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For your consideration. <3 Paladin Overwatch Mains: Lance: Obviously Widowmaker/Hanzo/Ana, gotta live up to being team sharpshooter, but will play McCree. Hunk: Luci-oh-oh-oh! Also has a lot of hours on Reaper and it scares the hell out of everyone. Shiro: Doomfist, hahaha, he's hilarious guys. Also likes Soldier: 76, the nerd. Pidge: Sombra, fucking duh. Also quite a bit of Tracer, and even Roadhog Keith: Genji and Zarya. Hes that kinda player. Will sometimes play Mercy if there are no healers.

But Keith is the No mercy Mercy. Like those plays of the game where Mercy wipes out an entire team? Keith.

Also Lance inspires fear whenever McCree’s ‘High Noon’ is heard. Because he’s coming for you.

Shiro unironically likes that Grillmaster 76 skin and uses it constantly.

Pidge ‘boops’ all the time. Has though about growing her nails like Sombra.

Hunk is having a great time as Lucio until you piss him off, then he switches to Reaper and…well…you ‘die Die DIE’


A/N: Hi guys! How are you? I hope everything’s fine! I’m really sorry about my absence but I’m quite busy right now with college and so. I’ll try to write more! Moreover, I just DIED when I saw Seb’s photo so that made me think of a sort of drabble. I hope you all like it. As always, feel free to correct me and feedback would be appreciated!

Warnings: Masturbation, Dirty talk, Bucky’s noises, etc.

Words: 1,537.

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You groaned in pain as the warm water ran down your naked body. Soon the shower was filthy as the dirt you had from the battlefield fell off from your skin along with blood. You had been injured by one of the Hydra agents and Helen Cho had patched you as she could, warning you not to move for a few days. Fury had sent you to the Avengers’ towers as soon as he knew and there you were.

You threw yourself on your mattress, feeling the warmness welcoming you. Your eyes shut as you fell asleep. Unconsciously, you hugged your pillow, noticing Bucky’s aroma on it. You loved it as much as you loved wearing his t-shirts when he was not there. Or when he was. It didn’t really matter.

You had been dating the supersoldier for a year after months of curious behaviour. What started as a friendship became slowly something else. When Bucky came, he was shy and barely spoke to anyone but Steve. You didn’t push him and talked to him about music, books or whatever just to make him laugh. He started to open to you and hang up with you.

Sometimes he would look for you all over the whole tower just to tell you about the last book he had read or what he had found on Wikipedia. You still remembered his face as he talked to you about Star Wars or Back to the Future.

It was during an especially rough mission when he trusted you completely. You had been days monitoring a Hydra base and sending the information to Steve, who was in the tower. Bucky had been sent with you due to his knowledge.

But something went wrong.

Agents prepared to catch you, dead or alive, suddenly surrounded you. You fought until your muscles were sore but a bullet hit you in your arm and you fell on the muddy ground, watching the man approaching you. He raised his gun and you tried to defend yourself, when he hit the ground. Bucky lowered the smoky gun and carried you bridal style to the motorbike you had hidden.

“Let’s go, doll” He had said, driving to the safe house Tony had offered to you two. Bucky healed you as much as he could and talked to you about his first scar.

After that, you became inseparable and closer until one night you two were staring at the star when he kissed you. Your first steps were hesitant but soon you knew you loved him more than you had ever loved someone. And it was mutual. Bucky felt you were what he needed to be himself again.

Your phone started to ring and you groaned under the duvet. Your hand went out the burrito you had become and took it, looking at your messages. Your lips curved into a smile when you saw the name written on the screen.

“Winter Boo Bear”

Good morning, sleeping beauty.

How did you know I was sleeping?

You couldn’t stop the chuckle that escaped your mouth as Bucky sent you an emoji that seemed to say Really?

Okay, maybe I was having a nap. But I was tired.

Was the mission okay?

You touched the bruises and remembered Helen Cho healing you. Your fingers travelled quick down they keyboard, typing.

Nothing to worry about. Just a few bruises. I’m a big girl.

You added the emoji with the tighten muscle as your teeth grabbed your bottom lip, smiling. The phone showed the “Typing…” thing from Bucky.

I know you’re a big girl, doll.

I’m really craving to see you.

Oh, oh.

You felt heat rising to your neck as you blushed, knowing where the conversation was going. He had done this several times before when one or the other or even both were in missions.

Oh yeah? I’m sure you don’t. I mean. You have Steve. I’m sure he will be a beautiful view in the morning.


Doll, you know I love this punk but I’d prefer to wake up with you naked by my side than him. 

Oh, so that’s the only reason why you want to be here, huh?

Oh, honey…there are several reasons.

You sent Bucky the rolling eyes emoji and he typed a laugh. You bit your lip as you stared at the screen. Your lips curved into a smirk as an idea grew up in your mind.

What were you doing?

I was going to have a shower. I’m filthy.

Yeah, you usually are. That’s your natural state.

You couldn’t avoid roaring with laughter as you sent the last message, hoping you could see your boyfriend’s face at that. His state changed to “Typing” again before it stopped. You took advantage of it as your fingers flew over the keyboard.

What are you wearing? Let me see ya, Sarge.


That made you bit your bottom lip. You could almost hear Bucky’s growl in your mind and you decided to make him as horny and frustrated as he sometimes made you when you were having sex. 

Sergeant Barnes, it’s an order.

The phone stayed silent for a few minutes before it buzzed again. You took it and grinned at the answer, knowing it was all yours.

Yes, Ma’am.

You waited patiently as your fingers drew abstract forms on your naked skin. The touch of your fingertips, almost like feathers sent shivers down your spine and you craved for Bucky’s touch. His fingers were calloused and rough from the missions, yet they rubbed your sensitive skin, knowing all your sweet spots. 

You heard the answer getting to your phone and you almost jumped to take it. Your fingers opened the message and you waited until the image was completely charged.

Oh, my.

Your mouth fell open and you felt as if it had dried. You swallowed hard as your eyes examined the photo. Bucky was in the hotel’s bathroom. A expensive one, you thought. Probably Tony had afforded it. He was shirtless and his red briefs appeared above his sweatpants. He was muscled and his left arm shone with the light of the bathroom. 

Like what you see?

Yes. It’s a shame I couldn’t have you here in my bed, right now.

You’re missing my naked body, Sarge.

Your hands started to rub your breast slowly as your eyes stared at the photo. You bit your lip and moaned softly, feeling your fingertips grazing the sensitive bud. The phone buzzed again and you looked at the message.

Fuck doll. Don’t say that. Show me.

You whimpered and hurried to type an answer.

No, Sarge. I’m in charge here. 

Are you touching yourself? Are you all wet?

I am.

With my legs spread, as you like. I’m touching my nipple now. 

A minute after the message was delivered the screen lightened, showing a photo of you and Bucky in Disneyland. You smirked and waited a few minutes. You loved teasing him. Making him to wait before giving what he craved for. 

Obviously, that would cause him to do the same.

“Doll?” He panted as you picked up the phone. You took a deep breath to avoid the moan that wanted to escape your lips as you pinched your nipple. 


“Are you touching yourself? Without me?” Bucky chuckled and you whimpered as your hand travelled down your abdomen towards your legs. The cold air made you shiver and your body jolted as your fingers grazed slightly your core. “Bad girl. You know what will happen when I get home, right?”

You moaned when your fingertips rubbed your clit in circles, slowly at the beginning. Bucky’s gasps were audible through the speaker and you recognised the sound of pants being removed.

“Tell me, doll. C’mon”

“I’m naked. On my bed, hmmm…”You bit your lip as you introduced a finger inside you while touching yourself.

“Fuck. I wish I could see ya.  You’d like that, wouldn’t you?” You muttered a fainted yes as your fingers continued on your clit, making you to moan. “God, yes. Y/N, more. I want to hear them all”

“Are you touching yourself?”

“Yes, doll. I’m hard right now. I hope it was your hand. I want to be between your legs. My tongue sucking all over. Licking your clit” You moaned higher this time at the image of your boyfriend between your legs. “I’d make you scream my name until you couldn’t take it any longer”

“Fuck, yes. Don’t stop” You rubbed your fingers harder, feeling your whole body burning and shaking. You knew you were close and Bucky knew too. His pants and whimpers were rhythmic with yours and you imagined him naked on the bathroom, his hand moving along his length.

“I’m gonna fuck when I get home, doll. I’m gonna eat you until you are writhing and moaning”

“Fuck…JAMES!” You shouted when your whole body trembled as waves of pleasure went over it. You continued touching yourself as you heard your boyfriend’s pants and  your legs shook. He whimpered your name and you tried to catch your breath, feeling your body relaxing from that.

“I miss you, Bucky”

“Me too. I’ll be as soon as possible”

“I love you”

“I love you too”

Baseball Game Jealousy- Andre Burakovsky

Originally posted by thornescratch

Ok I’m not going to lie, this is one of my favorite Andre ones that I’ve written so far! Like I’m SO stoked for you guys to read it! I hope you enjoy it as much as I liked writing it!

Warning: cussing, jealous Andre

Anon Request (I’m merging two of them to fit both): omg I’m so in love with all your imagines lol if it’s not a bother could ya do another burkie one? Doesn’t really matter what of to me just a burkie one Hahah

And: One where reader is a big baseball fan and they go to a game and meet her fave player and Andre gets jealous.


              You wiggled in your seat unable to sit still. You were so excited!

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drew my new child, alex fierro, because i recently caught up with rick riordans books (still havent read ToA so please no spoilers!!) and

oh my god

she is my new favorite character in all of riordan’s books, please give me more alex fierro, i beg of you



believememylove  asked:

Could you write an imagine where the BAU team has a day off so they all go to a Nationals game together? With maybe a little bit of Reid x reader fluff?

I can most certainly try!  Here is your one-shot, comin’ ‘atcha!

“Finally!  A day off,” Morgan sighs.  “Everyone ready for the game today?”

You had all decided to get lunch before the game this evening.  You didn’t want to eat too much, though.  There was just something about a coke and a hot-dog at a baseball game that got you going.  You loved watching live baseball games, so when Morgan invited everyone, you were the first to jump in, at Reid’s surprise.

“I didn’t know you liked sports!” he had exclaimed, all shocked and flustered.

“No, I don’t like football,” you had stated.  You had explained to Reid that you had played softball as a child in a league, and that you always enjoyed going to summer games in the park watching your little brother play as well.

“You aren’t eating too much,” Reid leans in and says, “you feeling alright?”

Smiling at him, you put your hand on his knee, “Oh yeah, I’m fine.  I just want room to get a hot dog and a drink at the game.”

You and Reid had become close.  He came over on the weekends for movies and lunches, and there were even times where he would bring you coffee in the mornings, whether you had asked or not.  You enjoyed his presence, and even though you had informed Hotch of what you thought was going on, he gave you the go-ahead, stating that if the physical state of your relationship changed, that HR needed to be alerted.

“You ready for the game!?” Hotch ruffled Jack’s hair.

“Yeah!” Jack yelled.

“Me, too!” shouted Henry.

You love being around the kids.  It just enhanced how you hoped to have children of your own.  As you look from Jack to Henry and back again, you ask, “Who wants ice cream at the game!?”

“Meeeeee!” they shout as they raise their hands.

“Well, then yummy ice cream is on me,” you say, laughing at their outburst.  Hotch and J.J. give you smiles of approval, and as you all get up from your lunch and pay, you head out to your cars to drive over to the stadium.

It wasn’t until you had gotten to your car that you had realized Spencer’s hand had been on the small of your back.


“So, those two are getting a bit comfortable,” Garcia mused in Morgan’s ear as she watched Spencer wrap his arm around your shoulder.

“I think it’s cute,” Morgan smiled.

Taking a piece of popcorn, he throws it at the back of Spencer’s head, snickering to himself as Garcia giggles into his shoulder.

“Hey!” Reid shouts and turns around, glaring at Morgan.

“What, you don’t like popcorn!?” Morgan laughs, with the boys giggling right along with him, mouths covered in soft serve.

Chuckling, you put your hand on his knee, “It’s alright, he’s just jealous.”

“Of what?” Spencer asks, furrowing his brow.

“That you’re gonna get lucky during the game,” you mused, giving him a playful wink.

As Spencer’s eyes widened and his face flushed, you realize what you had said to him, and backtracked.  “I mean!…I just mean that, maybe, if we’re lucky, maybe that kiss-cam will swing our way.”

As you feel Spencer relax a little, the gravity of what you said sets in.

“Wait, y-you want to kiss me?” he stammer.

Smiling lightly, you wiggle your eyebrows playfully.

“I suppose we shall see.”


Spencer loved watching you during the game.  You would jump to your feet in glee at a home-run, you would yell at the umpires for a bad call, and you would even boo the away team whenever they did something good in the game.  He loved taking in your every reaction, and even though he knew how the game worked, he would always lean into your ear and ask questions, if only to be closer to you.

“No, no, no, Spencer.  Goals are in soccer.  This is baseball, so it’s a home-run,” you turn to him and smile.  Nudging his shoulder, you grin slyly.  “You know, for a genius, you are bad a catching onto sports.”

Shrugging, Spencer says, “What can I say?  I never played sports.”

Shaking your head, you know exactly what he is doing.  And you don’t mind it one bit.

As the halfway point in the game approaches, the teams take a break while everyone gets up to take a bathroom break.  Noticing that most of the team has gotten up to go get something or go somewhere, Spencer pulls you closer to him.

“I’ve really enjoyed today with you,” he lowers his voice as he leans his head closer to yours.

“Me, too,” you turn your face to him, smiling.

“We should do this more often.  Maybe not the games, though we could always come back to one.  I just meant, time out together.  You know, around town, go shopping, maybe see a movie or have some dinner…”

As Spencer trails off, you find your eyes dancing along his face.

“Spencer Reid, are you asking me out on a date?” you muse, crooking your eyebrow into the air.

Watching his face flush with embarrassment, his voice cracks a little as you giggle at him.

“Maybe.  Only if you want to…be…or go…out on one,” he stammers.

Smiling at him, you take his hand in yours, “Reid, I would love to go out on a date with you.”

And as his shy grin morphs into a cavernous smile, everyone around you starts cheering and pointing.

Looking over at the field, you notice that the kiss-cam is pointing towards you both, and as you look back over at Spencer, he guides your face towards his, lightly touching his lips to yours as you run your fingers through his hair, pulling him in closer, wishing for your bodies to never part.

The crowd begins whooping and cheering around you, and as you reluctantly pull away from his face, panting and flushed, the Kiss-Cam diverts to another couple in the crowd as you hear Morgan’s voice rise up from the masses:

“Way to go, Pretty Boy!”


One time for the luxurious lace front of Lucius Malfoy.
What’s that? Russian Silk in a #613/#27 mix, for the highlights? Layered 14", 16"??  Edges laid by that olive oil gel? Outchea killing em with the Chi flat iron and the Argan oil to combat the fog and what not as he lurks about the grounds of Hogwarts? Stunt on em rich bastid. Stunt. We were never worthy.
You still a fuckboy though.

Her Valentine

Just some Valentine’s Day Hood Mills family fluff. The character of Amelia comes from my drabble Study Buddies in case you were wondering just who she is. 

I do hope you enjoy it! Happy Valentines Day, everyone. :D

The table is littered with construction paper hearts trimmed with doilies and adorned with glitter. Names are proudly written on each valentine in a careful, oversized script, the writing tool of choice being a metallic sharpie Merida had begged her father to purchase for her earlier that week.

It’s clear that Merida Grace Locksley had gone all out for Valentines Day.

They’re all still in their pajamas, their bellies stuffed with applewood-smoked bacon and red velvet pancakes piled with homemade whipped cream. Robin wonders if the house has ever smelled this delicious as he takes another sip of his French Roast.

Boo lets out a squeal of protest as the fork she’s trying to lay her hands on is settled just beyond her reach by her mother. Regina bounces the baby on her lap as she presses Boo’s new stuffed rabbit into her chubby grasp, and Robin can’t help but chuckle as an ear is promptly shoved into his daughter’s gummy mouth.

Distraction accomplished. One point for Mommy.

He shoots Regina a wink from across the table, and she responds with a warm, sleepy smile as she runs her fingers through dark hair styled just the way he likes it–uncombed and disheveled, the way it looks when she falls asleep in his arms after finally finding time for a quick round of sex as they somehow managed to do last night.

With four children in the house, one of them being an infant, quickies are all they seem to have time for these days. But he’ll take them–by God, he’ll take them.

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(I used to work at a retail business and it was busy because it was holiday season. It was 8 in the evening and I had about 3 hours sleep)

Customer #1: (walks up to the cash register) “Excuse me ma'am I had a question about some shirts.”

Me: (Big cheesy saleswoman type grin) “Sure, what’s the matter?”

Customer #1: “The sign over in the men’s department said these shirts were 2 for 7 dollars. I found this shirt (pushes shirt towards me on the counter) but it says 17 dollars. I want a shirt just like this one if they are priced for what the sign said.”

Me: “Oh okay, let me go over there and see what the problem is.”

I make my way to the men’s department, which is at the other end of the store. I am careful to watch where I am walking and not run into anybody. I find the sign and it turns out the customer was looking at the wrong shirts. I ask my customer for permission to change the price (just to be nice) and took an identical shirt back over to the counter.

Me: (presents shirt to customer) “Here you go, the sign was right but I got permission to change the price on the shirts you wanted.”

Customer #1: “Oh but I really wanted another color.”

Me: “I’m sorry I thought you said you wanted one just like the one you showed me. Let me go back over there and get you the color you like.”

Customer #1: “You know what? Don’t even worry about it. You walk too slow.”

Customer #1 then storms out of the building  while other customers are reacting shocked by her rudeness.

About an hour later I had to go back to the other end of the store for change, so I could prepare to close down the register. I hear someone call my name and look up to see a big black woman wearing nothing but a shirt and some hot pink leggings.

Customer #2: “Hey! Lady! Did I hear you right earlier? Did that other lady tell you that you walk too damn slow?”

Me: (Kind of scared to answer) “Yes ma'am.”

Customer #2: (Sassy Attitude) “Giirrrlll, I thought that she was rude as hell. (hell has two syllables) I was about to be like, ‘giiirrrll hold muh urrings, I’m about to teach this hoe some mannahs.’”

Me: (Trying so hard not to laugh) “Aww thank you?”

Customer #2: “You did good boo-boo, you were sweet to her. I’m so sorry some people don’t know how to act in public.”

I gave her a hug for being so sweet and told her to come back anytime and ask for me. :D