hope: “I love you too.”

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Taehyung already has a habit of holding onto things when he sleeps, so when your child wanted to sleep against his chest, he of course agreed to it instantly. So, that night, Taehyung laid out your child’s favourite blanket to sleep under along with your help.

V: “You ready to sleep, huh champ?” Looking endearing into their eyes, they nodded whilst reaching their hands up to be picked up. You were already laying in bed, watching Tae interact with your bungle of joy; before long, the room as filled with gentle snores and familial love.

Y/N: “How did I get so lucky?” You thought. Who knows?

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In the silence of the night, Jimin would have one arm around his sleeping child upon his chest, the other arm around your waist as you laid next to him.

Jimin: “I know our child will grow before we know it, but for now, let’s just stay here like this.”

Y/N: “Jimin?”

Jimin: “Yeah?”

Y/N: “Thank you for giving me such a beautiful reason to wake up in the morning. I couldn’t imagine my life without either of you… I love you.”

Jimin: “I love you more, now, let’s get some sleep.~”

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After a long day of practice, he’d come home to greet you and your child.

Jin: “Did you have a good day?” Smiling, both you and your child nodded and smiled, your smiles quickly brighting his face with joy. It was pretty late seeing as how you two had waited for Jin to get back, your child refused to sleep without him. Leading him by the hand, Jin led you and your child to the bedroom to sleep as a family.

Y/N: “Is everyone ready for bed?” A unanimous hum came from the two of them as everyone climbed into the bed.

Jin: “This is undoubtably my favourite part of the day.”

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Rap Monster

Raising a child was one of the most daunting challenges of Namjoon’s life, not because he didn’t like children, no, because he was scared of hurting them due to his title ‘god of destruction’. He still remembers clearly to this day the fear he had they first time he slept with is child resting upon his chest.

Y/N: “Don’t be scared Nammie, everything will be fine. Trust me, I’ll be there every step of the way.” Kissing you gently on the lips, he let out a quiet response.

Rap Monster: “… Can I hold your hand?”

Y/N: “Of course you can, good night.” 💕

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